21 September 2016

SPR bakal menangkan BN di Perak...

Cadangan persempadanan semula Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya akan memenangkan Kerajaan Negeri Perak untuk Barisan Nasional dalam PRU14.

DAP Perak telah membuat bacaan dan kajian teliti terhadap cadangan persempadanan semula SPR yang dikemukakan pada minggu lepas. Kami mendapati bahawa cadangan tersebut melibatkan gerrymandering yang amat serius, dengan satu-satunya tujuan untuk mengekalkan kuasa pemerintahan BN-UMNO di Negeri Perak.

Seandainya keputusan PRU13 sebagai garis panduan, cadangan persempadanan semula SPR akan memenangkan BN-UMNO di 2 kerusi yang sekarang disandang oleh parti pembangkang, iaitu kawasan Changkat Jering dan Sungai Rapat. 

Maklumat terperinci seperti berikut:-

KawasanKeputusan PRU13 (Majoriti)Jumlah Pengundi yang dikeluarkanJumlah Pengundi yang dimasukkanSimulasi Keputusan PRU14
Changkat JeringAmanah (1,170)8,976
(Majoriti memihak kepada Pembangkang 1541)
(2 DM dimasukkan ke Aulong (DAP))
TiadaBN menang 371
Sungai RapatPAS (2,638)14,138
(Majoriti memihak kepada Pembangkang 3534)
(DM-DM dimasukkan ke Tebing Tinggi, Simpang Pulai)
TiadaBN menang 896
Dengan itu, BN bukan sahaja dapat mengekalkan 31 kerusi DUN yang sedia ada, tetapi pada masa yang sama juga memenangi kedua-dua kerusi Changkat Jering dan Sungai Rapat, seterusnya menjadikan kerusi majoriti BN meningkat dari 31 kerusi ke 33 kerusi.

Pada masa yang sama, daripada 4 kerusi marjinal yang dimenangi oleh BN dengan majoriti yang paling tipis pada PRU13, iaitu Lubok Merbau (53 undi), Manjoi (132 undi), Manong (231 undi) dan Pasir Panjang (304 undi), 2 daripadanya telah terlibat dalam cadangan persempadanan semula oleh SPR ini.

Stimulasi keputusan PRU14 menunjukkan terdapat satu Daerah Mengundi (DM) (Kanthan Baru yang telah memberikan sokongan padu kepada PR-PAS pada PRU13) telah dikeluarkan dari kawasan Manjoi dan menyebabkan undi majoriti BN bertambah menjadi 1829 undi. 

Begitu juga dengan kawasan Pasir Panjang yang disandang oleh YB Dato Seri Mohd Nizar b Jamaluddin pada PRU12, stimulasi keputusan PRU14 menunjukkan bahawa majoriti BN akan melipat ganda dari 304 undi ke 684 undi.

KawasanKeputusan PRU13 (Majoriti)Jumlah Pengundi yang dikeluarkanJumlah Pengundi yang dimasukkanSimulasi Keputusan PRU14
ManjoiBN (132)3,671
(Majoriti memihak kepada Pembangkang 1754)
(Majoriti memihak kepada Pembangkang 57)
BN menang 1,829
Pasir PanjangBN (304)1,011
(majoriti memihak kepada Pembangkang 304)
(Majoriti memihak kepada BN 76)
BN  menang 684
Selain daripada mempertahankan kerusi-kerusi yang dimenangi oleh BN-UMNO, “magik” oleh SPR turut terlibat dalam serangan ke atas kerusi-kerusi DUN Parti Pembangkang yang dianggap sebagai kerusi yang mampu dimenangi oleh BN.

Di kawasan Tebing Tinggi (DAP – Ong Boon Piow), sejumlah 10,756 pengundi telah dipindah keluar dan 15,311 yang lain telah dipindah masuk. Stimulasi keputusan PRU14 menunjukkan bahawa majoriti penyandang akan jatuh dengan mendadak sebanyak 74%, dari 5,887 undi ke 1,560 undi sahaja.

