14 December 2007

Lingam Video Clip - Full & Transcript.....

Anwar Ibrahim released the full 14-minute recording of the VK Lingam video clip,and revealed that he has more evidence to back up claims of judicial indecorum.

Full Transcript :

(View the full video on the right window of your screen.)

(Parts are slightly inaudible. This transcript may not be entirely accurate.)

: The CJ (Chief Justice - judiciary’s No 1 post) said his relative is now the Agong, so he wants to stay on to 68, so, Tengku Adnan said - I told Tengku Adnan, yesterday I had a meeting with him - he said PM is already very angry with him … and … he said no problem, he is going to make you acting err… confirm your position as PCA (President of Court of Appeal – judiciary’s No 2), working very hard, and then get Tan Sri Mokhtar as CJM (Chief Judge of Malaya – judiciary’s No 3).

Ah, so we just keep it confidential. I am working very hard on it. Then there is a letter, according to Tengku - I am going to see him tomorrow - there is a letter sent to … ah … CJ - I mean Tan Sri Dzaiddin - that Datuk Heliliah, …er Datuk Ramli and Datuk Maarop be made judges, and he rejected that Dr Andrew Chew and apa itu Zainudin Ismail lah because Zainuddin Ismail who condemned your appointment and Tan Sri Mohtar’s appointment.

And then you also, it seems, wrote a letter for the remaining … confirmed as judges. As per our memo, I discussed with Tun Eusoff Chin and we sent the same memo to PM. I just want to get a copy letter that this has been done.

And then Tan Sri Dzaiddin said he is going to recommend six people for the Court of Appeal, but until today the letter hasn’t come to PM. He never discussed, but neither he has sent the letter to PM. He has not sent. So, I know it is under the constitution, for judges all, that is your job, Datuk, to send, but we don’t want to make it an issue now.

Ah, okay. Actually I told Tengku Adnan to inform PM, PM to call you for a meeting. But I will organise this so that Tengku Adnan will call you directly. And then I got your number, I will tell him to call you directly to for you to meet PM lah. Ah… So should be okay, then ar… correct, correct, it is very important that the key players must be there.

Correct, correct, correct. Correct, correct. You know that the same problem that Tun Eusoff Chin had. He tried to do all this and yet he has run out of soldiers. He couldn’t do it because many were from the other camp. Last time was unfortunate because Tun Daim was doing everything sabotaging, you know lah…

Otherwise how are things with you - everything is okay? No, don’t worry. You know sometimes Tan Sri Vincent said that half the time we are talking about judiciary rather than doing the work. But if I don’t do this part, my work will be useless. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ah, yes. Correct, correct, correct, correct, correct. Right, right, right. Correct. Ah. Ah. Right! Susah. You see he has now asked for six Court of Appeal judges, so that he can put his men before he retires.

Correct, correct, correct, ah, and then, ah, ah, correct, correct, correct, correct, correct.

Ah, never mind, I will do this, I will get er… Tengku Adnan to arrange for PM to call you and Tan Sri Vincent Tan for PM to call. You know why, actually, I am very grateful to Tan Sri Vincent Tan, You know why? I brainwashed him so much I even quarreled with him.

One day I went to Vincent Tan’s house, I fired him at night in his house. I said bloody hell, if you don’t do this who will do it? All these people, Tun Eusoff Chin, Datuk Ahmad Fairuz, Tan Sri Zainal all fought for …that. Then he called Tengku Adnan. Tengku Adnan he said, saya bukan Perdana Menteri Malaysia lah, you know. If the old man doesn’t want to listen to me, go to hell.

He quarreled with me. I said never mind, never mind, Tan Sri, you talk to PM again tomorrow morning to put Datuk Ahmad Fairuz to CJM. So next day morning he went and he called me back 9.30 that he said PM has already agreed. So I said never mind, we hope for the best. So I said no harm trying, the worst that it can happen is you lose.

Being the old man, he is 76 years old, he gets whispers everywhere, and then you don’t whisper, he get taken away by the other side. But, now the PM is very alert because every time he gets letters from Tan Sri Dzaiddin, he calls Tengku Adnan, he says discuss with Vincent, come and discuss. And…

Yes, yes, ya. Correct, correct. Ya, but you see although I know PM, but my views … I am a lawyer in practice… my views are… I go through them, I go through them lah.

Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.

And then Dzaiddin will go and tell them you went and saw PM and make a big issue out of it. Oh ya, I think so, I think so.

Okay, fine, fine, fine, fine. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Right, okay, okay. Ah. Ah. Correct, correct.

Now I heard Raja Aziz, Raja Aziz ah, two weeks ago spoke to my lawyer Thayalan, and another lawyer Anad, in the High Court - they have a case with each other. So, Thayalan and Anad asked Raja Aziz, how is Tan Sri Wan Adnan?

