08 August 2016

Puteri UMNO gengcok sakan...

Persembahan Tarian Gelek di Mesyuarat Puteri Umno Kota Baru  mungkin satu cara nak tarik anak2 muda masuk Puteri Umno kot.Cuba dengar gelak tawa sukaria para perwakilan mana ada masa untuk pikiaq pasai rasuah,1MDB dsbnya...

Bila video gelek dah jadi viral barulah kononnya 'tersedar'. "Kami masih baru dalam politik.."

Habis tu masa mula2 nak rancang tari dan gelek tu adakah masih tidak sedar lagi yang ianya sememangnya terang2 boleh menjatuhkan maruah & aib wanita, APATAHLAGI gelek yang begitu menggiurkan di hadapan bukan mahram terutamanya pemimpin VVIP MELAYU-UMNO !

Puteri Umno dah berusia 15 TAHUN tak kan masih nak kata.. "masih baru dalam politik.." Pooorah... Tak kan sejarah Puteri UMNO sendiri pon tak tahu !!! - f/bk

Rumah terbuka raya lepas Syawal bukti ekonomi makmur, kata KM bluurr...

Ketua Menteri Melaka, Datuk Seri Idris Haron membidas sebaran di media sosial yang mendakwa ekonomi Malaysia sedang menghadapi kemerosotan.

Sebaliknya, Idris berkata rakyat Malaysia menikmati makanan berlebihan hasil daripada kemakmuran ekonomi yang dibawa oleh Umno selama ini.

Beliau memberi contoh mengenai seorang kenalannya yang mahu mengadakan rumah terbuka Hari Raya Aidilfitri hari ini, walaupun bulan Syawal telah berlalu.

"Dia kata tak apa, boleh sampai 60 hari. Saya kata, buatlah rancangan di ambang Aidiladha.

"Ini kemakmuran ekonomi. Pasal apa dia buat hari (raya) terbuka tak habis-habis, 29 hari tak cukup? Pasal makmur ekonomi," katanya ketika berucap ketika merasmikan mesyuarat bahagian Umno Ampang untuk sayap Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri hari ini.

"Kemakmuran ekonomi ini adalah hasil kerja tangan Umno. Makanan cukup, bahkan melimpah luar. Ini adalah manifestasi sebenar kemakmuran ekonomi," katanya.

Apa orang lain kata...

Katak Lompat - Itu kawam kamu dari UMNO yang dapat dedak dan hanya ambil satu contoh saja tidak lihat pada keseluruhan rakyat dan berapa ramai lagi yang beraya tanpa beli pakaian baru yang disiarkan dalam akhbar-akhbar UMNO wahai KM Melaka.

Jebon Harbi  - Asal yang makmur semuanya sebab UMNO.. Malang sungguh Afghanistan takde UMNO di negara mereka. 80 orang mati kena bom semalam. Asal berbunyi aje mesti kena maki...

Niezam Hakimi - Rezeki dari Allah bukan dari UMNO! Hasil kerja siang malam rakyat bagi sara keluarga. Jangan kita mendongak ke langit cakap takbur dan sombong. Ingat yg kita berpijak dibumi. 

Jaycee - Of course no.one from UMNO died of hunger. They are so well fed that they will probably die of heart attacks from consuming all the good food. Another stupid remark from a "intellectually deficient" CM.

Perak Boleh - Malaysia is doomed with brainless lackeys in UMNO. Like the lyrics from a song " and now the end is near the rakyat has stated their case but the so call leaders are blind and deft".

Anonymous #03815719 - Idris Haron, just drive around the town and see for yourself how many malays are selling goreng pisang, kuih muih and nasi lemak to put food on their table.

mushiro  - The benchmark for economic down turn is not "no one has died of hunger yet". If it came to that then Umno must run away from Malaysia as the rakyat will be chasing them. Factors that determine the economic down turn are national debt which is the highest everr now, national borrowings, inflation, rising cost, joblessness, reduced scholarships, cut in government expenditures in schools, hospitals etc. GST is one outcome of that.

Bamboo - Formerly without GST, the Malay folks in my hometown got by, barely surviving with daily expenses. Since the GST, they don't have enough to get by and keep borrowing money from my mother for daily expenses. Yes, no one starve but many are in tough situation to survive, while the 1st couple live in lavish lifestyle with the stole fund from the people.

2 x bangang...
Kalau dah buat jenayah di negara mereka, SUDAH TENTU lah Jabatan Kehakiman (DOJ) Amerika Syarikat (AS) siasat kerana berlaku penyelewengan/ korupsi dana 1MDB di negara mereka. Mereka siasat di sana. BUKANNYA Amerika datang siasat ke Malaysia...

Pokemon Go pokes Malaysian muftis...

Pokemon Go has finally arrived on our shores and the streets have been filled with players walking with their eyes on their screens.

The social media too has gone crazy with FB posts and tweets boasting they have caught this and that Pokemon characters.

However, the ones who seemed to jump up highest when Pokemon Go arrived in Malaysia were the muftis, especially Mufti of Federal Territory, who said that Pokemon Go is banned for Muslims. 

Did someone mention to them that this is not Pork-emon but Pokemon - as we try to figure out what is it with this game that seems to have caught the fancy of the muftis. 

The Malay Mail Online reported last Friday that the Islamic Legal Consultative Committee in the Federal Territories, which is chaired by the Mufti, said the decision was made on August 1 based on scripture and for the benefit of Muslims, besides taking into account the purported ill effects of the phenomenally popular augmented reality smartphone game.

“Therefore, it’s hoped that Muslims, especially those in the Federal Territories, are not involved in the gaming app,” said the Islamic Legal Consultative Committee.

