07 May 2021

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The IGP and the ‘unintelligent’ Minister...

 I have a feeling that Abdul Hamid Bador would have agreed to continue for another few months as inspector-general of police (IGP) till the emergency is over in August had he been asked to. The policeman in him will compel him to do so; just as he had confided in his farewell address last Monday that “I look happy to retire but my heart is anxious for the police force”.

However, I do not think that another four months for Hamid as the IGP will make much difference or see any significant changes for PDRM (Polis DiRaja Malaysia). On the contrary, it could turn out to be disastrous for the police force if the top brass are unable to get along. Let’s face it. There is too much bad blood between Hamid and his political boss, Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin. It is now public knowledge. There is nothing to hide.

On April 30, Hamid was not even informed by the minister that a new IGP has been picked to take over from him beginning May 4. Well, Hamzah showed who’s the boss here. (So, don’t play-play with me.) Why, both men would even prefer to avoid each other. Any wonder why Hamzah did not turn up for the handing-over ceremony to the new IGP Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani last Monday.

Now, we know how childish a minister can behave for all to see. Sending a deputy to cover for him was to save Hamzah the blushes and some awkward moments in the presence of Hamid. The minister can flush his lame excuses for his absence down the toilet! Oh yes, there are some ministers who are unintelligent, as Hamid has aptly called out recently. He was being polite and professional by carefully choosing the adjective, “unintelligent”.

Still, that does not hide the fact that some ministers are actually dumb, pea-brained, crass, dull-witted and stupid. That is coming from me straight up as always, not from Hamid. The statement from the Home Ministry yesterday that it would continue to see that PDRM function professionally and efficiently was not such an “intelligent” response, particularly coming on the heels of the mountain of brickbats it has just been laden with.

To me, this past week has to be “IGP Hamid Bador Week”. I have always found PDRM and police work a fascinating subject, possibly due to my close working relationship with many police officers in years gone by. This week has the most public-grabbing police stories for a long while. I have written three articles, including in a Sarawak daily, on the police controversies this week alone.

I expect things will continue to heat up in Bukit Aman as Hamid has vouched to keep PDRM close to his heart. I take that to mean he would continue to speak up. In passing, I have also noted with interest Hamid’s statement that he was very worried about smuggling, online gambling, and immoral activities in Sarawak. I have attempted to contact Hamid with the hope to learn more about what he had uncovered and what could be done to resolve the issues. I do hope to meet Hamid in due course to discuss Sarawak affairs, particularly those pertaining to corrupt practices within the force.

Hamid’s explosive revelations are very serious as it involves political interference in police work. His direct claim that Hamzah wanted to use the Special Branch for political purposes warrants nothing short of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to probe the case. This has to be acted upon as a matter of urgency since the matter was raised by the top cop himself. PDRM, as the nation’s key security agency, cannot be abused by ministers to fulfil certain political agendas.

Hamzah’s interference has also seen the National Patriots Association (Patriot) demanding that Hamzah be sacked from the cabinet. The veterans described Hamzah’s actions as insulting, insolent, and disregarding the statutory functions of the police force.

Earlier, I’ve commented that it is better for Hamid to retire as IGP now rather than four months later because this acrimonious Hamid-Hamzah relationship will not be healthy in Bukit Aman. This is a case of a popular police chief unprepared to pander to his unpopular political boss of a very unpopular government. Because political bosses, and not civil servants, always have the upper hand, a prolonged clash at the top of PDRM will benefit no one.

Hence, I believe it is best for Hamid to leave now but his continuous efforts from outside to improve the police force would be welcomed and his views, being the former IGP, would be valued and respected. And there is one thing Hamid can rest assured. I doubt anyone will describe him as the “unintelligent” former IGP. - Francis Paul Siah

Muhyiddin govt made changes within 
24 hours in yet another half-baked MCO 3.0...

As predicted, the backdoor government of Muhyiddin has announced yet another half-baked lockdown – MCO 3.0. While people did not expect much from the clueless regime, they were flabbergasted at the deteriorating competency of the ministers involved. Even primary school students could do a better job than the bloated Cabinet of 72 ministers and deputy ministers.

One would expect that after two versions of MCO and dozens of EMCO, Semi-EMCO, CMCO, RMCO and whatnot, a government, regardless of its level of incompetency, would not have screwed up again so royally. The MCO 1.0 was a nationwide lockdown, while the MCO 2.0 was confined to only 5 states – Penang, Selangor, Melaka, Johor, Sabah and Federal Territories.
But the latest MCO 3.0, announced yesterday, only involved six out of nine districts in the state of Selangor. Exactly why can’t the highly-paid ministers handle the movement control order of just 6 districts efficiently? And why weren’t the top-3 states with highest Covid-19 new cases as of yesterday (4 May) – Selangor (675 cases), Sarawak (620) and Kuala Lumpur (408) – locked down?

Of course, the trick is simple – declares a lockdown under the pretext of fighting Covid-19. But don’t implement a strict lockdown under the pretext of saving the economy. And when the lockdown fails, which was already anticipated, then declares yet another half-baked lockdown under the same excuse. Repeat the process and voila, the regime can rule forever.

Everyone knows that neither MCO 2.0 nor 3.0 were meant to flatten the curve. They are just convenient tools to create a fake perception that the government is doing something to stop the spread of the virus. But the gullible and ignorant folks in villages had no idea that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Even if the whole idea is to put up a drama to hoodwink the voters, especially the illiterate Malay community, at the very least the illegitimate government should be able to present a sexy and impressive standard operating procedure (SOP). It’s simply unacceptable and humiliating, even at the standard of villagers, to announce a lockdown without a properly prepared SOP.

MCO Violation Compound Of RM10,000...

Yes, after more than a year of mishandling the pandemic and introducing different types of lockdowns, it’s both hilarious and surprising that Muhyiddin government still fails to consolidate, compile and fine-tune an acceptable set of SOP, which eventually led to some embarrassing moments on the first day the MCO 3.0 was declared.

For example, while Senior Minister Ismail Sabri insisted that anyone with a vaccination appointment must obtain an approval letter from the police, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Khairy Jamaluddin said otherwise. So could or should citizens cross into districts or states between Selangor and Klang Valley to get their dose of vaccines?

