29 April 2015

Sirul told to ‘shut up’ by UMNO-connected legal team...

sirul told to shut up
Who Is Paying For Sirul’s UMNO-Connected Legal Team...

After three and a half months of being holed up in the high security wing of a Sydney immigration detention centre very little has actually happened regarding the case of Sirul Azhar Umar, the bodyguard convicted of the murder of Altantuya Shaaribbuu.

Sirul was arrested while still on a perfectly valid Australian visa, having entered as a free man, following his earlier acquittal by the Malaysian Appeal Court.

After the Federal Court reversed that acquittal, a warrant was issued for his arrest and it has been expected there will be a request for his extradition back to Malaysia.

It was obvious that immediate applications should then have been made to fight such extradition on the basis that Sirul now faces the death penalty in Malaysia.

Australia does not return migrants if they are facing a death penalty.

Yet stunningly slow progress appears to have been made by Sirul’s Malaysia based legal team to support his position and the Malaysian Government has also acted paralysed about what to do.

However, after months of inaction, they suddenly sprang into life just the week before last, immediately after it was made public that Sirul’s anxious mother had sought advice from Dr Mahathir.

Sudden action in Sydney

Sarawak Report has visited Sydney and learnt that within days of the news of that meeting the two Malaysian lawyers, who are representing Sirul suddenly appeared at the Villawood detention centre on Wednesday and Thursday, 15/16th April to see Sirul, after a gap of several weeks.

“They told him to shut up” a person close to the situation has informed. “He was told not to speak to any media and not to speak to anyone associated with Dr Mahathir or his chance of a protection visa [leave to stay] will be in danger. They have advised him that he needs to keep his mouth shut or he may incriminate himself, even though he is already incriminated.”

Sure enough, visitors sent by Sirul’s family the same week, were turned away from seeing the detainee. He had previously consented to see these visitors, so presumably he was acting on his lawyers’ demands.

Local sources have also said that even his own family members have been told by these same Malaysian lawyers not to visit him either, causing them to cancel a planned trip this week to comfort him in Australia.

These developments coincided with a series of media announcements back in Malaysia from his legal team.

On April 12th his Malay barrister told the press that Sirul wanted “supporters and critics to stop speaking for him“.

The same team of lawyers have publicly confirmed they have “gagged” Sirul – advising him not to speak to anyone further on the ground it could jeopardise the outcome of the proceedings of his case.

Even the Inspector General of Police and his department have been barred, acknowledged Sirul’s barrister, who astonishingly implied the police had lied about sending a team to Australia to investigate.

However, a person who has communicated with the detainee, suggests he has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress on the part of his own lawyers:

“They are doing nothing, just telling him to wait, wait, wait and not to see outside people. I have a strong suspicion that Sirul has been paid to keep his mouth shut and if he breaks that there is a heavy penalty. Somebody, somewhere will pay.  Something that is dear to him is being held to ransom if he opens his mouth”,  the contact said. They  also observed that Sirul’s son is being looked after in Australia, financed by an unknown source.

Who Is Paying For Sirul’s UMNO-Connected Legal Team?

So, who is paying?

Which brings us to a question that surprisingly few people seem to have asked openly in this case. 

 Who is paying Sirul’s lawyers and why have they not declared openly, who is their financial backer in managing Sirul’s expensive defence costs?

Because, the identities of the lawyers concerned are truly surprising given the circumstances of Sirul’s case.

Sirul’s solicitor is Hasnal Rezua Merican and his barrister is Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin.

Merican is none other than an UMNO Youth division leader.

As for Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, Sarawak Report notes that just this February he was dignified with a Federal Datuk title, designated by the Federal authorities.

Datuk Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin "of UMNO Headquarters" according to official news agency Bernama

The official notice of this honour described his professional background merely in terms of his being “of UMNO Headquarters”!

Why would Sirul be relying on a legal team so wedded to and indeed employed by the ruling UMNO party, which is chaired and controlled by the present Prime Minister, who is a man deeply implicated in this case?

Sirul has repeatedly burst out in court and elsewhere with the complaint that he was merely a lowly bodyguard, who had acted on the orders of his bosses.  He has said he was made a “scapegoat” since none of those bosses were tried or even required to give evidence in court.

Sirul’s ultimate boss was the Prime Minister Najib Razak, whose bodyguard he was at the time of the murder and who has been implicated in key testimony as being linked to the murdered woman.

So, therefore it is plain that the interests of the Prime Minister and of UMNO do not at all coincide with Sirul’s interests.

Because, whilst UMNO’s interest is to continue to keep the lid on this case and restrict the blame to the most lowly people involved, Sirul’s interest is to widen the blame, in order to mitigate the circumstances of his own crime.

Indeed, the Appeal Court’s earlier dismissal of Sirul and Azilah’s original convictions was based on the grounds that the original trial had been plainly rigged against them and the prosecution had failed to bring crucial evidence before the court or establish a motive on the part of the two men.

This was indeed true and had been widely criticised at the time as representing the most momentous form of cover-up imaginable:

So, since Sirul’s interests definitely do not coincide with UMNO or its Chairman, the Prime Minister, how can it not be the case that these two UMNO lawyers are encumbered by a massive conflict of interest in agreeing to represent him?

According to one senior member of the bar:

“After the Federal Court conviction, Kamarul said to the press that there was never any motive proved behind his client’s crime.

Oh Really?  Did this just occur to you?

Why hadn’t you brought this up at the trial?

You didn’t even allow your client to give evidence on oath in his defence.

Why? What is the point of a very lengthy written excuse read from the dock which basically denied everything (what little thereof) of the prosecution’s case in Court.

He was never allowed to say why he did it.”  [defence lawyer Americk Sidhu]

All about protecting Najib?

The judge and the prosecution team were also ham-fistedly replaced in the early stages of the trial, leaving a widespread impression that the entire process was being rigged to protect the VIPs who were known to be linked to Altantuya.

And it is this team of lawyers who have ‘loyally’ continued to ‘manage Sirul’s defence’ through this latest crisis in the case, which continues to threaten to derail the reputation of the most powerful man in Malaysia.

As one observer close to case told Sarawak Report:

“I conclude Sirul’s lawyers are trying to protect Najib.  They are trying to silence Sirul. It is quite clear they have a conflict of interest and are more biased to protecting the powers that be and indeed the instigators of the murder than their client, the defendant.  There are questions that ought to have been raised even post conviction, but their silence shows they don’t want the issue to re-surface.  They know their client did not have full procedural fairness at the trial – so they should at least have moved to mitigate the culpability from murder to manslaughter.  But, they have not tried.  They did not pursue the question of motive in the original trial and even in the subsequent trial the issue was never raised.  They dismissed motive as an issue.  They did not pursue it. They acquiesced in that, which is clearly not normal for a criminal trial.”

