26 October 2014

Ali Abd Jalil cabut ke Sweden & mohon suaka politik...

Aktivis dakwa terima ancaman gengster, kumpulan rasis Melayu...

Aktivis Ali Abd Jalil, warganegara Malaysia kedua melarikan diri ke luar negara dalam beberapa minggu ini, mendedahkan melalui laman sosial Facebook miliknya hari ini yang beliau sekarang berada dalam keadaan selamat di Sweden.

Menulis statusnya, beliau juga berterima kasih kepada semua pihak yang membantunya meninggalkan Malaysia.

"Sekarang saya di Sweden, mencari suaka, kerajaan Malaysia dan Sultan melayan saya seperti sampah.

"Saya diancam kumpulan gengster dan rasis Melayu di Malaysia. Malaysia tidak selamat untuk saya, polis dan gengster mengekori saya sepanjang masa," kata Ali.

Ali juga berterima kasih kepada Amnesty International, Suaram, Antifa Malaysia, Majlis Peguam, Lawyers for Liberty, Sisters In Islam, Projek Dialog, Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, rakan-rakan dan kumpulan sivil lain.


Beliau mendapat sokongan daripada rakan Facebooknya yang mengharapkan dia berada dalam keadaan baik dan mengucapkan selamat jalan.

Ali menghadapi tiga tuduhan hasutan kerana didakwa menghina kerabat diraja Johor dan Sultan Selangor dalam postingnya di Facebook.

Beliau juga ditahan polis di penjara selama 22 hari sejak 8 September dan dibebaskan pada 29 September.

Amnesty International menyifatkan Ali sebagai "banduan hati nurani" sebagai usaha menghentikan apa yang mereka sifatkan "pendakwaan terpilih".

Portal Rakyat Times melaporkan, Ali meninggalkan Malaysia pada 18 Oktober menuju ke Bangkok dan terbang ke Stockholm pada 21 Oktober.

Di Stockholm, Ali menemui Amnesty International Sweden bagi mendapatkan nasihat mengenai prosedur memohon suaka.

Beliau kemudiannya dibawa ke pusat suaka sebelum dipindahkan ke bandar lain, Morsta, menurut portal yang dimiliki aktivis dan peguam Haris Ibrahim itu.

Ia juga melaporkan, Ali sudah pun menerima permit kerja dan boleh mula bekerja di sana pada bila-bila masa.

Awal pagi ini, The Malaysian Insider menerima satu emel memberitahu Ali selamat tiba di Stockholm, Sweden selepas berjaya keluar dari Malaysia menerusi sempadan Malaysia-Thailand di Danok.

Selain Ali, seorang lagi warganegara Malaysia, blogger seks kontroversi Alvin Tan, juga dalam usaha mendapatkan suaka politik di luar negara. – tmi

Aktivis Ali Abd Jalil yang kini berada di Sweden berkata beliau menerima ancaman daripada kumpulan gengster dan rasis Melayu. – Gambar fail The Malaysian Insider.
Ali flees to Sweden after multiple sedition charges...

After four arrests and a battery of charges under the Sedition Act, social activist Ali Abd Jalil has fled to Sweden to seek asylum.

Ali said this in a Facebook posting citing fear for his own safety.

"Now I am in Sweden, looking for asylum.

"The Malaysian government and sultan treat me like rubbish.

"I have been threatened with gangsters and racist Malay groups in Malaysia.

"Malaysia is not safe for me. Police and gangsters are following me all the time," he said.

He posted a photo of himself, presumably taken in Sweden, holding the pre-independence Sang Saka Malaya flag, which the Malaysian authorities deem seditious.

Ali was among those at the Bar Council's 'Walk for Freedom and Peace 2014' last Thursday. It is believed that he left the country early this week.

The 29-year-old is the second to flee the country after infamous blogger Alvin Tan left the country last month while under bail.

Ali was arrested and detained numerous times over a posting that allegedly insulted the royalty.

During his 22-day detention, Amnesty International had adopted him as a "prisoner of conscience" and launched a global call for his release.

According to the Rakyat Times, Ali is being advised by Amnesty International Sweden in Stockholm on the asylum seeking procedure.

He was reportedly interviewed by Swedish immigration authorities on Thursday and has secured a work permit.

'Young Malaysians driven out'

When contacted, Ali's lawyer New Sin Yew said he has been informed of his client's bid to seek asylum.

"It's sad to see a young Malaysians being driven out of the country by the government and the Sedition Act simply for expressing themselves online.

"Our government should be embarrassed that our youths have to take refuge in other countries because of this draconian and archaic law," he said.

New urged the government to follow through with its promise to abolish the Sedition Act as soon as possible.

Ali was initially charged at the Selayang Sessions Court under Section 4(1)(c) of the Act for allegedly insulting the Selangor sultan.

Upon posting bail of RM5,000 in one surety on the same day, Ali was immediately re-arrested at the court and taken to the Shah Alam Sessions Court, where he faced two more counts under the same section of the Act.

He posted bail of RM8,000 for the two charges on Sept 23, only to be re-arrested 10 minutes later to be taken to Johor Bahru to face investigations, also under the Sedition Act for allegedly insulting royalty.

The 29-year-old was remanded by the Johor police until Sept 27, but upon release, was re-arrested immediately under a different section of the same  Act in a bid to extend his remand.

He was finally released on bail on Sept 26.- mk


25 October 2014

Anwar’s final appeal - jail or freedom...

Anwar: What is there to reconcile with Mahathir?

Few would doubt that the outcome of the final appeal of Anwar Ibrahim on Oct 28 and 29 against his sodomy conviction will be decided by politics, not by law.

More specifically, the court’s verdict will likely be determined by Umno’s political considerations on the impact of such final judgment.

Two main factors will decide Anwar’s fate.  The first is Umno’s answer to this question: Will the jailing of Anwar be a net gain for Umno’s political survival?

The second is the outcome of the competitive influence on the judiciary between Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the conservative faction led by former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

Imprisoning Anwar will save UMNO?

Will Umno be safe after Anwar is put away to prison?

