12 December 2014

Anwar - Krisis ekonomi negara kritikal...

Anwar mahu Najib tegas di tengah ketidaktentuan ekonomi...

Ketua Umum KEADILAN, Saudara Anwar Ibrahim berkata keadan ekonomi negara pada masa ini berada pada tahap yang kritikal.

Bagaimanapun kerajaan Umno-BN tidak mempedulikan perkara berkenaan walaupun sebelum ini beliau pada Ogos tahu lalu telah memberi peringatan bahawa krisis kewangan bakal malanda di Malaysia akibat daripada salah urus ekonomi negara.

Namun, tindakan Perdana Menteri untuk membenamkan permasalahan dengan mengambus segala masalah kewangan hari ini membebankan rakyat sekaligus memperjelaskan kegagalan kerajaan untuk mempraktikkan kewangan berhemah, kebertanggungjawab serta ketelusan.

“Di dalam keadaan ini, kita sedang menuju ke suatu krisis ekonomi akibat pengurangan harga minyak mentah di pasaran antarabangsa dan juga penyusutan nilai ringgit kepada paras yang belum pernah dilihat semenjak Krisis Kewangan Asia 1997.

“Ditambah pula dengan penyusutan nilai ringgit berbanting USD kepada hampir 3.5000 (1 USD : RM 3.50), rakyat akan menghadapi masa hadapan yang kelam akibat kenaikan harga barang makanan terutama sekali yang diimport.

“Di mana kepimpinan kita? Tidak pernah satu pun kenyataan daripada Perdana menteri merangkap Menteri Kewangan mengenai ekonomi negara dan permasalahan ekonomi yang sedang dihadapi rakyat,” katanya dalam satu sidang media di Ibu Pejabat KEADILAN, hari ini.

Harga minyak mentah turun di bawah AS$60 (RM209.06) setong buat kali pertama sejak 2009, membantu menolak ringgit kepada paling rendah dalam masa lima tahun kepada RM3.5073 bagi setiap dolar AS minggu ini, Bloomberg melaporkan hari ini.

Dalam memberikan gambaran yang suram, Anwar berkata pendapatan tambahan RM25 bilion diunjurkan Putrajaya dalam Bajet 2015 mungkin terpadam dan kerajaan akan menghadapi masalah mengurangkan tahap defisit negara kepada 3% GDP tahun depan.

Ketua umum PKR itu memberi amaran yang ‘sovereign rating’ negara pasti akan menghadapi risiko penurunan taraf dan pertumbuhan ekonomi akan terjejas dengan penguncupan aktiviti ekonomi domestik.

Rakyat Malaysia katanya, akan menghadapi masa hadapan yang kelam akibat kenaikan harga barang makanan, terutama yang diimport, dengan penyusutan nilai ringgit berbanding dolar AS.

Mereka akan tambah terbeban dengan pelaksanaan cukai barangan dan perkhidmatan mulai April, sementara harga pasaran minyak sawit mentah, getah dan timah yang susut secara mendadak bakal lebih menyusahkan rakyat.

Tambahnya lagi, sehingga hari ini tiada tindakan yang dilakukan kerajaan berikutan permasalah yang berlaku, sebaliknya hanya terus membuat penafian tanpa sebarang jalan penyelesaian.

“Dengan pendapatan yang semakin berkurangan dan bebanan hutang yang terus membengkak, adakah kita akan terus mebuat satu lagi 1MDB? Ini sudah menjadi ibu segala skandal dan rakyat sudah muak dengan semua ini.

“Negara pastinya akan menghadpai risiko penurunan taraf, pertumbuhan ekonomi akan terjejas dnegan penguncupan aktiviti ekonomi domestik.

“Apa yang lebih menakutkan adalah ekonomi kita tidak dikemudi dengan baik dan nakhodanya juga tidak kelihatan,” ujarnya.- keadilandaily

Brace for tough times ahead, Anwar warns...

In August last year, I had warned about an impending financial crisis that would befall Malaysia because of the mismanagement of the nation’s economy.

I said that particularly on account of the massive hidden debt, the BN administration had failed to practice financial prudence, accountability and transparency.

As usual, even then instead of taking cognisance of our legitimate concerns and rectifying the situation, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak (right) chose to be the proverbial ostrich in the sand by sweeping financial dirt under the off-balance sheet carpet.