Sirul is now relying on his Australian legal team to submit an application to fight his extradition to Malaysia on the grounds of granting a “Protection Visa” against the prospect of the death sentence awaiting him if he returns to Malaysia.

Those close to him say that he is distraught that he has been left to take the blame for carrying out orders as he had been trained to do – even of the most extreme nature as the bodyguard protecting the safety of a head of state.

“He was trained to pull the trigger and not to question orders relating to the security of the state. He was not the recipient of the direct order and the people who got this direct order are all sitting comfortably in Malaysia. The DSP has been promoted and given a Datukship and moved to a desk job and no one is trying to ask them anything. Rather, they are after the foot-soldiers at the bottom” says one person who has spoken to Sirul about his plight.

Sirul’s Australian legal team are now believed to be starting to apply (belatedly) for a ‘Protection Visa’ to enable him to stay in Australia in order to avoid the death sentence that awaits him in Malaysia.

If he is awarded the visa, will he be pressured into a bond of continuing silence as he continues to sit in an Australian jail facing life imprisonment for murder – if so, is that the best deal that Sirul can really get as his fellow ‘scapegoat’ is silenced in a different way back home? - sarawak report

Read full report here...

1MDB: Kenapa Najib terus berdiam diri...

Sikap Perdana Menteri Najib Razak yang terus berdiam diri selain tindak-tanduk pihak polis dalam skandal dana 1MDB menyebabkan hilangnya keyakinan rakyat terhadap institusi kerajaan.

Hal ini dibangkitkan Setiausaha Publisiti Kebangsaan DAP Tony Pua apabila Najib selaku Menteri Kewangan sekaligus Pengerusi Badan Penasihat 1MDB memilih untuk tidak mahu menjawab isu-isu yang terus dibongkar portal berita The Sarawak Report.

“Najib sebenarnya boleh sahaja memberitahu negara sama ada mengesahkan atau menafikan bahawa pihak-pihak berkait Jho Low telah terlibat menggelapkan dana-dana 1MDB.

“Najib sepatutnya boleh jawab, pastinya beliau mempunyai akses terhadap setiap transaksi kewangan yang telah dibongkar Sarawak Report. Jika Sarawak Report mengarut, saya pasti Najib boleh kemukakan bukti untuk menafikan kredibiliti laman portal itu,” tegas Tony.

Namun, menurut Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara itu Najib memilih untuk mengelak daripada menjawab, justeru menyebabkan rakyat tidak ada pilihan lain melainkan mempercayai setiap dakwaan Sarawak Report.

Tony turut menambah bahawa sikap berdiam diri Najib itu juga turut memberi kesan kepada institusi PDRM.

“Rakyat bukan saja sudah hilang keyakinan kepada PM, kita juga hilang keyakinan dengan PDRM kerana tidak menjalankan siasatan segera terhadap rompakan paling besar dalam sejarah negara ini.

“Bukti Jho Low terlibat dalam 1MDB sudah banyak, tetapi Ketua Polis Negara langsung tidak mahu untuk sekurang-kurangnya berjumpa Jho Low, sekalipun tidak mengeluarkan waran tangkap ke atas beliau.

“Dan pastilah sikap diam diri Najib terhadap isu ini hanya semakin menjatuhkan mutu kompeten Najib sebagai PM sekaligus Menteri Kewangan di samping menunjukkan adanya kaitan beliau dengan skandal mega itu,” jelas Tony lagi sambil mendakwa bahawa Perdana Menteri sedang cuba berlengah-lengah demi melindungi Jho Low dan pihak-pihak yang terlibat. – Roketkini.com


28 April 2015

Bekas banduan kongsi pengalaman sedih Anwar di penjara...

Di sebalik tirai besi, tiada siapa menyangka, kehadiran Ketua Umum KEADILAN, Saudara Anwar Ibrahim membuka lembaran baharu kepada penghuni-penghuni Penjara Sungai Buloh.

Sulaiman Ajik, 49 yang baru dibebaskan selepas dipenjara enam bulan hadir ke pejabat Suara Keadilan berkongsi cerita dan pengalamannya bersama Anwar.

“Kali pertama melihat Anwar di dalam sel waktu itu, saya cukup sayu dan sedih. Tidak dapat digambarkan bila seorang pemimpin seperti beliau meringkuk di penjara dalam keadaan sedemikian rupa.

“Tapi beliau tidak mudah patah semangat. Dalam penjara pun, beliau selalu beri kata-kata semangat pada semua banduan-banduan lain,” kata Sulaiman menceritakan detik-detik awal ketika melihat sosok tubuh pemimpin berjiwa besar di hadapannya waktu itu.

Sulaiman(gambar,bawah) berkata, masa Anwar banyak dihabiskan dengan mentelaah buku agama dan membaca Al Quran. Malah Anwar juga mengimamkan lebih 300 jemaah banduan dan petugas-petugas penjara serta menyampaikan tazkirah seusai solat.


“Beliau langsung tidak menyentuh isu politik, semua pengisian adalah berbentuk nasihat dan bagaimana mahu menjadi manusia yang baik dan berguna kepada manusia.

“Tetapi yang menariknya apabila Anwar memberi tazkirah, para banduan seolah-olah terpaku dan sentiasa ternanti-nanti pada esoknya apa yang ingin Anwar sampaikan,” katanya yang tidak ralat gambarnya disiarkan Suara Keadilan.

Sulaiman dipenjarakan atas dakwaan memiliki barang curi selepas mendakwa dirinya diperdaya untuk membeli sebuah laptop daripada seorang pelajar.

Menceritakan pengalamannya lebih lanjut, Sulaiman berkata keadaan sel penjara sangat menyeksakan bagi individu seusia Anwar.Apatah lagi, bekas Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh itu turut menderita sakit belakang.

Mungkin selepas mendapat bantahan peguam, katanya, Anwar diberikan sebuah meja sebagai alas tempat tidur.

“Tetapi yang sedihnya hanya tilam nipis sebagai pengalas perbaringan. Untuk bantal pula atas inisiatif banduan-banduan yang lain yang mengumpulkan lipatan kain dan dimasukkan ke dalam sarung sebagai bantal untuk Anwar tidur,” ceritanya sayu.- Keadilan Daily


Kepada rakan-rakan Permatang Pauh, - dengan iringan doa agar usaha kita bersama diberkati Allah SWT.