It is the popular believe that once Anwar is jailed, the alliance of Pakatan Rakyat will disintegrate. Many in Umno think that without the cementing factor of Anwar, DAP and PAS will part company due to their ideological differences over mainly religious issues.

Such common notion is strengthened by the errant conduct of PAS in the recent Selangor crisis.

However, a closer look into that event will reveal that the trouble created by PAS was mainly caused by PAS president Hadi Awang and the conservative ulama, who seemed bent on going loggerheads with  PKR and DAP in the choice of MB for Selangor, despite being opposed by the party’s progressive and pro-Pakatan faction.

Though Hadi had managed to overrule the progressives in that episode, the latter were clearly in the majority in the central committee which is the party’s highest body for political decision making and implementation.

It is plain to all that Hadi’s (right) extremist and reactionary stance on religion and politics, which has alienated both PKR and DAP and rejected by all non-Muslims and the moderate Muslims, is sheer political suicide for his party.

Unless Hadi changes his stance or is removed from power, PAS will be heading for obliteration in coming elections.

For this reason, I think even the conservatives will realise this unpalatable reality, given time and persuasion to chew over the fatal consequences of so decisively alienating such large and important sectors of the electorate; and the progressives who fervently believe and support the common cause of good governance and social justice of Pakatan Rakyat will surely prevail in the current power tussle and gain clear power by the next party election the latest.

When that happens, PAS will emerge stronger, so will Pakatan Rakyat, considering the excellent rapport existing between PAS’s progressive leaders and their counterparts in PKR and DAP.

The torch of Reformasi will be passed on

Anwar’s departure to prison will not leave a vacuum, as the Reformasi ideals are already firmly implanted into the leadership of all the component parties of Pakatan Rakyat.

Neither would Anwar’s PKR party suffer a leadership deficit, as its youthful leaders are already groomed to carry on the torch of reforms without Anwar’s physical presence.

If there is any difference, Anwar in prison will only inspire and strengthen their political conviction that, come what come may, they must save the country from the seemingly unending crutches of an evil regime.

To those Umno hardliners gleefully looking forward to what they think is the political annihilation of Anwar, I advise them to take a trip down memory lane.

The last time Anwar was jailed on such sodomy charge in 1998, it caused such a torrential backlash that Umno, for the only time in history, lost the support of the majority of Malays.

And Barisan Nasional (BN) would have been defeated in that 1999 elections, if not for the massive and unprecedented swing of Chinese support to BN.

That swing was a result of BN’s campaign of deception through a blitzkrieg on street violence against Chinese in Jakarta in the aftermath of the toppling of dictator Suharto, Mahathir’s constant warning of a May 13 style racial riot and the concocted imminence of an Islamic state under PAS.

Fifteen years on, the political scenario has much changed.  The sound and fury of the Malay masses that greeted the previous sodomy trial of Anwar is no more found in the current trial.  But, equally if not more important, is the virtual permanent alienation of Chinese electoral support for BN.

Taking the 2013 election as benchmark, where Pakatan’s 52 percent share of the popular votes is estimated to comprise 40 percent of Malays and 75-80 percent Chinese, and there were dozens of seats lost to BN on thin margins, BN can ill afford to lose even a small swath of Malay votes, keeping in mind that the massive swing of Chinese support to Pakatan in the last two general elections in 2013 and 2008 is virtually irreversible.

Is Umno so sure that the second-time jailing of Anwar on sodomy will not incur a backlash among Malays, though understandably less sweeping than the previous occasion?

The rapid advance of the social media has made our people much better informed now. If Umno couldn’t hide the injustice against Anwar fifteen years ago, it is even less able to do the same this time.

Take it that the majority know what is going on, and it is certainly not to the credit of Najib’s leadership and government to so savagely maul Anwar yet again, with a trial which is manifestly void of merits in fact and in law.

Keeping silent does not mean ignorance or approval. Beneath the calm on the surface, hazardous undercurrents could be running that may cause fatal consequences to the perpetrators of such injustice.

Umno is hence advised to look before it leaps.

Mahathir vs Najib

The other main factor that may impact the court verdict is the current power tussle between Najib and Mahathir.

For Mahathir, it is a relatively simple decision.  Eliminate what is to him Umno’s enemy No1 would safeguard Umno’s hegemony, as well as dodging the day of reckoning for him personally if Anwar were to become the prime minister.

Besides, with Anwar removed from the scene, Mahathir would feel free to unleash his fury to unseat Najib without the worry of the dreaded Anwar to take advantage of Umno’s open rift.

However, Najib may have quite a different view.  Knowing that Mahathir sees Anwar as his most-feared enemy, the continued presence of Anwar in the political arena may serve as a counterweight to Mahathir’s reactionary influence to restrain him from all-out attacks against Najib’s premiership.

Another important consideration for Najib is his concern for his international image. For years, he has been painstakingly cultivating his image as a moderate leader in the international stage (at great costs to the public of course) and even launched his pet Global Movement of Moderates to buttress such credentials.

Now, what will the world make of Najib, if an internationally respected leader like Anwar is sent to prison in a notorious trial that has already been universally condemned as a great travesty of justice, transgression of human rights and democracy?

Where would Najib and his wife Rosmah (more so the latter) hide their faces at distinguished international gatherings during their frequent overseas trips?

Hence, it is not entirely impossible that Najib would prefer to see Anwar freed, or perhaps, as a compromise to Umno’s hardliners, penalised with a fine that would bar him from election or appointment to party post for many years to come.

To sum up, Anwar’s fate at his final appeal hinges on the outcome of cross currents of Umno’s party interests and conflicting personal interests of feuding leaders.

Will court rule according to law?

Perhaps at this point, questions may be asked about our judges, whether they may exercise their judicial judgment strictly according to law and constitution, free of political influences.

This is unlikely to happen, as the record of recent years has shown that the Federal Court has ruled in favour of the powers that be in every case where vital interest of  the latter is at stake, irrespective of whether the judgment is in conformity with the constitution and law.  Such pattern of judgment was most glaringly demonstrated in the series of Federal Court decisions where the constitution was thrown to the wind to ensure BN succeeded in it’s power grab in Perak.

