A DAP function in a coffeeshop in Masai, Johor was attacked by a group of thugs who wanted to prevent DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang from speaking.

Shortly after the event began at 2pm, the group of about 50 people stormed the venue and began hurling projectiles - cups, plastic bowls and even a broom - towards Lim.

According to eye-witnesses, Lim was unhurt, but those who formed a shield to protect him were.

"They were shouting 'Balik Kit Siang (Kit Siang must leave)', 'Babi (Pig)', 'Communist chauvinist' and 'Mampus (Go die)'," an eye-witness told Malaysiakini.

A small number of police personnel were present but were unable to contain the situation.

The one-sided melee only died down 30-minutes later after organisers escorted Lim away from the venue.

Calculated attack

The event was part of Johor DAP's ongoing 'Kopitiam Dialogue' series. Similar events in the past have went on without any untoward incidents.

This particular event was aimed at allowing Lim to address the indigenous people from Sabah and Sarawak who are working in neighbouring Pasir Gudang, which hosts many industrial zones.

Kluang MP Liew Ching Tong (photo, brown shirt, on the right), who was among those present, claimed that he could recognise some of the mob members as Pasir Gudang Umno division office bearers.

"I was speaking at the time when they attacked. They broke some tables and threw water bottles and bowls," he said.

He added that he was informed that there was a phone text message being circulated recently, urging the public to gather at a mosque in Taman Megah Ria to stop the event.

Police commended

Liew urged Johor Menteri Besar and Pasir Gudang Umno head Khaled Nordin to take responsibility for the incident.

"He must take responsibility for what happened because it involved his own division members," he said.

He added that the police personnel who were present made a commendable effort to stop the mob.

"I urge the Johor police chief to arrest the perpetrators. We will lodge a police report on the matter. - mk

FILE- In this May 11, 2015 file photo, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak addresses delegates during his speech at the Malaysia's ruling party...

Malaysian leader faces risk of criminal charges over fund...

Malaysia's prime minister is facing the risk of criminal charges over allegations that hundreds of millions of dollars were funneled from an indebted state fund to his personal bank accounts, the first time a Malaysian leader has faced criminal allegations.

The country's attorney general confirmed late Saturday that he had received documents from an official investigation that made the link between Prime Minister Najib Razak and the investment fund 1MDB. The existence of the documents was first reported by The Wall Street Journal's Asia edition on Friday, showing some $700 million were wired from entities linked to the fund into Najib's accounts.

The documents sent to the attorney general pave the way for possible criminal charges.

It is one of the worst political crises for Najib, who has come under increasing criticism over his leadership.

Najib, who has denied taking any money for personal gains, said Sunday that he would consult with his lawyers to decide his next course of action on the "malicious accusations" against him.

"It's damning and disastrous for Najib," said Wan Saiful Wan Jan, who heads the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs think-tank.

"This is really uncharted territory in Malaysian politics. For the first time ever, we are seeing a prime minister facing the possibility of a criminal charge," he said.

1MDB, set up by Najib in 2009 to develop new industries, has accumulated 42 billion ringgit ($11.1 billion) in debt after its energy ventures abroad faltered. Critics, led by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, have voiced concerns about 1MDB's massive debt and alleged lack of transparency.

The Wall Street Journal report said five deposits were made into Najib's accounts and that the two largest transactions, worth $620 million and $61 million, were done in March 2013 ahead of general elections.

Najib slammed the report as part of a "political sabotage" by Mahathir to remove him. Mahathir, who stepped down in 2003 after 22 years in power but has remained an influential political figure, has been leading calls for Najib to step down.

1MDB said it had never provided any funds to Najib.

Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail, however, said a task force investigating 1MDB for alleged impropriety had given him papers "including documents related to allegations of fund transfer into the account of the prime minister."

Abdul Gani said the task force raided offices of three companies linked to 1MDB that were allegedly involved in the fund transfer. He didn't give further details on the documents or say what actions would be taken.

Najib's deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, said the allegations must be investigated because they tarnish Najib's credibility and integrity. Opposition lawmakers have said Najib should go on leave and also declare his assets.

