10 October 2008

Malaysia still needs a change of gomen.............

Anwar Ibrahim emphatically reiterated his stand that there must be a change of government for Malaysia to progress. He noted that a change of leadership in Umno would have no effect. "The problem is the system," he told reporters at the lobby of the Jalan Duta court complex when commenting on yesterday's Barisan Nasional supreme council meeting in which Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced his decision not to defend his presidency in the upcoming Umno elections.

It has been the norm for the leader of Umno to hold the position of prime minister. Abdullah's decision not to contest means he will be stepping down also as prime minister, paving the way for the next elected president to take over if BN remains in power. Abdullah pledged to complete his promised reforms before leaving office next March. Anwar was sceptical, however, of the outgoing prime minister, and expressed doubts that he would be able to fulfil in the next five months what he failed to do in the past five years.

"Are we expected to believe that he can?" he asked. "If he does, well and good; good for him and good for the country," he quipped.

Asked if he thought Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is tipped to take over the reins, would be able to effect positive change in the government's policies on issues such as the independence of the judiciary and economic management, he answered in the negative.

"With Najib... the answer is categorically no," he emphasised. "Change must happen. A change in the leadership of the BN will have no effect," he added. Anwar was in court today for a hearing on the Sodomy II charge.

source: The Malaysian Insider


Meanwhile the court hearing of Anwar's case was adjourned to Oct 31 to accommodate Anwar’s presence in Parliament when it reconvenes on Monday. Read here.

The in-coming PM Najib Tun Razak today called on the people to reject any form of unruly behaviour towards the country’s leaders.Najib said the gomen did not want such behaviour to become a norm because it could undermine unity and security of the country.

Hellooooo.....Mr. Najib the PM 'to be'...... do you condone these behaviour................

or this.........

or this

The race for UMNO's no 2 position is getting overcrowded now. Today the "I No Speak Ingglish" guy too has entered the race, saying "I am offering myself for the party because the position is vacant," Well, probably he thinks he can make more dough being in that position.

Muhyiddin should go for broke and challenge Najib for the top post. While Ku Li should not waste his time thinking how to garner 60 nominations but instead team up with Pakatan Rakyat to form the next gomen...............



Anonymous said...

UMNO buat boleh tapi orang lain buat tak boleh!!!

Malaysia boleh tanah air UMNO!!

Anonymous said...

Dulu masa Anwar dalam UMNO takda apa2 ke yang dia buat untuk nak ubah? Semua dulu boleh je sebab ada kuasa? Sekarang dah separuh merempat, baru nak bising? Dia yang terbaik boleh ubah semua ni? lAgi huru hara ada la kot.