Having said that, miracles do happen.  Who knows the majority of judges may at the end decide to allow their judicial conscience to overrule their personal political loyalty or political biddings of others.- kim quek,mk

Anwar akan gagal dalam rayuan dan ke penjara...

Apa yang berada di hadapan rakyat yang mengambil berat kepada politik hari ini ialah menanti apakah keputusan rayuan Anwar Ibrahim terhadap hukuman penjara lima tahun yang dikenakan ke atasnya bersabit kes meliwat pada tahun lalu. Mahkamah Persekutuan akan bersidang pada 28 dan 29 Oktober ini untuk mendengar rayuan Anwar itu dan membuat keputusan.

Ramai orang mengira Anwar akan gagal dalam rayuan itu dan beliau akan dikirimkan ke penjara sekali lagi.

Dengan memerhati dari senario kes itu ditangani, seperti mana dakwa Anwar ia bermotif politik, memberi induksi jelas bahawa Anwar akan direhatkan dalam penjara sekali lagi. Ada yang mengatakan lima tahun atau lebih. Pihak pendakwa telah memohon mahkamah menambah hukum ke atas Anwar. Anwar dikenakan lima tahun penjara oleh Mahkamah Rayuan pada Mac tahun lalu.

Sebelum itu Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur telah membebas dan melepaskan Anwar daripada dakwaan liwat yang dikenakan terhadapnya mengikut Seksyen 377B Kanun Keseksaan yang boleh membawa hukuman 20 tahun penjara.

Mengenai rayuan ini, Anwar mengambil sikap optimis dan yakin dia akan bebas. Ini berdasarkan kepada fakta perbicaraan dan undang-undang tidak ada seorang pun pakar baik dalam negara maupun luar boleh pertikaikan keputusan untuk membebaskannya. Anwar begitu yakin dengan apa yang berlaku kelak. Memang seorang yang telah dijatuhi hukuman bersalah akan mempertahankan dirinya ke titik peluh terakhir. Bukan sahaja Anwar orang lain juga.

Dalam teka teki ini saya ada pandangan dan firasat tersendiri mengenai nasib Anwar Ibrahim penghujung bulan ini. 

Jika diperhatikan dari awal bahawa kes liwat itu sama ada berlaku atau tidak, ia adalah sebuah pelan politik yang dibuat sedemikian rupa. Sama ada benar Anwar meliwat atau beliau difitnah(?), tetapi kes itu bangun dan berkembang atas emosi dan bermotif politik. Ia satu tragedi yang diambil kesempatan baik oleh musuh politik Anwar untuk terus mengekangnya.

Beberapa persoalan disebalik kes itu boleh dipertikaikan. 

Nombor satunya ia dilayan demikian rupa kerana ia berlaku kepada Anwar Ibrahim sebagai ketua pembangkang dan seorang pemimpin yang boleh menggerakkan massa melakukan perubahan politik di negara ini. Sekiranya Anwar terhindar dari sifat dan kapasiti berkenaan mungkin kes itu disenyapkan atau dibuang seperti beberapa kes lain yang lebih besar dan mendapat perhatian dunia.

Ada kes-kes seumpama seperti dituduh kepada Anwar itu, tetapi ia tidak "digeger" dan gegak gumpitakan demikian rupa. Ada beberapa keanihan yang ada kepada kes Anwar ini. Misalnya pihak pendakwa mengemukakan rayuan apabila Mahkamah Tinggi melepaskan Anwar. Tetapi ada kes berprofil tinggi seperti kes pembunuhan Altantuya, Abdul Razak Baginda salah seorang yang dituduh telah dibebaskan dan pendakwa tidak membuat rayuan.

Jadi apabila kes Anwar ini walaupun beliau sudah dibebas dan dilepaskan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi antara alasannya meragui integriti sample yang dikemukakan, namun ia dilanjutkan. Pendakwa bukan sahaja terus membuat rayuan, tetapi pihak pendakwa mengambil Peguam Kanan Muhammad Shafei Abdullah pula untuk mengetahui pasukan pendakwa raya. Pengambilan Shafei sebagai ketua pendakwa raya yang bukan dari kalangan pendakwa adalah pertama kali berlaku dan ini menimbulkan persoalan tujuannya.

Dua kepelikan itu menjelaskan bahawa kes Anwar ini diurus dengan begitu istimewa sekali. Melihat kepada kesungguhan ini ia memberi indikator kepada kita bahawa rayuan Anwar untuk mengekalkan keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi yang membebaskan beliau pada 9 Januari 2013 dari kes itu, akan gagal.

Selain senario itu memberi petunjuk Anwar akan gagal dalam rayuan untuk membebaskan dirinya, senario lain boleh dilihat ia seperti dirasai sendiri oleh Anwar apa yang akan berlaku. Hari ini Anwar sudah menjelajah ke seluruh negeri kecuali Kelantan dalam kempen mencari semangat dan kekuatan baru untuk dirinya dan juga partinya. Program apa dinamakan "Rakyat Hakim Negara" sudah digerakkan sejak beberapa hari lalu. Baca seterusnya...

Adakah aku dapat lihat cucuku membesar...


24 October 2014

Teliti semula perjanjian air Selangor-Putrajaya jika hanya menguntungkan kroni2 UMNO...

Anwar Ibrahim menasihati Menteri Besar Selangor Azmin Ali supaya tidak menerima seadanya perjanjian air kontroversi negeri itu, sekiranya benar ia hanya menguntungkan sesetengah pihak sahaja.

Anwar yang juga MP Permatang Pauh berkata Azmin secara konsisten mahu memastikan perjanjian itu lebih telus.

"Saya pasti akan menasihatkan beliau (Azmin) untuk meneliti sekiranya perjanjian itu berat sebelah, maka tidak boleh meneruskan (untuk menerimanya) tanpa persoalan.

"Siapa yang mendapat untung? Saya tidak peduli sekiranya mereka berpangkat lebih tinggi tapi jika ia menyebabkan rakyat membayar lebih, saya fikir kita harus meneliti semula (perjanjian).

"Saya memandang berat isu ini dan saya tahu ini salah satu sebab beberapa orang yang berpangkat tinggi bermasalah dengan saya.

