10 August 2016

SR dok tunggu PAS saman, jangan jadi cam MO1 sudahle...

Sarawak Report tidak menarik semula dan tidak memohon maaf atas laporan artikal berkenaan DEDAK RM 90 juta utk kepimpinan tertinggi PAS dari Malaysia Official 1. 

Rasanya SR juga sedia di saman oleh PAS & sedia mengeluarkan beberapa bukti sokongan dari apa yg mereka dedahkan, mungkin SR ada dokumen sulit transaksi ke pihak ke 3 dari MO1 kepada UO1. Ini andaian saja, sebab tanpa bukti jika SR memfitnah, rating mereka akan jatuh teruk.

Kata SR hearsay PAS dapat 90juta dari Najib?. Adakah itu bermaksud fitnah? 

Nak tahu ia fitnah atau tidak PAS wajib saman SR. Hadi juga bersumberkan hearsay menuduh ada orang jadi penagih dan dibuktikan hearsay tersebut bukan fitnah.

Hari ini hari Selasa,hari yang Najib kata dia nak saman WSJ. Dari Selasa ini tugas saman ini dah diambil alih oleh PAS. Berapa kali Selasa pula bakal kita tunggu?

KWSP Konvensional vs KWSP Simpanan Shariah...

Baru2 ini KWSP memberikan pilihan buat semua pencarum KWSP untuk beralih dari Simpanan Konvensional yang diguna pakai pada masakini. Sesi pendaftaran Simpanan Shariah telah dibuka mulai 8 Ogos 2016 sehingga dana berjumlah RM300 bilion habis diperuntukkan.

Jom kita terjah Perbezaan Simpanan Shariah Dan Konvensional KWSP yang dikongsikan oleh Media Sensasi di bawah ini...

Simpanan Shariah merupakan satu cara yang diguna pakai oleh pihak KWSP untuk membolehkan pencarum KWSP memilih untuk akaunnya diuruskan berdasarkan prinsip Syariah.- mvs 

Untuk maklumat lanjut baca di sini.

Switching to syariah, or peace of mind?

Will the syariah savings by EPF be able to give the returns that contributors will be happy with?

Muslims and non-Muslims alike have been signing up for the syariah-compliant Employee Provident Fund (EPF) accounts, and one wonders if contributors are merely using one of the few ways they have by using syariah guidelines to ensure EPF does not just invest into anything and everything. 

Starting from August 8, EPF contributors can start applying to transfer their contributions and existing funds to the syariah-compliant KWSP-i account. The new account will be managed and invested according to syariah principles.

With the creation of the KWSP-i account, Section 27 of the EPF Act 1991 will be amended to enable two dividend rates to be announced to EPF contributors, one each for the conventional and another for the syariah-compliant account. In-line with syariah principles, the dividend for the KWSP-i account will be declared at any rate, by the Board depending on the actual performance of the investment made.

EPF Chief Executive Officer Datuk Shahril Ridza Ridzuan explains that the Simpanan Syariah is a new savings option for members who wish to convert their current conventional EPF savings to one managed and invested in accordance with syariah principles. Says Shahril, the EPF has allocated an initial fund of RM100 billion, which is equivalent to about 15% of the EPF’s total investment assets of RM681.71 billion as at end March 2016.

He adds that the Simpanan Syariah was not EPF’s first venture into Islamic investments as more than RM295 billion of EPF’s total investment assets were already syariah-compliant. According to Shahril, as of now, conventional products may have advantages as it can be invested in banking stocks that garners high returns.

“But currently there are existing shares that are Islamic law compliant which can generate stock return that is high.

“During the initial stages, there could be difference in terms of dividend rates between the syariah-compliant and conventional investment but it can be balanced out over a long term investment period.

“Moreover, there are more increasing assets that are syariah-compliant that investments can be channeled to,” he says.  

The Syariah Compliant KWSP-i investment will start January 2017 with an allocation of RM100 billion where around 15% from EPF investment asset total number totalled RM681.71 billion as of March 30, 2016. Finance experts explain that one of the difference between conventional and the syariah-compliant KWSP-i Investment is that the conventional investment channels are not restricted by Syariah laws.

This means that for example, investments could be channeled to industries that may not be Syariah law compliant, for instance the gaming industries. With the Simpanan Syariah, contributors who are particular and want to ensure that their investments are channeled to syariah-compliant industries will no longer have to worry about this.

