14 September 2016

Ali Tinju nak tonggek juboq kat rumah Maria Chin pula...

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Maria Chin Abdullah melahirkan rasa bingungnya dengan langkah ancaman aktivis anti-BERSIH yang mahu mengadakan 'senaman tonggeng' di depan rumahnya.

Beliau bagaimanapun berkata tidak dapat melakukan apa-apa dan berharap perhimpunan itu berlangsung aman.

“Saya tak boleh halang selagi mereka berhimpun dengan aman.

“Saya cuma tidak faham kenapa mereka mahu buat tindakan itu?

“Saya rasa mereka benar-benar perlu fahaman apa itu tuntutan BERSIH,” kata pengerusi gabungan proreformasi sistem pilihan raya itu.

Selepas empat tahun, aktivis yang mendukung pentadbiran Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak mengancam mengadakan “senaman tonggeng” di depan rumah Maria sebagai bantahan terhadap himpunan BERSIH 5.


Mohd Ali Baharom atau lebih dikenali sebagai Ali Tinju sebelum ini pernah bertindak sama ketika membantah pengerusi BERSIH sebelum ini Datuk S Ambiga.

Maria hari ini mengumumkan BERSIH 5 ke arah “Malaysia baru” akan diadakan pada pada 19 November ini, selain bantahan berkonvoi mulai 1 Oktober depan.

Sementara itu, Maria juga ditanya sama ada beliau akan bertindak sama dengan Ambiga yang bersikap 'budiman' menghidangkan air untuk kumpulan itu sebelum ini.

“Sudah pasti.

“Beritahu saya bila, saya hidang (air) buat mereka,” katanya lagi ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini hari ini. - mk

Never lose your dignity, Anwar Ibrahim...

Politicians tend to speak and act out of the bubble they have built around themselves as they pounce on political opportunities that present themselves. It can take their loved ones to see through all that falsehood and hypocrisy.

Thus, Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter Nurul Nuha Anwar (pix,above) must be congratulated for demanding that Dr Mahathir Mohamad publicly apologises to Anwar and admit his past transgressions against the opposition leader before he can hope to forge any alliance with Anwar’s coalition. Nurul Nuha said that Mahathir must first own up to the “trumped-up” sodomy and corruption charges against Anwar back in 1998. Bravo!

This is the first thought that comes to the mind of anyone who cares about justice and dignity in this country.

And yet, how many politicians in Pakatan Harapan and civil society leaders, with the exception of Saari Sungib, have demanded that of Mahathir ever since he headed the “Save Malaysia” Declaration in March 2016?

Sorry is all that you can say, Mahathir

After Mahathir’s attendance in court on Sept 5 for a case involving Anwar and their token handshake, Harapan and Parti Pribumi Malaysia Bersatu (Bersatu) politicians have been falling about themselves, hailing this as a historic compromise that spells good times ahead for the Anti-Najib Coalition.

The fact remains that to date, Mahathir has strenuously refused to apologise to Anwar or retract his scurrilous defamation of Anwar’s character since 1998. In September 2005, at a press conference after a human rights conference, the former prime minister was quoted as saying: “I cannot have a sodomiser in my cabinet. Imagine a gay PM - nobody will be safe.”

On Sept 24, 2005, Anwar demanded an apology and damages totaling $26.7 million from the former prime minister for those scurrilous comments. Mahathir had reiterated his assertion that he'd fired Anwar as his deputy in 1998 because Anwar's alleged sexual orientation made him unfit for office.

Then, despite the generous gestures shown toward Mahathir by his former detractors, including Anwar after the ‘Save Malaysia’ caper in March 2016, Mahathir has not displayed any remorse for his past record and instead, repeated his defamatory attacks on Anwar’s character when he appeared on Australian TV soon after the ‘Save Malaysia’ Declaration.

Anwar’s letter from prison in June 2016 showed that he was hurt when this “humiliation, sadly, did not elicit any response from my trusted colleagues… It's baffling to note that after working with Pakatan Harapan, civil society and my trusted colleagues, he continued to pour scorn and venom against me!”

Thus, if these Pakatan leaders could be forgiven for their “audacious naivete” in working with Mahathir, there was no excuse for their continued alliance with the latter after he repeated his prejudiced comments against Anwar.

As to who is calling the shots in the Anti-Najib Coalition, this terse admonition by the Harapan de facto leader in his letter from prison said it all:

“But I resent the insensitivity in pressuring the president and in particular Nurul Izzah to pay respects to Tun M or attend his functions. You may want to appease him, but to demand such a sacrifice from my family, particularly after the recent scorn, is the unkindest cut of all!”, Continue reading...

"MO1" Tak Sembahyang Hari Raya With DYMM YDP Agong...

Someone sent me this. Maybe one day I will be able to divulge the person's identity. I have substituted every occurrence of the word "moron" with "MO1". 

We have not seen "MO1" and 1st Lady from even before the Hari Raya.  Normally he spends time in his constituency in Pekan. Maybe he went to see his favorite advisor Jho Low to spend Hari Raya with him and to check how much of that stolen money as described by the US DOJ is left and exactly where it is hidden?

His absence over Hari Raya forced the DYMM Agong to sembahyang Raya without the Prime Minister in attendance in Langkawi, whose MP had identified the DYMM Agong as MO1 (no substitution)  and then the MP later apologised.