"Ia bukan peribadi tetapi jika anda 'bermain' dengan (terma) perjanjian, anda mengaut keuntungan dan anda hukum rakyat untuk membayarnya," kata beliau dalam wawancara dengan Malaysiakini.

Semalam The Star melaporkan Azmin sebagai berkata beliau tidak akan menarik perjanjian antara kerajaan negeri dan pusat itu untuk memastikan bekalan air yang efisien dan berkualiti di negeri itu.- mk

Re-look water deal if it benefits select few...

Anwar Ibrahim is advising Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali not to just accept the controversial water deal as it is, if it benefits a select few.

Anwar, who is also the Permatang Pauh MP, said Azmin has consistently insisted on making the deal more transparent.

“I would certainly advise him to look (and) if the agreement is flawed, then he should not continue (to accept it) without question.

“Who are the beneficiaries? I do not care who are the higher-ups but if you take it out on the people and as a result, the people have to pay more, then I think we have to re-look it.

“I take a very strong view of that and I know that this is one of the reasons some people very high up have an issue against me.

"It is not personal but, you know, the water deal, you play around with it, you amass this amount of profit and you have to punish the people to pay,” he said in an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini.

Azmin was reported in The Star yesterday saying he would not revoke the agreement between the federal and state governments to ensure an efficient and quality water supply in the state.

“I am not going to revoke it. I want the exercise to be completed as soon as possible so the people can have enough water in the future,” the one-month-old MB was quoted as saying. - mk

Prison 'gayong' as shocking as 'black eye'

Beberapa ahli bomba memeriksa kereta yang dibom oleh seorang lelaki menunggang motosikal di Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, hari ini. Polis masih menyiasat motif kejadian dan rakaman CCTV diambil untuk dianalisis bagi mengesan suspek.– Gambar The Malaysian Insider, 24 Oktober, 2014.
Kereta kontraktor dibom dekat rumahnya.Baca sini dan sini


23 October 2014

Lawak diwali dari Pekasa...

Angin siklon kerana maksiat berleluasa...

PERKASA Selangor membangkitkan kemungkinan bahawa kejadian angin puting beliung di beberapa kawasan baru-baru ini dengan kegiatan maksiat yang didakwa berleluasa di negara ini.

Dalam satu kenyataan di Facebook semalam, NGO pro-Melayu itu turut mengaitkannya dengan pesta arak Oktoberfest dan acara mempromosi umat Islam menyentuh anjing.

"Apakah yang membuatkan (angin) puting beliung ini berminat untuk menjengah negara kita yang selama ini tidak pernah diminati dan jauh sekali untuk singgah.

“Sebelum ini kita hanya mendengar ianya sering mengunjungi Laut Cina Selatan, kalau singgah pun ke negara Filipina dan negara Vietnam.

"Apakah kerana adanya kemaksiatan yang berleluasa seperti pusat judi, pelacuran, pesta arak dan pesta memegang anjing antara menjadikan daya penarik?,” kenyataan itu dipetik.

Kenyataan itu merujuk kepada program kontroversi 'Saya Mahu Sentuh Anjing', Ahad lalu yang mencetus kemarahan di kalangan masyarakat Islam konservatif.

Pesta arak Oktoberfest yang dimaksudkan itu pula merujuk kepada acara minum bir selama tiga hari anjuran Carlsberg Malaysia, bermula 11 Oktober yang turut dihadiri sekumpulan pemimpin bukan Islam dari Pakatan Rakyat.

Pesta arak tersebut menerima kritikan kerana penganjurannya didakwa tidak menghormati sensitiviti umat Islam.

PERKASA Selangor mengaitkannya dengan angin puting beliung yang membadai Pendang, Kedah pada 14 Oktober lalu sehingga merosakkan lapan buah rumah serta dan menumbanggkan beberapa batang pokok.

Seminggu kemudian, satu lagi kejadian angin puting beliung melanda Pandamaran, Klang yang merosakkan 30 buah rumah.

Menurut Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia, kejadian yang jarang berlaku itu antara lainnya disebabkan beberapa faktor termasuk kelembapan udara yang tinggi, kepekatan udara pada tahap yang rendah serta keadaan cuaca yang tidak stabil. - mk

My Opinion - Sessunguhnya janganlah kamu sengaja menyentuh anjing, najis atau minuman keras kerana ia akan membawa celakaan semulajadi seperti ribut, angin kencang dan taufan - Perkasa 6 ayat 7. 

Neowizard Hatter - Kalau betul apa yg disuarakan oleh si katak ini maka kita mohon agar puting beliung ini akan terus menuju ke Genting Highland dan waktu tu kita lihat si katak akan spin sampai terlondeh kain pelikatnya.

Perkasa: Tornadoes due to 'dog patting' and vices...

The recent series of rarely seen tornadoes in the country has left people scratching their heads but Selangor Perkasa appears to have an explanation.

The right-wing group, in a Facebook posting yesterday raised the possibility that the recent phenomenon may be related to vices in the country which it says, includes a 'dog patting' event for Muslims and a beer festival.

"Could it have something to do with the widespread vices such as gambling centres, prostitution, beer festival and dog patting festival which have become an attraction (for tornadoes)," said the ethnocentric group.

The NGO said this phenomenon did not happen in the past and appear to have only come about recently.

"What is making these tornadoes to be interested in coming to this country when all this while it had never been interested to do so.

"In the past, we only hear it visiting the South China Sea and even if it does 'visit', it would be to Vietnam or the Philippines," it said.

Perkasa was referring to an event dubbed 'I Want to Touch a Dog' last Sunday at a park in Kuala Lumpur, aimed at breaking the taboo among Muslims about coming in contact with dogs.

The event was well-attended – with Muslims making up the majority of the 1,000-strong crowd – but has sparked outrage among conservatives.

Earlier this month, nation-wide events to mark the Oktoberfest beer festival too had drawn criticism from conservatives, insisting that it disrespected Muslims sensitivities.

Malaysians were taken by surprise when a tornado struck Pendang, Kedah, on Oct 14, damaging eight houses and uprooting several trees.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET) confirmed the rare incident which it attributed to these factors - high humidity, concentration of air at low levels, and the unstable atmosphere.