Mr Khairy said people just need to show their appointments on MySejahtera app, or a hardcopy printout, as proof of their vaccination appointment to the police at roadblocks. But have the authorities been updated on this? Can Khairy even give an order to the police or the soldiers, which is under the jurisdiction of “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri, who happens to be the Defence Minister?

So far, the clueless Ismail Sabri has kept his mouth shut after being humiliated by Khairy. Without an acknowledgement from Sabri, who is in charge of security and defence, it’s safe to say the police at roadblocks will most likely slap travellers with compound tickets. Why should people rush to get vaccinated, knowing very well they could be punished with a maximum compound of RM10,000?

The genius Minister Ismail Sabri also could not clarify whether schools will continue to operate during the lockdown period, which will be effective from May 6 to 17. After criticized, the Education Ministry today finally gives an order to all schools in Selangor, including districts not affected by MCO 3.0, to close starting tomorrow (May 6) until after the Hari Raya holidays are over.

However, international schools and kindergarten, as well as childcare or tuition centres, appear to be caught in the grey areas. It’s still unknown whether they must be closed or can remain open for business. Heck, people in the six districts (Hulu Langat, Petaling, Gombak, Klang, Kuala Langat and Sepang) under MCO 3.0 were equally confused initially whether they can travel inter-districts to work.

Grocery, convenience stores, dining premises and petrol stations are allowed to operate between 6am and midnight, even though dine-in is not allowed. While daily markets (night and morning markets) will be allowed to operate between 6am and 2pm, Ramadan bazaars are still allowed to operate (Selangor today announced the bazaars will be closed effective May 8).

What’s the purpose of introducing MCO 3.0 if there isn’t any difference from the previous MCO 2.0? If the MCO 2.0 had failed to contain the Coronavirus, what makes the clowns think it would be any different this time? If the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government was running like a headless chicken during the MCO 2.0, now it is like a dog chasing its own tail.

Stunningly, within 24 hours, the clueless and incompetent government has made some spectacular changes. Now, the MCO lockdown will also include Kuala Lumpur from May 7 to 20. Apparently Minister Ismail Sabri claimed the decision was made after the National Security Council considered the emergence of 17 Covid-19 clusters in Kuala Lumpur over the past week.
Ismail Sabri Yaakob - Confused - CMCO Work From Home

Was “turtle egg” Sabri trying to say that the government had forgotten the capital city Kuala Lumpur clusters when a decision to introduce MCO 3.0 was made yesterday? The government should stop insulting people’s intelligence. They talked as if a sudden outbreak has just exploded in Kuala Lumpur. Obviously, it was damage control after heavy criticisms from the general public.

Interestingly, something bizarre happened over the weekend when Prime Minister Muhyiddin, who was initially scheduled to make an official visit to Singapore on Monday (May 3), abruptly cancelled it on Sunday. Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein claimed the visit was postponed because the premier wanted to focus on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Again, it was yet another cock and bull story. The current fourth wave has started since the early April, and didn’t appear out of the blue. Exactly why Mahiaddin alias Muhyiddin could fly to Indonesia to meet President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on 4 Feb when Malaysia was hit with over 4,000 daily new cases of Coronavirus, but could not visit nearby Lee Hsien Loong when there were only 3,000 new infections? - FT


05 May 2021

Jangankan langkah negeri,daerah pun tak lepaih...

Tak boleh balik kampung, tak ada rumah terbuka tahun ini semasa Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, PKP yang diperbaharui di 6 daerah di Selangor adalah tempat yang hampir dengan PKP yang ketat tahun lalu. Peniaga tak mengeluh, dengan bazar Ramadan dan Aidil Fitri masih boleh beroperasi dengan syarat SOP kesihatan yang ketat. Lawatan ke rumah hanya untuk Hari Raya pertama di kawasan di bawah PKP yang dikenakan untuk maksimum 15 orang. Di kawasan PKPB /PKPP lawatan ke rumah dibenarkan untuk 3 hari pertama kata Menteri. - Melissa Goh

(No balik kampung, no open house this year during Eid festival, the renewed MCO in 6 districts in Selangor is no where close to the strict MCO last year.  Traders aren’t complaining ,  with Ramadan and Eid bazaars still allowed to operate subject  to stringent health SOPs. House visits only for the first day in areas under MCO subject to max 15 people.  In CMCO/RMCO areas house visits allowed for first 3 days says Minister. - Melissa Goh)

KL too to come under MCO for two weeks from May 7-20.  Restaurants eateries can remain open but for takeout only . Ramadan bazaars can still operate subject to strict SOPs...
Carrot and Stick...

The sensational phenomenon of political frogs hopping madly after GE14 must have made Malaysia world renowned as the land of political frogs. Such maddening hopping have caused the change of many state governments as well as the creation of a new federal ruling power now led by a party  consisting essentially of political frogs who have hopped  over from many different parties. 

At the rate such political corruptions are going on almost freely, our parliamentary democracy will be in tatters in no time. But what can you expect, when our law enforcing institutions, particularly the MACC, have been reduced to political stooges of the ruling party which is the mother of such frogs? - Kim Quek

After 15 Months Muhyiddin 
Entering Precarious Territory...

The PN government is going down the hill of unpopularity extremely very fast. This is exactly the same thing that happened to Dr Mahathir's Pakatan Harapan government which was kicked out after just 22 months in power. And the reasons are the same. Please read Sejarah Berulang at the bottom here. 

1. No confidence vote is out of the question.

For now Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (TSMY) is quite intact as the PM. There will be no more votes of no confidence against him.  He has the support of enough desperate MPs and Cabinet Ministers from Umno, Pas and other parties such that he will have a thin but comfortable majority in Parliament to hang on. As long as the desperados support him the PM will be in office until the 2023 general elections. But since the next GE15 is only (about) 23 months away it is really difficult to see TSMY surviving GE15. 

2. The overall atmosphere in the country now is hatred of the government.

Dr Mahathir's Pakatan Harapan government went from hero to zero in just over 12 months of being in power. After another 10 months (and losing SEVEN by-elections) Dr Mahathir was kicked out in February 2020 in a yet-to-be-fully-explained coup de etat. 

In contrast the replacement Perikatan Nasional government was born amidst much anger and hatred from the people. After a few months there seemed to be a turnaround which could have earned support from the people. But sadly it did not materialise. The PN government now faces more hatred from the people. If a General Election is held tomorrow the PN will certainly lose. 