Saya amat hargai dukungan dan doa selama ini. Insya Allah saya akan terus bersabar da perkuat tekad berjuang.

Negara kini bergelut dengan pelbagai tindakan kezaliman dan mendera rakyat dengan beban cukai termasuk GST.

Sekali lagi saya mohon sokongan saudara-saudara meminta Dr Wan Azizah Ismail mewakili keadilan dan Pakatan  Rakyat untuk meneruskan perjuangan menegakkan keadilan dan membela nasib rakyat.

27 APRIL 2015

'Suara dari penjara' untuk Wan Azizah...

 Tanpa jasadnya di Permatang Pauh, kehadiran Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tetap dirasai dengan kemunculan sekeping surat daripada beliau menggesa pengundi menyokong isterinya, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Melalui surat itu Anwar berkata, dia akan terus bersabar menghadapi nasibnya yang kini dipenjara di Sungai Buloh.

“Insha-Allah, saya akan terus bersabar dan perkuat tekad berjuang (dalam menghadapi lima tahun penjara)," katanya.

Menurut bekas timbalan perdana menteri itu negara kini "bergelut dengan pelbagai tindakan kezaliman dan mendera rakyat" serta beban cukai termasuk GST.

“Sekali lagi saya mohon sokongan saudara-saudara memilih Dr Wan Aziah Ismail mewakili Pakatan Rakyat untuk meneruskan perjuangan menegak keadilan dan membela nasib rakyat,” katanya.

Anwar dilucutkan haknya sebagai ahli parlimen selepas disabitkan kesalahan di mahkamah.

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya menetapkan 7 Mei ini sebagai hari mengundi bagi memilih calon menggantikan Anwar.

Pakatan diwakili Wan Azizah yang juga Presiden PKR. Beliau dicabar tiga lagi calon, termasuk dari BN, Suhaimi Sabudin dan dua calon bebas.

Surat Anwar itu ditulisnya ketika menghadiri perbicaraan di Mahkamah Syariah Kuala Lumpur semalam. - mk

Support Azizah, Anwar pens letter for voters...

PKR de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has written a letter to voters in Permatang Pauh urging them to vote for his wife, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The parliament constituency in Penang will witness a by-election on May 7 after the seat was declared vacant following Anwar’s conviction and incarceration.

Wan Azizah will be facing Umno's Suhaimi Sabudin and two others in the contest.

Anwar, who wrote the letter when he attended the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court of Appeal proceedings yesterday, thanked the voters for supporting him in the past.

"Insya'allah (God willing) I would persevere (in facing the five-year jail term) and continue to fight on.

"The country is facing numerous tyrannical actions and the government is abusing the people, including the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

"I hope you would support Wan Azizah as the PKR and Pakatan Rakyat candidate to uphold justice and to represent you," he said.

Permatang Pauh is considered a stronghold of Anwar. He held the seat since 1982 until his first imprisonment in 1999.

In the 1999, 2004 and 2008 general elections, Wan Azizah stood in the seat.

She then resigned to pave the way for a by-election when Anwar’s five-year ban from active politics expired in July 2008.

Anwar won the by-election and defended the seat in the 2013 national polls.

The former opposition leader was found guilty by the Federal Court on Feb 10 with sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Yesteday, he was at the Syariah Court of Appeal to hear the decision on having senior lawyer Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar removed from representing Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Jamil Khir Baharom and two others, in his qazaf (bearing false witness) appeal.

Anwar has always maintained that the charge was fabricated by his political rivals but the government has denied this.- mk

Pengguna Internet bidas kempen siber BN Permatang Pauh 

PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail goes shopping at the Jimat mini mart in Penanti. – The Malaysian Insider pic, April 28, 2015.
Wan Azizah goes shopping to make a point about GST...

Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is Pakatan Rakyat's candidate for the Permatang Pauh by-election, took her campaign to a mini mart in Penanti to make a point about the goods and services tax (GST).

She spent about 30 minutes walking from aisle to aisle at the Jimat mini mart, looking at food and household items such as canned sardines, instant noodles and women's sanitary pads that are subjected to GST.

After cashing out the items she bought, which included various food stuff, household items and baby items, she told pressmen that for necessities over RM200, a family would have to pay RM11.23 for GST.

"I have many children and grandchildren too. I also go shopping for household items often. The GST will burden the people, especially the poor every time they need to buy their household items.

"If wealthy people like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad complains about the GST, then what about the ordinary citizens?" she said, in reference to the former prime minister's criticism against implementation of the consumption tax by the present administration under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Dr Wan Azizah said the GST was unfair to those in the low-income group, rubbishing claims that now everyone had to pay tax, adding that the people were being forced to pay for Putrajaya's mismanagement of the economy.

She said when her husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was deputy prime minister and finance minister in the 1990s until he was sacked in 1998, the national budget recorded surpluses.

"Now we see a deficit budget recorded every year. The nation's debt has hit a critical level," she said.

Asked if the GST was giving her an advantage in the by-election, Dr Wan Azizah said PR could also win on many other issues.

"There are more issues than the GST... like 'beli jet dan cuci rambut' (buying jet and washing or styling hair)," she said.

PKR's campaign is going with the tagline: "Demi Rakyat: Bantah GST, Tegakkan Keadilan" (For the people: oppose GST, uphold Justice) in its campaign. The GST is the Pakatan Rakyat coalition's number one issue.

PKR strategy director Sim Tze Tzin said the coalition had found the issue to be the main concern of the people during their house-to-house visits around the Permatang Pauh constituency so far.

He said what was amazing was they found that Barisan Nasional supporters were also concerned about GST, not only PR supporters and fence-sitters.

Meanwhile, BN leader Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the opposition was taking advantage of the situation and confusing the people.

The Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said there was a difference between the real impact of the GST and the actions of unscrupulous traders hiking up their prices.

He said it was true that Putrajaya must step up on its enforcement exercise but both sides of the political divide should also be united in standing up against irresponsible and profiteering traders.

"The people cannot just blame the government whenever a trader hikes up his prices. It cannot be simply the government's fault.

"If wantan mee is up RM1 or so, do you just blame the government? Flour is zero-rated but washing liquid is not, so that is another issue. Traders must explain if they hike up their prices beyond what is reasonable," he told reporters during a walkabout this morning at the Sama Gagah market, where he campaigned for BN's candidate Suhaimi Sabudin.

The MCA deputy president said the objective of the federal government was still to ensure the people do not suffer and that out of over 170 countries implementing GST, Malaysia was among the more caring ones with many items categorised as zero-rated. – tmi

BN’s Permatang Pauh cyber campaign draws flak from social media users 


1MDB - Skim himpun,samun & balun wang sepuas2nya...