The report further stated that the Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Dr Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri said that fatwas, or edicts, issued in other countries, such as the 2001 one by influential Egypt-born cleric Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi against Pokemon, had basis and that 'Pokemon Go' and Pokemon must be avoided if the games were harmful.

“Besides that, it also affirms powers and the powers of certain gods, plus it can lead to gambling. Therefore, we believe that the arguments about how playing Pokemon is ‘haram’ have strong grounds,” Zulkifli said, reported The Malay Mail Online.

Obviously the Pokemon Go have poked this one Mufti of FT hard but other Muftis are refusing to be poked. 

The Mufti of Penang said he is not banning Pokemon Go yet, although he does think it has more harm than good, while the Mufti of Perak had asked Putrajaya to ban Pokemon, but he himself has yet to give a fatwa.

Muslims on the other hand, who usually take fatwas seriously in Malaysia, seems to be taking this fatwa lightly, just as those on smoking. (Some Muftis have declared smoking as haram for its harm on health but Muslims worldwide form a big percentage of the multi-billion dollar market of the tobacco industry.)

Many on the social media said that Pokemon is going to be like the smoking ban on cigarettes, and Muslims will continue to play.

One twitter of izz @xzzlzzm lamented that Pokemon Go had asked him to the mosque, but the mufti has banned him from doing so. 

“Pokemon pon ajak pergi masjid. Mufti plak nak ban kasi aku x pergi masjid. Apesal!! (Pokemon is inviting me to the mosque, but the mufti does not allow me at the mosque. Why?),” tweeted izz.

One batman @zulfadhliazmi tweeted his own 'fatwa' that “Pokemon is only haram if you steal someone else’s handphone and play on it”. - Zakiah Koya

Pokemon tidak dibenarkan 'masuk' ke sekolah

Najib not only winning the battle and the war but also winning the whole damm country on to his side...

Bombshells...exposures...accusation of Najibs and family being thieves....Najib is sweating at the heat from the US Dept of Justice and FBI.....designated Asia's worst financial minister...the ringgit is Asia's worst currency...Mahathir's fatal legacy...Najib reneges on Sarawak autonomy....Umno Sabah rips portrait of Najib.....turmoil in Trengganu Umno....exposed for massive theft....Umno is doomed....shocking rise in violent crime linked to Najib's GST's hardship....US Dept of Justice reports on Naib's shennaningans..... worse is yet to come....Najib shivers as dirt behind US$6.5 billion bond sales start to unravel.....anti-Najib yellow waves sweeps Trengganu....fed up of Najib, businessman files suit...unrepentant Najib dares to deny being "Malaysian Offixcial 1....Rosmah and Najib splurge on hormonal anti -ageing products....Mahatir gives Najib more rope to hang himself....Najib unable to control Trengganu....Rock solid evidence emerges and Najib exposed as a thief around the world....warninhg bells ring for Najib and Rosmah ....ground beneath Najib shakes....Obama has signalled "You are on your own Najib....Panicky Najib's camp using Islam to defend Najib...even MCA starts to realize that Najib is a liability...Najib plays with fire in Trengganu...MH370 cover up to save Najib's face....Ahmad Said squeezes Najib... clumsy Najib trying to stir up cold war between China and US...arrest Najib...the worse is yet to come!

If you are one to believe what you read on the Net and in and around the social media outlets you would not be off the mark to think that Najib will be out of office soon...very very soon....but if truth be told...Najib Razak is alive, healthy and well...as well as any so called dead man walking  can be expected to be.

Who cares for the litany of sins and unsavory deeds that Najib Razak has been credited with as laid out in the first paragraph of this post? 

No one really.....no one that can do something about it. 

Oh Yes Mahathir cares. Kit Siang, Anwar, you and me...we care. We are told that the poll indicates that Najib now has less than a 25% approval rating amongst Malaysians polled.   

So all things considered....what is keeping Najib afloat? What is keeping Najib in office? 

Money? Rosmah? The "mudah lupa" mentality of the Malays? Umno? What has caused the opposition to seize defeat from the jaws of victory in the last general elections and then proceed to further seal their political demise by more ways than there are to skin a cat? 

I can tell you how, but it will not win me many friends from among those that are plotting the political demise of Najib Razak. As it is now, we bloggers (me included!) that have been "working" for a good many years to unseat Najib Razak, Umno, BN and all those goons on their side of the divide, have done so with barely a nod of recognition what more thanks, in our direction from those who are leading the opposition....and yet, stilll we continue our "work". 

But I am close to reaching that point when I start to think if all this is a lost cause - not only for me, for many Malaysians and for the opposition! Go back to the first paragraph of this posting and read again the litany of woes that has befall Najib since the opposition won the popular mandate at the last election...but lost government to BN! Reading that list...would you have not expected the opposition to make some headway towards strengthening their ranks to ready themselves for government in the next federal election?

Instead what has happened? Total disintegration of the opposition put together by Anwar, Kit Siang and aruah TGNA....and for safe measure, Najib has buried that opposition and concreted it under a towering high-rise to ensure its political demise is complete. 

And how total has the opposition been obliterated?  

If they cannot do anything about a prime minister that has RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account that he cannot account for...then there really is no opposition in Malaysia worth talking about!

And for me personally, I really need to ask myself if banging my head against a steel door with no possibility or hope for entry into another era where good may prevail over evil, is the thing I should continue to do! It is not only disheartening...but may also permanently damage whatever brain cells that are still left in my cranium. 

The question I am asking is simply this : Is Najib Razak not only winning the battle and the war but also but also the whole damm country on to his side? 

A good accountant never budgets for a deficit....what would a rational blogger do in the present circumstance? You tell me! - Hussein A.Hamid@steadyaku47

Sapa tak kenai MO1,dia bodoh macam Rahman...
Story kat SINI dan SINI   


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