The General Election must be held in about 24 months. The way things are now the PN is going to get kicked out. This seems to be more certain as the days go by, as more stupid Ministers say and do even more stupid things, as the economic recovery is getting more remote and the Covid crisis is being poorly managed. (Getting worse actually).

The big factor in the PN's favour is that there will be no more By Elections allowed - since the GE is two years away. Under Dr Mahathir there were multiple By Elections and Dr Mahathir lost seven of them. In Tanjong Piai in Johor the PH was almost completely wiped out. That is why Dr Mahathir was kicked out - the people began to hate his leadership. Back to the PN - under the PN Malaysia has slipped down the corruption indexes again. Read  the latest "Sarawak Report - Big Money For Small Businesses!" for another expose of yet even more corruption going on in the PN government. 

The Covid Vaccine program is a shambles. Now I get messages from MySejahtera to register for the Astra Zeneca vaccine. What about the other vaccines? Anyway by 12 pm I get another message that registrations sudah tutup or words to that effect. What is going on? I am a warga emas now. Still no news from MySejahtera. And all the stories about the Covid vaccine, the billions and billions being spent. Last year's Budget allocated billions for Covid. This year billions of KWAN money are being used also for Covid. So many billions. Where are the vaccines? 

3. TSMY losing support or has lost support in Pagoh and in Johor. 

Talk is that for sometime now TSMY has lost significant support both in his homestate of Johor as well as in his own Parliamentary constituency of Pagoh. People high up in Johor suggest that TSMY may even lose his Parliamentary seat in Pagoh in the next election.  

This suggestion is not without basis because (for example) one of TSMY's closest lieutenants for 20 years (Dato Shaharudin)  dumped him and switched sides to Dr Mahathir and Pejuang. Even Dr Mahathir was surprised and said the last person that he would expect to support him would be Shahar. But that is what happened. 

Shaharudin was one time ADUN in the state seat of Jorak which falls under TSMY's Pagoh Parliamentary seat. Shaharudin has significant influence in the area and has been running down TSMY with some effect.  So the PM does not stand on solid ground both in his home state and in his own constituency of Pagoh. 

4. Challenge to TSMY's position from inside Bersatu.

The rumour is that there will be a challenge to TSMY's position as president of Bersatu at the party's elections next year. The person who is rumoured to be the challenger is Genda.  Genda was behind the Sheraton Move, he delivered Sabah to Bersatu and has also been closely involved in the Bersatu chessgames. Although the recent leaked audio tape over the Police matters has splashed a bit of mud over him n'theless Genda is a planner and a doer.  More importantly WHY is there talk about TSMY being challenged from inside his own party? The answer is a duplicate to what happened to Dr Mahathir and the Pakatan Harapan. 

The Game of Thrones in Parliament will see TSMY retain his post of Prime Minister. But it is obvious that outside of Parliament, TSMY is weakening. The general public has significant hatred for the PN government and TSMY is also weakening in Johor and Pagoh.  In situations like this usually challengers will rise up to "save the party'.  This is exactly what happened when Dr Mahathir lost seven by-elections and became extremely unpopular. He was kicked out as Prime Minister.  Now the same thing can happen to TSMY.  History repeats itself. Sejarah berulang. Do read on. 

5. Sejarah Berulang

I see exactly the same patterns why the BN began losing its popularity beginning in 1994 and was kicked out in 2018. The same reasons why Pakatan Harapan lasted only 22 months. And now we are seeing the Perikatan Nasional becoming extremely unpopular after just 14 months in power. The reasons are the same - because there is no change in the policies that do not work. 

Here is a history of the number of Parliamentary seats won by Barisan Nasional since the 1994  General Elections. As you can see the trend has been going downwards (except for Mr Clean's appearance in 2004).

Year    Seats won by BN / UMNO

1994    162 seats of 193 seats
1999    148 seats
2004    198 of 219 seats 
2008    140 of 222 seats
2013    133 of 222 seats
2018    79 of 222 seats

Here is a graph of the Number of Parliamentary seats 
won by the BN from 1994 to 2018 (24 years). 

The huge success for the BN in year 2004 was an anomaly. After getting tired of Dr Mahathir (who quit in 2003), the people gave Abdullah Badawi a huge vote of 'Great Expectations' in 2004. Badawi won 198 Parliamentary seats in 2004. But Mr Clean soon started wearing the Dirtiest Laundry and so in 2008 Badawi lost 58 Parliamentary seats to secure only 140 Parliamentary seats. Badawi also lost the 2/3 majority for the first time. It was at this time (2008) that one analyst gave a talk to a closed audience where he said that the BN will lose more seats in 2013 and finally get kicked out in 2018. And that is exactly what happened. 

In 2013 the really stupid Najib lost even more seats for the BN. The BN won only 133 seats in 2013.  Then came disaster in 2018 where the BN under Najib lost the elections completely. The BN won only 79 Parliamentary seats. The question is the downtrend had begun from 1994. How come these idiots in the BN could not see that they were steadily but certainly losing popularity? The simple answer is money. Money makes you blind. They were making so much money at the expense of the rakyat that they did not see that the rakyat was getting tired of them. The people were getting poorer.  Especially the Malays.

So they did not change the policies. They did silly things like giving out cash during elections, giving out BR1M, handing out free this and free that. What they did not do is make the people rich by being able to stand on their own feet and compete. So after the cash handouts ran out, the Malays became poor again. And these policies DID NOT CHANGE even after Pakatan Harapan came into power and Dr Mahathir became the PM for the second time.

Dr Mahathir continued the same failed policies. He wanted to make yet another third national car !!  Senility had certainly set in. Why couldnt Dr Mahathir abolish the tolls? Or at least reduce tolls by 30% (which had been discussed). Because the toll roads were controlled by his old Umno buddy-buddy cartels. There was and still is a huge eco-system behind the toll road cartels that live off easy money. The suppliers, the contractors, the sub-contractors, the repairs, maintenance, equipment suppliers etc etc are all from the old BN days. They are still in place. If the toll roads had been abolished this entire ecosystem would be jeopardised. 

