30 October 2008

An emergency motion on mega projects from Anwar.....

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has filed an emergency motion in Parliament today seeking a royal commission to probe into three controversial projects.

The three projects are the RM11.31bil high speed broadband project, the RM4.26bil purchase of the Bank Internasional Indonesia by Maybank and the RM1.7bil procurement of 12 units of the Eurocopter Cougar EC 725 helicopters.

Dewan Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia will decide tomorrow if the emergency motion will be accepted and debated in the House.

In his motion, Anwar said that Najib, as the finance minister, had approved the broadband project in haste and at a high cost on Sept 16.

Similarly he added that Najib had on Sept 30 approved the purchase of Bank International Indonesia through Maybank, adding that it was a waste of the nation's funds as the shares were over-priced. And he claimed that the helicopter deal - which the government has now put off - was made in a dubious manner.

"Although the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had on Oct 28 announced that the government had decided to postpone the purchase, it had not removed people's doubt over the earlier decision to purchase the Eurocopter helicopters," he said in the motion.




Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia postponed to Monday his decision on the emergency motion by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim to form a royal commission to probe three controversial 'mega projects'.

Pandikar said today the motion was received by the speaker’s office via fax only after 10am yesterday and therefore did not fulfill the Parliamentary Standing Order 18 (1) which requires the motion to be filed 24 hours before being tabled.

Well they will give all kind of excuses to deny any opposition's motion.............

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