01 August 2007

Bloggers war - how 'adil' is our PDRM.....

A couple of weeks ago,PKR webmaster and blogger Nathaniel Tan was detained for four days over postings in his blog which were said to have breached the Official Secrets Act.

Last week Umno information chief Muhammad Muhamad Taib filed a police report against Malaysia Today's webmaster,Raja Petra, for publishing remarks that were insulting to the King and Islam. As a result, Raja Petra was questioned by the police for eight hours.

Yesterday, Ronnie Liu filed a police report at Damansara Utama police station over seditious comments posted on the Prime Minister’s official website. The posting in question,titled, 'Bersatulah Kaum Cina' was written in Bahasa Malaysia by someone under the pseudonym "Dr Ng Seng" about 20 months ago. However the said posting was removed yesterday.The posting claimed that the Chinese were conspiring to weaken the Malays politically and economically.

On Sunday,back after his holidays,Pat Lah had told everyone that they should be watching their own blogs. He had issued such a strong warning against bloggers. He told bloggers that "even if you didn’t write it, it’s still your responsibility.”

The question now,is Pat Lah liable for the seditious article that was posted on his official website? Bernama,reported that Pat Lah's son-in-law, Khairy,as saying," There are no laws in the cyberworld except for the law of the jungle. As such, action must be taken so that the MONKEYS behave",while Zam mamak,the Information Minister called bloggers as "Goblok" and these terms used also includes Pat Lah too,I supposed.

Will the police hauled Pat Lah, just like they did to Nathaniel Tan and Raja Petra?

Let's wait and see whether the police is fair as they claim to be or practice double standard when the gomen is involved.


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