13 September 2015

Pesawat Malaysia Tertunda Akibat Ribut Pasir...

Satu video yang dimuat naik oleh pengguna media sosial yang memaparkan kejadian sebuah pesawat yang membuat pendaratan cemas di jalan raya menjadi viral di media sosial.

Memetik laporan dari Bernama Radio24, pesawat terbabit membuat pendaratan cemas di tepi jalanraya di Jeddah Arab Saudi dan perkara itu disahkan oleh Jurucakap Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa King Abdul Aziz.

Difahamkan pesawat terbabit membuat pendaratan cemas berikutan ribut pasir kuat yang melanda kawasan terbabit.

[Update] : Pesawat terbabit bukannya membuat pendaratan cemas, tetapi ditunda di landasan berikutan keadaan ribut pasir yang teruk.

Pesawat masih lagi berada di dalam kawasan lapangan terbang dan bukannya mendarat cemas seperti yang di dakwa.

Namun, pihak Malaysia Airlines berkata pihaknya tidak dapat mengesahkan kesahihan video pesawat terbabit dan berkata semua pesawat Malaysia Airlines mendarat di Jeddah dengan Selamat.

Setakat ini masih belum ada laporan rasmi mengenai kejadian - Siakapkeli

Altantuya-NajibRazak-RazakBaginda - Al-Jazeera Murder in Malaysia - Mary Ann Jolley Deported
Be Very Afraid Najib, Mahathir Has Unleashed Altantuya Card...

I smell a rat, a 90-year-old rat that will not kick the bucket until he successfully brings down his protégé, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Of course, this rat is none other than former premier Mahathir Mohamad. For those who’ve been following our whining and bitching, can you remember what we wrote early July before Ramadan festival?

We’ve written that with nowhere to run, PM Najib has to resign, or else (read here). That “else” moment is finally here. Najib thought by sacking, suppressing, threatening and cajoling 4 top guns – Attorney-General, Bank Negara Governor, Inspector General of Police, MACC Chief Commissioner – who were investigating his wrongdoings, he has won the battle.

Are Najib’s brilliant advisers so naive as to believe there were only a handful “leakers” within all the government agencies? After spending a good 22-year as the prime minister, do you think only former Special Branch Deputy Director Abdul Hamid Bador was the last of its kind who is freaking loyal to Mahathir?

Does Najib really think by putting two loyalist – cousin Hishammuddin Hussein and Zahid Hamidi – in charge of vital police and military portfolios, it would zip the mouth of hundreds of thousands of staffs as if they’re robots who can’t think? Anyway, do you smell a rat when Al-Jazeera chooses today to release an explosive documentary about the death of Mongolian model Altantuya?

1MDB Scandal - What Happened to Task Force Top Officers

Everything seems to be perfectly and systematically arranged. First, the RM42 billion 1MDB scandals were exposed by Sarawak Report linking Jho Low to Najib. Then, the Wall Street Journal dropped the RM2.6 billion bombshell exposing the unexplainable money in Najib’s private bank account. Now, Al-Jazeera shows the brutal murder of Altantuya to the world.

So, as predicted, Mahathir has unleashed Altantuya Shaariibuu card but not the damning “photos”, yet. Just like Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal, obviously someone has been feeding a complete story to Al-Jazeera. Although most of the contents are already a public knowledge and rather old, it stays hidden with little impact, until now.

The fact that Al-Jazeera journalist Mary Ann Jolley was deported by 5 Malaysian immigration officers and a man in military outfit over her report on the gruesome murder of Altantuya speaks volumes about Najib’s guilt. Otherwise why such a panic retaliation on sweetie Mary Ann as if a magnitude 10 on the Richter scale earthquake has struck the Prime Minister Office?

What has the Australian-based journalist revealed in the Al-Jazeera weekly programme 101 East? Apparently, the documentary – “Murder in Malaysia” – reveals allegations that besides two convicted killers from the elite protection squad, namely Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, there was a third person at the murder scene.

That man was none other than Altantuya’s ex-lover Razak Baginda, a close aid or rather a proxy of PM Najib Razak. And it was the scumbag Razak Baginda who pulled the trigger and shot the Mongolian. So, the poor Altantuya was already “dead” before both Azilah and Sirul were tasked to destroy the corpse with military-grade explosives.

Razak Baginda has shown what a great liar he was when he conveniently told a press conference that the case was simply an example of “rogue cops”, never mind there’s no reason whatsoever for both policemen to kill her in the first place simply because they don’t even know the Mongolian (who was also allegedly pregnant).

Altantuya Murder - Razak Baginda

But how credible were Al-Jazeera’s allegations on Razak Baginda being the actual murderer? Sirul was shown to have confided to his distant Australian relative, who did not want to be identified, that the person who had shot Altantuya was Baginda, whom she had been trying to blackmail to the tune of US$500,000 being the commission for the Scorpene Submarine deal with France.

Razak Baginda, a former political analyst and adviser to then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, interestingly, had repetitively denied allegations that Altantuya was involved in anyway in the submarine deal. However, French investigation documents showed otherwise. He had been lying from the beginning.

Al-Jazeera also reveals how PM Najib informed buddy Baginda that he had sexual relationship with Altantuya (Aminah). And it was Najib who had introduced Altantuya to Razak Baginda at a diamond exhibition in Singapore. Thus, is it fair to assume that after Najib got tired of Altantuya, he passed her to Baginda like a sex toy, after which both became lovers? - continue reading here...


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