19 October 2017

RUU355 masuk stor dulu,pasai kemaruk undi Cina...

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Alasan Pas mahu menangguhkan pembentangan Rang Undang-undang Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) (Pindaan) 2016 (RUU355) di Parlimen sehingga selepas PRU14 disifatkan tidak masuk akal.

Ahli Parlimen Kuala Langat, Datuk Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid berkata, penangguhan tersebut hanya akan menimbulkan kekeliruan kepada semua pihak berkaitan pembentangan RUU tersebut.

“Mengapa nak tangguh dan main tarik tali lagi? Apabila sudah dibentangkan ia juga perlu diberi penerangan dan penyelesaian.

“Alasan digunakan Pas yang mahu bertanding di 100 kawasan untuk memastikan RUU355 diluluskan di Dewan Rakyat sama sekali tidak masuk akal.

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Penangguhan pasai nak undi kaum Cina?...

“Kalau memang itu alasannya, saya mahu cadangkan Pas bertanding di 222 kawasan kerana lagi mudah bagi mereka laksanakan RUU355 nanti,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian. 

Sebelum ini, Ketua Dewan Ulamak Pas, Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamed membayangkan Pas berkemungkinan membawa RUU 355 ke Parlimen hanya selepas PRU14.

Ini kerana katanya, Pas perlu mengambil kira beberapa aspek dalam isu RUU355 memandangkan PRU14 semakin dekat.

Mengulas lanjut mengenainya Abdullah Sani berkata, pembentangan pindaan RUU355 sepatutnya disegerakan supaya penjelasan mengenainya dapat dilakukan.

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“Sekurang-kurangnya jika pembentangan diadakan di Parlimen pada sesi Oktober ini, semua pihak akan lebih jelas mengenai pendirian dan kaedah-kaedah yang diambil untuk memartabatkan undang-undang patuh syariah ini,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam (Amanah), Khalid Samad pula menyalahkan Umno kononnya parti itu yang memberi arahan kepada Pas supaya menangguhkan pembentangan RUU itu.

“Kita kesian dengan Pas kerana terpaksa mengikut skrip ditetapkan oleh Umno. Walaupun telah bersusah payah bawa RUU355  ini ke Parlimen, tapi sekarang bila Umno kata jangan bawa, mereka terpaksa akur.

“Jika kita lihat sekarang, pembentangan RUU 355 setakat ini sudah tiga kali ditangguhkan. Pembentangan itu juga tidak dibuka untuk dibahaskan,” katanya.– Sinar Harian

malaysia airlines peter bellew
With Bellew going,no one answerable 
for MAS’ Boeing deals...

THE cabin crew union of Malaysia Airlines said it was concerned over the shock announcement of chief executive officer Peter Bellew’s departure as there would no longer be anyone to answer for controversial deals to buy new Boeing aircraft.

The National Union of Flight Attendants (Nufam) said Bellew had served his purpose by inking the purchase of new Boeing aircraft, a deal announced by Prime Minister Najib Razak during his visit to the White House in September.

“A new CEO coming into MAS will not have to answer for anything now. The mission to have Peter Bellew sign the memorandums of understanding is complete,”   the union said after news that Bellew would return to Irish budget airlines RyanAir in December.

Najib had announced that MAS would buy 25 Boeing 737 jets and eight 787 Dreamliners, and that orders would likely be made for another 25 737s over the next five years, in a deal worth more than US$10 billion (RM42 billion).

Nufam said it was worried that MAS would suffer heavier losses due to expensive maintenance of the new planes they purchased.

It said MAS would not be able to afford buying the new planes as it was just recovering from a series of heavy cutbacks. 

“There are also no signs of MAS making profits to show they could sustain all these high cost and maintenance of new planes. Its financial problems will rise up again in no time when the new planes arrive.”

Image result for boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Nufam also questioned why MAS was buying new planes within three years of axing 6,000 staff from the airline under a restructuring plan.

Bellew’s departure from MAS was first announced today by RyanAir, and appeared to have taken MAS by surprise. The national carrier called it an “unexpected” announcement.

Bellew first joined MAS in 2015 as chief operating officer, and became CEO in July 2016. He took over from outgoing CEO Christoph Mueller on July 1 last year after the latter quit MAS less than a year into his contract, citing personal reasons.

Bellew is the third MAS CEO in two years after Mueller and Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, who stepped down after the twin MAS tragedies of MH370 and MH17 in 2014

Nufam said it did not agree with foreign CEOs leading MAS.

“They are not answerable to the public . These foreign managers make fat salaries and leave in no time. Other airlines have proven that there is no need to hire a foreigner to run their airline and they still can expand and show results,” it added.

Aviation analyst at Maybank Investment Bank Mohsin Aziz meanwhile said it was hard to say whether the national airline could remain on track as per the MAS Recovery Plan.