A week later, a freak storm struck Pandamaran, Klang, damaging 30 homes, which some media reports have described as a "small tornado".

However, the MET described that incident as a "large-scale storm" due to the formation of high intensity clouds. - mk

true - Tornadoes due to the sins of corruption, abuse of power, selective prosecution against critics, persecution of citizens, racism, etc. disgusting acts by people in high places. Justice seems to elude them, that's why God's wrath struck this soil. For heaven sake, wake up please.

Anonymous_ABG - God created humans and animals including dogs and pigs.The recent tornadoes are due to showing of ALLAH's anger to the people for voting UMNO/BN into power Let this be a warning.

JomUbahUbah  - All these tornadoes are cause by the racist comments of pro UMNO PERKASA leaders and the the vices of corrupt UMNO and BN like corruption.

Ah Hoe  - it's a weather phenomena known as "Sumatras" which occur around this time of the year - every Malaysian meteorologist and Malaysian pilot know about it.

Telestai!  - Wrong. The tornadoes and the two MAS mishaps are divine messages to Malaysian politicians to stop the blatant corruption, abuse of power and race and religious baiting. Ignore these messages and more disasters will befall.


Sentuh anjing haram,rasuah,sebar gambar,video lucah tak haram...

Nampaknya ulama dan agamawan kita lebih takut apabila Melayu menyentuh anjing, bila berbuat demikian tandanya kita tidak berakhlak atau sudah mencemari kesucian agama Islam.

Saya tidak tahu atau tidak nampak bagaimana kalau dengan menyentuh anjing, akhlak atau iman saya tergugat.

Semua orang mengetahui mengenai isu penyebaran gambar dan video lucah, tidak kisah ia membabitkan rakyat biasa, ahli politik atau artis.

Baru-baru ini kita mengetahui tentang gambar intim ahli politik lawan yang sudah tersebar, sama ada palsu atau tidak gambar tersebut ia belum disahkan.

Ini bukan kali pertama gambar atau video lucah tersebar, sebelum ini pemerintah pun pernah menggunakan modal sama menggunakan video lucah ini dalam berkempen pilihan raya. Lebih melucukan, seluar dalam juga dijadikan bahan kempen.

Lebih teruk sekali, ada satu ketika itu dimana akhbar berbahasa Melayu meletakkan gambar lucah di muka depan akhbar mereka. Tidak pula ulama atau agamawan ini tampil ke depan.

Itu sudah cukup melambangkan tahap dan kelas orang Melayu kita berkempen, jadi tidak hairan dalam isu menyentuh anjing ini kita boleh lihat ulama atau agamawan ini meloncat.

Daripada sibuk untuk menjatuhkan hukum halal dan haram kepada seseorang, lebih baik sekiranya ulama dan agamawan ini menjelaskan bagaimana dan mengapa menyentuh anjing ini haram?

Adakah si penyentuh anjing tersebut mencuri, adakah bila menyentuh anjing saya akan mengambil wang rasuah, adakah bila saya menyentuh anjing itu saya tidak bersembahyang atau adakah ulama dan agamawan lebih suka bercakap tentang perkara remeh-temeh begini.

Lebih lagi tidak masuk akal apabila ada ulama dan agamawan mengatakan sentuh anjing boleh bawa kepada penzinaan. Ini betul-betul hujah longkang, saya tidak faham apakah kaitannya.

Janganlah jadi seperti pepatah, "Gajah di depan mata tidak nampak".

Dalam isu gambar atau video lucah yang tersebar secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja, tidak pula ulama dan agamawan ini ke depan, alih-alih isu sentuh anjing juga dijadikan sasaran.

Bukanlah bertujuan untuk menyuruh orang Melayu menyentuh anjing, cuma saya mahu bangkitkan sedikit tentang golongan agamawan ini. Adil dan bijak berhujah dalam televisyen tidak sama dengan realiti.

Kalau diberikan peluang, saya juga mahu membela anjing, kalau boleh baka Rottweiler, bukan apa, cuma kerana banyak sangat peragut dan penyamun sekitar kawasan saya tinggal.

Lebih-lebih, banyaknya daripada orang Melayu dan Islam. Sekurang-kurangnya saya rasa selamat bila ada anjing di sisi, takkan saya nak harap agamawan ini yang bercakap sahaja lebih.

Mungkin mereka melabelkan anjing ini sebagai najis berat, tapi saya lihat lebih berat lagi najis yang dibuat oleh mereka dalam pentadbiran yang saban hari membocorkan wang rakyat yang membayar cukai.

Lebih baik sekiranya, ulama dan agamawan ini berbicara tentang najis berat ini. Atau ulama dan agamawan tidak melihat ini sebagai najis berat? Terserah kepada mereka.

Sempena perayaan cahaya atau Deepavali, saya berharap sangat ulama dan agamawan kita ini diberikan cahaya hidayah juga.- Md.Izwan,tmi

Haris n dog
Has Malaysia gone to the dogs...

So, is it haram to touch dogs?

In a Facebook posting, controversial former Perlis mufti Datuk Dr Asri Zainul Abidin says it is not haram to touch dogs.

Rebutting the views of other scholars, he said that forbidding someone to touch dogs because a dog is najis (filth) would make many professions and daily chores also forbidden to Muslims.

"If it is haram to touch najis, then it is also haram to touch one's own excrement or that of children or others in your care when cleaning them," he pointed out in his posting.

Asri added that, by logic, it would be forbidden "to do any work which involves najis, like cleaning toilets or dealing with blood or pus (both considered najis). The same can be said of veterinarians." 

Therefore, by this reasoning, the ruling that touching dogs is forbidden is "a shallow ruling. It is thus not forbidden to touch dogs," he asserted.

Possibility of a sedition charge?

Muslim scholars have said that it is forbidden to dirty oneself by touching najis wilfully.

The latest reports say that Jakim will investigate Sunday's event and question organiser Syed Azmi Alhabshi for his stirring up of Muslim sensitivities.

But going by this logic, Syed Azmi could even face a charge under the Sedition Act of 1948 as he had 'wilfully' stirred up the sensitivities of a particular religious group.