Therefore to save this eco-system Dr Mahathir refused to abolish the tolls or even to reduce them significantly.  The people will continue to pay tolls for the benefit of the few rich. It is this line of dinosaur thinking that lost Dr Mahathir SEVEN by-elections. And then when the other Pakatan Harapan leaders  saw that Dr Mahathir was losing so many by-elections and the public had begun to hate the Pakatan Harapan (including myself - I had been Dr Mahathir's supporter for over 20 years) thats when they decided to dump Dr Mahathir. Hence the success of the Sheraton Move and Dr Mahathir was kicked out.

Then came Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. And now TSMY is doing the same thing. No change in the same old policies that saw the BN losing their influence from 1994 and getting finally kicked out in 2018,  and then Dr Mahathir getting kicked out in February 2020. It is the same old money game - the cronyism, the orang kaya politics, the Melayu elit getting the lion's share, the ordinary people suffering etc etc.

Nothing has changed. That is why history is repeating itself. Again the people hate the government. So once again some one else will try to overthrow TSMY as the party president. Just like Dr Mahathir was overthrown by TSMY.  Then they will repeat the same old mistakes. The policies will not change. New cronies will replace old cronies. But still cronies. The people will benefit less. So yet again the people will kick out the government at the next general elections. We have to break this cycle.  Someone has to come to their senses.  - Syed Akbar Ali 
Misi memburu Lailatulqadar...

Malam 21 - Ahad (2 Mei) 
Malam 23 - Selasa (4 Mei) 
Malam 25 - Khamis (6 Mei)
Malam 27 - Sabtu (8 Mei)
Malam 29 - Isnin (10 Mei) 
"Carilah malam Lailatulqadar di malam ganjil 
pada 10 hari terakhir bulan Ramadan." - HR Bukhari Muslim..


03 May 2021

Ini Polis DiRaja M'sia...bukan Polis Pak Menteri...

After denying the recording was him, he has now come out to reveal that it was indeed him.
The message on the recording displays  that there are elements of favoritism in the appointment of the IGP, what does he mean  by “our boy” from Ipoh. From the voice recording "Do you want it if I give our boy... promote him? And he is a Perakian, Ipoh boy. Tuanku would surely like.Which Tuanku was he talking about and what exactly is going on?

Persoalan utama, apakah perletakan jawatan sdra IGP itu boleh dalam suasana darurat? Bagi kami, selagi darurat itu belum berakhir...sdra IGP masih mengekalkan jawatannya sehingga darurat di tamatkan. Itu adalah fakta dalam perundangan yg tak buleh di sangkal. Menteri KDN itu, terlalu ghairah melantik IGP yg baru. Hal ini perlu di siasat, semak dan imbang.

Ya, kami kerap menyentuh isu negatif dalam agensi keselamatan PDRM. Kalau PDRM itu intergritinya melebihi dr apa yg di cakapkan, kami tetap akan hormat dan sanjung. Tapi jika bersekongkol dgn penjenayah, dapat habuan bulanan yg lumayan, membantu scammer meloloskan diri...saban hari kami menulis hal ini, ibarat nyawa kami pula di hujung tanduk. Begitulah rosaknya badan institusi dalam negara.

Agenda PH dari dahulu perjuangkan agar PDRM & SPRM di letakkan di bawah Parlimen. Siapa yg sengaja membantah ketika itu? Ahli parlimen korup dan dalam PDRM itu sendiri bersuara tidak perlu buat demikian! Akhirnya apa jua alasan dan tindakan serta keputusan, mereka hanya beri kpd Tuanku di mana mereka bertindak sbg penasihat. Ibarat dh serupa cop mohor ja mereka perlakukan demikian. - Gino Marvela

MCO 3.0 lockdown on the cards – Get 
ready for “Balik Kampung” cluster...

Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin appears to be ready to announce yet another half-baked MCO lockdown next week. Mr Muhyiddin, or his real name Mahiaddin, said the government is reviewing the movement control order (MCO) as the Coronavirus daily new cases jump to above 3,000, despite declaring 2 weeks ago that he has no intention of imposing another MCO.
Regardless whether it’s a nationwide lockdown or a partial lockdown, the MCO 3.0, if declared, will be yet another half-baked lockdown that serves no purpose other than for the survival of the illegitimate regime. It will look almost the same like the recent MCO 2.0, which went into effect on January 13, but fails to flatten the curve ever since.
The trick is quite simple – declare a lockdown under the pretext of fighting Covid-19. But don’t implement a strict lockdown under the pretext of saving business. And when the lockdown fails, which was already anticipated, declare yet another half-baked lockdown under the same excuse of fighting the virus. Repeat the process and voila, the dictator can rule forever.
Coronavirus - Muhyiddin Extends Lockdown Road Block MCO

It’s absolutely hilarious when health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said today that the spread of Covid-19 has become critical again. Can he make up his mind? It was only in early January that he said the worst is yet to come, before changing his tune in February, announcing the worst was over because the number of cases hit its peak on Jan 31 with 5,298 infections.
Dr Noor had even praised the MCO 2.0 as the factor behind the plunge in Coronavirus cases in February, and targeted the numbers of cases to continue to drop to double digits by May. Of course, today is May 1, but daily infections are nowhere near three digits, let alone double digits. Perhaps he should explain how could new cases suddenly drop to 2,881 today, compared to 3,788 yesterday.
So, what had gone so wrong that Dr Noor now looks like a fool, flip-flopping and babbling unprofessionally? If Dr Noor is indeed a professional, he could actually threaten to resign if the government refuses to strictly follow the health standard operating procedures (SOP). Instead, he chose to dance to his political master’s tune, hiding and manipulating data to help PM Muhyiddin clings to power.

PM with Dr.Noor Hashim

Two weeks after secondary school students returned to face-to-face school sessions, which began on April 4 and 5, they have to revert back to online learning. One school after another has to close as Coronavirus spreads. Obviously the reopening of schools, which began in stages starting with preschoolers and Year One as well as Year Two pupils on March 1, has contributed to the jump in infections.

By April 26, there were a staggering 99 education clusters, of which 52 involved public schools with 2,274 cases. Yet, on the same day the mind-boggling school clusters were revealed, Education Minister Radzi Jidin insisted schools were safe and his ministry was committed to keeping schools in session, expressing his confidence the SOP in schools can curb the spread of Covid-19.