Di kawasan Hutan Melintang (PKR – Kesavan), sejumlah 4814 pengundi telah dipindah keluar dan 2809 yang lain telah dipindah masuk. Stimulasi keputusan PRU14 menunjukkan majoriti penyandang akan berkurangan sebanyak 94%, dari 1,240 undi ke 81 undi sahaja!

Sebelum ini, Pakatan Harapan hanya memerlukan suatu “swing” 3% pengundi-pengundi Melayu di Negeri Perak untuk memenangi 6 kerusi tambahan, iaitu Manjoi, Pasir Panjang, Lubok Merbau, Manong, Kamunting dan Selama. Namun, dengan “magik” yang dimainkan oleh SPR sekarang, cabaran Pakatan Harapan sekarang telah menjadi lebih besar.

SPR yang sepatutnya menjadi pengadil (referee) dalam sesuatu perlawanan antara BN dengan Pembangkang, telahpun bertukar watak menjadi defender untuk kerusi-kerusi DUN BN dan penyerang (striker) di kerusi-kerusi Pembangkang. 

Kita harus ingat bahawa atas pemecahan sempadan pilihanraya yang tidak telus, Pakatan Rakyat yang memperolehi sokongan 55% undi popular telah dinafikan hak untuk membentuk Kerajaan di Negeri Perak. Kerajaan BN yang sekarang hanya memenangi 45% jumlah undi popular sahaja. Cadangan persempadanan semula pada hari ini akan menjadikan perkara ini lebih serius.

Fakta-fakta di atas jelas menunjukkan bahawa SPR bagaikan komponen parti ke-14 dalam BN. DAP Perak dengan ini menyeru supaya anak-anak Perak bangkit dalam PRU14 untuk menghukum BN yang telah mencabuli kebebasan dan memperalatkan SPR demi kemenangannya. – Roketkini.com

What is #Support113A? Well, #MO1 thinks by moving adjacent non-Malay voters into already cramped non-Malays majority constituency and creating super-constituency like Tony Pua 's, it can hold on to power because Malays will have higher representation.

But #MO1 forgets that BN is a coalition of Umno with non-Malays parties. By unfairly redrawing the boundary, #MO1 creates more seats with >70% Malay voters. These seats which previously were contested by MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc. are now Umno's by default. In the end, there will be a handful of seats left for MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc. to contest on BN's ticket.

This is where we drive a wedge between #MO1 and BN parties. How??? Continue reading...

IGP: Warrant not needed in ex-journo’s wee hours arrest... 

Top cop Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said today that an arrest warrant was unnecessary when the police nabbed ex-journalist Sidek Kamiso at his home in Petaling Jaya in the early morning before taking him to Johor for questioning.

According to the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), no such warrant was needed as the alleged offence, over a tweet on the death of PAS spiritual leader Datuk Dr Haron Din, fell under the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998.

“For this offence, a warrant is not needed. For offences under the [CMA] Act, there is no need for warrants.

“There is no need for a warrant to detain and no need for a warrant to search homes,” Khalid told Malay Mail Online when contacted tonight.

However, Khalid did not specify what was Sidek’s offence under the CMA Act, merely commenting that the he had allegedly abused the social media, which is covered under the said Act.

“Abusing social media under SKMM,” Khalid said when queried over the offence, using the Malay acronym for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

Sidek’s wife Norlin Wan Musa had earlier told Malay Mail Online that several plainclothes officer had entered their home compound at 4.30am to arrest her husband without explaining why he was arrested.

A court in Johor Baru however has denied the police a remand order to further detain Sidek for allegedly insulting Haron’s passing. Continue reading...

Sidek Kamiso...and I will be quiet no more!

I am staying quiet no more. All this while I've held back as I often worry about what would happen to people I love especially my children, if I I don't.