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi said the allegations against Najib were "reckless" and "bordering on criminal offenses" because they were based on unverified documents. He warned that police would "not hesitate to use the full force of the law against those who attempt to harm Malaysia's economy and our democratic process."

"Even if nothing comes up from the investigation, the damage to Najib's reputation has been done. The pressure for him to step down will increase," said Wan Saiful, the head of the think-tank.

Najib, the son of a former prime minister, took over the premiership in 2009. He has fought criticism over his management of the economy, and being implicated in the murder of a Mongolian model nine years ago. Najib has said he had nothing to do with the model, and two security officers linked to Najib at the time were found guilty of her murder. - washington post

Najib Razak - Forbes Malaysia 27th Richest
Congrats Najib, You’re Now In The Forbes Malaysia’s 50 Richest...

By now, the whole world knows there’s a new billionaire in town. Name’s Razak, Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Actually he’s not a billionaire yet, if measured in U.S. dollar. But he’s certainly a multi-billionaire in Malaysian ringgit. Here’s how he catapulted himself to the Forbes Malaysia’s 50 Richest.

Fund transfer from Tanore Finance Corp (via Falcon Private Bank) on 21-Mar-2013: US$619,999,988.0 (RM2,348,745,954.00)

Fund transfer from Tanore Finance Corp (via Falcon Private Bank) on 25-Mar-2013: US$60,999,998.0 (RM231,086,292.00)

Fund transfer from Ihsan Perdana on 26-Dec-2014: RM27,000,000.00

Fund transfer from Ihsan Perdana on 27-Dec-2014: RM5,000,000.00

Fund transfer from Ihsan Perdana on 10-Feb-2015: RM10,000,000.00

Total: RM2,621,832,246.00

1MDB Scandal - How Prime Minister Najib Razak Becomes Billionaire

Those five fund transfers were allegedly made into an account under the name of “Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Hj Abd Razak” at AmPrivate Bank in Kuala Lumpur. There’s little doubt that the name exposed by U.S.-based The Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report is none other than the most powerful man in Malaysia, the prime minister Najib Razak himself.

If you look at how the RM2.62 billion were being transferred, clearly “money laundering” was involved. Transferring money from SRC International to its own subsidiary Gandingan Mentari and then to 1MDB’s arm, Ihsan Perdana, before it ended in the personal account of Najib the son of Razak is a typical method used by many crooks.

Do you know that if you try to transfer more than US$3,000 – either out from Malaysia or into the country – will subject you to an “interview” from the relevant banking officers? For example, if you try to fund your trading account in U.S. in order for you to perform share or options trading, you’ll be asked questions about the source and the purpose of your funding.

Of course, they’re not going to put you in a dark room, interrogate and probably torture you as if you’re in Abu Ghraib prison, but it’s dramatic enough to freak you out. That’s part of the processes by Bank Negara (Central Bank) to combat money laundering. Hence, in the case of Najib Razak, it’s more than US$3,000 so Governor Zeti may be in deep shit herself for possibility of looking the other way.

1MDB Scandal - Bank Negara Governor Zeti Plays Dumb

Nevertheless, RM2.62 billion is roughly US$696 million, based on today’s exchange rate, and that qualifies Najib to the Forbes Malaysia’s 50 Richest. Assuming the allegation is true, the prime minister is now Malaysia’s #27 Richest Man, just US$4 million shy from Mahathir’s own son – Mokhzani Mahathir – who has a fortune of US$700 million.

But while Mokhzani Mahathir’s wealth is at the mercy of share prices of SapuraKencana Petroleum Berhad (KLSE: SAPCRES, stock-code 8575), Najib Razak’s wealth is all in “CASH”. Obviously some one has been feeding The Wall Street Journal with the destructive information. Many think it was Mahathir himself. Actually, it was Daim Zainuddin.

Mokhzani Mahathir - Malaysia 26 Richest

Many have forgotten that Daim Zainuddin was once the powerful and influential Finance Minister from 1984 to 1991, before reappointed again in 1998. He may be a womaniser but he’s still a finance wizard, not to mention a veteran when comes to money laundering. Tell him what type of worms you want and he can tell you which hole to hunt (*grin*).