However, on the same day – again – the clueless education minister also announced that school sessions will be held online for 2 weeks after the Hari Raya holidays through the home-based teaching and learning method, effective from May 16 to 28. Mr Radzi said the decision was made to avoid the risk of Coronavirus infections in schools after the Aidilfitri festive period.

Can this genius education minister make up his mind? If the schools were indeed safe in the first place as claimed, why was there a need to conduct school sessions online for 2 weeks? Should not the SOP in schools able to check or restraint the spread of the virus? Was he admitting, without him realizing it, that it was a big fat lie after all that schools are safe?

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba unveiled recently that last year, 8,369 children aged 12 and below tested positive for Covid-19. This year, however, up to 23,739 children aged 12 and under have been infected. And we haven’t even talked about infections with students above that age. The statistic alone speaks volumes about the failure of school SOP in curbing the spread of Coronavirus.

In truth, the education ministry was caught with its pants down. Of course, with hundreds or even thousands of students in a school, it’s a guarantee that the virus can spread easily. Sharing a same school bus or van is already an example of vulnerability. Not all schools have the luxury of huge classrooms to accommodate social distancing during learning or having meal during a break.
Ramadan Bazaar Crowd - Low Compliance 

But the ministry had no choice but to allow parents to send their children to school, knowing very well the risks. Public or government schools, where majority students could not afford the hardware and software to attend virtual classes, are facing a serious problem of students lagging behind since last year’s closure of schools nationwide, only to reopen in phases but closed again.

To make matters worse, the backdoor government has been evasive when grilled about the promise made during the Budget 2021 last November to provide 150,000 free laptops to poor students in 500 schools to do online lessons. It’s funny that Muhyiddin could not afford RM150 million for the laptops, but could spend RM35 million to build some useless halls in his constituency.

The money wasted in building the halls can be used to buy 35,000 laptops for students. The hundreds of millions of Ringgit in fines or compounds slapped on people who flouted the movement control order (MCO) could also be used to purchase laptops. Instead, all the money mysteriously disappears, so much so the prime minister has hinted that the country is on the brink of bankruptcy.

As if the school clusters were not bad enough, the Mahiaddin government has decided to allow Ramadan bazaar (market) to open this year. The markets, which were cancelled last year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, are allowed to operate despite over 2,000 daily cases of Covid infections because the Malay community, the vote bank of PM Muhyiddin party PPBM, must be kept happy.
You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that new Ramadan bazaar clusters are about to explode when visuals of packed market make the rounds on social media and messaging app. In Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan alone, there were 66 operating bazaars which saw people scrambling to buy food, with low compliances and shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.

By April 15, just two days after the beginning of the fasting month, a total of 904 Covid-19 positive cases was already reported, traceable to visits to Ramadan bazaars. Stunningly, to make up for interstate travel restriction during the Ramadan, Senior Minister “turtle egg” Ismail Sabri Yaakob Aidilfitri announced that bazaars nationwide – numbering 1,073 in total – are allowed to operate until 2am.

Secondary School Students Returned To Class

With about 2 weeks to go before the festival, the virus has all the time in the world to efficiently spread and hibernate. While the school clusters have exploded, and is still spreading like wildfire because there’re some schools that remain open, the Ramadan clusters have yet to go nuclear until after the 14 days hibernation period of the virus.

Just when you thought the school and Ramadan bazaar clusters would knock some sense into the clueless and incompetent government, the Higher Education Ministry dropped a bombshell. Students at all higher educational institutions are allowed to return to their hometowns as part of the traditional “balik kampung” exodus for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, except those from Sarawak.
Apparently, university students can travel home from May 7 to May 12, and return to campus from May 15 to May 20. This means an estimated 103,994 students can travel interstate, potentially infecting the entire nation. Exactly how did the government determine that university students are immune to virus or will not spread the virus in their hometowns is beyond comprehension.

With triple clusters – school, Ramadan bazaar and balik kampung – hatched by the brilliant Muhyiddin government, what could possibly go wrong, right? Coincidentally, the Covid-19 daily cases started to climb after the UMNO General Assembly agreed on March 28 to empower party president and supreme council to determine when to withdraw support for Muhyiddin’s ruling Perikatan Nasional government.

Connecting the dots, when health director-general Dr Noor Hisham said on January 9 that the worst is yet to come, it was to help justify the State of Emergency, which was declared by PM Muhyiddin three days later on January 12. When he later announced on February 9 that the worst was over, it was supposedly to cook up data to slowly bring down the Covid new cases to allow Malay community to “balik kampung”.

But when ally UMNO president Zahid Hamidi went rogue and influenced his party to withdraw support for the fragile and illegitimate prime minister on March 28, the plan had to change. On the same day (March 28), Dr Noor Hisham conveniently said the government was preparing for the possibility of a surge in new Covid-19 cases come mid-April. - FT

Personally I cannot stand the imposition of another MCO. These lockdown have destroyed livelihoods,business,caused hardship,suffering and injustice due to double standards in enforcement... - TS
26 April kata nak sekat flight dari India mulai 28 April. 
Lepas 28 April tengok berapa ramai dari India dah sampai...


01 May 2021

Finally, Hamzah got his “boy” IGP...

Selamat berpencen Tan Sri IGP...

These reports from the Malay Mail seem to capture the state of the government administration in general. This the best gift to gomen pintu belakang...

1. The IGP says the issues of Police misconduct (which seems to be a pandemic as well) were not looked into.  Folks, the IGP says this Police Force Commission does not even have an office and meets FOUR times a year for two hours at a time over coffee.    Soalan yang sangat besar adalah : karipap ada tak?

2. The Corona Virus vaccination is going dont know where.  Time is of the essence. Large parts of the country are restricted. Trade and business is seriously affected. Time value of money is not even a point of discussion.

3. The Minister of Education says the UPSR will be abolished. They abolished Science Practicals in the SPM - as a result Science labs do not function anymore. Can you imagine learning Science in schools without Science labs and experiments? Is that why we have withdrawn from the PISA scores?  Now no more UPSR pula. Here is my prediction - the teachers will do other things. We are not Finland lah. Here we have ex-students complaining of being casually molested by their teachers, over years and years. No action taken. Bukti tak ada. Case closed.  

