14 March 2007

There goes Cermerlang,Gemilang,Terbilang......

The Star reports;

"Malaysia’s economy is perceived by foreign businessmen to be more corrupt this year compared to last year, according to an annual survey carried out by Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC). The survey results that were released yesterday polled 1,476 expatriate business executives in 13 countries and territories across the region in January and February. In a grading system with zero as the best possible score and 10 as the worst, Malaysia was ranked seventh with a score of 6.25. When contacted in Hong Kong, PERC managing director Robert Broadfoot said this was a slight decrease from 2006 when Malaysia scored 6.13 although it was still better than the 2005 score of 6.80. “This corruption perception index is something we’ve done for over 20 years now and although perception and reality are different things, when it comes to corruption, it becomes very important,” he said. “Companies usually base their investment decisions on perception, not reality. If companies perceive the situation in a particular country to be difficult, then that is likely to work against their decision to invest,” he said. Broadfoot added that those polled included managers of multi-national companies and banks."

So U see Pat Lah,U only talk…talk but no walk…walk… Your ministers & UMNO goons are playing the “one for U and three for me” game behind your back and U just tutup mata sebelah like that MP from Yasin. If there is too much corruption in this country,surely investors will too scared to invest,coz every move they make they got to pay for it.

Even now,applying for a simple permit to run a small business is not that easy get. Usually,these permits are given to loyal UMNO goons who knows nothing about running a business & later they "sewa" these permit when the price is right. What more can these goons ask for?

Pat Lah U better change your slogan to Cermerlang,Gemilang,Terbilang & Temberang!!


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