“Information from MAS has been a tiny trickle, we don’t really know what’s what. We keep hearing of turnaround, we really are going around in circles,” he told The Malaysian Insight.

What nonsense and lies from Bellew. No honest and diligent managers can work for government linked companies in Malaysia over the long term and they very soon find out that they are merely there to lend credence to all the theft and corruption that the GLCs are involved in. MAS has been one of the worst and tens of billions of Ringgit have been siphoned off into the pockets of politicians and their cronies.- Sam04

Thank you Peter! I wish you every best in your new challenge. As a major critic of the board room and political (read race based) games, we both know what is inpending and it is best both you and Muller are now no more and as such, the super bourgeoisie and cronies will not have an opportunity to blame for the decisions about to take place! Will meet you for a bitter soon! Farewell my friend!- Falcon 

Properly being “asked” to approve the purchase of $100 per roll of toilet paper, $200 per bottle of hand soap, or 100 years prepaid catering contract. Bellew properly don’t want to be the fall guy if things go wrong.Welcome to Malaysia - Brian 

Kesian kat beribu-ribu kakitangan MAS yang telah rela dipecat kerana ingin melihat Bellew memulihkan MAS kemudian ditikam separuh jalan. Apa kah payung terjun emas beliau? - Anonymous_3e6e

Tak haramkah,pegang tangan bukan muslim 
DAP pula tu.Duit punya pasai OK kot...

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18 October 2017

Happy Diwali...

Image result for plus highway on tumpang sekole
Expressway Up For Grabs...

I was pretty excited when Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamed, the group executive chairman of Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd, offered to buy the North-South Expressway (PLUS Expressway). The owner of Maju Expressway (MEX) connecting Putrajaya/Cyberjaya to Kuala Lumpur made a whooping RM40 billion bid for all five highways belonging to PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PMB), the largest public-listed toll expressway operator in South East Asia and the eighth largest in the world. To make the offer more tempting, Sahid dangled a carrot – no toll hike for 20 years until the end of the concession period in 2038. He spoke to The Malaysian Insight, an online news portal on September 25. 

The five highways belonging to PMB are the North-South Expressway, Expressway Lingkaran Tengah (ELITE), Expressway Linkedua (LINKEDUA), Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH) and Lebuhraya Butterworth-Kulim (KLBK). The Penang Bridge highway belongs to PMB but, surprisingly, it is not part of the deal.  

Before we go berserk over the privateer’s offer, let us examine some bare facts about PLUS Expressway. This 772-km highway stretches from Bukit Kayu Hitam, at the Kedah-Thailand border, in the north to Johor Bahru in the south. The road links many major cities and towns in western Peninsular Malaysia and forms the “backbone” of the west coast of the peninsula.

The road network was built in stages beginning in 1981 and was completed in 1994. The northern route (Bukit Kayu Hitam-Kuala Lumpur) is 460km long while the southern route (Kuala Lumpur-Johor Bahru) is 312km. These two routes and the Klang Valley Expressway are the ones that affect Malaysian motorists most. Love or loathe it, as Malaysians, we use the PLUS Expressway, some frequently, some sparingly, and are well aware of its shortcomings.

I am most familiar with the Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur stretch and I believe many Ipohites are. On Saturday, October 7, my wife and I were on the road navigating our way to a wedding reception at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The weather was bad. It rained cats and dogs almost all the way. You could barely see the road, especially along the Tapah-Tanjong Malim stretch. I wanted to turn back had it not been for my wife’s insistence, as she had spent a small fortune at the hair salon.

We came across two nasty accidents involving a sport utility vehicle and a sedan. Both cars came to grief in the ravine by the side of the highway. I wonder how the vehicles faced north when they were both heading south. Obviously, the drivers were speeding oblivious of the pouring rain and the poor visibility. Maintenance is below par and when a massive resurfacing works are in progress more than half of the road is closed to vehicles making travelling not only difficult but also hazardous.

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During the interview Sahid made some startling revelations. He questioned the concessionaire’s calculation of operating expenditure (opex) which is fixed at 42 per cent. “Where is there a business with an opex of more than 40 per cent? They are mad,” said Sahid. PLUS Expressway is owned by UEM (United Engineering Malaysia) and EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) which has 51 per cent and 49 per cent, respectively. UEM is wholly owned by Khazanah Nasional Berhad, thus the government has a golden share in PLUS. EPF gets RM400 million in dividends annually that works to RM27.50 sen per contributor (EPF has 14.5 million contributors). 

The tycoon questioned the operator’s reluctance to widen the highway to make travelling less stressful for users when they are getting more than enough money from motorists. During festive seasons it can take over 12 hours to travel from one end to the other. “There is a difference between resurfacing and patching-up roads,” said Sahid. He was referring to the poor patch works done on parts of the highway.