Shahril adds that, the syariah investment products will not guarantee similar dividend like conventional product because it will depend fully towards investment performance made. The current contribution process and enforcement process will remain the same but in compliance with syariah principles, the dividend rate for Simpanan Syariah will be based on portfolio performance of the syariah-compliant investments and will not have any guaranteed minimum dividend.

“A Syariah Advisory Committee (SAC) has been formed to oversee the operational, investment and governance aspects of Simpanan Syariah.

“The SAC will also recognise syariah investment products as regulated or approved by Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission Malaysia,” he says.

Applications for the Simpanan Syariah will be on a first-come, first-served basis. To be eligible for the syariah-compliant savings option, members must submit their applications by Dec 23, subject to availability under the RM100 billion fund. As this is a first, one needs to wait and see if EPF’s syariah savings accounts will give the returns and keep those who switched their peace of mind. - Soo Wern Jun

EPF’s new deal

Another sex tape? Oh, come on!...

The social media is awash with reports of a sex scandal involving a senior Terengganu politician, and no, it is not the "one who looks like PAS’ Datuk Ali Mustafa" again. They say the tape is allegedly of one of those who is not keen on seeing the current Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif, and all fingers point to Ahmad Said, former Terengganu MB.

However, no one can be sure of the senior Terengganu politician involved, as the tape has only rumoured to have risen, but not publicised yet. Whatever it is, one cringes just hearing the words ‘sex scandal’ or 'sex tape' in Malaysia, where it seems, every time there is a political crisis, a sex tape appears out of nowhere. 

While sex and politicians is a savoury combination for those who want to plot the downfall in politics, it is quite disturbing that politicians still think that such bedroom scenes are going to make us decide on who we would tick in our votes next time round.

First off all, we have none of those Justin Trudeau-look alikes among our politicians, and it will just make most of us gag even to sit through such tapes watching the oldies put on their XL-sized briefs, let alone watch such tapes. 

In the past, we have had many sex tapes, but all have merely put us voters on a heat of that moment only, but when election time came, the sex tapes became mere gossip fodder for us on our social media accounts and coffee-shops. 

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad came out with mother of all sex scandals by ‘exposing’ that his former deputy Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was not straight and was into gay sex. The attempt to 'kill off' Anwar with a sex scandal backfired when the attempt was instead seen as maligning his family.

However, years later, Anwar now is being revered to a certain extent as ‘the’ best opposition leader Malaysia ever had. As a matter of fact, Mahathir has sort of joined in on his popularity, which Anwar had welcomed, albeit Anwar has yet to forget what Mahathir has done to him. 

Then we had a few top politicians along the way, who either just faded away on their own - such as former Parliament Deputy Speaker D P Vijandran and former minister Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek. We continuously have rumours of ministers getting together with artistes, some of which are confirmed and some of which are not. 

Yet, when it comes to polling day, these sex scandals are not going to kill off any politician’s career, no matter even if they are from the most conservative areas in Terengganu or Kelantan. 

If city people think it is going to horrify the rural voters that their elected representative is embroiled in some scandal, they must be aware of the fact that in Malaysia, straying is quite easily forgiven. It may bruise and hurt the politician involved, but it will never incarcerate him.

Malaysian voters really do not care for sex scandals - what they are more concerned is whether their interests will be taken care of and whether the elected representative will deliver their bread and butter, or talk about it. 

And at a time when every one knows that former Terengganu MB Ahmad Said is intent on bringing the current MB Ahmad Razif down, the rising of a sex tape is just not going to work to kill off Ahmad Said, who is already known as a loose cannon who will not give two hoots about it. - Zakiah Koya,theheatmalaysia.

Mana pi RM2.6 bilion...

Story kat SINI dan SINI   

Tangkap Malaysian Official 1
Ramai yang patah semangat dengan keadaan dalam negara. Ramai yang beranggapan skandal ‪#‎1MDB‬ yang menggegarkan dunia sepatutnya telah menyebabkan Najib Razak berundur. Tetapi ramai yang lupa bahawa 1MDB berlaku kerana sistem kerajaan yang ada di negara ini telah diselewengkan untuk mengekalkan Umno/BN sehingga kiamat. Sistem yang sama akan digunakan untuk melakukan pelbagai penipuan dan helah dalam PRU14 untuk mengekalkan Dato' Seri Najib. - RR


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