Tua Kui Park Niaw Kui- Hantu Besar lawan Hantu Kecil...

Saya mendengar rakaman  ucapan Dr Mahathir di K Club Melawati. Saya harap rakaman tersebut adalah benar. Saya tidak ada disitu, kerana pihak penganjur seperti Ibrahim Ali tidak anggap saya sebagai Melayu. Pada dia Melayu itu UMNO dan UMNO itu Melayu. Sebab itu saya kata, Ibrahim Ali hanya proxy UMNO. Dan kepada Ibrahim Ali, Redhuan Tee itu Melayu dan saya bukan Melayu.

Dr Mahathir- kalau dia hendak selamatkan Malaysia, janganlah endorse yang terbaik dari yang terburuk- iaitu Muhyidin Yassin. Rekod Muhyidin Yassin semasa jadi MB Johore dahulu apa kurang nya. Dia belum jadi PM, jadi dia berbau wangi. Isteri dia belum isteri PM, juga berbau wangi macam mawar.Habis segala tanah dikatakan dijual oleh Muhydin kepada cukong2 dan pemaju Cina. Isteri dia pun suka Birkin Hermes.

Berapa kali saya sudah sebut hipokrasi pemimpin UMNO- suruh orang Melayu biasa bermusuh dengan orang Cina biasa, tapi semua pemimpin UMNO bersekatil dengan mereka melakukan bisness. Disebalik semua kejayaan pemimpin UMNO dalam bisness- tentu sekali ada apek cina.

Ini pun orang Melayu UMNO tak nampak.

Sepatutnya, Dr Mahathir kalau dia hendak selamatkan Malaysia elok mencadangkan seorang pemimpin yang dihormati oleh ramai pihak dan ada integrity. Sayang sekali yang ada integrity ialah orang UMNO sendiri yang Dr Mahathir semacam ada kebencian mendalam. Kalau betul nak selamatkan Malaysia, baik sahaja Dr. Mahathir endorse Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Walaupun bukan dalam hairaki UMNO tapi keadaan luar biasa memerlukan tindakan yang luar biasa.

Saya rasa Tengku Razaleigh boleh menstruktur semula pemerintahan Malaysia ini dengan politik yang inklusif termasuk mendapat komitment dari parti pembangkang. Tidak ada acara BN boleh memerintah Malaysia. Semua parti BN sudah hilang kredibiliti. UMNO tidak mendapat kepercayaan orang melayu- Cina menolak MCA dan sokongan kepada pemimpin India DAP lebih banyak dari sokongan kepada India MIC. Ini adalah kenyataan. Suka atau tidak suka, belajarlah menerima nya.

Kita hendak yang jujur dan amanah dan cekap bukan yang buta sebelah mata di kalangan yang buta kedua belah mata. Saya kata, kita lupakan sahaja Muhyidin Yassin. Maaf- maksud saya, orang Melayu yang bukan UMNO lupakan Muhyidin Yassin. Dan orang Melayu yang bukan sokong UMNO lebih ramai dari Melayu yang sokong UMNO.

Dr Mahathir bukanlah ceritakan perkara baru kepada kita. Skandel penyonglapan wang dari 1MDB dibangkit dengan sengit oleh pemimpin parti pembangkang seperti Tony Pua dan Rafizi Ramli. Orang UMNO buat tak faham skendel kewangan ini, kerana ia melibatkan ketua mereka. 

Tangggungjawab pemimpin Umno bukan keatas negara, tapi keatas pemimpin mereka. Tidak mengapa dia buat salah- dia orang melayu. Dari jalan2 dan lorong segenap kampong dan bandar serta kota, desas desus mengenai pembunuhan Altantuya sudah lama kendengaran dan semua lorong dan jalan tersebut nampaknya menghala kepada PM Najib, Rosmah, Razak Baginda dan orang2 yang berkerja dengan mereka.

Siapa yang dalam hairaki UMNO yang hendak Dr Mahathir munculkan sebagai pengganti? Dr Mahathir mestilah jujur dalam perkara ini. Dia tidak ada sesiapa dikalangan hairaki pimpinan UMN yang ada sekarang. Yang ada dalam UMNO ialah orang yang berada diluar hairaki tradisional.

Tentu bukan Muhyidin yang ada skendel kewangan dia sendiri. Saya harap tidak. Tentu juga bukan cucu Onn Jaafar yang lebih suka main computer games dan datang pejabat waktu tengah hari sahaja. Kejayaan kecil dia handle kehilangan MH370 tidak boleh menutup kegagalan nya menangani pencerobohan lasykar suluk di Sabah.

KJ? Kj dah gone case. Dia akan dipancung oleh veteran UMNO sebelum boleh bercakap apa2. Dia gagal menjawab soalan Kit Siang dalam parlimen bagaimana dia jadi penganggur yang terkaya di Malaysia dan sehingga hari ini, belum dapat meyakinkan LHDN mengenai pendapatan nya. KJ hanya terkenal sebagai menteri yang berulang kali menanam rumput padang untuk stadium Bukit Jalil. Pun masih gagal.

Reality nya, UMNO sudah bengkrap pimpinan.  Dari UMNO, Malaysia tidak ada masa depan. Yakni UMNO dalam bentuk sekarang dan barisan pemimpin terdapan yang ada sekarang. Shafie Apdal?  he is a non-starter.

Apabila Dr Mahathir kata dia boleh maaf(excuse) Najib kerana tidak mahu meneruskan jambatan bengkok, saya rasa gembira kerana tidak perlu menerangkan rasional pembinaan jambatan bengkok tersebut.

Walaupun ianya mempunyai objektif jangka panjang untuk menghentikan monopoli Singapura keatas penyinggahan kapal di Singapura, aspek negatif pembinaan jambatan bengkok itu ialah ianya diasaskan atas pinsip beggar thy neighbour  atau memiskinkan jiran.

Walaupun begitu, saya bersedia mempertahankan pembinaan jambatan bengkok, atas asas prinsip bahawa Singapura mestilah bersedia berkongsi kemakmuran disamping menyelesaikan pencemaran laut di Johore straits dengan membuka causeway lama. Singapura ada cukup talent pool untuk mengatasi rintangan fisikal. Let us share the prosperity dan jangan beri Singapura menikmati monopoly seorang diri.

Dr Mahathir tanya dimana baki RM27 billion? dimana hilang nya RM27 billion tersebut? Tak hilang Doc- tapi ada silap mata. Silap mata yang dipersetujui oleh anak bekas PM yang Doc idolise.

