21 April 2021

Katak nak lompat dari Seberang Jaya ke Shah Alam...

 Kemana saja pengkianat pergi 
perangai pengkianat tetap takkan berubah...

Din punyalah terdesak sampai Mesjid pun disaman...

Sehari dua ini, saya berasa teramat sedih...

Dulu mereka kecam Dato' Lee Chong Wei kerana menderma laptop kepada anak-anak orang susah melalui program anjuran pejabat saya, sekarang ada yang nak heret isu kaum dan agama dalam soal kebajikan. Mengapa mereka bersungguh-sungguh nak pecah-belahkan rakyat Malaysia? Mengapa perlu api-apikan sentimen kaum dan agama? Rakyat sudah cukup susah, cukup merana kerana Covid. Ramai yang hilang kerja, gaji kena potong, bisnes gulung tikar. Orang politik yang sudah ada kuasa, mengapa masih mahu membakar negara dengan isu kaum dan agama? 

Saya seorang wakil rakyat, tugas saya untuk membantu rakyat susah di kawasan saya tanpa mengira kaum dan agama. Kadang kala, orang susah luar kawasan datang, saya tak sampai hati nak tolak, saya bantu juga sedaya upaya setakat yang mampu. Saya bantu bukan kerana saya hebat atau kaya - ramai lagi yang jauh lebih hebat dan pandai daripada saya. Jauh sekali keluarga saya boleh dianggap sebagai kaya. Tapi semua ini saya buat demi menunaikan amanah berat yang telah diberi. 

Ada yang kata saya hanya bantu Cina, ada pula yang kata saya hanya bantu Melayu. Sungguh sedih mengapa masih ada pandangan begini. Orang yang saya bantu, ada Cina, Melayu, India, bahkan kawan-kawan di Sabah Sarawak sana. Saya tak dapat post semua aktiviti bantuan di sini, tapi saya tak pernah tanya orang yang dibantu itu kaum apa, agama apa, parti politik apa. 

Ada yang kata saya ada agenda agama. Mengapa perlu libatkan agama saya? Bagiku agamaku, bagimu, agamamu. Harapan saya ialah, yang Islam jadi Muslim yang lebih baik, yang Kristian jadi Kristian yang lebih baik, yang Buddha jadi Buddha yang lebih baik, yang Hindu jadi Hindu yang lebih baik, kita semua jadi manusia yang lebih baik, nescaya Malaysiaku aman sentosa. 

Walaupun saya amat terkesan dengan fitnah dan cemuhan yang dilontarkan, saya tidak akan berhenti berkhidmat. Saya tetap akan bantu semua tak kira kaum dan agama. Ini ikrar saya dulu semasa dipilih sebagai wakil rakyat. Kalau saya gagal, saya tidak berani berdepan rakyat nanti. Lagi menggerunkan, kalau saya gagal, saya akan terkelu di depan Tuhan yang akan menyoal segala perilaku atas amanah yang dipertanggungjawabkan. 

Memanah bintang di malam gelita,
Sebutir terjatuh menjadi batu,
Amanah ku tatang dengan air mata,
Khuatir membela diri di Hari Itu. - Steven Sim Chee Keong,MP DAP Bukit Mertajam

Sim saddened his welfare work 
turned into racial and religious issue...

Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim expressed sadness that his welfare work had been turned into a racial and religious issue.

This was after Universiti Utara Malaysia senior lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff listed Sim's (above) various charitable work and warned Muslims to be cautious about accepting help from "Christian evangelists".

"As an MP, my duty is to help people in my constituency who need assistance, regardless of race and religion. Sometimes, if people from outside my constituency seek help, I also do my best to help as I do not have the heart to turn them away.

"I have never asked what is their race, religion or political party. Some people say I have a religious agenda. Why involve my religion? For me, my religion is mine, your religion is yours.

"My hope is that a Muslim will be a good Muslim, a Christian will be a good Christian, a Buddhist will be a good Buddhist, a Hindu will be a good Hindu. Malaysia will be a peaceful country if we all strive to be good human beings," Sim said on Facebook.