Today we were rudely awaken by plainclothes policemen at 4.40am. when one of my dogs barked non-stop. Two men had jumped over our gates and banged on our door demanding us to open it. We called the guardhouse to check who was at our door but our call went unanswered.

They couldn't produce an arrest warrant despite my husband's repeated request. One guy showed my husband Sidek Kamiso his what I assume is police ID card. But the guy put it away soon as I approached him.

They came in and took his phone, went upstairs to our bedroom to look around and later insisted on going into my kids' room. I refused to let them in and told them I will not allow them to intimidate my children. Also told them my kids had nothing to do with it. I later went to check on my kids and calmed them down.

They later took my husband's laptop and one guy asked me what I've been posting on my FB timeline? To which I suggested he had a read himself. He replied by threatening to take me to the balai polis. He later said he wanted to end his task and go home to sleep. So I responded by saying so do I.

One guy took my husband's photo in our bedroom and a photo of our dog. I offered to take the dog out so he could take better picture of our dog but he refused it. I guess not everyone who intimidates can handle intimidation.

It's appalling that anyone can just come in and intimidate someone without an arrest warrant, in the safety of his/her home and take one away.

What have we become?

I need help to attract attention to this. Am keeping quiet no more. I don't see anything wrong with his tweet. Only that it was tweeted in my country, Malaysia where freedom of speech is scarce.

I've been told he is in Johor Bahru now and will be remanded this afternoon. But latest news is they are not sure what to remand him under.

Big hugs and big love to all the support that's been pouring in. You know who you are. Unless you have love left in you please do not bother commenting. - Norlin Wan Musa

OSTB - Why doesnt the MCMC Act not require an arrest  warrant? This law should be changed or abolished. 

Why was he arrested under the MCMC Act which does NOT require a warrant but charged under the Criminal Procedure Code which does require an arrest warrant?

Dont blame the people if they feel that it looks like a sneaky arrest via the backdoor.  

Maybe this is also why that Magistrate threw this case out the window into the tong sampah.

And why send so many officers at 4:00 am in the morning to arrest a 50 year old man or a 62 year old man?  Was it necessary for all that drama?

Why not just ask the guy to come to the Balai with his lawyer?

What does the public gain from this useless arrest?   How is public security protected by this time wasting arrest?

The Magistrate has already thrown out the case. So it was a useless arrest. Waste of taxpayer's money. 

And how about arresting the drug pushers, the gangsters, the human traffickers etc. You know - do some real police work.  The real bad guys are crawling all over the place. I am sure the Police know them as well.  Our Police are not that  incompetent. 

We will wait. You will also wait. Let's see what will happen. - ostb

Jho Low bukan Cina tapi Arab Melayuii.
Perompak ini akan bebas selagi UMNO berkuasa...


Bila dah malu besar selepas anugerah 'Lead by Example' oleh UNESCO utk Rosmah ditarik balik.Tiba2 Pejabat PM (PMO) mengatakan 'ADA' kenyataan dari Prof.Tudor Parfitt (pada email) bahawa anugerah itu akan ditangguh ke 2017.Mana bukti email (kenyataan) tersebut???

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ni, Ali Tinju aka Ali Tonggek Juboq mencabar Pengerusi BERSIH Maria Chin Abdullah untuk bertanding satu lawan satu di PRU14 nanti di Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak.Bila ditanya oleh wartawan kenapa beliau memilih Parlimen itu, Ali Tinju mendakwa penyandangnya TS Khalid Ibrahim kemungkinan besar tidak bertanding di PRU14 nanti dan Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak mempunyai pengundi seimbang antara pelbagai kaum.(Pecahan pengundi : M-52.73% Cina-39.47% India-7.17% L-0.61%) Soalan yang perlu dijawab oleh Ali Tonggek Juboq,adakah UMNO akan mencalonkan dia sebagai calon Parlimen parti itu...Kah100 


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