Ia tidak hilang. Mesti ada dalam balance sheet. Atau dalam bentuk cash. Mungkin apa yang sebetulnya terjadi, Najib dan geng penyamun sudah sedar, nilai RM27 billion bukan lagi RM27 billion, tapi sudah susuat nilai. Pelaburan yang bernilai RM27 billion asalnya sudah jatuh harga.

Mengapa jatuh harga? Mungkin kerana ianya dilaburkan dalam portfolio yang sucks. Yang kita nak tanya ialah siapa arahkan dan luluskan pelaburan RM27 billion ini? Keatas pelaburan apa? Apa nilai pasaran semasa pelaburan RM27 billion ini? Cakaplah, jangan membisu seribu Bahasa Encik PM.

Kalau dilunaskan kedalam bentuk wang cecair, berapa kita dapat? Tak cukup nak cover, jual assets. MP UMNO dalam parlimen jawablah sama- selalu buat bising mengenai assets dan pelaburan- kalau kita cash out berapa dapat?

Kalau kita hilang RM27 billion, tentulah kita tidak boleh dapat balance sheet yang balance. Kita tak boleh close akaun.  Adakah akauntan buat silap mata kepada kita? Adakah akauntan bertauliah telah memalsukan lapuran akaun tahunan?

Mana2 akauntan boleh memberitahu bahawa kemungkinan besar, wang RM27 billion itu dalam pelaburan yang tidak boleh cash out sekarang disebabkan oleh ikatan kontrak dan obligasi kontrak atau yang lebih munasabah, nilai semasa pelaburan tersebut telah menurun terlalu rendah  dan jika kita cash out, akan mengujudkan lubang yang lagi besar dari empangan Bakun atau Task kenyir dalam akaun tahunan 1MDB.

Soalan lagi satu ialah mengapakah 1MDB berhutang lebih dari keperluan? mengapa pinjam RM100 bilion sebagai contoh sedangkan wang yang diperlukan ialah RM40 billion? Ini soalan yang Najib kena jawab. 

Dan mengenai nilai pelaburan yang menurun dan tidak membenarkan kita cash out, saya rasa siang malam Najib berdoa, dan berbomoh dari siam,  Indon dan India suaya pelaburan RM27 billion itu akan naik. Mungkin Kenneth Eswaran kena cari bomoh India yang kuat mandrem nya.

Mengenai mengapa pinjaman lebih dari keperluan, ianya mungkin hanya hendak ujudkan lebihan supaya dapat dikongsi bersama antara penyamun. Antara penyamun ada prinsip- wa haramun kalau makan sorang, wa halallun kalau kongsi sama.

Kita sudah letih bercakap halus dan sopan. Cakap halus pun, rompakan kasar berlaku didepan mata. Saya rasa kita kena tanya apek Cina Jho Low. Mengapa dia tidak disoal? Kenapa PM melindungi dia?

Saya diberitahu oleh pegawai 1MDB bahawa walaupun Jho Low bukan director syarikat, penglibatannya dibelakang segala urusniaga 1MDB amat dominen seolah-olah dia director of operations.

Mungkin kerana dia rasa dia disokong oleh Najib dan Rosmah sebab itu si apek Cina ini berani buat apa2 termasuk menggunakan nama Najib untuk kelentong Shahrol Helmi melepaskan pelaburan USD 1 billion dan kemudian meluluskan bayaran USD700 million kepada Good Star Limited.

Atau Najib telah mendapat  nasihat dari geng Mamak di JPM – yakni si pelesap berbillion wang di bank Negara dan bekas pengarah syarikat Mun Loong yang terkenal sedikit masa dahulu. Atau Najib mendapat nasihat professional dari India yang masuk Islam yang telah mencipta pembiayaan kreatif RM30 billion kepada PPFI yang membuayai membiayai 800 lebih syarikat tapi satu pun tidak ahli Persatuan kontraktor Melayu Malaysia. Hidup PKMM.

Apa yang boleh Najib lakukan sekarang?

Berdoa supaya nilai pelaburan naik lebih dari RM27 billion. Doa kepada Allah, pakai bomoh siam, Indonesia dan India. Ada bomoh Vietnam, China dan lain2. Doa juga supaya pelaburan dalam syarikat Gobi Coal naik. Jika tak tidak, Najib kena nyahkeluar write off RM4 billion kerana pelaburan di Mongolia. Apa hal dengan Mongolia ini? Apa2 yang bersangkutan dengan Mongolia hancur lebur nampaknya.  

Najib kena jawab dan beritau Malaysia bahawa aliran tunai dari IPP yang dibeli dengan harga yang tinggi tidak dapat mengatasi faedah dari hutang sebanyak RM46billion. Ya- RM46 billion sebab ada lebih kurang RM4 billion derivative debts. Dan kita jangan lupa bahawa 1MDB ada berhutang dari pemiutang sebanyak RM3 billion lagi dengan trade creditors. Ini kena bayar semua. Jumlah hutang 1MDB sebetulya  ialah RM49 billion.

Macam mana nak bayar hutang RM49 billion ini. Bab ini Dr Mahathir tanya betul- macam mana nak bayar.? Bayar faedah sahaja jika pada 4% setahun hampir RM2 billion setahun. Rakyat boleh balun Najib kerana mendedahkan negara ini kepada kemungkinan terpaksa menggunakan duit rakyat untuk membayar hutang yang sebabkan oleh kebodohan, ketidakacekapan, tamak haloba dan kesemula-jadian watak crook yang ada dalam diri mereka yang bertanggung jawab keatas 1MDB.

Kita jangan terpedaya dengan Najib dan jangan terpukau dengan Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir tidak memberi kita jalan keluar jika endorse Muhyidin. Jika Dr Mahathir benar2 mahu menyelamatakan Malaysia dan Melayu seperti yang dikata di dewan K Club, dia mesti endorse Tengku Razaleigh.

Marilah kita lihat apa sebenarnya 1MDB itu. Ianya satu lagi skim menghimpun wang dan membalun wang. Ada bau pencurian dan songlap wang, samun dan pemalsuan yang Najib ingat dia boleh tutup dengan mengapungkan bisness2 1MDB seperti IPP pada harga IPO yang tinggi.

Dan bila senator Wahid Omar kata- pengapungan 1MDB energy sangat penting, itu sudah menghantar isyarat yang merunsingkan. Tidak syak nanti, pelabur cornerstone seperi  EPF, Socso, KWAP, PNB bahkan Khazanah akan ikat tangan dibelakang, untuk mendukung peranan sebagai cornerstone investor . Dan jangan lupa penyemat tetap- Petronas.