The situation is perhaps best described by one observer who put it astutely: "The world has gone to the dogs." - rakyattimes

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (centre) at deputy Penang chief minster II Prof P. Ramasamy's (right) Deepavali open house in Batu Kawan, Penang today. On the right is Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng. Anwar says today that Malaysians are still obsessed with how its multiracial fabric came to be. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, October 22, 2014.

Gov't must say no to 'pendatang' labels...

Anwar Ibrahim has condemned those who label others 'pendatang' (immigrants), saying such behaviour would be punished severely in other countries.

Anwar said he knows of a senator who was forced to resign for questioning the position of the African-Americans.

"It is time for us to look forward and give our children the space to feel they are truly a part of this nation, to be respected, and not questioned as these hurt people's feelings," Anwar said.

"I am a Malay and I do not say I am not proud of my race and history but do not say these things with the intention to insult others," said the Permatang Pauh MP.

"This is the problem. Why bring up the issue of immigrants? What is the issue?" he asked.

He was speaking during his visit to the Deepavali open house of Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy.

Anwar (right) urged Putrajaya to be firm and not just speak about multiracialism and rejecting extremism but not act against those who threaten the situation.

He pointed out that the extremists, including the groups they "outsource" to, actually support the government.

Still debating citizenship

He added that Malaysia is "unique" as it still debates basic issues of citizenship 57 years after it gained independence.

"In other democratic countries, citizenship is accepted as a fact and is undisputable.

"Why do we choose Bahasa Melayu as an official language? It is accepted by all. We can't dispute the origin of this," he added.

He was referring to a Johor Gerakan delegate Tan Lai Soon whose membership was suspended for saying that Malays are also ‘pendatang’.

Gerakan issued him a show-cause letter, insisting that Tan's remarks was not the party's stand.

In response, former information minister Zainuddin Maidin said that while it is true that Malays are also pendatang, they came first and established themselves as rulers.

Meanwhile, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (left) said that while action was taken against Tan, others who questioned the citizenship of others should be penalised as well.

"Don't just take action against one person and others who do the same are let off.

"Who first uttered the term 'pendatang'? We know who said it first as we have never brought up the subject.

"To us, everyone is a Malaysian. Let us move forward as Malaysians with a Malaysian spirit, this is what makes us special," he said.

No justification

Meanwhile, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang said there was no justification for any Malaysian to describe another Malaysian from a different ethnicity as 'pendatang'.

In a statement, the Gelang Patah MP said that this is especially so as the term is loaded in a "very derogatory, pejorative and even abusive sense".

"This is in fact questioning the citizenship rights of Malaysians, which is entrenched as one of the four sensitive rights in the constitution, whereby it becomes an automatic sedition offence to call for the withdrawal of a Malaysian's citizenship."

He also called on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to review BN's nation-building policies as Malaysians are not ready to call one another immigrants.

He said that this also signifies the failure of the 1Malaysia policy.

"Calling loyal, patriotic Malaysians born, bred and who will die in Malaysia as 'pendatang' must be condemned as a form of extremism which Najib had denounced in the United Nations and international forms since becoming prime minister," he said. - mk


22 October 2014

Uthayakumar imbas igauan di penjara Kajang...

Uthayakumar - Let me be the last jailed for sedition

P Uthayakumar memegang hujung berus gigi usang di jari telunjuk beliau dan menunjukkan bagaimana beliau memberus gigi di penjara.

Berus gigi itu sudah bertukar warna kepada perang, kotor dengan berusnya hampir tiada.

"Ia dikongsi oleh hampir lima banduan dalam satu penjara - biasanya lebih dari itu.

“Bila saya minta kepada warden, mereka kata tiada bajet untuk membeli berus gigi," kata Uthayakumar, yang mahu memberitahu segalanya mengenai pengalaman ketika menjadi banduan di Penjara Kajang.

Uthayakumar pernah mengalami pengalaman menjadi tahanan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri sebelum ini bersedia untuk pengalaman hampir sama ketika dijatuhkan hukuman di bawah Akta Hasutan.

Pengalaman tersebut menyedarkan beliau yang perkara sama tidak wajar dilalui oleh seteru politiknya sekalipun.

Sewaktu di penjara, Uthaya menulis beberapa surat dan diseludup melalui isteri dan peguamnya - untuk mengadu tentang keadaan penjara.

Beliau antaranya mendakwa warden penjara membenarkan tahanan muda yang dilantik sebagai 'jurulatih' untuk membuli tahanan lain.

Tahanan muda tersebut kemudiannya akan membalas 'keistimewaan' itu dengan mengurut warden-warden penjara secara percuma.

Pemimpin Hindraf ini dijatuhi hukuman penjara selama 30 bulan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur pada 5 Jun 2013.

Beliau didapati bersalah menuduh Putrajaya melakukan pembersihan etnik terhadap warganegara berketurunan India.

Pada 17 September tahun lalu, Mahkamah Rayuan mengekalkan keputusan hakim namun mengurangkan hukuman dari 30 bulan kepada 24 bulan.

Menurut Uthayakumar, beliau menghabiskan banyak masa di dalam penjara semata-mata untuk kekal waras.

Semangat aktivisme yang dibawanya bersama ke dalam penjara membantu beliau berbuat demikian.

Bezanya kata Uthayakumar, di dalam penjara, perjuangannya adalah untuk semua orang dan bukan orang India semata-mata.

"Dalam penjara, semua orang dilayan sama rata - sama rata buruknya.

"Dalam penjara ini memang ada semangat 1Malaysia. Ada kesamarataan untuk semua - dalam menerima layanan yang teruk," kata aktivis itu sewaktu diwawancara oleh Malaysiakini.

Perkara yang paling ditakuti oleh tahanan dalam penjara, kata Uthaya bukanlah herdik dan maki hamun oleh warden penjara atau kekasaran fizikal.

Mereka paling risau seandainya mereka jatuh sakit.- mk

Uthayakumar - 5 inmates share a toothbrush
Uthaya recounts horrors of a Malaysian prison...

