31 December 2007

Anwar Ibrahim in Kedah......

these pictures speaks for itself......

in Payar Besar,Lunas

in Sungai Petani

in Lunas

in Kota Sarang Semut

On another note,the gomen is making a big fuss over events thats happening in Pakistan. At least the gomen of Pakistan practises free election,allows campaign and public rallies. They also announced the election date well ahead and not like our sleepy Pat Lah who is still blur on when its going to happen.



Anonymous said...

Hi! the pictures are great.Please allow me to use them in my article.Thanking you in advance.

Unknown said...

If this is an indication, then they must be shrinking. Well, I am sure Pak Lah has called Rashid up and discussed this. Get ready for more new ICs, more movement of voters and of course more missing names, not to mention batik factories working overtime.