22 July 2011

Yes, you were perfect, PDRM....

At least, they are consistent, the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia, that is. They acted with supreme arrogance in the days leading up to the Bersih 2.0 rally, cooking up theories of the resurgence of communism and arresting taxpayers for wearing yellow apparel.

And now they are acting with even more arrogance by absolving themselves of blame for brutality on July 9. A law unto themselves, it seems.

In the run up to the rally, top cop Tan Sri Ismail Omar and his no 2 Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar spoke and behaved with aggression, most of the times even forgetting that they are accountable to the rakyat, not to Umno or Barisan Nasional.

The PDRM upped the ante by taking out a court order which barred 91 individuals from the city centre. Mind you, the individuals in question are men and women who have a higher moral standing than most police officers.

They then locked down the Kuala Lumpur city centre and brought out so many police personnel that it made nonsense of the talk that the crime situation had broken down because of lack of police personnel.

They treated the Bersih people as criminal elements and used tear gas, batons and chemically-laced water liberally. They arrested nearly 1,700 Malaysians!

Now let’s fast forward to the post-Bersih rally. The police were shown up in a bunch of videos which have been uploaded on YouTube. The PDRM were slammed inside and outside the country.

So now it is time for the whitewash and rewriting history. Strange but this is what police forces in communist regimes do: whitewashing and giving their own narrative of history in the face of overwhelming evidence.

In true fashion of the Soviet regime, the PDRM investigated themselves. Six committees made up of cops said that the police on July 9 acted with restraint and were provoked! Sounds like the usual justification the cops give after gunning down “criminals”. They fired at us first and then we returned fire and all of them were gunned down.

The astounding thing about the so-called probe is that none of the main players from Bersih 2.0, the Bar Council or Opposition politicians were called. The cops probably had a morning session with some kuih muih and coffee and decided to “sketch what really happened”.

Like the government of the day, the PDRM believes that Malaysians are dumb. Like the government, they believe that we will swallow all the rubbish because they are in a position of authority.

Yes, PDRM you were blameless for July 9. You were blameless for locking up six people using a security law You were blameless for treating middle Malaysia as rogues. You were blameless for firing a tear gas canister and smashing the cheek bone of Anwar Ibrahim’s bodyguard.

source:malaysian insider

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