Ini seperti meliwat kita semua sebab entiti2 ini bukan ada duit pun selain duit rakyat yang mereka telah pinjam daripada kita. Kerajaan tidak ada duit selain hasil cukai keatas rakyat. Duit yang mereka guna itu duit rakyat. Kita tahu ada berlaku saukan wang dan cukai dalam bentuk komisyen keatas hutang RM46 billion dalam bentuk bond dan hutang derivatives dan belian dari pemiutang.

Ada CBT bila ada orang guna duit 1MDB untuk membiayai bisness orang lain seperti bisnes Jho Low membeli bank dari bekas KM Sarawak?  Bank Negara Malaysia tidak tahu menahu mengenai perkara ini supaya duit boleh didobi tanpa membayar cukai.

Mesti ada orang yang telah mengutip komisyen ini- tangkap semua dari Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamarudin, Shahrol Helmi, dan CEO2 lain –pakaikan helmet keatas kepala mereka dan ketuk helmet tersebut selama beberapa jam. Teknik ini diberitahu saya oleh pegawai polis untuk mendapat confession.  Cuba kita try keatas Lodin dam Shahrol Helmi, Arul Kanda dan Jho Lo atau Sit Li Lin. Tentu segala rahsia terburai.

Mesti ada pihak yang sudah sapu komisyen dan kemudian mengarah atau meng-induced orang2 tamak dan haloba yang ada kelayakan tinggi untuk park duit kita dalam pelaburan yang sangat mencuri-gakan. Mungkin ada serigala di Wall Street yang juga menikmati wang 1MDB dan mendapat cukup pulangan untuk beli kondominium yan bernilai RM100 juta.

Padan muka orang Melayu kena tipu oleh puak2 UMNO. Awak semua duduklah di rumah teres dan rumah kayu sedangkan elit Melayu duduk dalam kondominium berharga RM100 juta. Apa pengorbanan yang matlaon ini buat sehingga boleh beli kondominum RM100 juta?

Melayu UMNO duduk rumah kayu,lembu duduk dalam kondo...

Dr. Mahathir benar bila suruh Najib berhenti tapi dia juga mesti mendesak supaya suatu Suruhan Jaya diRaja untuk selidik samunan wang yang dilakukan oleh 1MDB dan bawa kemuka pengadilan semua yang terlibat. Dari yang atas sampai yang bawah. 

Dato Najib mesti jawab ini semua. Siapa yang membenarkan si apek Jho Low buat keputusan keatas wang dari 1MDB? Siapa yang membenarkan pelaburan disastrous ini?  Kepala mereka kena guillotine.

Najib akan terus membisu seperti biasa. Jho Low tidak akan tampil kedepan untuk mengaku. Ketua Odit negara tidak akan menghasilkan apa2 penemuan dan akan ambil masa yang lama. Seperti kata dr Mahathir, odit foresnik yang diperlukan bukan pengoditan konvensional.

Kita dah dapat membaca- ketua odit negara dan sahabat saya dari PAC akan membuat ketetapan bahawa semua procedure di ikuti dengan penuh dan tidak ada bukti yang menunjukkan salahlaku. Kes tutup tapi kita hilang duit. Sementara itu perompak dan penyamun semua ketawa berulang alik ke bank.

Kita mesti sekat 1MDB dari menjual tanah di Tun Razak Exchange(TRX) dan Tanah di Sungai Besi dengan harga yang tinggi. Tanah2 ini dijual pada 1MDB dengan harga yang rendah. Apa yang mereka telah lakukan untuk menaikkan nilai tanah2 ini? Berniaga macam ini, beri pada Mat Tompel di Pekan pun dia boleh lakukan.

Projek TRX 1MDB,bayang pun tak nampak...

1MDB mesti pulangkan tanah2 ini kepada kerajaan pada harga asal dan biar 1MDB menanggung kerugian operasi RM3-5 billion yang ditutupi oleh penilaian semula tanah yang asalnya dibeli murah. Megapa tanah tersebut asalnya tidak dibeli secara tender terbuka? Jika tender terbuka dilakukan, kerajaan tentu akan mendapat harga yang lebih tinggi. Dan lebihan antara harga tender tertutup atau tender runding dengan tender terbuka itu sepetutnya dipulangkan kepada rakyat. Apa yang 1MDB lakukan untuk bolot semua tambahan nilai?

Kita beri amaran kepada CEO yang lalu dan CEO sekarang- Arul Kanda- rahsia sudah terbongkar. Seorang CEO yang melindungi salah laku dan pencurian yang melalui jabatan nya dan tidak melakukan apa2 untuk membetulkan nya, akan di jel kerana bersubahat. Bukan sahaja di jel- kerana umur mereka masih muda, kena sebat dengan rotan.

Ini perkara tidak boleh diselesaikan dengan meletak jawatan. Kamu semua owe a duty yang tidak dihapuskan dengan perletakan jawatan. Kerajaan baru akan memburu kamu sehingga lubang cacing.

Jangan buat kenyataan bodoh seperti “saya tidak melihat apa-apa fail” Jangan jadi bloody fools. Kamu semua dispensable. Arul Kanda, Shahrol Helmi- you are worth nothing kepada orang yang desperate. - Dato' Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz@sakmongkol ak47 

Mahathir not interested in 'best man'...

Among Umno leaders, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the best candidate to replace Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak if Dr Mahathir Mohamad is successful in his campaign to oust the latter.

But is the former premier interested in appointing a leader who has the interest of the nation at heart?

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli pointed out that Mahathir's agenda is rolling on a different track, one that is crooked rather than straight as the "naive" Zaid Ibrahim believes.

"Mahathir has no interest in appointing the fairest among the ranks of Umno to be the next prime minister.

"To him, it is not about putting a leader who can serve the people. That is not in the equation.

"It is about putting someone as prime minister who can take orders and safeguard his as well as Umno's interests," he told Malaysiakini.

On that note, Rafizi said Zaid, who has called on Mahathir to name Tengku Razaleigh instead of Muhyiddin Yassin as Najib's successor, was being politically puerile.

However, he agreed with Zaid that Tengku Razaleigh, who is fondly known as Ku Li, is a cut above the rest in Umno.

"Ku Li was out of power when corruption went out of control during Mahathir’s time. He was sort of shielded from this," he said.

He also pointed out that the administration in the 70s had a semblance of democracy and rule of law.

"So Ku Li definitely has a greater sense of fairness and rule of law," he added.

Therefore, Rafizi said, lawmakers with a conscience should not rule out Tengku Razaleigh, but to realise the prospect of the latter becoming prime minister would require courage.