Conclusion : The bottom line is this : Kerja tak jadi.  Benda tak ada. Tugas tak siap. Objektif tidak tercapai. Tidak kena sasaran. Promises not delivered. Mission not accomplished.

Hamzah and new IGP Acryl Sani...

There is something else going on. The people are getting fed up with all this non-delivery and non-achievement. And here is the real cruncher - the more time passes the more is the breakdown. The larger will be the consequences. 

So who is the real enemy here? Who is the enemy? The outgoing IGP Hamid Bador who has spilt the beans? The ex-students who say there were sexually molested by teachers since over 20 years ago? The media (including the social media) that highlights all this? The fellows who secretly recorded Hamzah Zainuddin? No. These are NOT the enemies. 

So who is the real enemy?  The real enemy is time. 

The more time passes the more the water disruptions.  
The more time passes the more the non achievements. 
The more time passes the more problems not solved.
The more time passes the greater the confusion. 
The more time passes the more crimes being committed. 
The more time passes the more the people are getting fed up.
The enemy is time. That is the real enemy. 

Outgoing IGP Hamid Bador described Hamzah's interference and blamed him for different “camps” within police. Minister Hamzah as president of Police Force Commission insisted on deciding transfers. 

- Hamzah is arrogant saying he is the commission, but what did he do? 
- How many cases were solved? 
- What was important for him was to delay my orders for police transfers. minister should not         interrupt police’s daily affairs
- I am shocked with PFC as Hamzah has power to decide 
- This made it hard for me to carry out my duties
- This led to camps siding some directors, camps siding IGP and so on
- Hamid said he spoke to Hamzah about his interference - Syed Akbar Ali 

Kerana nila setitik...

Si lecturer kangkong  tu jealous sebab bangsa lain, agama lain bukan saja boleh tolong orang Melayu tetapi yang dia lebih jealous bangsa lain itu ada duit sendiri boleh hadiahkan motorsikal kepada budak Melayu. Itu yang dia jealous besar. Sebab orang dia sendiri tak ada duit. Kecuali kalau depa gagau "duit bapak kita". - OSTB

Burger and rojak sellers slapped with RM50000 fine – That’s what you get for voting PAS and a backdoor government...

In the 2018 General Election, UMNO-led Barisan Nasional (BN) won only 8 state seats while PAS grabbed a whopping 37 seats in Kelantan. Opposition Pakatan Harapan was totally wiped out. After learning that PAS had won big, Mohd Hafeez, a 42-year-old diehard Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) supporter kissed the ground and said – “God is great, the people have spoken.”
Ahmad Saifuddin, a voter from Kelantan’s capital Kota Bharu, revealed that he voted for PAS because it was his responsibility to do so as a Muslim. The undergraduate from Kuala Lumpur said – “My family has been PAS supporters for generations. We were brought up with PAS Muslim values. I was never tempted by BN’s promises of so called economic development.”
Meanwhile, Nur Fatimah, a rice farmer in Kelantan, complained about rising cost of living, the factor that made her to change her mind. She said – “Milk powder for my children has doubled in the countryside. I have to work doubly hard so that we can pay our rent. I’m just sick of it”. Indeed, the state of Kelantan has been governed by the Islamist party for decades.

Even though PAS failed to form the federal government in the May 2018 General Election, the party eventually joined forces with bitter enemy UMNO to form a national cooperation in Sept 2019, which was glorified as “Muafakat Nasional” under the pretext of Malay-unity. Subsequently, in March 2020, both parties conspired with traitors Muhyiddin Yassin and Azmin Ali to launch a coup.

The legitimately and democratically elected multiracial Pakatan Harapan coalition was toppled as a result of the coup. Since March 2020, a Malay-Muslim government called Perikatan Nasional has been ruling not only at the federal level, but also at the state level in Kelantan through the UMNO-PAS-Bersatu alliance, all of which are Malay-based political parties.

So when a burger seller was slapped with a RM50,000 fine on Sunday (April 25) for violating the movement control order (MCO), it raises an interesting question. Have PAS hardcore supporters like Mohd Hafeez, Ahmad Saifuddin and Nur Fatimah been taken for a ride after fellow Kelantanese were being victimised by the same party that they had voted for?

Wan Mohd Faisal Wan Kadir,Slapped With RM50000 Compound Fine

The burger seller, 38-year-old Wan Mohd Faisal Wan Kadir, had nowhere to express his frustration, but the social media, where he complained how the authorities slapped him with the maximum penalty of RM50,000 for operating his burger stall which he set up in front of his house at around 11pm. But he said there were no customers at the stall when several policemen approached him.

Wan Mohd Faisal, who had been slapped with a RM1,000 compound previously for the same offence, argued – “I have folded the tables, but haven’t closed the stall as I was preparing orders for factory workers. Many of my customers buy my burgers after 9pm. I hope the authorities can reduce the amount because I cannot afford to pay as I only sell burgers”.

However, Kota Baru district police chief ACP Abdul Rahim Daud said besides operating beyond 10pm restriction, the burger seller also violated the standard operating procedure (SOP) by setting up tables for customers and failing to provide a body temperature scanner. The police chief said – “Due to the offences, we issued the maximum compound of RM50,000. However, he can appeal”.

In what appeared to be yet another flip-flop and confusion, de-facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan stunningly said on Tuesday (April 27) that the maximum fine for business operators exceeding their permissible operating hours was RM10,000. He said – “Offenders are given a 50% discount if they pay off the compound notice within 7 days and 25% if paid within a period of 14 days”.

Obviously someone has lied, either due to incompetence or a desperate political damage control. Was Minister Takiyuddin trying to say the police was not only incompetent, but also had wrongly and illegally issued the RM50,000 compound to the burger seller? But from where did the district police chief gets his SOP guidance and penalty rates, if not from the backdoor government itself?

Known as one of the most corrupt institutions, it’s hard to believe that the Royal Malaysia Police is insensitive to numbers and can’t differentiate between RM10,000 and RM50,000. If indeed the Kelantan police had misinterpreted the law, the police officers involved should at least be demoted, if not fired. Otherwise, Takiyuddin should be held responsible for creating a bad image for the police force.