He said he is on his way down. But you know what is the shocking thing he said? Datuk Fairuz became CJM. He overruled everybody, in three months time, he is going to be PCA, and six months time, he is going to be CJ. He said I can’t take this shock. He told lah. Ha!

It seems ah that they are going to organise a campaign … they are going to organise a campaign to run you down. But you just keep quiet - don’t say anything. Don’t … even the press ask, you said I leave it to God, that’s all. Don’t say. I really like your message. You said I work very hard, what can I do? I leave it to God. That’s the best answer, Datuk, that you can ever give. Ah.

Yes… I will also get Tan Sri to remind PM to put a Tan Sri ship this year lah. You know, this will elevate you, you know.

Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. Ah. Steve Shim got so fast, Tan Sri Chong waited for a whole year to get Tan Sriship.

Ah. My God, that’s why, ah. Correct, correct, correct, correct, ya, ya, ya, ya, right, right, right, correct, correct.

Don’t worry, we organise this. And if Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku Adnan want to meet you privately, they will, I will call you. We organise a private arrangement, in a very neutral place.

No, don’t worry, Datuk, I know how much you suffered for Tun Eusoff Chin. And Tun said Datuk Ahmad Fairuz 110 percent loyalty. We want to make sure our friends are there for the sake of PM and for the sake of the country. Not for our own interest, not for our own interest. We want to make sure the country comes out well.

Well, you suffered so much, so much you have done - for the election petition, Wee Choo Keong, everything. How much, nobody would have done all these.

Yes, you know. Ah. Good lah. You don’t worry. I am constantly working on this. I…

Ya, ya, don’t worry, don’t worry. We work hard on this er Datuk. And if Tan Sri Vincent and Tengku want to see you, I will organise it in a confidential place.

Okay, Datuk, all the very best. God bless you and your family.

Okay. Thank you, thank you. Bye-bye, bye-bye.

[Off Camera Voice]: Who is that Dato?

Lingam: Chief Justice Malaya.

[Off Camera Voice]: Who is that?

Lingam: Dato Ahmad Fairuz

[Off camera voice]: Oh Ahmad Fairuz.

Lingam: I put him up there. Don’t tell this, please. I cannot tell this to Manjit. And he is acting President Court of Appeals Number 2 post. He is next Chief Justice. He always says “I leave it to you.”

[Off Camera Voice]: I thought you were very close to Tun Eusoff Chin, Datuk?

Lingam: He is Eusoff Chin’s man, Eusoff Chin retired. But Dzaiddin hates Eusoff Chin, you understand? Ah..

[Off Camera Voice]: Because you know I…I…I..as far as I know you are very…

Lingam: Eusoff Chin and I are extremely close. Because you know…Yeah. Eusoff Chin in power, I can straight and get in Pom! Pom! Pom! Pom! But now Dzaiddin is there. So Dzaiddin is attacking our cases. That means what? James Kumar is aligned to Dzaiddin. But Dzaiddin is retiring in 15th of September. He is finished.

[Off camera voice]: Next year?

Lingam: So Dzaiddin really wants to go…Don’t worry. Dzaiddin recommended Malik Ahmad to be Chief Judge of Malaya. But we went and “cut” “cut” cut” cut” I and Tengku Adnan and Vincent told PM. I stop him for now, because he is anti-PM. We put Fairuz in. And we put…I told you three months ago he became CJM [Chief Justice Malaya]. He said “Don’t believe.” Then he got it. He rang up to thank me. And all that. He now acting PCA because Wan Adnan is sick. Right? This. Apart from law knowledge you need kow tow. Please understand that. You need to know the emperor. Knowing the law doesn’t give you the winning formula, you must also kow tow to the emperor. Correct or not? So now I am working very hard. So he agreed to meet Vincent Tan and PM and…what you call Tengku Adnan.

[Off camera voice]: Do you think Vincent has an interest over PM?

Lingam: You don’t know about the history. Businesswise may not be successful. Robert Kuok is very brilliant. Lim Goh Tong is very rich. Vincent Tan, you know what PM say? He went to Averton he went to Langkawi. He said bincang. I want you to build a hotel here. His wife pulled him away. [Inaudible] He said Dato Seri I will think about it. The wife pulled him away. There is another [inaudible] cannot get a bank loan. Vincent there. Vincent, can you build a hotel? Ready for next Air show?

I want you do it in 6 months. `Datuk Seri, Don’t worry, I will get it done.’ He paid double the price to get all of them. A big loss lah. Then Solomon Island and Fiji and all, he said, Vincent go and invest there, he went and bought…[inaudible] the government factory [inaudible] you do this project a bit and cover up your loss. PM will do what he want to do to cover your backside.

[Off camera voice]: Vincent is very close to him.