"It can only happen if Ku Li gets the support of component parties in BN and if MPs in Sabah and Sarawak dare to defy Umno.

"Expecting Umno to do it (putting Tengku Razaleigh in the top post) is extremely naive," he stressed.

In campaigning for Tengku Razaleigh, Zaid claimed that Muhyiddin would not be able to undertake a reform or undo the damage inflicted by Najib.

He believed that Tengku Razaleigh would have a positive impact on Malaysia because he has the necessary qualifications.

"Tengku Razaleigh is a friend to ordinary Malaysians, unlike Umno leaders in Putrajaya today who are friends only with tycoons and big businesses," he added. - mk

Ku Li yang kamu perlu, Mahathir

Dr M tak minat pemimpin terbaik UMNO


27 April 2015

Pemuda PAS, Angkatan Muda Keadilan belum berdamai...

Ketua Pemuda PAS, Suhaizan Kaiat berkata usaha untuk mendamaikan anak buahnya di Pulau Pinang dengan sayap pemuda PKR, AMK sehingga kini masih belum berjaya.

Bagaimanapun, beliau tetap berharap agar kerjasama itu masih dapat ditunjukkan untuk kempen pilihan raya kecil Permatang Pauh.

Suhaizan berkata, beliau setakat ini sudah berusaha untuk menemukan ketua Pemuda PAS negeri, Mohd Yusni Mat Piah dengan rakan sejawat dari PKR, Khairil Anuar Kamarudin bagi tujuan itu.

"Namun pertemuan itu tidak berjaya kerana Yusni percaya beliau dapat menyelesaikan masalah itu sendiri,” kata Suhaizan kepada Malaysiakini.

Katannya, Pemuda PAS mampu menyediakan ruang bagi sukarelawan Pemuda PAS negeri yang masih berminat untuk membantu kempen bagi calon PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, tambahnya.

“Walaupun Yusni berkata Pemuda PAS Pulau Pinang tidak akan bekerjasama, kami masih sediakan untuk untuk mereka yang masih mahu membantu.

“Mereka yang berminat boleh daftar di pusat operasi di pejabat wakil rakyat Permatang Pasir,” katanya.

Tegasnya, Pemuda PAS akur dengan keputusan jawatankuasa pusat PAS bertarikh 13 April untuk menyokong calon PKR.

Suhaizan berkata demikian bagi menjelaskan mengenai satu gambar yang tersebar di Twitter – menunjukkan beliau beramah mesra dengan Khairil.

Pertemuan itu menimbulkan persoalan kerana Pemuda PAS negeri sudahpun mengumumkan untuk memboikot kempen tersebut dan tidak akan menggerakkan jenteranya.

Pemuda PAS negeri bertindak demikian kerana tidak puas hati dengan AMK Pulau Pinang yang enggan memohon maaf atas “penghinaan” ke atas presiden mereka, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Ia rentetan kepada kecaman Khairil ke atas Hadi, dan gesaan agar ulama PAS itu meletak jawatan kerana timbul desas desus bahawa parti Islam itu bersekongkol dengan Umno.- mk

PAS Youth chief seen chummy with Hadi critic...

While Penang PAS Youth is upset with PKR Youth over comments against their party chief Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat was caught looking chummy with the 'enemy' on Twitter.

When asked to explain the photograph of him and Penang PKR Youth deputy chief Khairil Anuar Kamarudin looking on the best of terms, Suhaizan said he was only trying to help mend the worsening relationship between the two Youth wings.

"I wanted to be the mediator between the two. Actually (the remark about Hadi) was just Khairil's personal opinion, so I thought the solution would be for them to meet," Suhaizan told Malaysiakini today.

Suhaizan's (right) explanation comes after national PKR Youth deputy chief Afif Bahardin posted the photo on Twitter yesterday in the midst of the acrimony.

Cracks between Penang PAS Youth and Penang PKR Youth widened further after Penang PAS Youth chief Mohd Yusni Mat Piah(above) said they decided to boycott the Permatang Pauh by-election after Penang PKR Youth failed to apologise for "insulting" PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Yusni said the wing’s operations rooms would be closed and election workers would not be deployed for the by-election.

Khairil is the man in the spotlight as he was the one who had called on Hadi to resign over talk that PAS was in cahoots with Umno.

Meanwhile, Suhaizan said the initial plan was for him to negotiate with both quarters on the matter.

'PAS Youth backs decision on Wan Azizah'

"But the meeting did not materialise because Yusni believes that he can solve the problem himself," he said.

Suhaizan, who said he had no personal problems with the two men, added that Khairil had agreed to the meeting.

Stressing that PAS Youth conforms to the decision made by the PAS central committee on April 13 to fully support Pakatan Rakyat's Permatang Pauh by-election candidate (Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail), Suhaizan said PAS Youth would still assist in the campaigns.

“Although Yusni said Penang PAS Youth will not cooperate, we still provide space for those who want to help out.

“If there are those who want to assist, they can register themselves at the operations room at the Permatang Pasir assemblyperson's office,” he said.

Those interested could refer to PAS by-election operations director Mujahid Yusof Rawa and Youth operations director Mohd Sany Hamzan, Suhaizan added. - mk

Penang CM declares May 7 state public holiday...

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has declared May 7, Permatang Pauh polling day, as a state public holiday.

In a press conference in Penang today, Lim said this was decided by the state executive council, and was to ensure the voting process in Permatang Pauh proceeds smoothly.

"We hope employers will take note of this. Even if they do not observe the public holiday, we hope employers, especially in the private sector, will allow their staff to vote."

Lim added he hoped all outstation voters, reportedly numbering at least 6,000 out of the 70,000 voters in Permatang Pauh, would return to participate in the polls.

Failure of outstation voters to return home to vote may adversely impact the outcome of the by-election for Pakatan’s candidate Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the president of PKR.

She is facing a tight battle against Umno's Suhaimi Sabudin, PRM's Azman Shah Othman and independent Salleh Isahak.

The seat fell vacant when its former MP and PKR defacto leader Anwar Ibrahim failed to obtain a pardon from the Agong.

He has been in Sungai Buloh Prison since Feb 10, serving a five-year jail sentence for a sodomy conviction.- mk

PAS anti-PKR - Apa dah jadi dengan PAS Pulau Pinang ...

Sebilangan akar umbi PAS di Pulau Pinang dipetik berkata mereka tidak menyokong presiden PKR Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail dinamakan sebagai calon pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh.

Ketua pemuda PAS negeri Mohd Yusni Mat Piah pula seakan ikut kepalanya sendiri.

