10 March 2007

How lucky can one be?

The Star reports that;
Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary has become the latest Malaysian to join the ranks of world's richest, according to the Forbes 2007 list of US dollar billionaires.
Sometimes I wonder when I will be listed in Forbes as one of the riches among the poorest. Anyway this Al-Bukhary boy isnt related to me at all,but I admire him for his hardwork that made him earn the title "billionaire". Btw,this is the guy who was awarded the crooked bridge project during Mahathir's era but later was axed by Pat Lah. The Jelutong expressway & the various project along that coastal highway are all his under his IJM Construction Sdn Bhd. He is among those vying for the Proton takeover. His contribution in the education sector is also enormous thru his Al-Bukhary Foundation.So,how not to be so kaya? Anyway I wish him success.


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