If his bid is successful Sahid promises to not only widen but light up the whole stretch of the expressway. Over the past five years UEM and EPF have got RM3.6 billion in dividends when their capital outlay was only RM3.4 billion. They got back their capital plus a RM200-million profit. Why the necessity to increase toll anymore? The agreement between the government and the concessionaire is lopsided. Toll needs to be revised every five years failing which the government has to compensate the operator. This is most unfair, as money collected from highway users is sufficient to maintain the facility. Perhaps there is no economies of scale judging from the 42 per cent annual operational expenditure. The reason could be poor financial management or too much spending on non-essentials.

But letting go a cash cow is the least on the minds of the owners. Stakeholders UEM and EPF have a commitment to their investors and will not accede easily. The ones to bear the brunt are the long-suffering rakyat who not only have to pay but to endure the many inconveniences and inconsistencies along the expressway. The end of the concession is 20 years away, some of us here may not last that long. And this is happening when prices of goods and services are spiraling out of control, value of the ringgit is plummeting, unemployment rate is escalating and workers are losing their jobs. Against this backdrop, an oppressive regime harbours hopes of clinging on to power for eternity.  

On the issue of religion, I am pleased that the Malay rulers have endorsed the decision by the Johor Sultan and Perlis Raja Muda to forbid Muslim-only launderettes in their respective states. The statement coming from the heads of Islam is like music to our ears. Sane and clear-thinking Malaysians should shun religious bigotry. They should never be intimidated by the vocal minority whose only agenda is the perpetuation of their narrow-minded idealism. This bountiful country belongs to everyone.- Fathol Zaman Bukhari


17 October 2017

Pengguna f/bk Cina pro-pembangkang,Melayu pro-BN...

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Satu kajian terbaru mengenai pengguna Facebook menunjukkan dalam soal parti politik, rakyat Malaysia masih terpisah mengikut garis perkauman.

Menurut kajian Politweet yang diterbitkan minggu lepas, pengguna Facebook berbahasa Cina cenderung ke arah pembangkang dibandingkan dengan pengguna berbahasa Melayu yang lebih cenderung ke arah kerajaan pemerintah.

Majoriti (60.16%) daripada 6.4 juta pengguna Facebook berusia di atas 21 tahun adalah individu yang menggunakan dua bahasa, Melayu dan Inggeris.

Ini diikuti oleh pengguna berbahasa Melayu sahaja (14.84%), pengguna Cina-Inggeris (11.72%), dan pengguna Melayu-Cina serta pengguna berbahasa Inggeris sahaja yang berjumlah 3.91% setiap satu.

Manakala selebihnya adalah mereka yang menggunakan tiga bahasa (2.34%) dan pengguna berbahasa Cina sahaja (kurang daripada 2%).

Kajian juga mendapati tiga kumpulan iaitu pengguna berbahasa Melayu-Inggeris, Cina-Inggeris dan Melayu sahaja adalah kumpulan utama pengguna Facebook yang membentuk 86.72%.

Sekurang-kurangnya satu pertiga pengguna ketiga-tiga kumpulan ini mempunyai minat kepada kedua-dua pihak politik di negara ini.

Image result for pakatan harapan

Barisan Nasional (BN) bagaimanapun mempunyai capaian lebih tinggi dalam kalangan Melayu-Inggeris, Melayu sahaja dan Inggeris sahaja di Facebook berbanding pembangkang. Dalam kajian ini, PAS dimasukkan ke dalam kategori pembangkang.

Pembangkang pula mendahului BN dalam kalangan pengguna Cina-Inggeris, Melayu-Cina dan pengguna tiga bahasa dalam media sosial itu, menurut kajian itu lagi.

“Ada pemisah jelas minat politik berdasarkan bahasa antara pengguna Melayu (terutamanya kumpulan Melayu-Inggeris dan Melayu sahaja) dan pengguna berbahasa Cina ( terutamanya kumpulan Cina-Inggeris),” kata laporan itu lagi.

Didapati juga yang BN lebih berpengaruh dalam kalangan pengguna berbahasa Melayu (dengan purata 2.49% setiap negeri) yang bermaksud wujud kelompok pengguna berbahasa Melayu yang hanya sedar dan bercakap tentang isu berkaitan BN.

Begitu juga, pembangkang lebih berpengaruh dalam kalangan pengguna berbahasa Cina (dengan purata 12.88% setiap negeri).

Menurut Politweet, negeri yang mempunyai peratusan tertinggi orang Melayu dan Bumiputera adalah Terengganu (97%0, Kelantan (96%), Perlis (86%) dan Sabah (81%) adalah juga negeri yang paling ramai jumlah pengguna berbahasa Melayu di Facebook.

Image result for Barisan nasional

“Negeri yang mempunyai peratusan tinggi rakyat kaum Cina adalah Pulau Pinang (44%), Johor (34%) KL dan Selangor (32%), Perak (30%) dan Melaka (26%). Selain KL dan Selangor, negeri-negeri ini mempunyai peratusan tinggi pengguna berbahasa Cina dan Inggeris.

