09 March 2007

Life must go on

Within a space of one week I lost 3 good friends who were in the teaching profession. First was, Tn.Hj.Abdul Wahid,a former principal of Makatab Perguruan Sultan Abdul Hamid, Dr. Salleh Hassan,the EPRD director and Tan Sri Rafaie Mahat the former KPPM, all passed away peacefully between the 2nd March - 9th March 2007. In fact Tn.Hj. Abdul Wahid is closely related to my wife. Knew Dr.Salleh Hassan when we were oversea together and later while he was in BPG. As for Tan Sri Rafaie Mahat,he was my college mate. We stayed in the same dorm, shared the same double decker bed,he was on the upper level while I was below. How short time is? Yesterday we were laughing away together,today they are all gone.

I also had an old classmate on mine,considered to be one of my best friend in school,but lost contact for over 15 years. Met him in Kelantan a number of years back.He was a teacher in Kota Baru,married with 3 beautiful daughters and goes by the name of Mr. Eng Kooi Chai. After a couple of years meeting him we kept in touch by phone and he too,occasionally come over to my place during Chop Goh Mei. However,I lost his phone number and was searching for it for quite a long time,until yesterday when finally I found the phone number. So without hesitation I called Mr.Eng. But to my shock & despair,his wife answered and told me that Mr.Eng had passed away 3 years ago. Said my condolences to her,was so sorry to hear that and felt regret that I couldn’t get in touch with her earlier or be by her side during her hours of need.

Ya Allah! What's happening to me? Here I lost 3 closed friends within a space of 1 week and now this terrible news of not knowing that my best friend passed away about 3 years ago!! Well,my friends...Mr.Eng; Tn.Hj.Abdul Wahid; Dr.Salleh and Tan Sri Rafaie Mahat,you had served the nation well. Rest in peace,from God we come,and to God we return. Mudah2an Allah mencucuri roh2 mereka.

Life must go on.


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