Make no mistake. Mr Takiyuddin, the Secretary-General of PAS Islamist party since 2015, is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kota Bharu since May 2013. Therefore, it’s not a coincidence that he was forced to come forward to fix the fiasco because the burger seller happens to be from Kampung Rambutan Rendang, a village located in Kota Bharu.

Hilariously, the burger seller was not the only one being victimized by the clueless and incompetent Malay-centric government. Now, a rojak seller in Kota Bharu has stepped forward to complain that he too had received a similar fine. In total, there were at least three stall operators in Kelantan who had hit the RM50,000 compound jackpots.
The rojak seller, 42-year-old Mohd Azizi Mohd Nor, said – “I was shocked when I saw the amount. To even get RM100 every night selling rojak is hard because I am only operating in a kampung (village) area. When the police came, my shop was already closed at 10pm, with most of the lights turned off. Only the kitchen was still open because my wife and I were still cleaning up”.

Mohd Azizi complained that it would still be too expensive, even if the compound is reduced to RM10,000. The Kelantanese said he would rather go to prison if push comes to shove – “This is the first time I’ve been issued a compound, but it was already RM50,000. I work as a mechanic besides helping my wife sells noodles on regular days”.

However, another minister, Defense Minister cum Senior Minister “Turtle Egg” Ismail Sabri said the RM50,000 fine was supposed to be for companies – suggesting there are double standards for business owners. His statement means RM10,000 compounds are for small business owners like the burger or rojak seller, while RM50,000 penalty is for large corporations.

It’s true that both burger and rojak sellers might have violated the SOP and must be punished. But the authorities should be smart enough to know that there’s no way the stall owners could afford to pay the massive fines. Assuming the rojak seller could make RM100 profit a day, he would need to work for free for the next 500 days to pay the RM50,000 compound. Why can’t a warning be issued first?

UMNO Warlord Annuar Musa and Khairy

It also appears that the authorities have two sets of rules when comes to fairness and compassion. Exactly why the police were so firm and strict with the burger and rojak seller when some ministers were not punished at all despite repetitively breaching and violating the MCO lockdown rules? For example, Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa had violated the SOPs multiple times but was never fined, let alone arrested.

Dozens of ministers, including Annuar Musa, Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, Higher Education Minister Noraini Ahmad and Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin had breached the MCO rules by travelling interstate to attend the wedding reception of the daughter of Jelebu MP Jalaluddin Alias in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, on March 14.

Isn’t this a classic example of how a Malay government screws fellow Malay burger and rojak sellers, but closed an eye when Malay ministers themselves had violated the rules? And exactly where is the PAS’ fake holy man – President Abdul Hadi Awang – when Kelantan Malay-Muslims were being targeted by unfair and uncompassionate Malay authorities?
PAS President Hadi Awang

Arguably, Hadi Awang and his extremist PAS minions are worse than suicide bombers for causing unnecessary hardship and more damage to fellow Muslims’ struggle to make ends meet during the holy month of Ramadan. All the PAS lawmakers, along with UMNO and Bersatu ministers for that matter, cannot point fingers at Chinese DAP now because it’s a Malay-Muslim government who runs the show.

In the same breath, where is the “Malay first” Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yassin when Malay stall owners need him the most for justice? PAS gullible supporters had been scammed for rejecting the corrupt and evil UMNO in favour of PAS when leaders from both parties eventually hugged and kissed each other in 2019. Ignorant supporters had also been tricked with the so-called PAS Muslim values.

PAS Muslim values have always been to firstly reward its top leaders with fat salaries and big cars, especially Mercedes Benz. Blind PAS supporters, to their horror, also finds chicken prices have skyrocketed under the Perikatan Nasional government, a similar economic mishandling during the previous Barisan Nasional government where milk powder hit the roof. You deserve the government you voted for. - FT


29 April 2021

Disco 5k, Masjid 10k, Melayu niaga depan rumah 50k...

Apabila anak Kelantan di Penang diberikan motosikal percuma oleh YB dari PH, maka dikatakan anak Kelantan ditindas di Penang.

Berlainan dengan warga Kelantan di bumi sendiri. Lihatlah sendiri mereka ditatang bagaikan minyak yg penuh oleh kerajaan yg ada. "Sebenarnya ketika anggota polis tiba, saya sudah menutup kedai jam 10 malam dan sebahagian lampu juga sudah ditutup. Cuma bahagian dapur sahaja belum ditutup kerana saya dan isteri sedang mengemas ketika itu dan sudah tentu mengambil masa agak lama. Pada masa sama saya sedang menggoreng keropok untuk anak-anak memandangkan mereka belum tidur," katanya ketika ditemui di rumahnya. 

"Jangan kata RM50,000,jika dikurangkan RM10,000 pun saya tak mampu dan disebabkan tak mampu serta tiada pilihan lain,saya lebih memilih untuk masuk penjara" -  Mohd Azizi Mohd Nor,penjual burger.  Agaknya lebih baik jual agama dari jual burger!!!...

Belum reda kisah peniaga burger dan seorang peniaga colek dikenakan kompaun RM50,000, seorang peniaga kedai runcit di Kota Bharu pula dikesan dikenakan tindakan sama atas alasan melanggar standard operasi piawai (SOP) Covid-19.

Mansah Marjurin, 47, yang mengusahakan Kedai Runcit Zaki Jaya di Jalan Cempaka sejak sembilan tahun lalu berkata dia terkejut apabila didatangi empat anggota polis jam 11.30 malam Ahad lalu. Katanya, tanpa ada budi bicara dan siasatan lanjut, anggota polis berkenaan terus menulis kompaun dengan jumlah RM50,000 bagi kesalahan beroperasi melebihi had masa dan beredar. - mk
Dikir saman Covid RM50,000...

Toksah dok layan Profesor Karipap basi...
Bila pula pemberian bermotif... 

Pemberian sedekah atau derma tidak mudah diterima begitu sahaja sebagai satu kebajikan dan pertolongan sesama manusia. Ia mungkin jadi masalah apabila pemberian bermotif sesuatu kerana ia akan diprejudiskan oleh pihak lain.  Apa berlaku ke atas Ahli Parlimen Bukit Mertajam Steven Sim yang memberi motosikal kepada seorang penghantar makanan (Anas Hazmi Ahmad) telah disalah anggap menuduh pemberian itu mempunyai motif memperdaya.  Ia jadi isu.