“Walaupun wujud persamaan, perlu ditekankan yang bukan semua pengguna berbahasa Melayu di Facebook beretnik Melayu, Bumiputera Sarawak atau Bumiputera Sabah; dan bukan semua pengguna berbahasa Cina beretnik Cina.

“Bagaimanapun boleh dikatakan hampir semua orang Melayu di Semenanjung Malaysia boleh ditemui dalam kumpulan Melayu-Inggeris atau Melayu sahaja,” kata Politweet.

Politweet melakukan kajian berdasarkan anggaran jumlah diberikan Facebook untuk bulan Julai 2017. Statistik tentang pembangkang kebanyakan merujuk kepada parti komponen gabungan pembangkang sebelum ini Pakatan Rakyat- PKR, PAS dan DAP. Ini termasuklah jenama “Pakatan” itu sendiri.

Kajian itu mengatakan 62.5% pengguna Facebook tinggal di Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor. - themalaysianinsight

We would rather spoil votes 
than vote UMNO or PAS...

A survey by Chinese daily Oriental Daily indicated that an overwhelming number of respondents would spoil their votes if they were given a choice of voting for only Umno or PAS.

Of the 14,602 people polled, 70.97 percent said they would spoil their votes if they could only choose between the two, while 15.74 percent said they would back Umno and 13.29 percent said they would back PAS.

Most respondents (79.55 percent) said “good governance” was their main consideration when voting, followed by the economy and equality.

An overwhelming 84.15 percent of respondents said they hoped that there will be a new federal government after the next general election.

Only 6.47 percent hoped for status quo while only 4.09 percent hoped that BN will regain the two-thirds majority.

Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority of respondents polled “none of the above” when asked to choose one of four Umno leaders who should lead the country.

Related image

Of the four, Umno vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein led the pack (19.69 percent), followed by Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin (12.15 percent) and Umno president Najib Abdul Razak.

Umno acting deputy president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi polled last (0.74 percent).

As for Pakatan Harapan leaders, the majority of respondents said PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim should lead the country (38.98 percent), followed by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (19.74 percent) and PKR deputy president Azmin Ali (10.42 percent).

Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad polled 8.75 percent, followed by PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (6.26 percent) and Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin (1.5 percent).

A significant number of respondents (14.36 percent) voted “none of the above”. 

Related image

Meanwhile more than 63% of readers of a Chinese daily do not want any of the most senior Umno leaders in the Najib administration to lead the country, even as the ruling coalition prepares for the next general election.

Offered a choice of Prime Minister Najib Razak and Cabinet ministers Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Khairy Jamaluddin and Hishammuddin Hussein as “the best Barisan Nasional leader to lead the country, 63.61%  of respondents picked “None of the above”, in Oriental Daily’s poll of 15,000 readers. Most unpopular choice as PM is ZAHID..

On the other end of the political spectrum, jailed Pakatan Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim garnered the most votes for the best prime minister candidate among opposition leaders.

Almost all of the poll’s respondents hope for a change of government in the 14th general election which is expected to be called before August 2018.

BN and PH are the two main political coalitions vying for federal power in GE14. Islamist party PAS is leading a pact of smaller parties called Gagasan Sejahtera Rakyat but they were not featured in the survey.

The poll was published in today’s edition of the Oriental Daily and featured three questions of best BN candidate for PM, best PH candidate for PM, and hoped-for results in GE14.

Hishammuddin, who is defence minister, garnered the most votes at 19.69% for best BN candidate for PM.

Youth and sports minister Khairy is the second most popular choice at 12.15%, followed by prime minister Najib at 3.8%. Less than 1% voted for his deputy, Zahid, who scored 0.74%.

About 63.6% of readers chose “None of the above”.

Related image

In PH, the top three choices for PM are Anwar at 38.98%, followed by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (19.74%) and PKR deputy president Mohd Azmin Ali (10.42%).

Bersatu chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad received 8.75% of votes, PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (6.26%) and Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin (1.5%). Only 14.36% ticked “None of the above”.

Many of the respondents also singled out PKR vice-presidents Rafizi Ramli and Nurul Izzah Anwar, who were not among the names listed in the poll, to be their choice of leader of Malaysia. 

A 84.15% majority of readers hope for a change of government in the next general election, 6.47% are happy with the status quo, and 4.09% are rooting for BN to win with a two-thirds majority. A little over 5% have no opinion. - mk

HRH Sultan Selangor has also revoked that JAKIM preacher from preaching inside Selangor...

1. Sultan of Selangor instructed (Mais) to revoke credentials of Zamihan Mat Zin.

2. Sultan consulted council before issuing instructions to Mais.

3. Mais instructed to remove Zamihan from Selangor Tauliah Committee.

4. Sultan instructed lectures at mosques, surau recorded for monitoring 

5. Sultan instructed volume of loudspeakers during lectures lowered
except for call of Azan and recitation of Quran verses

6. Malay rulers of opinion image of Islam be tolerant, moderate, inclusive and not polluted by extreme actions

This action follows lecture by Zamihan racist,ill mannered,and excessively critical of royalties. Sultan reminded to respect main principles in Federal Constitution for harmony. 