For the Raya Haji, we korban (sacrifice animals) with our own money but "MO1" got other people to donate the cows for him.

Can other people donate for someone else's korban? Can poorer people donate for richer peoples' korban? Especially rich people with RM2.6 billion in their personal accounts?

We thought only Arabs donate to "MO1", and then write to say that it is not corruption and that "MO1" can do whatever he likes with the donated money. 

For example "MO1" can use the money to fight ISIS (even before ISIS was created). Both the Arab and "MO1" are so brilliant at predicting the future. - OSTB

Malaysian Ringgit Sinks as Lower Oil and 1MDB Saga Hurt Demand...

OSTB comments - I think that is yesterday's news. The Ringgit has since fallen close to RM4.13 against the Dollar.

The Ringgit has fallen. So what? Who cares? 

Hello brader-brader bodoh, engko orang peduli apa? After all you can still melanc_p. Dapat duit buta, dapat projek buta. Can still play golf, visit the dangdut club? Yes or no?

Here is what happened. This morning we went to see a supplier. We had to order some goods for delivery a few weeks from now. We wanted to pay a deposit and secure the order. 

The supplier refused to accept any deposit. It was an imported item, and because the Ringgit was not steady they did not want to "lock in" the price now.   Dont blame them, blame the falling Ringgit.

There is a valid reason.

Kepada brader2 yang tak faham bisnes, its like this. When the Ringgit falls, the supplier has to increase the price to recoup the US Dollars they already paid for to import the items. So the supplier actually makes a higher profit (in Ringgit) because they imported the stock cheaper, when the Ringgit was stronger.  They make bigger profit.  So why are they complaining? 

Because they must also reorder new stock to replace the old stock that has been sold.  Bila stock lama sudah di jual, depa kena ganti dengan stock baru - sebab pagi esok kena sambung niaga lagi. Boleh faham brader? Tapi sekarang when they order new stock, they must now pay more Ringgit sebab Ringgit sudah jatuh !! Worse, if after they order the new stock the Ringgit strengthens back !! Then their profit margin is really screwed).

So the supplier said "Please come back later, closer to your delivery date, then we will accept payment and issue the D/O". This is because the Ringgit is volatile.  The supplier does not mind losing a customer. They want to avoid making losses.

So what happens to us, the buyers? Without accepting our deposit there is no assurance the particular goods we need will be available for us a few weeks from now. 

Someone else can buy them in between.  In which event there is also no guarantee the same goods will be available again. Or we may have to wait  longer for the supplier to re-import their stocks from overseas.  But we have a schedule, we have commitments to other people, the contractors, subcontractors who are waiting for us to deliver the items.

Or we have to find another source. More time, money will be spent. It may not be the same quality or pricing. So how? Semua orang rugi lah.  All this is part and parcel of running a business. Brader-brader semua boleh fahamke? Janganlah melanc_p saja brader.

This is just one tiny negative impact of a falling or volatile Ringgit. There are many more. This is not good.- OSTB

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak alleged misappropriation of state-owned company 1MDB1 funding case is still under investigation . WSJ reported that (12th) Najib 's wife Rosmah Mansor life of luxury , credit card transactions in the last seven years of up to 600 million dollars ( about NT $ 189 million yuan ) , usually used to buy jewelry , designer shoes and clothes.

In between 2008 to 2015 , personal credit card transactions was made up to US$6 million , of which at least US1 million in the UK London department store (Harrods), and New York, Saks Fifth Avenue Stores interior of New York , buy clothes, shoes and jewelry cost. While Najib alleged misappropriation of state funds in the occasion , it's questionable that Rosmah spend large sums of money to buy luxury goods.

Hobi shopping alias belanja Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor yang dikenal sebagai istri Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Nazib Tun Razak mendpat sorotan dari sejumlah media asing. Salah satunya Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

WSJ yang fokus utamanya soal ekonomi dan keuangan itu membeberkan dokumen soal pengeluaran si istri perdana menteri yang sudah menembus angka puluhan miliar hanya untuk pakaian, sepatau dan aksesorisnya.

Tercatat sejak 2008 hingga 2015, si Ibu Negara Malaysia kelahiran Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, 10 Desember 1951 ini telah mengeluarkan uang USD 6 juta (sekitar Rp 79,3 miliar) untuk belanja baju, tas, sepatu, dan perhiasan mewahnya.

Lalu darimana uang sebanyak itu, sedangkan gaji resmi Najib hanya USD 100 ribu per tahun (Rp 1,3 miliar). Dugaan muncul, bahwa Rosmah adalah aktor utama dalam skandal korupsi 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Rosmah yang sebelumnya pernah bekerja di bidang properti sebelum bertemu dengan Najib itu diduga telah menggelapkan dana USD 681 juta milik 1MDB yang seharusnya digunakan untuk mengembangkan investasi di Malaysia masuk ke kantong Najib.- OSTB, Cerita selanjutnya...

We proud of you our heroes - Ziyad Zolkefli and Ridzuan Puzi
Tak macam si mangkok bawah ni...

Betoilah Tengku Celop ooi, ramai bekas ahli2 UMNO dari golongan lembu2 pawah dan kondo lari masuk UMNO ketika musim Hari Raya AidilAdha ini untuk elak ianya dikorbankan....


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