Lingam: That’s right. Don’t ask… because Vincent has taken me to PM’s residence… the house … [inaudible]… Anwar’s case… the lawyers…Wee Cheong … [inaudible]. But I cannot go and talk to PM just like that and say promote this and that…

Because ah, he knows… I am a… but when PM calls me on Anwar’s case, I can tell him… he’ll listen…But if I go promote so and so, that means I got interest. So, I don’t do that. I use Vincent and Tengku, go and do that. I don’t f*** them up. They go and do that. But I tell you this lah. Don’t tell in front of people, of course. Life, one thing go confidential wrong is dangerous. Ah. Never, never say…You should… never. Even though to PM. You should never say. I don’t know. I always say “I don’t know.” That’s all.

[Off camera voice]: Everybody… I think many people know. Even the son case, everything I talk the father, …. Talk until he agreed.

Lingam: You know me [inaudible]. But I never talk about it. Even the son’s case, I do everything. I talk to the father…Talk until he agreed. But if it is a big crisis that affects him, ….I can talk, he will listen. But if I want to favour somebody, that I cannot guarantee. Because my interest is not his interest. You know what I mean. Tomorrow invest your interest involving your father, I can come say this this this, you will listen. But tomorrow I appeal for me, you are not obliged to listen. Because you are a politician, PM. Politician is what is your interest, not what is my interest. But if I am giving advise on your interest, you will listen. On my interest, you will not. You must be careful about this.

[Off camera voice]: Datuk, I need to ask you this question.

Lingam: Ask me. Ask me.

[Off camera voice]: For a while now…

Lingam: Because we can talk behind these people.

[Off camera voice]… Actually, I think, you know, Daim has more equity interest in Berjaya than Vincent Tan, isn’t that true?

Lingam: Let me tell you something … [inaudible] was bought by Daim … [inaudible]. Later on he did some deals where Daim supposed to help him. One or two he helped. Supposed to give him some money. Didn’t give. Part was paid, part not paid. Later on Daim called up and he got paid.


(ihsan suarakeadilan.com & malaysiakini)


Anonymous said...

This is getting serious. Very serious and i guess with the current board of RC, nothing much will be accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Nothing much the rakyat can get from this video case. Perhaps, it will benefit Pak Lah politically. Just to show that Pak Lah really listens the rakyat's grouses. The fact is that, at the end of the day, there will be no case against VK Lingam and the case will just be closed.

The other posibility is that Pak Lah just want to use this case to shut up Mahathir. In effect, Mahathir can be implicated and will be called to testify before the RC. Even, Pak Lah can push around Mahathir.

Pak Lah will somehow get more benefit from this video case in whatever circumstances and the same will be fully utilised as a good campaign for the next GE. Pak Lah will surely win again. Anwar will eventually be in limbo.

Charlie said...

What sort of lawyer is this guy..? His standard of English is lower than Std 5. This is not only degrading but disgusting. No wonder he has to be corrupted to get ahead.

Anonymous said...

Standard of English? Don't ALL Bodohlanders speak with their own version of English?

There's CHINKglish, INglish, and MAnglish, and everybody feels at home speaking a foreign language.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame them , they just worry their own pocket and power.

We are the one who so so ,, stupid & stupid .Paying for Tax , paying for our child to study and work to pay them again , what the hack of this government ??

A country with ranked number 1 in Palm Oil for the whole world , having all the sources of petrol , ruber ,metal and many many more ,,,, but still is the world counted corruption country and ZERO human right, please you goverment !! we been suffering like hell to work for 12 hours a day and you are sucking all our Blood Money for your happiness of Killing, Bombing ,Cheating , Corrupting even a Sport Equipment YOU also need to corrupted ???

All the races of god will bless you!!!! No matter Indian , Chinese or Malay , any Malaysian if they know YOU "Goverment" is acting like Monkey Sucker for sure YOU are out from the pass 50 years , coz of YOU and YOU threatening to use ISA , Bomb ,Kill ..........thanks for teaching us all this , thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Need to vote opposition. Monkeys can do better in government. Trust me!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia can be so much better if we only take the government to task and boot them out of office!

Do not be afraid of opposition party taking over. Government is putting fear, only BN can run the economy blah blah blah....

The opposition have very intelligent individuals and the BN have overplayed their successes. Time to change governments! Note, if the new govt cannot do a good job, then change again lah! That is what true democracy is...to be able to tell our elected servants certain behaviour is unacceptable and we as citizens have the power in our hands to change the govt.

Anonymous said...

who is the other guy who spoke to Lingam?

Anonymous said...

The BN has criminalised all our freedoms. We cannot walk as a group, we cannot put up a banner on our own building, we cannot have access to information, we cannot challenge any ministerial decisions in any court of law, we cannot have a reasonable campaign period prior to election, we cannot have equal radio and TV time for all registered political parties to reach out to citizens to explain party policies, we cannot have a licence as a matter of right to publish. Our basic fundamental rights and freedoms have all been taken away through subsidiary laws and regulations.