This comes after the statements by HRH Sultan Johore which has exposed what many people did not understand or realise : that JAKIM has no authority or enforcement power.

Related image

Sultan Ibrahim asked (JAINJ) to no longer have dealings with (Jakim). He said Jakim does not need to issue their views to Johor religious matters fall under the purview of the state. 

I will instruct JAINJ to no longer waste time dealing with Jakim,” he said.

This has really caused JAKIM to panic.Because there is BIG MONEY INVOLVED. 

Jakim DG and Jamil Khir Baharom seeking audience with Johor Ruler audience sought as soon as possible 

Last Saturday Sultan direct (JAIJ) to stop dealing with Jakim.

Image may contain: text

Here is how the money can be 'sucked' out. 

UMNO is now in a sumbang mahram situation with PAS.  UMNO needs the PAS support as well. Since 'cash is king' they need to channel funds to the PAS retards at the grassroots. They need a channel of distribution.

Religious programs are perfect - they will also require food catering for kursus agama, printing booklets, banners, sewa khemah, booking travel and hotel rooms. Plenty money can be distributed this way.   

Johore has the largest Muslim Malay population in Malaysia. Parti Pribumi Bersatu is also gaining in popularity in Johor.   

The Sultan's statement basically bans JAKIM from "operating" in Johor. This could seriously dent JAKIM's plans for that RM1 Billion that MO1 has given them. That is why Jamil Khir is trying to meet the Sultan. Much money is at stake.

More importantly the Sultan's statements expose the fact that JAKIM has absolutely no authority. JAKIM is part of the PM's Department. They have no enforcement power.  

In Malaysia, agama is a State matter exclusively under the purview of the Sultans. There is absolutely no such thing as a "Federal religous authority".  Even in the Wilayah Persekutuan of KL, Labuan and Putrajaya the authority in charge is JAWI.

When the Sultan of Johor tells the Jabatan Agama Islman Negeri Johor or JAINJ not to have any more dealings with JAKIM it is the end of the story. There is nothing that JAKIM can do.

And since MO1 needs to distribute money to his retard friends in PAS, it becomes painfully obvious that even his cash is not king  anymore. 

If your retards  are shut out of Johore, how are they going to distribute the money? You are going to lose mucho votes. You are going to lose Johor.

The fact that JAKIM and Jamil Khir are trying to meet the Sultan of Johore is evidence enough that the retard is indeed employed by them. 

I would like to humbly request HRH the Sultan of Johor to hold firm with his decision not to allow JAKIM into Johor.  What are JAKIM or Jamil Khir going to explain?

Similarly the decision by the Sultan of Selangor to ban the JAKIM retard from preaching inside Selangor also proves that the Sultan of Selangor can also ban JAKIM from operating inside Selangor.

JAKIM has no authority at all.

I am so glad that the Sultans of Johore and Selangor are standing up for the good things (amar ma'ruf) and speaking up against the bad things (nahi munkar). The people are really thankful that two of our Sultans are speaking up. Daulat Tuanku.

This will be a major shock not only for JAKIM but also for the Chief Thief. Malam ini Geng Pencuri semua risau.- ostb

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Story kat SINI dan SINI   

Cayang atok...


16 October 2017

Sungguhpun depa tak pi,depa dah tau sapa depa nak pilih...

Bersatu kita teguh,bercerai Najib menang.

Berapa sebenarnya yang hadir dalam Himpunan Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi malam tadi?

5 ribu? 10 ribu? 25 ribu? 50 ribu?

Atau matlamat 100 ribu dicapai dengan jayanya?

Ramai yang nampaknya memperlekeh jumlah kehadiran dalam perhimpunan malam tadi. Ada yang mengatakan ia sebuah perhimpunan yang gagal dan ada juga yang membandingkannya dengan jumlah kehadiran di Himpunan Fastaqim di Terengganu, baru-baru ini.

Memang diakui jumlah kehadiran tidak begitu mencapai matlamat yang disasarkan. Ada beberapa sebab yang menyumbang ke arah itu, antaranya kerana semalam bermulanya cuti sekolah sempena Deepavali di mana ramai yang balik kampung atau pergi bercuti,  ada perlawanan bolasepak EPL antara Manchester United menentang Liverpool serta beberapa sebab yang lain lagi. 

Tetapi, sebab paling utama mengapa kehadiran tidak begitu memberangsangkan ialah kerana rata-rata rakyat sudah ada pilihan untuk tidak mengundi BN dalam pilihanraya umum datang ini.

