04 March 2024

Wan Saiful's propaganda game...

Why didn’t Wan Saiful report 
alleged threats and offers?...

Wan Saiful Wan Jan, the Perikatan Nasional MP for Tasek Gelugor dropped a bombshell in the Dewan Rakyat on Feb 28, when he alleged that he had been offered RM1.7 million to be spent on his constituency. The money was allegedly to be given in exchange for his support for the prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

His remarks caused an uproar with various MPs jumping to their feet questioning the veracity of his remarks. Wan Saiful claimed to have received a phone call in which he was threatened and warned that he had to express support for the prime minister. Due to the nature of the threat received, he said he agreed to meet, followed up by many other meetings, all at hotels across Kuala Lumpur.

The first was on Jan 17 at the Westin Hotel, followed by another at the JW Marriot Hotel, with one also scheduled for the end of February at the Corus Hotel. He claimed that one of those he met was a friend, whom he refused to name. However, the other men who approached him had used fake names which they appeared to forget, or got wrong, when addressing one another.

There are many disturbing aspects to these allegations. Bribery is a serious crime. Why didn’t Wan Saiful lodge a report with the police or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission? At the very least, there could have been a sting operation to catch the perpetrators red-handed.

However, it appears more likely he does not have evidence to back his allegations, and only wanted to make the government look bad, by deciding to tell his little secret in the Dewan Rakyat, where he knows he has immunity as an MP and need not provide any evidence or details. Had he made this revelation outside Parliament, that someone had offered him money to support the prime minister, he may have found a charge of defamation lodged against him.

Who else would want to offer him money to support Anwar, but someone from the PKR president’s camp? Others may also argue, that perhaps it could have been a third party which wanted to make Anwar look bad, If he had evidence of an attempt at bribery, he needs to report it and have his claims challenged in court. Perhaps, the real purpose of this expose was to sow the seeds of uncertainty and confusion among the supporters of the unity government.

The other disturbing aspect of Wan Saiful’s behaviour is how he casually revealed that he “had no choice but to entertain the meet-ups because they have the power” and that if he did not accede to their request, “something unexpected beyond (his) control might happen.” In claiming he fears for his safety, he seems to be making out that the people are probably thugs.

Propaganda game...

Wan Saiful is only playing a propaganda game. When censured by the Speaker and asked to retract the remarks, Wan Saiful easily complied. This was not a sign of compliance or humility on his part. Wan Saiful willingly withdrew his allegations because he knew that the damage had already been done. It would be widely reported that the bribe had been offered in exchange for his support for the PM. This was the message he wanted to come out of Parliament.

However, it is puzzling why the Speaker did not come down hard on him. Wan Saiful had made a personal attack and he’d done so without substance or evidence. It is about time those who made personal attacks are punished so that they can be made an example. This may deter other recalcitrant MPs from repeating wild unsubstantiated claims in Parliament.

Wan Saiful should have been suspended from the Dewan Rakyat for six months and his allowance for that period withdrawn. The other puzzle is the offer of a mere RM1.7 million for Wan Saiful’s constituency area. It seems a pittance and doesn’t make sense. In the five years before the next election, he would receive only RM340,000 per year to spend on his constituency. It does not seem a huge amount although to be fair, any extra money to be spent on his constituency will come in handy.

When the MP for Jelutong, Pakatan Harapan’s RSN Rayer, urged Wan Saiful to lodge a report with the MACC, he said that he had all the records and warned Rayer not to test him or he would reveal the people, one by one. At this point, either Rayer or the Speaker should have called his bluff. The MPs were in the midst of the debate on the royal address when Wan Saiful dropped his expose.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, in opening Parliament, had advised MPs to behave and have a code of conduct and some decency. Was Wan Saiful disrespectful of the Agong’s express wish for MPs to behave? The Agong had also stated his desire for the nation to have political stability but the seeds of confusion sowed by Wan Saiful does have the potential to cause the rakyat to lose confidence in the government. When the ringgit is struggling, and our economy could do with a boost, it appears that the PN politicians just want to play politics. - Mariam Mokhtar 

What is SST?