Today, this culture of wastage and opulent and spendthrift ways cloaked under shady procurement processes and opaque privatisation awards has returned to haunt us.

And under these circumstances, we are heading for an economic crisis with a double whammy - declining international crude oil prices coupled with a depreciation of the Ringgit at levels unseen since the Asian Financial crisis of 1997.

The continuous decline of Brent crude oil price since the middle of the year from the level of US$110 per barrel to US$65 per barrel means a reduced income of almost 40 percent of sales of crude oil.

The additional revenue of RM25 billion announced in the recent budget is at serious risk of being wiped off and it will not be an exaggeration to say that the government will struggle to reduce the level of national deficit to 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) for the year ahead.

Add this to the plunge in the value of the ringgit against the US dollar to almost 3.5 (US$1 = RM3.50), the rakyat will be facing a bleak future in terms of higher prices for local food products, especially imported.

Since almost 90 percent of our basic foodstuffs are imported, any withdrawal of food subsidies will exert additional burden on the people, being already saddled with the overall rising cost of living encompassing their daily lives.

The prices of crude palm oil (CPO), rubber and tin have also declined drastically causing further hardship on the people, even before factoring the implementation of the goods and services tax for 2015.

1MDB, the mother of all scandals

With declining revenues and the accumulated debt, are we going to do another 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB)? That is already one mother of all scandals too many and the people will have none of that.

As it is, our sovereign rating is at risk of an imminent downgrade. Economic growth will be affected with the reduction in domestic economic activity. Many local businesses will face additionally severe challenges.

What is even more frightening is that our economy is rudderless with the captain of the ship nowhere in sight.

Where’s the leadership in all this? There has not been one statement forthcoming from the prime minister cum finance minister alluding to the current state of our economy let alone the problems the people are already facing – and the even greater hardship that they will have to endure.

Nothing appears to be done as the Umno/BN leaders in typical fashion have gone into denial-mode. Surely, it is utterly reckless and irresponsible of the PM and his cabinet to leave the nation in suspense.

Meanwhile, there are attempts to justify draconian laws such as the Sedition Act and the purported protection of royalty by resorting to supposed religious reasons.

Race-baiting and speeches tending to provoke communal and religious tension are again dominating the Umno/BN-controlled media.

They have resorted to citing the maqasid syariah (the higher objectives of the syariah) in order to legitimise their racism and extremism.

This is a travesty and a grave insult to Islam. In doing so, they have completely distorted and misrepresented the true purport and importance of the maqasid syariah.

Religion exploited

I must therefore once again stress that the higher objectives of the syariah enjoin on the people and particularly those who hold the reins of power to ensure that justice and rule of law prevail at all times, and that the sanctity of life, equality and all humanitarian concerns and ideals be honoured and preserved. In other words, fundamental human rights must be protected.

Human rights are universally grounded in moral principles. Just as enshrined in all democratic constitutions, they constitute the fundamental liberties of the people and are inalienable.

Persecution and oppression is an affront against human dignity, a dignity that is sanctified and protected in the Quran requiring all to uphold it.

Religion is therefore being exploited to serve the interests and agenda of certain vested groups masquerading behind race and religion.

The so-called defenders of the race seem muted on inequality and abject poverty amongst the bumiputera.

The so-called champions of the faith continue to live in opulence while flouting Islamic principles, condoning cronyism and endemic corruption.

They talk about the maqasid but display arrogance and intolerance and deny freedom of expression and public discourse.

Even when we cite world renowned authorities to support our contention that there is no right for any Muslim or authority to deny the use of the word ‘Allah’ by anyone, we continue to be demonised.

The prohibition is not a theological issue and clearly not a prescription in Islam. This is evident by the fact that the prohibition is confined only to the peninsula and deemed politically expedient to be allowed for use in Sabah and Sarawak.

The issues of corruption and abuse of power continue to showcase the failure of governance. The lack of transparency in dealings together with utter disregard for accountability will serve only to contribute negatively to the nation’s sovereign rating.

The people need answers. Prime Minister Najib must step up to the plate and explain without any further delay.- mk

UMNO man files report against 1MDB...

In what could be interpreted as the first strike on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak from within Umno, a police report has been lodged against his debt-ridden brainchild 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and its directors.

The report filed by a Penang Umno division leader comes on the heels of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's disappointment that the 1MDB issue was not raised during last month's Umno general assembly.

