04 December 2023

A massive PAS win in Kemaman jolts Bersatu...

Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar (above) won the Kemaman by-elections with a massive 37,000 vote margin and for some, this is not good news for the party of former prime minister (PM) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and his party Bersatu who are partners of the PAS in the Perikatan Nasional (PN).

Ahmad Samsuri got 64,968 votes to defeat the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Brig Gen (B) Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor who only got 27,839 votes. Some PAS supporters are already saying the MB won more votes than PM Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Jokingly, they are suggesting that the PM should be someone who has won by a bigger margin.

Analysts and online commentators suggest that given PAS’s endorsement of Ahmad Samsuri as the next premier or PM11 candidate, backed by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he should assume the position of the new leader of the opposition in Parliament.

Currently, it is Larut MP Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin who is the opposition leader but his party is seeing the defection of some of its MP which is weakening Bersatu’s influence in the PN. While everyone is waiting for a Cabinet reshuffle to be announced by Anwar, it is the opposition benches in Parliament that are getting shuffled.

Five members of the Bersatu have left the opposition benches and some of them are already sitting as independents in Parliament. They promise there are more to come. On the other hand, if the PAS wants to challenge Anwar for the post of PM, Ahmad Samsuri should play a bigger role in Parliament and not sit as a backbencher while Hamza gets grilled by the government backbenchers and ministers.

In an editorial piece, Harapan Daily portal wrote that with Dr Mahathir’s endorsement of Ahmad Samsuri as the next PM candidate, Bersatu is entering the eclipse phase. The portal says Muhyiddin was also not present when Dr Mahathir announced who should be the next PM if the opposition were to grab power.

“This also means that Bersatu, or more precisely, Muhyiddin cannot dream of his address in Seri Perdana. This by-election has made Bersatu irrelevant in the opposition alliance – Perikatan Nasional,” says the editorialist.

There are indeed many questions that are raised about the strategy adopted by the PAS in the Kemaman elections. It put into question the role and use of Muhyiddin who is leading the PN with a smaller number of MPs now.

With the PAS firmly sitting as the backbone of the PN coalition, will it leave the most important parliamentary role in the hands of a waning Bersatu? It is the role of the opposition leader in Parliament that reflects whether the opposition is ready to become a worthy alternative to the ruling government. So what is the point of Hamzah being the leader of the Opposition when the support and backbone of the PN is PAS and the Bersatu is losing to Anwar? – focusM

Majoriti ada tapi 
tak cukooop jumeloooh…

Ada walaun kata Samsuri lebih layak jadi PM sebab menang PRK Kemaman dengan majoriti yang lebih besar dari DS Anwar di Tambun ke? Walaun tak habis buat lawak antarabangsa, kan? Majoriti dalam undi tu cuma untuk menang pilihanraya je. 

Untuk jadi PM, menang dengan berapa majoriti undi tak dikira. Yang dikira, berapa MP yang sokong. Kalau menang majoriti satu undi pun, tapi dapat sokongan majoriti ahli parlimen, maka layaklah jadi PM.

Samsuri kalau dapat 100% undi pun, maknanya lawan dia tak dapat satu undi langsung sekali pun, tapi dia tak dapat sokongan majoriti ahli parlimen, tak chukop jumeloh, tetap tak boleh jadi PM. Lagi pun kita bukan perlu PM yang popular je. Kita nak PM yang berani. Tengok DS Anwar, walaupun asalnya Permatang Pauh, beliau berani bertanding di PD dan Tambun. Tempat asing baginya.

Samsuri berani ke? Cuba suruh Samsuri bertanding di Penang. Atau JB la. Tengok berani tak. Lagipun lawan Samsuri bukan pemimpin utama UMNO. DS Anwar pula lawan Timbalan Presiden Bersatu. Untuk PRU akan datang, kita cabar Samsuri lawan YB Rafizi di Pandan. Ada berani ke? Ini sembang lebat tapi nak keluar dari tempurung pun tak berani. Lepas tu ada hati nak menganjing.

Lebih dari itu, sekarang dah penggal kedua Samsuri jadi MB Terengganu. Apa kejayaan yang Samsuri dah bawa? Penggal sebelum ini, kerajaan negeri dan pusat dari sama parti. Sepatutnya tak ada alasan negeri tak boleh maju. Tapi maju ke? 

Ikut logik PAS,lagi tinggi majoriti, 
lagi layak jadi PM...

