06 March 2008

Pat Lah's anxiety coz by Anwar's phenomenon....1

What was really in Pat Lah's mind when he decided to called for a snap election, a year early? At a time when the economy is at its downturn, foreign investment low, a bearish stock market sentiment coupled with problems like the Bersih and Hindraf rallies, the Altantuya murder trial and most recently the Lingam video clip issue that plagued an already maimed BN gomen. Apart from this there are also the problems of rampant corruption, power abuses, uncontrollable crime rate and runaway inflation has frustrated the ordinary man on the street. On the other hand, UMNO too, has it own problems. Internal bickering among its leaders, as they clamor for positions in the upcoming party elections that were postponed because of the impending general elections.

No one really knows why Pat Lah called for a fresh mandate at such an unusual time? But many political pundits believe that the real reason was the Anwar factor involved in his calculations. Though, Pat Lah denied such a belief and he even brushed aside the issue by telling Malaysians and the world that Anwar is now irrelevant. However, UMNO insiders believe that the real reason being is to deny Anwar the opportunity to participate in the 12th general election. Anwar's ban on electoral politics ends in April.

The only people who think Anwar is irrelevant are the UMNO leaders - Pat Lah & his goons. However to the ordinary UMNO members many still regard Anwar a force to be reckon with. Recently I asked a few of UMNO members why Pat Lah decided to have a snap election now and why not wait till his term ends? Their reply was a just simple "nak mampus". When I asked them "sapa yang nak mampus?", their reply was UMNOlah!!

I told them, " you all nak takut Anwar buat apa?, dia seorang saja,apa yang dia boleh buat?” “Lagi pun bila dia bertanding, you all ikat dia di kawasannya dan dia tak berpeluang untuk bergerak bebas?” “Jika halang dia dari bertanding nanti dia boleh pergi merata-rata,bukankah itu lebih bahaya?” Their reply was,seorang Anwar sama juga dengan seribu orang pembangkang.

They also told me that UMNO had deliberated on this issue for quite sometime and finally decided to have election now rather than latter. I told them, even Anwar is denied of participating now, he will find ways to be in the Dewan Rakyat sooner or later. Now, he is like a hungry lion roaming freely wherever he likes. If they had allowed him to participate at least they can curtail his movements. Their reply was simple.."apa boleh buat itu keputusan boss"

Anwar, true to his character roams and roars bringing along a message for change. When he was at Hang Chiang School, Penang the other night, people from all walks of life, be it Chinese, Malay and Indian came in droves to lend support. The crowd was estimated between 8-10 thousands. And recently in Sungai Acheh more than 5,000 waited till the early hours in the morning to listen to his "amanat". Though he spoke for only 30 minutes, his message is enough to make the gomen jittery. However, can that 8-10,000 crowds present can be translated into votes? If it does then the gomen is in for trouble but if it’s otherwise then the opposition has to work harder next time around.

As a result of the recent "groundswell of support” from the rakyat has prompted the government to launch a "vicious personal attack" against Anwar. Many BN leaders, including Pat Lah are painting Anwar black, saying Anwar is a person who cannot be trusted and is a chameleon who changes color when facing different situation. Should Anwar be given so much publicity if they(UMNO/BN) think his presence is not relevant? How about you Pat Lah?

Anyway as far as Anwar is concerned, UMNO and the gomen can say or do what they like. They can humiliate him or simply blackout any piece of news about him from the mass media but he will still be around to haunt them till kingdom comes.

to be continued.......

Kita harus takut.....

.....bukan Pat Lah



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