23 January 2008

Pat Lah's "unlikely to repeat 2004" admission & happy Thaipusam....

Malaysia's ruling coalition is unlikely to repeat its record 2004 election victory in the coming polls, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said on Tuesday."2004 was an exceptional time," he said after a closed-door meeting of his United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the bulwark of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition. "If I get (the same results) I will be very happy. I'm very very frank," Abdullah told reporters.

At least Pat Lah knows how BN gonna fair in this election compared to those arrogant MBs & CMs among them Mohd.Khir Toyo(Selangor),Idris Jusoh(Terengganu),Mahadzir Khalid(Kedah),Mohd.Ali Rustam(Melaka)
and a few boastful Ministers among them Samy Velu,who still has the notion that the Malaysian Indians are supporting him. Little does he knows that he's now already Samy "No Value".

Abdullah also dismissed former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim as a political threat.“(He is) not a threat. Who is he to threaten us?” asked Abdullah, referring to Anwar who is now de facto leader of the opposition PKR.

Pat Lah, if you and your goons think Anwar isnt a threat,then allow him to participate in the coming general election and please dont call the election before April 2008. If you do,then you cakap tak serupa bikin.

On another note, Samy Velu's attempt to gather thousands of Indians in "meet the PM" session could however only convinced about 15,000. Most of them are party members,who were ferried there in busloads, given packet drinks with nasi bungkus and probably RM50.00 each. I think Samy Velu should ask Hindraf for help. As a reward for their 'kesetiaan' and to save Samy Velu's face for the day,Pat Lah declared Thaipusam as a public holiday for KL & Putrajaya

Pat Lah's Thaipusam holiday bonus is more to ease traffic congestion in KL rather than the respect of the gomen had for the Malaysian Indians. After all Pak Lah's parting short was...."on thaipusam day the city is full of traffic and makes it dificult for the rakyat,we might as well declare it a holiday".

He never uttered anything to say that the gomen declared Thaipusam as a holiday for KL and Putrajaya in recognition of the contributions of the Malaysian Indian community. Judge for yourself....

To all Malaysian Indian out there... a "Happy Thaipusam"


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