Mahathir and Daim were buddies, and are still very close together even after their retirement. Indeed, both were big time crooks, and they constantly scratch each other’s back to protect what they had plundered during their good time. And to have a coward and empty vessel Najib Razak as their opponent is like a football match between Germany vs Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines Bailout - Daim Zainuddin and his Protege Cronies

As we’ve mentioned before, Najib Razak should not have had Anwar Ibrahim imprisoned. Now that Mahathir is going for the kill, Najib is as good as a sitting duck. Najib has no smart advisers, but tons of bootlickers and idiot ministers. Do you really think Mahathir is alone fighting Najib administration? Hell no, his old band of advisers were helping him with all the tactical and strategic planning.

After the “bombshell” by The Wall Street Journal, what Najib administration could do was issuing more denials. You don’t want to play poker with Mahathir, because he doesn’t bluff. The fact that all the banking account numbers were revealed, including Najib’s personal account, is glaring proof that whatever evidence exposed is “genuine”.

Does Najib the son of Razak dare to sue Wall Street Journal and Mahathir for such a damning accusation which taints the good name of “Razak” family? Barack Obama would have gotten FBI, local police, National Guard and SEAL teams surrounded The Wall Street Journal headquarters in New York if he’s being accused of such money laundering.

Instead, Najib administration only manages to issue lame denials and blames the explosive revelations as “political sabotage”. He doesn’t even dare to respond with a simple “Yes” or “No” to the authentication of the alleged personal banking account. Surely checking his personal 13-digit account number will not take days, right?

Could Najib Razak flex his muscle by instructing all the agencies – from Bank Negara, Ambank Group, Attorney General, Royal Malaysia Police, MACC, to the data center operators to wipe out every single traces of such money trail and his personal account existence, assuming there wasn’t any Sarbanes-Oxley compliance in place to begin with?

Unfortunately, based on Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail’s latest admission, he has indeed viewed the documents related to the alleged transfer of 1MDB funds into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s personal accounts. The AG, whom was named in The Wall Street Journal as one of top guns in the loop about the documents existence, said it was with a special task force probing 1MDB.

The AG confirmed the task force also conducted a raid on July 3rd on three companies – SRC International Sdn Bhd, Gandingan Mentari Sdn Bhd, and Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd. One can only wonders why AG’s task force only acts now. Was there any intention to play dumb had there been no revelations from the American publisher?

Najib Razak should bite the bullet and admit that he’s no match for Mahathir, assuming he had indeed taken the RM2.62 billion for his personal use. Even if he had not utilised it for personal use, the mere existence of such account in receiving billions of ringgit is damaging enough. Either way, he’s dead meat.

And in case he decides to cling to power and fight a long war with Mahathir, he should probably consider the possibility, regardless how remotely it is, that the former prime minister might have compelling evidence linking him to the gruesome murder of Mongolian Altantuya, whom the pink lips Najib had his fair share of sexual intercourse.

Altantuya Shaariibuu

On paper, even if Najib could escape the humiliating and damaging scandal of corruption and money laundering in the 1MDB scandal, there’s no way for him to escape a “murder” scandal. While ethnic-Malay village folks can accept a corrupt leader, they surely can’t accept a murderer, the same way they couldn’t accept Anwar Ibrahim, an alleged sodomite. 

But we would definitely love to see Najib Razak shows, for once, that his self-proclaimed Bugis warrior mumbo-jumbo is no fake. He should not surrender and not intimidated by The Wall Street Journal and Mahathir. Malaysians generally couldn’t wait to read about the real story of the murder of Altantuya. - financetwitter

Story kat SINI dan SINI  
WSJ telah berusia 125 tahun,lebih lama dari usia penubuhan Malaysia sendiri,atau UMNO Baru dan telah memenangi 36 Anugerah Pulitzer.Sebelum ini WSJ telah membongkar skandal ENRON ,kini skandal 1MDB dan Najib...

Satu dunia dah heboh pasal hampir Usd700 juta (RM2.6 bilion) yg didakwa dipindahkan ke dalam akaun peribadi Najib di AmBank di Kuala Lumpur pada bulan Mac 2013, DUA BULAN SEBELUM PRU13...

Sebelum saman,Najib,AM Bank & Bank Negara perlu sahkan 
akaun di atas itu milik sapa...