Sim questioned why some were out to split Malaysians by fanning racial and religious sentiments. He said the people were already suffering enough due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Why burn the country by playing up race and religion?" he asked, adding that he was deeply affected by the accusations against him.

"But I will not stop serving. I will continue to help everyone regardless of race and religion. This was my pledge when I was elected as an MP," he said.

Kamarul had previously targeted other DAP leaders for their faith.

In 2017, he lodged a police report against Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh, accusing her of proselytisation, for talking about her religion in her biography. - mk

Why doesn't Kamarul Zaman Yusoff help the people instead of giving criticism. Most people in unfortunate circumstances would appreciate help from any generous party instead of being told to be partial to any one group or religion. - Anon 2

When Ebit Lew helps non-Muslim, he is a hero... when Sim helps Malays, he is an evangelist.... apa lah punya logic..The truth may be the other way round.., Ebit is known to have converted an entire village in Sabah.. - WhiteDove9449

Ebit liew okay je tolong kaum melayu cina india tak kira agama, takde pulak org christian or budha ckp suruh jaga-jaga takut nk sebarkan agama. pelik la melayu camni - PinkGuppy8000

Where are you went this poor rakyats need help n support now you are jealous of what other people did. - Simon Tsen K F

If your enemy find faults on you or criticize you meaning that you are in the right path. Just follow what Quran and Hadith says. ignore the critics. - Tan Sri Dato Dr. Hj Mujeebudeen

Just a few days ago, a secondary school headmaster segregated sports by race. Today this senior lecturer of a public university calls out helping a desperate family thrown out on the streets with their belongings as christian evangelism. Is this what their religion taught them to be true Muslims. These are educationists supposedly teaching virtues to young minds. How many more of such educators are out there. Unfortunately we do not see much protest, if any, from their own people. Using this logic, then the government should segregate taxes paid according to muslims and non-muslims and only use it for helping people of that faith. This is what Kamarul is saying in essence. - Dr.Raman Letchumanan

Sim, just continue your good deeds...ignore this SICKMAN , he is trying to get our beloved country torn apart. Wonder , how can he still lecture in his University??? - Makchik Kiar

3-time election loser as deputy minister? 
An insult to voters...

When a person loses his deposit in three state and parliamentary elections but ends up being appointed as a deputy minister, we can safely assume that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark” so to speak. I hope readers will not construe this as a personal attack: the whole process of Guan Dee Koh Hoi’s appointment has nothing to do with him or his character, but shows how low government leaders continue to stoop so that they stay in power.

Guan Dee, who is secretary-general of Sabah’s Party Solidariti Tanah Airku (STAR), was appointed as deputy minister for tourism, arts and culture on April 16 after being appointed a senator. He stood for election to the Sabah state assembly in 2004 and 2008, and for a parliamentary seat in 2013. Each time, he contested under a different party ticket. Each time he fared miserably. His last outing in 2013 was the most pathetic: he obtained a mere 409 votes or 1.6% of the total votes cast in the parliamentary constituency of Beaufort in Sabah.

One can’t be wrong to assume that such candidates have been totally rejected by the people, whose votes are a strong signal that they don’t want this kind of politician to make laws that run our lives. By bringing politicians into the government through the “backdoor” via the senate, the politicians of the ruling Perikatan Nasional don’t seem to care how desperate they appear to be.

Guan Dee’s party STAR, led by Jeffrey Kitingan, holds six key seats in the Sabah assembly – if the party pulls out of the PN-led Gabungan Rakyat Sabah coalition, the Sabah government could collapse.

Muhyiddin Yassin’s coalition is in such a fragile position at the federal and state levels that it seemingly accepts without question anyone nominated by component parties to hold office, just not to rock the boat. Such desperation is damaging and probably that is why we have such a weak government, and lack of talent.

It is ironic that the PN-led government has been described by some critics, including Umno leaders, as a failed government when it appears that it is Umno that is keeping the coalition in power. - K. Parkaran,fmt


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