Tidak seperti banyak perhimpunan sebelum ini, berlangsungnya Himpunan Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi kali ini adalah di tengah-tengah rakyat sudah cukup faham dan masak mengenai skandal 1MDB, cukai GST yang membebankan, buruknya kepimpinan Najib Razak dengan pelbagai isu, pembaziran dan kemewahan Rosmah, skandal Felda dan macam-macam lagi yang menyusah dan menyakitkan hati mereka.

Oleh kerana rakyat sudah betul-betul faham dan masak dengan apa berlaku serta telah menetapkan pilihan untuk "membuang"  Najib, UMNO dan BN dalam pilihanraya yang bakal diadakan hanya beberapa bulan saja lagi, maka untuk apa mereka perlu bersusah-payah untuk menunjuk-nunjuk pendirian secara terbuka?

Ramai rakan-rakan dan mereka yang ditemui dalam seminggu dua sebelum berlangsungnya perhimpunan ini mengatakan, bukan mereka tidak mahu hadir, tetapi ketetapan pilihan tidak mungkin berubah lagi.

Tidak hadir berhimpun pun, kata mereka, undi tetap kepada Pakatan Harapan. Baca seterusnya...

People are fed-up with opposition? Can the UMNO government get even half the number of people to attend its rally minus all the 'perks' e.g concerts, freebies, free buses, food and letters to 'invite' public servants to attend etc? - Kangkung

Most right thinking people have already made up their mind to give BN/UMNO/PAS the "Boot" (a big kick up their rear) and the attendance to this rally is not a major indicator of the real support for Pakatan.- Yellowhero

About 6 million people were following the live stream and 6 million as reported by Facebook is no small number. Idiots dont know how to evalauate the real impact. In these days of modern technology one can be present and particpate with live streaming.- Anonymous

Related image
If not for the sultan would  he be punished for insulting 
other religions and promoting his extremist thinking?
More than a joker...

He criticized the Johor Sultan for banning the Muslims-only launderette. He argued after talking a great deal of nonsense that he was not not afraid to criticize the Sultan because he was speaking the truth and that he could face his god.

But after he came under police investigation, this joker called Zamihan offered an instant apology to the Sultan, and his shortlived "truth" was no more mentioned by him.

His dramatic change of attitude couldn't have made a better subject for public entertainment. But this is not the only thing that is comical, for if we see him as merely a joker, we may have overlooked the big problem behind this weirdo.

This time he sought the pardon of the Sultan, and instead claimed that he would sue three media organizations and a former cabinet minister, all because he only mentioned "Sultan" but not any particular sultan. He also argued that those criticizing him were anti-Islam and disrespectful for the feelings of Muslims.

He tendered an apology to the Johor Sultan and sought his forgiveness most probably because he realized he had offended His Majesty, which is not a small matter in itself.

The Sultan commands very high respect in the Malay society and is the leader of Islam in the state, not someone a small fry like Zamihan Mat Zin should offend.

But, he did not touch on the Chinese who he called unclean dog-huggers, pork-eaters and beer-drinkers. Non-Muslims are nothing in the eyes of these religious fanatics, and slamming these "unclean" earthlings is something justifiable that deserves no apologies of any sort.

An apology that shuns an inner reflection is in its essence hypocritical and despicable.

He did tender an apology to the Sultan, but it was not made for his remarks and stand. He still feels that he spoke on behalf of his sanctified religion and those censuring him are therefore unclean, anti-Islamic and disrespectful.

People who proclaim themselves as representation of their religions, who see themselves as nothing but the truth, and who demonize other communities with their own "sanctity" are outright terrifying.

If Zamihan's trashy remarks were just a slip of his tongue, perhaps we can still hold back some of our criticisms against him. But if we were to check through his past records, we should be able to conclude that his extremist behavior has not been occasional but customary.

Last Christmas, he claimed that Muslims must not wish Christians a Merry Christmas on the grounds that Christians are infidels. He could hardly tolerate moderate Muslims, often accusing them of "deviating from religious teachings" and "un-Islamic".

To the more liberal clerics, such as Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin and federal territories mufti Zulkifli Mohamad, he has openly called them Wahabis. He publicly insults other ethnicities and says he does not mind being labeled a racist. He believes he can do as his wishes under the shield of religion.

This time, he has hit a snag for criticizing the Sultan. If he made no mention of the Sultan, would he get into trouble for insulting other religions and promoting his extremist thinking?

How can we allow this joker to remain in our religious bureaucracy, misguide the believers and erode our society?

Zamihan may not be the only one of his kind. This is a grave problem we Malaysians need to seriously look into and overcome.

Prosecuting Zamihan shows that the authorities indeed treats this issue seriously, not just because he has criticized the Sultan but also because he has offended other religions, spread the seed of hatred, create social division and intimidate the peace and harmony of our multicultural society.- mysinchew

Kalu semua tak boleh pi dok dalam gua...
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Parti Komunis China jemput UMNO bukan DAP,ngapa...
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Pooorah...Ramai guru kena tukar sebab 
sokong pembangkang.Siap diblacklist lagi...