SST refers to Sales and Service Tax. The sales tax is only levied on the level of the producer or manufacturer, while the service tax is imposed on all customers who use tax services. The SST rates are less transparent than the standard 6% GST, the SST rates vary between 6 and 10%.

What is GST?

GST is a multi-level tax system for most businesses and industries, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. GST covers a wide range of targets, from manufacturers selling products to dealers, reselling them to retailers, and then reselling them to consumers at every stage.GST comprises all businesses, retailers and trades. The sales tax covers only manufacturers whereas the service tax covers certain prescribed services such as professional services. The suppliers are allowed to claim back the government’s GST, but the government does not immediately refund the GST claims, which creates problems for the cash flow of the companies.

While SST is a single tax system, only the service industry and manufacturers need to pay SST when selling products to dealers. SST has only one phase to pay taxes, compared with every phase of GST.

Demi nak tunjuk SST menyusahkan rakyat, ada yang senaraikan perkhidmatan yang dikenakan SST. Contohnya tiket kapal terbang, repair telefon bimbit dan lain-lain lain.Macam aku tulis sebelum ni, memanglah akan ada pertambahan belanja. Kalau tak ada, bukanlah kenaikan cukai namanya. Ceritanya sekarang, impak minimum pada rakyat.Tiket kapal terbang, perbaiki telefon, servis kereta, semua buat tiap2 hari ke? Yang penting, perkara yang diperlukan setiap hari tu tak naik. Kalau naik tapi setahun sekali, kesannya minimum.

Yang naik kapal terbang tiap hari tu cuma golongan kayangan. Sibuk nak bela kayangan ni dah kenapa? Dapat elaun ke?Nak bandingkan, masa GST dulu, makan kat mamak pun kena. Sekarang perkhidmatan F&B tak naik. Takkan rendah sangat IQ tu sampai perkara macam tu pun nak kena beritahu?Sebenarnya aku malas dah nak ulas pasal SST ni. Sebab semua komen berbentuk presumptive. Tak nampak lagi kesan sebenar. Memang ada yang cerita barang naik tapi tak logik.

Bayangkan, naik SST tu cuma 2%. Tiba-tiba harga barang naik dekat 100%. Mintak resit tak mau beri pulak tu. Bukti tak ada bermakna menipu. Boleh jadi fitnah kalau begitu. Eh logik la sikit. Bagi la bukti. Tapi ada juga yang percaya. Siap tag aku suruh baca. Aku dah baca tapi tak ulas sebab bagi aku adalah terlalu bodoh kalau percaya cerita dia. 

Biar je walau meroyan. Lepas sebulan, keadaan akan tenang sebab orang baru perasan cerita yang tersebar tu lebih kepada nak cipta sentimen. Bukan cerita sebenar pun. Lebih baik highlight kerajaan turunkan defisit serta kurangkan pertumbuhan hutang. Ia tak pernah dibuat oleh mana2 PM termasuklah Mahathir, selepas DS Anwar dipecat. 

Walaun2 marah bila Jackpot kena SST 8% kot,sabarlah 
walaun,tak sampai seposen takkan itu pun nak berkira...

Kita tak usah layan royanan walaun dan walajib soal SST ni. Untuk layan kanak-kanak, kena turunkan IQ setaraf kanak-kanak. Begitu juga melayan orang bodoh dan orang gila.Biarkan walau terus meroyan. IQ kita tak serendah mereka. Baik tumpukan soal Hadi dan pemimpin PAS yang lain menderhaka kepada Sultan. Itu lebih bermakna. - Raja Gelap II 

15 babies have died at Kamal Adwan Hospital 
due to the lack of food, fuel and medicine.

Two baby twins from Rafah targeted 
and killed by the Israeli occupation.

One child killed and multiple injured in an Israeli airstrike 
on the Abu-Ghali family home in Bina refugee camp, Rafah

2 brothers Amr and Muhammad Al Farra were tragically murdered by an Israeli sniper as they 
were inspecting their home in Khan-Younis.They were left to bleed out with nobody able to help 
them until they died.


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