Beliau berkata sayap pemuda PKR dan DAP perlu memohon maaf kerana mengkritik presiden PAS Abdul Hadi Awang yang bakal membentang Rang Undang-Undang Hudud.

“Mereka perlu mohon maaf dahulu sebelum meminta kami membantu di dalam pilihanraya kecil ini,” kata Yusni.

Lima tahun lalu, ketua pemuda PAS negeri Mohamad Hafiz Nordin dibuang PAS kerana menyelar DAP.

Sebelum itu ketua penerangan PAS Permatang pauh Jamsari Samad menasihati PKR agar tidak memilih ahli keluarga bekas pemimpin pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim bertanding bagi kerusi Permatang Pauh.

Anwar merupakan pemenang di situ, tetapi kini dipenjara akibat dakwaan menjuburi Mohd Saiful Bukhari.

Jamsari mahu calon yang tiada kaitan dengan Anwar.

Beliau hanya menasihati, katanya.

Orang ramai berpandangan PAS agar tersasar kerana pemimpinnya hanya menumpukan kepada pemilihan parti yang dijadual pada Jun ini. Mereka seakan tidak berminat dengan PRK Permatang Pauh serta Rompin.

Kedua-dua pilihanraya kecil ini diperhati orang ramai dan penulis blog.

Keputusannya bakal memberi impak kepada halatuju negara samada akan berhaluan kanan atau kiri.

Apabila pandangannya diminta, ahli PAS Pusat Dr Mujahid Yusuf Rawa seakan tidak kisah ini semua.

Katanya Jamsari telah menerangkan pendapatnya dan sengaja mencari masalah.

Jamsari mungkin dibawa ke lembaga disiplin kerana dilihat mensabotaj kepentingan PAS.

“Kepimpinan PAS telah membuat keputusan. Kami akan menyokong calon Pakatan Rakyat di Permatang Pauh. Siapapun calonnya, kami sokong.

“PAS setia dengan perjuangan agar PKR mengekalkan kerusi di Permatang Pauh.”

Mujahid berpendapat tindakan Yusni melampau.

Yusni mungkin menyuarakan pandangan peribadi tetapi beliau seharusnya telah taat dan memberikan kerjasama, ujar Mujahid.

Yusni pula gagal dihubungi.

Dalam perkembangan lain, timbalan ketua angkatan muda PKR Khaiurl Anuar Kamaruddin memuji Mujahid kerana berpendirian jelas.

Khairul Anuar menggesa Yusni tidak menaruh dendam kerana perlu menumpukan sepenuh perhatian memastikan kemenangan pada 7 Mei ini. -  Ian McIntyre,the antdaily

Saving the nation must come first...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad delivered the grand slam yesterday at the public forum, Bicara Negarawan: You Are Not Alone in Kuala Lumpur.

We cannot on carry on singing, “Let the old man shout for all we care”. It’s a mockery to defend Najib and Rosmah with counter arguments like, “He was no angel when he was the PM”.

All the key issues raised by civil society and Opposition political parties have been delivered in his trademark style in the presence of about a thousand citizens who care just as much about the nation.

It can only come from a courageous citizen who is truly passionate about the country and its future.

In any other country that preaches and walks the talk of democratic politics, the implicated candidate would have resigned or stepped aside until justice is done. This has not been the case in Malaysia and it truly puts the country’s well-being in precarious paralysis.

The former prime minister has clearly spelled out several key concerns. Any college student will agree that these are serious concerns and unbecoming of a leader in power.

In today’s climate who would hold five wedding receptions and in such grandiose fashion? It is straight out of fairy tales of kingdoms in bygone eras.

On top of that, Najib and Rosmah used the Prime Minister’s official residence , Seri Perdana, to host one of the four receptions held in Malaysia. We were also told that 300 of the Who’s Who in town flew to Kazakhstan where a three-day wedding celebration was also held.

One wonders, was the official jet also used for the trip?
Tun further took up every rakyat’s cry out: he rightly slammed that the GST must be abolished. If Najib’s administration continues to disregard this warning, come May 1st the rakyat will take to the streets to peacefully register their disagreement.

The mystery of 1MDB’s RM42 billion debt has not only been the clarion whistle from the Opposition block; Tun himself in no uncertain terms said it bluntly: 1MDB is a scam for as long as it is not explained, with acceptable justification.

If the rakyat clamor, they can be shut up by the top policeman of the nation. But now that the former leader of 22 years has expressed the same serious concerns about 1MDB, what should we do? Go out in the streets and carry Najib and Rosmah on our shoulders?

That is what the Umno Youth leader did, thinking foolishly that people will accept the spectacle as the answer to all the doubts.

Umno has again dug itself into a vulnerable gulley.

Although the Tun did not say anything about the Altantuya murder, the very mention of it was enough to get heads nodding and tongues wagging. Perhaps the top cop will now tweet and holler that one must face contempt of court?

Or will Rosmah and Najib be advised to sue Tun and all the people who support Tun’s concerns.

The buck must stop here. We need to think of the nation and not politics. To save the nation first supersedes any political agendas to keep a political party alive or to seize the moment to rise to power.

Tun must harness all right-minded leaders from all sides of the divide; he must galvanise all honourable and ethically anchored institutions and civil society to cleanse this nation of rot, greed, corruption and abuses.

Our priority is not to save Umno or strengthen BN or to pave the way for DAP,PKR and PAS to be the alternative government.
Right now, the fact that Umno-BN has failed to check and balance its chosen leader, all of us must rise to bridge and correct the serious mistakes.

Najib must do the right thing. All his supporters must do the right thing. We have gone too far into the filth of failed leadership. Any further sandiwara will only lead this nation to become the laughing stock in the global eyes.

It is no more an issue of Tun meddling in the governing of Malaysia; it is no more an issue of his track record of sacking others.

It is about cleansing this nation of all the scandals and suspicions as well as bringing justice to reign supreme.
The war on terror in Malaysia is not our immediate concern. The real scoundrels and robber-barons are the enemies we must fight with all our collaborative and patriotic will.

The race card and religious divisiveness are mere distractions. The cancer must be exterminated with one single motivation and that is to save this nation from greed, power-madness, extravagance, and the many scandals ringing the PM and his spouse.

If we fail then all of us including even our esteemed Rulers have to take blame for our inability to save this nation from so much shame and distress brought upon by the present government and its leaders.

All the money in the world – including even if 1MDB brought back the mysterious RM42 billion – cannot save our ‘maruah bangsa and Negara’. - J.D. Lovrenciear,FMT