Former information minister Zainuddin Maidin had also warned that while Najib might have secured a lifeline by maintaining the Sedition Act, the writing is on the wall.

In his police report, Batu Kawan Umno division vice-chairperson Khairuddin Abu Hasan (above) listed a slew of issues to be investigated about 1MDB.

It came as no surprise that Khairuddin also said that Mahathir was disgruntled with the ailing firm as well.

He also warned that if no action is taken, he would file another police report against Najib in his capacity as finance minister.

Next week, Khairuddin is planning to lodge a complaint with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption (MACC) as well.

"I feel suspicious and am doubtful of the financial management of 1MDB, which is not transparent.

"Since March 2014, 1MDB has accumulated a debt of RM41.9 billion which, is a high possibility that it faces bankruptcy.

"This will be a waste of the people's money and also burden the government as the company's guarantor," Khairuddin said.

Previously, 1MDB - which has also been in the crosshairs of the opposition - always claimed that its dealings were done above board.

Khairuddin said the police should do a "detailed and comprehensive" investigation and question those involved.

The Umno man said he decided to lodge the report after studying various news reports including those done internationally which showed multiple weaknesses in the project.

"I have studied the reports that were published on 1MDB in the past few months and found that there were a lot of discrepancies.

"As a concerned Malaysian, I have decided to make the report for the good of all Malaysians, to investigate a company which is responsible for a portion of public funds," he added.

Among the issues cited by Khairuddin in his report were:

  • The procedure 1MDB follows in raising funds from overseas and in disbursing its funds.
  • 1MDB paying interest at rates higher than the market rate.

1MDB paying fees considered excessive to Goldman Sachs International.

The less-than-transparent parking of funds overseas, specifically in the Cayman Islands.
Detailed investigation on the debts of 1MDB which have reached over RM41.9 billion as of March 2014.
Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua’s statement that the Finance Ministry had issued a letter of support to guarantee 1MDB’s loans and Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan’s subsequent assertion that no such letter was issued.

The workings of 1MDB subsidiaries, 1MDB Global Investments Ltd and 1MDB Energy Ltd should also be investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
Purchase of energy assets from Powertek Energy and Sanyen Power Sdn Bhd at prices higher than the market value.

Purchase of 234 acres of land in Air Itam at RM1.38 billion, which will be difficult to recover from the proposed housing projects of 6,666 units of low cost houses and 3,333 units of affordable houses.

High payment of RM10.5 billion that was made for purchasing energy assets which yielded low returns.

The US$1.2 billion investment in PetroSaudi International Ltd, which was done without transparency.

Parking of USD2.32billion in a Swiss Bank account in Cayman Islands.

Purchase of land from Tadmax Resources Bhd in Pulau Indah for RM317 million.

Purchase at premium price of the site for the Tun Razak Exchange project.- mk

REAL TRUTH - Tomarrow morning, this guy will retract his police report claiming that that he was doped into this by the opposition, very much similar to S.D.by Bala. Just wait and see tomarrow when a lawyer will read the retraction.

Anonymous #05023297 - Najib's balls will be nailed to the wall to save UMNO and its cronies. At the end of the day it will still be NFA as long as he goes quietly and not drag the rest of the ultra rich UMNO with him.

Photo: "Kita akan baikinya,” kata menterinya, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai dalam sidang media selepas melawat kawasan yang ditakungi air di lapangan terbang tersebut hari ini.

Liow yang mengumumkan nama anggota Jawatankuasa Audit Bebas KLIA2 berkata, jawatankuasa itu sudah diarahkan untuk menyiapkan laporannya dalam tempoh enam bulan pertama tahun depan.

“Saya beri mereka tempoh beberapa bulan untuk menjalankan siasatan terperinci ke atas pelataran KLIA2 dan juga ke atas isu keselamatan,” katanya.

Ditanya mengenai masalah yang dikenalpasti oleh kontraktor lapangan terbang tersebut, Liow berkata tindakan tegas akan diambil sekiranya terdapat apa-apa kesalahan.

Katanya, laporan audit oleh jawatankuasa bebas itu akan didedahkan kepada umum bagi menjamin ketelusan dan kebertanggungjawaban.

Jawatankuasa berkenaan diketuai oleh presiden Persekutuan Institusi Kejuruteraan Asia dan Pasifik, Chuan Hean Teik serta tiga lagi anggota. -M'kini
Photo: @ KLIA2
KLIA2 sini dan sini  


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