21 March 2007

Kelantan’s lost generation.....?

"The number of Kelantanese working outside the state is equivalent to the estimated population residing in the state, says Kelantan Umno liaison committee deputy chairman Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin. He said that the state had lost one generation of working adults who had been forced to seek their fortune elsewhere, given that Kelantan’s economy has been in the doldrums since 1990. The latest census puts Kelantan's population base at an estimated 1.5 million – excluding non-resident migrant workers." - Datuk Awang Adik

Datuk Awang Adik's comment on the migratory pattern of Kelantanese Malays to other states in search of better opportunities is somewhat mind-boggling. Datuk Awang Adik should had realized that inter state migration is a common fenomena among Malaysians. Where there are developments,people tend to migrate to these areas in search of job opportunities.

He is,indirectly, implying that due to the lack of development in Kelantan,under PAS rule,many Kelantanese moved out of the state. But,what he forgets that,many Kelantanese left Kelantan long before PAS came to power, i.e.,during the time of Perikatan's(Alliance) gomen in the 70's & 80's. That was the time when FTZ were established in Selangor,Penang,Perak,Negeri Sembilan & Malacca. Many went to work in Singapore too. This population shifts doesnt affect Kelantan alone,but it was also felt in Trengganu,Pahang,Kedah, & Perlis. So it is unfair for Dr. Awang Adik to just highlight Kelantan's problem,just because the gomen in power is from the opposition.

So what he's going to do about this? How is he gonna woo them back to Kelantan? But,first, lets see whether he can defend is seat in the coming general elections.


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Anonymous said...

The "migration issue" is undeniably ages old "basi" issue which is not supposed to be an issue at all.

When the Kelantan govt introduced the gold dinar, the same smart ass talked about how investing on gold would not do much help. But months later Najib the DPM seemed to over rule him by launching gold coins for the same purpose as the Kelantan govt.

So to speak, it is just another lame political rhetoric for the sake of making the other party look bad.

To me, this is typically Awang Adek.