P Uthayakumar showed what is an end of a much worn toothbrush on his index finger and demonstrated how to brush his teeth. It was brown, soiled, and the bristles were almost gone.

“This is shared by almost five of the prisoners in a cell - usually there are more. When I asked the wardens, they said it is because there is no budget for toothbrushes,” said Uthayakumar, who is bent on telling all about his imprisonment in Kajang prison.

Uthayakumar was sentenced to prison for sedition, but little was he prepared for what was to come.

He had served time under the now defunct Internal Security Act and thought it might be similar.

Now, after surviving his term in Kajang prison, he said it is something he would not even wish upon his worst enemy.

While in prison itself, Uthayakumar had written many complaints of his prison conditions in smuggled letters through his wife and lawyers.

The Hindraf leader was sentenced to 30 months’ jail by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on June 5, 2013, after accusing Putrajaya of genocide against ethnic Indians.

The Court of Appeal on Sept 17 upheld Uthayakumar’s sentence but commuted the punishment from 30 months to 24 months. He was released last Oct 3.

Uthayakumar, a lawyer famed for having galvanised the Hindraf movement which brought tens of thousands of Indian Malaysians to a rally in 2007 demanding for their rights, said it was all he could do to keep his sanity while in prison.

He said the one thing that he did not leave behind when he entered prison was his activism - the only difference being that he spoke up for all races in prison, not only for Indian Malaysians, as he was wont to do outside.

“In prison, all are treated equally - equally badly. There’s really 1Malaysia in prison. There is equality for all.

“In prison, it doesn’t matter, you get equal treatment and you get the same food,” said the activist in an interview with Malaysiakini.

He admitted that this is contrary to deaths in police custody as well as deaths by police shooting, in which he had all the while claimed victims were mostly Indian Malaysians.

He explained that even during roll calls, which was several times a day and called ‘muster’, everybody got punished equally.

“There are no special privileges for anybody. And the natural reaction is that we are all in it together.”

‘Doctor checks from six feet away’

Uthayakumar said much is needed to better the conditions of the Kajang prison for men, especially when it came to medical care.

“What I feared most while in prison was that I would fall ill.”

His eyes glistened with tears when he spoke about the predicament of a fellow inmate.

‘The inmate had hepatitis C but the prison wardens said there was nothing wrong with him. One night, I saw him sitting on his bed, with a helpless look on his face.

“The next morning, he died, and I saw a prison officer erasing his name from the white board.

“I told the prisoner next to me, with that erasing, all the records of him having died in prison, are gone,’ he said.

Uthayakumar said for every ailment, the medication is the ‘KK’ pills - plain paracetamol.

“And the doctor checks you from six feet away, without touching you,” said Uthayakumar, who said he was usually appointed the spokesperson by his fellow inmates to speak to the wardens.

He said he had to be very careful and be at his utmost politeness while choosing the least strict of the wardens to ask for sickly fellow inmates to be given medical care.

He said his fellow inmates, before he left, lamented that in his absence, no one would speak up for them now.

Uthayakumar, however, said that he survived being sardine-packed in cells by keeping a journal, which at times was checked upon. They even took away his pencils and then he was moved on from one block to another.

Despite the ordeal, he said other prisoners had it worse.

He claimed that prisoners were persecuted on a daily basis and no one could answer the wardens, who struck fear with their violence and shouts.

He said inmates were treated like “mere slaves”; being beaten up, shouted at and ill-treated.

Despite that, the inmates stuck together for fear of the wardens.

He related how he witnessed inmates of different races helping each other - a Malay helping out a Chinese, or even of a Malay inmate cleaning up a paralysed Indian inmate every time the latter answered the call of nature, to the extent of using his fingers to ease the bowels of the latter.- mk 

Saari to launch ‘manual for political prisoners’...

What is it like to be interrogated round-the-clock for a marathon 44 hours in the infamous Kamunting detention centre? And what should you do or say?

These are the questions answered in the book by PAS man and former Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee Saari Sungib.

In his preface, fellow ex-ISA detainee Syed Husin Ali said the book ‘Derita Penjara Tanpa Bicara: Kisah Kekejaman Akta Zalim’ (Detention Without Trial: The Ugly Side of the Draconian Law) is a “manual” on how to survive imprisonment without trial.

The author of the book, which will be launched by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim at the MBPJ Dewan Sivik on Monday, agrees.

According to Saari (right), the book is written to provide a comprehensive guide for political prisoners.

Relating his own experience as an ISA detainee, Saari, who is now second-term Hulu Kelang assemblyperson, said that in the Kamunting prison, there is every effort to break one’s spirit.

“The detainee will first experience the trauma of being a detainee. The charges will be the most illogical charges against you, the very crimes that you have never committed.

“The investigating officers will do their role play using the hard and soft approaches,” he explains.

Saari was accused of holding a secret meeting with several other activists at a secret place to topple the government.

“When I looked back at my diary, the meeting was nothing but an urging for clean and fair elections, and it was a public meeting held at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall,” Saari recalls.

“The occasion was published all over the place as a forum titled, ‘Pilihanraya atau Pilih Jalanraya’ (Election or street protest). What is so secretive about it!”

‘Good cop, bad cop’

One of the tactics that the Special Branch officers often used with Saari was to say: “We arrested you in order to save you from being used by Anwar (Ibrahim).”

The investigating officers would then praise him for his achievements in organising more than 100,000 peaceful demonstrators to Jalan Kebun and the Kesas Highway.

Such peaceful assemblies were organised by the Reformasi committee led by Saari every month from December 2000 through April 2001 during the Reformasi era.

But the officers will not always be full of praise.

“One investigating officer will be brutal, shouting, screaming and even using abusive words, and in some cases, they use force or other forms of torture.

“After you are worn out, another seemingly gentlemanly investigating officer will come in, and talk good things.

“Never fall into the trap of trusting the second investigating officer. It’s all part of the tactics used worldwide, be it in Guantanamo or Kamunting.”

There are a lot of abuses of human rights in the Kamunting prison system, Saari shares.

“They will make you feel like a criminal and make things difficult for you and your family members,” he says.

“As a result, a number of people have been neutralised. Amongst those who were detained alongside with me during the early years of Reformasi, half have been turned over.”