Anonymous said...

To me, Malaysia is run by institutionalised bullies, corrupters, gangsters, goons, infidels, liars, monkeys, scumbags, thieves and all that are mentioned in the Book Of Hell!

Anonymous said...

Well even telling lies is a privilege. Only privileged people can lie. So you see in Umno everything is a privilege for them.

Anonymous said...

This can only happen in Bolehland. Thank heaven, I don't live in Malaysia anymore. But I pity my comrades there. Someone should assassinate Bodowi to teach Malaysian politicians a lesson. Looks like the only way out……….

Ex-Malaysian in US.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can help us now.
This government is run by the Umno malays.
They can twist and turn as they like.
They don't give a damn about the other races.
So we all go for help internationally!

Anonymous said...

The erosion of Umno leadership credibility has become more apparent after the two historic rallies by Bersih and Hindraf. The impact of these two mammoth peaceful rallies by the Malaysian public, despite draconian and barbaric threats by the Umno-regulated police force, clearly indicates the progressive degeneration of Umno and its effeminate coalition member parties.

Shocked and dumbfounded, the arrogant Umno leaders whose minds are obscured by political egocentrism, did not know what struck them. It is just the beginning. Justice and fairness cannot be contained by mortal power forever.

These are the definite signs of Umno impending fall and decline. Umno is not challenged by Malaysians alone. The entire fair-minded and civilised world has joined in to expose its political crimes committed in the guise of democracy. The power of truth is fast devastating Umno and its coalition partners.

We thank God for letting this happen. Umno's heydays are numbered. It is getting weaker and becoming more of a parasite than a respected political party with genuine dignity. At last, the road map for the corrupt Umno's final collapse has been charted. The people, propelled by the power of truth, has finally decided to rid the nation of a party that has forsaken its duty to safeguard the interests of the people.

May God bless the people of Malaysia for their great spirit in upholding truth, justice and fairness. Let us Malaysians, irrespective of race or creed, bring greatness to our beloved nation.

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of how sick our present government under BN is.

It makes us all wonder how low can they go before the whole country collapses……….

Anonymous said...

When this Bodowi speaks, it makes you sick in the stomach.

Whether he steps down or not, makes no different to the country because the whole Umno and BN machinery are all crooks.

Vote them out and send them to space, that is the only answer.

Anonymous said...

It has a valid point to make and I support it in principle. That principle certainly applies to all non-malays in Malaysia and it is about equal treatment.

I am apt to say that the original New Economic Policy or concerns of the malays, as enshrined in the constitution, has been twisted, perverted and abused by scallywags within the Umno wagon.

No wonder that prospective foreign investor stated, "Invest anywhere in Southeast Asia but not Malaysia!" When I wanted to start a business, the first thing they ask is about a malay partner.

Obviously, the sick value systems perpetrated by Mahathir is so widespread that daylight robbery and corruption is perfectly okay and are normal, everyday values.

End the NEP. Let us get back to being a normal country where every Malaysian is equal.

Anonymous said...

I think most of us Malaysians know the country is rotting to its core for the last few decades. It only takes a Michael Backman to confirm it.

Such a pity this country could have been a 1st world country like Singapore but had to be misgoverned by a bunch of crooks using misguided policies for their own ends.

It looks like the country hasn't reach rock bottom yet and it is going to get a lot worse before it get any better.

Local companies are moving away, rich peoples are moving their money elsewhere and the country's top brains are simply draining away. Our leaders are still happily plundering the country's wealth regardless of everything else.

Our future is bleak, very bleak indeed.

Anonymous said...

This vicious, coward and corrupted Malaysia government is so afraid of ordinary people, especially the working class, expressing their discontent through peaceful protests - a democratic right.

The main ruling party, Umno elites, capitalist leaders who falsely profess themselves to be devoted Muslims have indeed hijacked the religion.

Almost my whole life, I defended such ideological racial-religious supremacies out of a false sense of patriotism and loyalty. This is why we need to learn, educate ourselves and think critically throughout our lives in order to be a true human being.

Furthermore, to fight against the real enemy - the greedy and corrupted criminals from the ruling elites and capitalist classes, be it from Umno, MIC, MCA and so on - although the Umno leaders are the most and main deceitful culprits.

Opposition parties globally also need to be heading towards this, especially against the extremely vicious and corrupted Third World ruling elites, governments and capitalist classes.

Anonymous said...

Lying, incompetent, hypocrite, faking, denial, crook, corrupt, unjust, stupid, pretending, all these words are apt to describe them Umno.

How on earth Malaysia could sink low low low!

Anonymous said...

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