DS Anwar baru setahun jadi PM. Berderet pencapaian DS Anwar. Dari segi ekonomi, FDI, inflasi, keterjaminan makanan dan banyak lagi. Ikutkan, Samsuri tu nak jadi SU Politik PM pun tak layak. Tak payah banding dengan DS Anwar la. Bandingkan dengan Amirudin Shari, MB Selangor. Tempoh mereka berdua jadi MB sama. Tengok apa yang MB Amir dah capai berbanding Samsuri.

Walaun kena hentikan bermimpi ambil alih kerajaan. Benda tu takkan berlaku. Tunggu je la PRU16 nanti. Untuk masa ni, gesa pemimpin korang untuk majukan negeri yang dorang tadbir dulu. Buatkan kami yang luar dari 4 negeri walaun ni kagum dengan kejayaan pemimpin korang, baru boleh cerita nak memerintah negara. - Raja Gelap II 

Sanusi has crossed the line in desecrating a religion & humiliating a human being...

The PAS strongman and Chief Minister of Kedah, Sanusi, has done it again.In a single statement meant perhaps to make fun of the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, Sanusi let loose his lidah celupar or filthy tongue in describing Tiong as “Eh muka dia kalau saya ajuk, jadi macam tokong hat kepala botak tu, Hat perut buncit tu”.

In a single mouthful or arrogant and distasteful words, Sanusi has, in my opinion, crossed the line of our Rukunegara in desecrating a religion of our people and has dishonoured a race and a person of that same race, the Chinese. Both the Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan and the Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan principles have been totally disregarded by this poor choice of a wakil rakyat.

If there ever is a person that should be put in prison and the keys left in a longkang, this is the man. In retorting this disgusting statement, Tiong had only thrown a biadab statement to Sanusi as a person, but not to his race nor his religion, by saying that he, Sanusi, must have water in his brain.

For MPs to be calling names of each other, both of them should be ashamed and reprimanded by the YDP Agong and be reminded of their professionalism and mutual respect for one another as human beings. But Sanusi upped the ante in desecrating a religion many understood perhaps in reference to the Buddha statue.

If Sanusi were to say such thing as Tiong’s “perut buncit macam ikan kembong”, that might be considered an unprofessional and immoral conduct unbecoming not only as a Malaysian, but as a Malay, a Muslim and an elected official of a very high office.

The reference to the word “tokong” in Malay mostly denotes any Chinese or Indian shrine in the manner of resembling an animate object. As an “orang utara” myself, being born in Kepala Batas and schooled at St. Marks Butterworth, I am extremely clear on Sanusi’s intentions and intended targets. The tokong is usually referred to the statue deities of the Chinese people, and if it were Hindu shrines, northerners would refer to them as “patung Hindu”.

Furthermore, the words “buncit” and “botak” can be construed as a rude and crass description of a person. If one were kinder, one would have said “perut dia besar” and “kepalanya tak berambut”. And if you don’t like someone, you would just say “kepala botak” and “perut buncit”.

It is extremely clear to me, as an academic, a Malay, a Malaysian and a northerner, that Sanusi was being extremely rude to a person who has a high office. He has also made it clear of his disregard for other people’s religion in destroying a Hindu shrine and now a rude reference to a religious deity. Because the tokong is worshiped by mainly one particular group of Malaysians, Sanusi is guilty of dishonouring that race, the Chinese.

The Malays may like what he says and he is certainly popular for it. But as a Malay, I am ashamed that he has dishonoured my race who is known for “Kesopanan dan Kesantunan”. Muslims also seem to wrongfully adore him, and that is why PAS has won so many seats. But as a Muslim, I must tell Malaysians that this perangai of Sanusi and all those Muslims who adore him, has no place at all in the religion of Islam as practised by the Prophet Muhammad.

Sanusi’s Islam can be said to be a reflection of many religious preachers whom I have heard throughout my life as desecrators of other faiths. It seems the teaching of Islam by Malay teachers encourages making fun of and desecrating other fellow citizens’ faiths and beliefs. I hope JAKIM and all the religious departments clarify this issue of desecrating a tokong by words or deed as not being part of Islam.

Only the Friday sermon can deal a blow to this disgusting creature unfit to be a Malaysian or even a Muslim, much less a Malay. I If I had any power, I would rescind Sanusi’s citizenship at post haste and send him packing to whatever country that might want to accept him.

Sanusi’s actions and words, if not met with swift reprisals or a sorrowful apology to the religion that he desecrated, to the race that he dishonoured and to the man he humiliated, will encourage more disrespect between races, and religions and that would spell the end of our nation called Malaysia. The line of decency, morality and honour must be drawn right here, no further. - Prof. Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

These angels are gone,because there is a Zionist,a toxic 
ideology that says Palestinians are sub-humans...


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