Mental torture

Beyond interrogation, Saari also speaks of the mental torture of being cooped up in Kamunting.

“In prison, there is nothing but concrete walls and the lights are on 24 hours a day. At times it was difficult for me to know whether it was night or day.

“The worst experience is having to be incarcerated in the cell alone with no one else with you.”

When he was released, “the sky appeared much bluer and the hills and the trees looking so much greener”.

Saari was detained twice under ISA during Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s era - once in 1998 and again in April 2001 when he was held for two years until June 2003.

Others incarcerated with him were Batu MP Tian Chua, PKR leader Badrulaman Bahron and activist Hishamuddin Rais activist and Badaruddin Ismail, better known as Pak Din Reformasi.

Those dark days in Kamunting have also been an endless source of material for Saari.

It was then that he painstakingly penned eight volumes under major title of ‘Suara dari Kamunting’ (Voice from Kamunting).

He later published another book ‘Sengsara Kem Kamunting’ (Suffering in Kamunting Camp) on the first year at the detention centre, while another book ‘Jejak Jejari Besi’ (Trail of Iron Bars) is in the works.

“I believe in political activism,” he says.

“I made it a point to put everything I could remember about the interrogation process in writing.

“As an activist, I made everything transparent and published the stories for all to read. There is nothing to hide.” - mk


Diwali, Isu kpg. di P.Pinang & Chong Wei gagal ujian dadah...

Pulau Pinang ada 55 buah kampung bakal dilanda pembangunan...

Bendahari PAS Pulau Pinang, Iszuree Ibrahim kini telah berdiam diri setelah menimbulkan kontroversi beberapa minggu yang lalu, apabila beliau dilaporkan menuduh kerajaan pimpinan DAP Pulau Pinang sebagai terlalu akrab dengan pemaju-pemaju, sehingga mengabaikan nasib penduduk setinggan.

Namun Iszuree menyatakan bahawa ucapannya itu pada muktamar tahunan PAS, telah dilaporkan secara tidak tepat.

Apa yang mencetuskannya adalah dia dilaporkan mendakwa bahawa kerajaan negeri itu pro-pemaju, apabila ia melibatkan pembangunan.

Dan dasar-dasarnya tidak lebih baik daripada dasar-dasar Barisan Nasional yang menguasai Pulau Mutiara itu sejak 55 tahun sebelum itu.

Apabila masalah itu seolah-olah makin menyebabkan keruncingan di antara PAS dan kerajaan pimpinan DAP itu, kini jalan buntu muncul – sikap berdiam diri secara elegan.

Atau mungkin ianya tenang sebelum ribut.

Kerana kenyataannya, Iszuree telah dilucutkan dari jawatan jawatankuasanya sebagai ahli Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang.

Kampung Melayu Batu Uban

Tetapi tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa beliau telah kembali mengenengahkan isu setinggan di negeri yang memiliki tanah yang terhad itu.

Bagi mempertahankan dirinya, Iszuree juga menyatakan kepada hadirin yang menghadiri sebuah ceramah PAS baru-baru ini bahawa "mereka yang berkuasa perlu lebih mendengar rakyat.” 

Sentimen yang diucapkan Iszuree ini turut dikongsi sesetengah pihak di sini.

Beliau mungkin benar bahawa pemimpin-pemimpin perlu lebih banyak mendengar dan bukan hanya mengajar, dan yang kedua, nasib setinggan perlu diteliti semula di seluruh negara.

Dan ia perlu dilakukan dengan bantuan daripada kerajaan persekutuan.

Para pemimpin-pemimpin kita mesti mengetahui bahawa satu-satunya cara untuk kekal berada di atas adalah untuk memastikan bahawa mereka yang di bawah, berada kukuh di sebalik mereka.

Oleh itu, mereka perlu berusaha keras untuk memenuhi keperluan mereka yang berada di bawah, ramai daripada mereka adalah penduduk kampung yang telah diklasifikasikan sebagai setinggan, tetapi mereka mempunyai hak untuk mendapat perlindungan. 

Pada kiraan terakhir, Umno Pulau Pinang mendakwa bahawa terdapat kira-kira 55 buah kampung di negeri ini yang bakal dilanda pembangunan, dan apabila dan jika ini berlaku, akan berlakunya ledakan setinggan.

Kira-kira 7,000 buah keluarga bakal menjadi mangsa – kira-kira 35,000 orang penduduk setinggan di negeri ini.

UMNO mungkin membesar-besarkan angka ini, mungkin demi kepentingan politik, tetapi Pulau Pinang mempunyai jumlah setinggan yang tinggi.

Kampung Melayu Tanjong Tokong

Isu setinggan tertua yang diketahui adalah di Tanjong Tokong, yang dahulunya merupakan sebuah kampung nelayan di sini.

Realitinya adalah penduduk setinggan tidak berada dalam kedudukan yang sesuai untuk keluar dari rumah-rumah yang nenek moyang mereka telah bina. Dan jika adanya pampasan, ia perlu adil dengan mengambil kira status kewangan mereka yang bakal diusir.

Pemimpin yang tergesa-gesa dalam memerintah cenderung mengabaikan seni mendengarkan, terutamanya ketika mereka sedang dibebani dengan isu-isu.

Peguam-peguam Yusmadi Yusoff, Jason Ong Khan Lee dan S Raveentharan, kesemuanya mempunyai kes-kes yang melibatkan setinggan.

Mereka juga mempunyai suatu persamaan lain – kesemua mereka adalah bekas wakil rakyat PKR. 

Mereka menyeru supaya adanya semakan semula terhadap Kanun Tanah Negara yang menguruskan perjanjian tanah, termasuk yang memberi kesan terhadap koloni-koloni setinggan; untuk mencari keseimbangan antara keperluan pembangunan dan keperluan untuk memelihara kampung-kampung tradisional.

Kita berharap supaya pemimpin-pemimpin, yang mempunyai kuasa untuk mengubah keadaan, sedang mendengar. - Ian McIntyre,theantdaily

Time for a re-look into the plight of squatters

Citernya sini dan sini 

<i>Illustration: John Shakespeare</i>