12 May 2018

Keadaan kritikal di Perak...

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Melaka, Selangor sudah membentuk kerajaan masing-masing. Selangor Mohamed Azmin Ali sekali lagi mengangkat sumpah sebagai MB hari ini.dan Negeri Sembilan juga telah bentuk kerajaan,manakala Johor menyusul kemudian. Perbincangan dan maufakat lanjut masih diteruskan. 

Yang jelasnya di kedua-dua negeri itu yang berhak untuk membentuk kerajaan adalah PH, kerana mereka mempunyai kuasa lebih. Di Johor PH menguasai 36 kerusi sementara BN 19. Di Negeri Sembilan pula PH menguasi 20 sementara BN 16. Di Selangor negeri paling bergaya, PH menguasi 51 berbanding BN hanya empat (4) kerusi dan PAS satu kerusi.

Cuma ada dua buah negeri, yang dikira sukar untuk membentuk kerajaan ini kerana parti yang mendapat majoriti mudah yang boleh diganggu atau terubah dengan ada parti ketiga yang boleh menyumbang kepada perubahan itu.

Negeri itu ialah Perak,PH menang 29 kerusi, sementara BN 27 kerusi. Walaupun PH mengatasi, tetapi dengan ada tiga (3) kerusi milik PAS, boleh merubah suasana. Tanpa campur tangan "king maker" daripada Pas sudah pasti PH akan dipanggil untuk proses membentuk kerajaan. Perkembangan terakhir ada tanda-tanda BN akan mendapat bantuan hayat daripada PAS untuk membentuk kerajaan.

Jika PAS bersama BN bermakna BN dan PAS mempunyai 30 kerusi berbanding dengan PH 29 kerusi. Sesiapa pun yang menjadi MB Perak berada dalam keadaan "ketar lutut" "bergeduk perut" sepanjang masa. Kelebihan dengan satu kerusi meletakkan kerajaan Perak seperti telor di hujung tanduk. Tidak mustahil peristiwa yang berlaku pada tahun 2009 akan berulang kembali di Perak.

Di Kedah PH memperolehi 18 kerusi semantara PAS mendapat 15 kerusi. Dari urutan jumlah kerusi PH ternyata melebihi berbanding PAS dan BN 3 kerusi. Namun hari ini PH telah diangkat untuk memerintah Kedah dengan Mukhriz Mahathir sebagai MBnya.Hanya Perak saja yang kini menjadi tanda tanya parti mana yang akan dipanggil Duli Tuanku untuk membentuk kerajaan.- mso

PAS hari ini mencadangkan kerajaan perpaduan tanpa pembangkang di Perak - suatu idea yang sudah diuar-uarkan pemimpin parti itu sebelum ini.

Kerajaan itu, kata presidennya Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, akan melibatkan parti-parti politik yang memenangi kerusi, iaitu Pakatan Harapan, BN dan PAS.

Bagaimanapun Abdul Hadi meletakkan tiga syarat untuk merealisasikan cadangan berkenaan. Baca seterusnya...

Story kat SINI dan SINI  
Need VERIFICATION as this was received from a friend with someone who is IN SINGAPORE! MALAYSIANS all over especially in Singapore, please VERIFY and find out if you KNOW this Airline as well as the name of the crews involved and get in-tough with them immediately.IF this info is TRUE, do NOT let Najib CROSS the border or even ON this plane! Hope its not fake news...

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The Saga Of The Swearing In Ceremony...

What was done to Tun Dr Mahathir yesterday was unacceptable. Also I have never seen Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Siti so upset since one day in the late 1990s. We really have to fix these archaic procedures and Jurassic Park rites.

Last nite the whole swearing in took just a few minutes. Tun Dr Mahathir read the oath and signed it in just a few minutes. The King said nothing at all.  There was not even a formal handshaking or stopping for an official potrait. 

The longest and most boring part was the baca doa - which no one understood at all. Once that was done everyone just got up and left.

The point I am making is, you could surmise that the air around the whole event was actually dismissive.  An "Ok lets just get on with it" type of feeling.

Millions of people, that includes me, lined up for hours to cast our votes. And Tun Dr Mahathir was our choice. That was the democratic process. Yet for two days we were stumped by another process that is not quite the ballot box. How can this be?

If we want to progress, really some fresh rethinking is needed. Wahai orang Melayu, this refers to you folks.

A 93 year old man and his nonagenarian wife were made to wait and wait, then asked to come, then go, then come again. Many rumours were flying too. Surely 21st century Malaysia can find a more simplified and efficient method to effect the placement of elected officials and other public officials. Elected officials like the Prime Minister have already been elected. So much time, debate, vetting and voting has already been done. Yet the whole train can be stopped by a coloured flag that really has no practical value?

In fact we have to redesign the entire voting process. We are still stuck in the Jurassic Park here.

The Penamaan Calon is still so old fashioned and outdated. So much time and money is wasted in this silly procedure. 

You must buy the Pencalonan forms beforehand. You need a Pencadang, Saksi, use ink pen to fill the forms, must come between 8am and 10am on one particular day etc. So much drama. So Jurassic Park. Suited for a people who have nothing much in life but time to be wasted. We really need to grow up. 

We go to the Post Office to pay Road Tax, Car Insurance, pay bills etc. Worse case lets use the same method. Give candidates say 14 days to hand in their Pencalonan Forms at the nearest Police Station. Then the SPR can pick up the forms and issue the Calon some magnetic tag or certificate and put his name and face on the ballot. Apa susah sangat?

Even better get the election candidates to fill in the forms online. GIVE THEM 14 days. Lets just do everything online. And give the SPR up to 14 days to process their application. 

Nama : Ahmad bin Alias. 
No KP : 654856799654. 
Alamat : 

Then the SPR can vet online, communicate errors and queries via email etc. Apa lah susah sangat? Lets make life easier folks. This is the 21st century. 

And please we do not need all those flags, posters and buntings. Its not just a waste of money and messes up the place but it is just plain Third World stupid. Lets just ban all these campaign flags. There are enough smartfones, laptops, tablets and other equipment to broadcast your flag, logo, party message, candidates faces etc. Lets cut out the Third World.

Same with voting day.  When the traffic policeman stops me he punches in my car number into his small handheld computer and immediately knows my name, address, IC number etc.

So why cant our ICs be enough on voting day? Stick your IC into a machine, place your finger on that fingerprint reader and your ballot is printed or issued. Apa susah sangat.  Buy from China lah. Cheap cheap only.

And lets switch to electronic voting. Just press a button. India has been doing it for so long. No need ballot papers.

I went to vote and there were SIX JOBLESS PEOPLE sitting inside that school room. One reads your IC, one calls your name, one dips your finger in that silly ink pot. Three more are scratching their butts. A truly time wasting society stuck in the 1950s.

Its now or never. We need to UNDO. Tun Dr Mahathir has to UNDO so many things. Lets get started. Today. - ostb

Story kat SINI SINI dan SINI  

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