06 January 2021

Bila si bengong ganti si bangang...

Tapi 4 bulan sudah Zahid cakap lain pula. Zahid suruh semua menteri2 UMNO kekal dalam Kabinet PN... 

So why has Zahid suddenly changed his mind? Apa beza antara situasi 4 bulan yang sudah dan situasi sekarang ?

 Masalahnya simple sahaja....

a. Kes-kes rasuah dan money laundering di mahkamah sudah sambung balik. 
b. Hari ini kes si Bugis sambung balik. 
c. Bulan depan (Februrai) rayuan atau appeal si Bugis atas hukum penjara 12 tahun akan di dengar tetapi si Bugis minta mahkamah tangguh tarikh bicara pula. 
d. Zahid bagi deadline 1hb Februari 2021 bagi semua Menteri dan pengerusi GLC UMNO letak jawatan dan keluar daripada PN.

Dua kesilapan besar Zahid ialah...

1. Dia sendiri tidak sebut secara terbuka bahawa dia tidak sokong PM Muhyiddin Yassin lagi. Sebab itu dia beli sedikit masa - sehingga 1hb Februari 2021. 

2. Apa pula akan berlaku kepada Zahid dan UMNO jika Menteri dan pengerusi GLC dari UMNO tidak letak jawatan atau tidak tarik diri sebelum atau selepas 1hb Februari 2021? Zahid tidak sebut sebarang tindakan disiplin yang akan dikenakan atas Menteri dan pengerusi GLC dari UMNO jika mereka TIDAK keluar dari PN.

Pemimpin UMNO yang tidak sokong PN hampir kesemuanya adalah mereka yang kalah PRU14.  Mereka gagal jadi Ahli Parlimen atau menjadi pengerusi GLC. Ku Nan telah sebut dia sanggup untuk UMNO bergabung dengan Bersatu. 

Apakah Zahid pasti kesemua Menteri UMNO dalam Kabinet sekarang akan letak jawatan mengikut "perintah"nya? I dont think so. So UMNO akan berpecah. UMNO sekarang menghadapi existential krisis. 

Menteri dan pengerusi GLC UMNO yang tidak peduli warning Zahid juga mempunyai penyokong mereka yang ramai dalam parti.  So lets see what happens. - Syed Akbar Ali

Today, Barisan Nasional, of which Zahid is chairman, sacked BN secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa as, they claimed, "his views are not in sync with the BN's lynchpin party".

Annuar is said to have failed to toe party lines and sided with the Bersatu-led PN government instead of the party. Annuar, who is federal territories minister, has been constantly defending PN over several issues — all these must have incurred the wrath of Umno leaders, including Zahid and Najib.

UMNO call for a snap election soon.Why are these leaders in such a hurry to have the general election now? Has this got anything to do with their court cases?

It was reported that concerns were running high that several Umno leaders who are undergoing graft trials would be set free. Take Zahid, who is facing a total of 87 charges in two separate trials for alleged criminal breach of trust, money laundering and bribery, and Najib, who is facing charges of corruption and abuse of power over transactions involving billions of ringgit linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd and SRC International Sdn Bhd.

Najib and his son, Nizar, are appealing over tax payments totaling RM1.7 billion due to the Inland Revenue Board. Politicians, please take note. This is just not the right time for Malaysia to hold a general election.

The prime minister has given his assurance that Malaysia would hold a general election when the pandemic is over. - nst

S/Usaha Agung BN yang paling ngong BN diganti pula dgn 
Mat Maslan, dah bengong dari dulu kini dan selama2nya...

Mr Ahmad Maslan, the secretary-general of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), has confirmed that he is taking over as the new BN and Muafakat Nasional (MN) secretary-general. MN is a coalition between UMNO and Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS). 

Ahmad Zahid also stated that UMNO and BN has never joined PN officially, and the support rendered to the present government only came from individual members of parliament. At the same time, UMNO is reportedly warming to the idea of cooperating with the opposition bloc.

Mr Annuar, however, is seen as a proponent of UMNO’s continued alliance with Bersatu and PAS. Earlier this week, Mr Annuar reportedly said he would adhere to UMNO’s previous decision of not cooperating with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim as well as the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

“I will defend the Supreme Council’s ‘No DAP, no Anwar’ stand. If they want to sack me, then, by all means, go ahead… If they want to back those who support (cooperation with) DAP and Anwar, then please proceed as well,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama. - CNA

Khutbah wida' Annuar Musang...

Annuar dedah surat sokongan pemimpin tertinggi UMNO kepada Anwar. Menurut Annuar, ini pertama kali surat 11 Okt itu didedahkan  beliau tidak bersetuju menyokong Anwar antara kandungan surat yang dihantar kepada Agong ialah jatuhkan PN.Nampaknya Annuar berharap beliau dipecat dari Umno untuk membolehkan halal baginya sertai PPBM?

Di pihak UMNO pulak mesyuarat MT UMNO malam ini kena tentukan...