Seorang ahli akademik meragui motif pemberian itu kerana Steven Sim menghebahkan pemberian itu. Ia berakhir dengan Steven Sim mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap akhli akademik berkenaan kerana memfitnahnya ekoran pemberian itu.

Apa yang boleh dipelajari dari keadaan ini, pertama jangan mudah bersangka buruk niat seseorang tanpa diselidiki. Kedua, kalau hendak melakukan kebajikan jangan heboh sehingga orang dapat mencium dan prejudis terhadap maksud kita sebenarnya. Sebab itu mengikut prinsip Islam kalau hendak berbuat baik tidak perlu dihebohkan melampau, lagipun perbuatan baik itu dihitung Tuhan bukan oleh manusia.

Kepada pengkritik yang cemburu dengan kebajikan Steven Sim itu sepatut bukan menyerangnya, tetapi berlawan secara sihat. Kalau Steven Sim bagi motorsikal berharga RM4,000 untuk kemudahan Anas cari makan, nak gandakan bantuan itu dengan beri kereta Kancil kepada Anas agar peluang dan kemudahan kepadanya bertambah. Lebih baik lagi bagi food truck.  Itu cara terbaik yang patut dilakukan kalau kita semua ikhlas. - mso

Terima Kasih YB Stevens atas sumbangan...moga Allah kurniakan Hidayah Nya...

Polis tak nak siasat kah sah or not...

The Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) will be abolished from this year onwards. This marks an end to the national Standard 6 examination after 33 years of its existence. Education Minister Mohd Radzi Md Jidin (above) also announced today that the Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga (PT3) examination for Form 3 students has been cancelled for this year.

“The ministry has decided that for 2021, the PT3 examination will be cancelled like it was last year,” he said this afternoon at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur that was live-streamed. Instead of PT3, secondary school students will be assessed based on their in-class performance, psychometry plus sports and co-curricular activities throughout this year.

Meanwhile, instead of UPSR, primary students will be assessed based on their performance in class. “From 2021 onwards, UPSR will be abolished completely. “Surely there will be those who ask how students will be assessed without the UPSR. We will strengthen classroom-based assessments beginning 2021,” he said.

In line with the abolishment of UPSR, the Pentaksiran Alternatif Sekolah Rendah (PASR) for Standard 6 special needs students has also been abolished from this year onwards. “Special needs students will be assessed based on classroom-based assessments,” the minister added.

Entry into boarding schools

With the retirement of UPSR and PASR, Radzi explained that students who apply to secondary boarding schools will be assessed on three criteria - intellectual ability, soft skills and writing articulation skills.

As for Form 3 students hoping to enter a boarding school for their upper secondary education, they will also be assessed on the same three criteria. The official term for this assessment is Pentaksiran Kemasukan Sekolah Khusus (PKSK).

Reasons for abolishment 

Elaborating, the minister said the decision to abolish UPSR was made after consultations with more than 1,000 stakeholders nationwide including students, teachers, school principals, parents, unions and associations. The consultations focused on comparing UPSR to how other countries assessed their primary school students.

According to Radzi, some teachers felt they had to finish the school syllabus as soon as possible to allow for UPSR preparations to begin. Some also shared how they had to use the time allocated for non-examinable subjects to prepare students for the national examination. Some parents, however, opined that they sent their children to tuition classes from Standard 1 just to prepare for UPSR.

Meanwhile, Radzi explained that the ministry cancelled this year’s PT3 examinations because the Covid-19 pandemic had affected teaching and learning. Face-to-face learning had been cut short and this, he said, had jeopardised students’ ability to prepare for the examination. - mk

Joke about rape in misogyny...

"If you want to rape someone, rape only one above 18." That was what a male teacher told his class. Perhaps some might think it was just a joke. But ironically, the teacher was supposed to teach the students to avoid sexual harassment and enhance the students' knowledge in self protection in the event of a danger, but that particular teacher told his class that they could selectively harass or even assault other people's bodies!

Even if it was meant to be just a joke, it has relayed a wrong message that rape could be something fun. As a result, the male students in the class giggled. They were obviously amused. In that class, rape was made something funny and enjoyable.

Only Ain Husniza exposed this incident. Her counseling teacher advised her not to take it too seriously; teachers claimed she was suffering from autism; social media users rebuked her as being busy body and even a male classmate threatened to rape her!

After 17-year-old Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam exposed her male teacher for allegedly making lewd jokes in class, she has had to endure all sorts of backlash, including a rape threat from a schoolmate...

Ain cracked under tremendous pressure and at one point she even stopped going to school. The young brave girl might not realize that she was actually confronting the collective misogyny in her society, not just that male teacher or the classmate but countless of others, too.

The word misogyny is derived from the Ancient Greek word "misogunia" which means "hatred for women". Out of hatred for women, some men tend to look down on women, bully them and treat them as subhuman.

Such an anomaly exists in every nook and corner of our society, and often such people can be instantly identified the moment they open their mouths greeting people's mothers or uttering words that denote female sex organs -- a personality defect born out of sheer abhorrence for women.

Guru cakap kalu nak rogol, rogollah yang atas 18 tahun...

To prove they are men enough, some tend to belittle women verbally or in action to manifest their manhood. As a matter of fact, such aggression is typically triggered by their embedded inferiority complex.

Back to the male teacher and Ain's male classmate. Perhaps these people don't even have the slightest intention of raping anyone, but because of their tendency to dislike and deride women, they have made rape some kind of joke, and through verbal violence, they are eager to show that they have the power to control women, including breaching women's most precious defense line.This could easily sow the seed of evil in a student who is young, impulsive and lacks social experiences.

They are only defenders of their BANK ACCOUNTS...

A physical and health education teacher who openly encourages his students to physically assault women might win the applause of his male students, while the other teachers in his school might come to his defense. Even his school will attempt to play down this whole thing, as the education ministry chooses to keep mum.

Why is this society so indifferent to things like sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape? Our society is still drowned in misogyny that exists deep inside every community and culture here. The malady lives on in many different shapes and forms, and is being constantly reconstructed and reinforced, even as our society becomes growingly sophisticated.

We will only be able to overcome and defeat misogyny once we realize its problems, understand its build-up and realizing its violation of humanity and carnage on human rights. - Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew Daily