14 October 2017

Video skandal pegawai atasan SPRM muncul(updated)...

Beberapa hari lalu telah tersebar satu klip video yang mengaitkan seorang pemimpin atasan SPRM yang didakwa mempunyai hubungan terlarang dengan wanita yang dikatakan sudah pun bersuami.

Dikatakan akibat hubungan dengan pemimpin atasan SPRM itulah rumahtangga wanita berkenaan berakhir dengan perpisahan.

Susulannya beberapa hari kemudian, wanita yang dikaitkan itu tampil dengan penjelasan di laman Facebooknya menafikan keruntuhan rumahtangganya ada kaitan dengan mana-mana pihak, termasuk pemimpin atasan SPRM berkenaan.

Kata wanita terbabit, perceraiannya adalah merupakan hal peribadi dan dicapai melalui persetujuan dengan bekas suaminya dan tiada kaitan dengan siapa pun jua.

Berkaitan hal yang sama, Timbalan Pesuruhjaya SPRM, Azam Baki bagaimanapun enggan mengulas berhubung penyebaran video berkenaan.

"Maafkan saya, saya tidak mahu mengulas mengenai perkara itu,"  kata Azam kepada sebuah portal atas talian.

Bagaimanapun, sejak malam tadi telah tersebar satu lagi video melalui youtube mengenai hubungan pemimpin atasan SPRM terbabit dengan wanita yang dikaitkan beliau mempunyai hubungan itu.

Jika dalam video pertama, hubungan mereka hanya digambarkan secara umum, tetapi dalam video kedua ini ia agak detail dengan beberapa keping gambar melibatkan mereka berserta tarikh dan lokasi turut disertakan sama.

Dengan satu demi satu video disebarkan, apakah ianya benar atau fitnah?

Apakah akan muncul beberapa lagi video selepas ini?

Apakah pemimpin atasan atasan SPRM berkenaan hanya perlu berdiam diri saja melihat muncul dan tersebarnya  video-video berkenaan?

Dalam hubungan ini, bekas Ahli Parlimen Batu Berendam, Tamrin Ghafar mencabar pemimpin atasan SPRM yang dikaitkan dalam video tersebut agar segera dan berani untuk tampil membuat penjelasan.

Kata beliau, oleh kerana video itu telah tersebar luas melalui youtube dan pelbagai media sosial lain secara meluas, malah mungkin hingga ke kampung-kampung,  orang yang dikaitkan perlu berani tampil membuat penjelasan. Baca seterusnya...

LANGSUNG: Rakyat diseru bangkit, bebaskan negara daripada kezaliman
Sayangi Malaysia,Hapuskan Kleptokrasi

Perhimpunan "Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi" anjuran Pakatan Harapan (PH) bersedia dilancarkan di bawah matahari terik di Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Suasananya tidak ubah seperti karnival ketika orang ramai memasuki padang dengan disambut bendera parti-parti PH, yang berkibar sepanjang Persiaran Barat.

Ramai yang mengeluarkan tikar dan menghamparkannya di padang, menunggu acara seterusnya dimulakan. Program seperti konsert dan pidato sudah disusun yang akan bermula dari jam 4 petang hingga 11 malam.

Polis sebelum ini menasihati penganjur perhimpunan untuk memindahkan acara itu ke stadium Kelana Jaya kerana meramalkan orang ramai akan mengganggu aliran lalu lintas di kawasan itu. 

"Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai Najib menang." 

Mereka juga memberi amaran kepada penganjur yang tindakan akan diambil di bawah Akta Perhimpunan Aman jika mereka terus mengadakan perhimpunan di Padang Timur.

Bagaimanapun, para peniaga sudah mendirikan 10 khemah di padang yang menjual pelbagai barangan cenderamata parti seperti baju-t, topi dan bendera.

Pentas besar juga didirikan di tengah padang, yang menjadi tempat para pemimpin PH berucap kepada semua penyokong yang hadir pada petang nanti.

Beberapa lori makanan dilihat berbaris di sepanjang padang. Polis dan pegawai penguatkuasa Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya sedang bersedia untuk mengawal lalu lintas.


Photo published for Sultan Johor kecam Zamihan tin kosong, angkuh
Zamihan sebagai "tin kosong yang tiada otak"
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TMJ - Lebih baik tutup saja 
Kosmo dan Utusan Malaysia...

Presiden FAM, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim membidas laporan sebuah akhbar yang disifatkan sebagai menulis berita seperti gosip murahan.

Menerusi kenyataan disiarkan di laman Facebook Johor Southern Tigers, Tunku Mahkota Johor itu berkata adalah lebih baik akhbar Kosmo! yang berada di bawah pengurusan Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad ditutup daripada membazirkan wang rakyat.