1. Keluar kerajaan Perikatan Nasional atau tidak. 
2. Bekerjasama dengan Pakatan Harapan, termasuk DAP, atau dengan Pas melalui MN? 
4. Sokong Anwar Ibrahim sebagai Perdana Menteri atau tidak. 
5. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi mengaku sokong Anwar dan utus surat sokongan kpd YDPAatau tidak. 
6. Rundingan dengan Muhyiddin dan Anwar bagi pihak parti atau untuk mengelak daripada masuk penjara.- akj

UMNO buat2 sokong Anwar saja.Depa buat macam tu pasai tak dapat apa yang dia nak dari Din. Kalu Din tak bagi pun UMNO tak akan keluaq PN. UMNO tu kaki penipu macam Atok.Mesyuarat MT UMNO nanti, UMNO akan buat keputusan menyokong Anwar tapi masih kekal bersama PN - dr.ts

Breaking News ---The so called news conference by UMNO's President was cancelled . A statement was issued instead saying that the issues raised by party divisions to severe ties with Bersatu led PN and to go alone in GE15 will be debated and decided at UMNO AGM end of this month .

Banjir di Terengganu makin buruk. Lebai Hadi Awang tu Duta Timur Tengah. 
Kalu pantai timur banjir dia peduli apa...

The civil war of UMNO and Bersatu...

For the first time, sustained attacks and retaliation between Umno and Bersatu have been brought to the centre. What has been simmering under the surface for months is now open for all to see.

In a series of divisional meetings, Umno divisions – representing grassroots voices – have overwhelmingly opposed working with Bersatu, and as a consequence, to not give away seats to their enemy. In a concerted cry, many Umno members were pushing for a general election, as early as March, so that they could once and for all rule on their own without the shameful piggybacking on Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s Bersatu.

This is in direct contrast to Minister Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof’s earlier remark on how nationwide elections would likely be held only in 2023 - running the full length of the term. This is potentially a Freudian slip, revealing the genuine insecurity of Muhyiddin, who understands that not only would he not be prime minister after Umno takes over in GE15, but Bersatu would most likely die a natural death.

Sensing the move to shake the boat, Muhyiddin’s government is starting to displace Umno men. Kelantan Umno chief Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub (below) resigned his position as Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) chairperson. Ironically, he uttered words of “dignity” over positions, the central value of Bersatu’s formation. A turf war has also erupted at Prasarana when it was revealed that Umno’s Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Prasarana chairperson) is withholding RM700 million of payment to LRT3 contractors.

On top of that, Perak Umno has also alleged that Bersatu has been paying Umno members to join their party or set up branches. The running rate, according to Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, was up to RM100 per member sign-up, and RM3,000 or RM5,000 per branch. This was corroborated by Umno Perak MP Nazri Aziz, who said that Bersatu offered up to RM20,000 to Umno members to set up Bersatu branches.

According to Umno, the instruction by Bersatu was to create up to 8,000 branches nationwide in a short space of time. And this comes at a price that Bersatu was willing to pay to make happen. However, Bersatu had retaliated immediately. Its information chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan denied the allegation and threatened legal action. Perak Bersatu secretary Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin similarly refuted this claim.

Both sides were confident; one side claiming to have solid evidence, another unhesitant to pursue legal recourse to stem escalation. What is most interesting is not the veracity of these claims or their discovery. After all, political parties are the home of money politics. What is most important is the aggression and harshness of combat, indicating lines that are crossed to the inevitable severance.

All of this may not be to Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s own design. His brand of politics prefers accommodation and reconciliation, with a keen understanding to minimise enemies you make in politics who may one day turn into friends. That is why he is willing to put up with Muhyiddin’s offers, including not offering him the deputy prime ministership, for little in return for the elderly wise of politics. But now, Zahid is clearly pushed to a corner by the grassroots grouses, something he heard but chose to ignore.

I find it hard to believe that Zahid’s accommodation is simply timidity or incompetence. In fact, Zahid’s survival in politics over the decade indicates something more tactical. The refusal to push Bersatu too hard is because time is on Umno’s side.

There is little difference between calling an election in the near term or only two years down the line. Even though this may appear to give Bersatu time to catch up, Umno would not sit idly and let Bersatu run ahead of them. A significantly smaller party, Umno political capital is unsurpassed even by opposition heavyweights in Pakatan Harapan.

On the flip side, attacking too early may prove counterproductive as this may give Bersatu more reasons to escalate preparations, adopting cunning tactics borne from the treacherous streak of its defectors and betrayers. Tapping onto the desperation of Bersatu might invite more uncertainties that Umno would be forced to deal with, further dispersing the needed resources at the centre.

UMNO dgn Bersatu gaduh2 manja. PAS pula pening kepala, 
pasai malam ni nak tidoq dgn sapa...

Lastly, the factionalism and division among its leaders prove that any onward attack against Bersatu would be ineffective and potentially self-defeating. It would expose further cleavages within the Umno leadership that could not be masked when push comes to shove.

In the event of a war, Umno members would unify their anger and direct it against the flower (Bersatu) they commonly despise. Any petty differences would be set aside for brotherhood in arms.

Attacking too soon now would invite little returns - in fact, that might be Bersatu’s greatest hope for success. - James Chai,mk


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