“Satu jam lebih punya dialog saya bercakap mengenai bola sepak dan isu-isu semasa, tetapi ayat gurauan yang terakhir saya selama 20 saat itulah yang menjadi tumpuan sekarang.

“Inilah salah satu sebab mengapa saya dah tak baca surat khabar dalam negara ni kerana sikap terdesak ingin menjual surat khabar dan menulis berita seperti di majalah gosip,” katanya .

Tunku Ismail dipercayai merujuk kepada laporan Kosmo! bertajuk ‘Tunku Ismail guris hati peminat’ yang disiarkan baru-baru ini.

Artikel berkenaan menyebut bahawa para peminat bola sepak tanah air terguris dengan kenyataan presiden FAM itu yang secara sinis menganggap skuad bola sepak kebangsaan sebagai ‘bukan pasukan negaranya’.

Ia antara lain memetik kenyataan bekas pemain kebangsaan, Khalid Ali yang berkata, ucapan Tunku Ismail itu di luar jangkaan penyokong-penyokong bola sepak negara, ditambah dengan kenyataan bahawa jawatan sebagai Presiden FAM merupakan kerja sambilan sahaja.

Laporan berkenaan merujuk kepada sesi soal jawab bersama wakil-wakil media di JDT Cafe, Johor Bahru sebelum ini apabila Tunku Ismail berkata ” Pasukan negara anda semua, not my negara (Bukan negara saya). I’m from Johor, you know (Saya berasal dari Johor, anda tahu)”.

Bagaimanapun Tunku Ismail berkata beliau kesal apabila ayat gurauannya itu dilaporkan akhbar berkenaan dengan tujuan untuk melaga-lagakannya dengan pihak lain.

“Kepada sahabat-sahabat saya di luar negara ini, inilah slogan Malaysia Boleh. Inilah mentaliti bangsa Melayu saya di sesetengah tempat di Malaysia.

“Berjuta-juta duit setiap bulan diberikan kepada Kosmo yang terletak di bawah Utusan tetapi kerja hanya ingin melaga-lagakan orang sahaja dan tulis berita macam gosip murahan.

“Nasihat saya kepada kerajaan, lebih baik anda tutup sahajalah syarikat surat khabar tersebut daripada membazir duit rakyat,” kata Tunku Ismail. - mk

Photo published for BN confused over who’s in charge in Pakatan, says Dr Mahathir
Najib gone crazy...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called on BN to make a decision regarding him and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang.

He said while Umno leaders such as information chief Annuar Musa keep repeating the claim that DAP dominates Pakatan Harapan, MCA, however, has accused Lim of selling himself and DAP to Bersatu instead.

“So BN must decide who bought who, whether Kit Siang has bought me or I have bought Kit Siang,” he added in a blog posting.

The former premier also criticised Annuar (photo) for responding to questions on the RM2.6 billion in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s accounts with the claim that DAP calls the shots in the opposition coalition.

“Not sure whether this is because he did not hear the question or his ears have been stuffed with ‘dedak‘ (animal feed). But what is clear is that for all questions regarding 1MDB or the RM2.6 billion, his answer is DAP dominates Harapan and Kit Siang will be prime minister,” he added.

The term “dedak” is used by Najib’s critics in accusing the prime minister of using rewards, be it financial, titles or positions, to secure support.

As for the RM2.6 billion, Najib has claimed it was a donation from a Saudi royalty. Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali has also cleared him of any wrongdoing in this matter.

However, the opposition remains unconvinced and cites the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ) 1MDB-related civil suits which alleged that the sum could have originated from the fund.

Najib, on the other hand, has blamed the allegations on those conspiring to topple him from power.

‘Ask Raja Petra’

Meanwhile, Mahathir also commented on blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s allegation that the former premier paid RM1 billion to Lim.

“Wah! I am so rich. But I am not as gila (mad) as Raja Petra. If I have RM1 billion, I would build a mansion and not live in an ordinary house.

“Don’t ask me where I got the RM1 billion from. Ask Raja Petra.

“Perhaps the answer is an Arab (donor). If he (Raja Petra) knows that I gave Kit Siang RM1 billion, surely he knows where I got the money from. What is common knowledge is where Raja Petra gets his money from,” he said.

Mahathir also said there is no reason to fear him.

“I am 92. I have no money let alone being able to bribe Kit Siang with RM1 billion. I am not treated like Najib was by the US president…The president of the biggest superpower did not hug me for saving the US economy.

“However, I am proud. There has never been a Malaysian prime minister capable of saving a world power, now there is…Congratulations to the government, Najib and BN ministers. You have put Malaysia on the world map.

“Continue with the confusion. Form another 1MDB. Have billions in debts again. Believe me, you will be supported by your minions forever.

“Congrats Najib. We are so proud of you,” he added.- mk

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Polis tangkap pegawai  Guan Eng...
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Image may contain: one or more people
Jom pi ramai2...