17 September 2020

Bung Mokhtar sahkan UMNO dulunya penyamun...

Beri Umno peluang sebab kami dah berubah, kata Bung Moktar Pengerusi Umno Sabah, Bung Moktar Radin menegaskan Umno dan BN bukan lagi parti yang penduduk negeri itu kenali suatu ketika dulu, sebaliknya mengalami perubahan.

Umno dan BN juga, kata Bung Moktar, kini komited menawarkan pentadbiran lebih telus serta menunaikan janjinya kepada rakyat. Pada majlis pelancaran manifesto Aku Janji hari ini, dia juga meminta rakyat Sabah untuk membantu menyelamatkan negeri itu yang didakwanya mengalami penderitaan di bawah Ketua Menteri Mohd Shafie Apdal selama dua tahun.

“Manifesto atau Aku Janji ini telah kita usahakan setelah melihat norma politik baru bukan saja di Semenanjung malah di Sabah. “Kita perlu memberikan tawaran baru kepada rakyat Sabah sebab rakyat Sabah menderita di bawah pemerintahan Warisan selama lebih dua tahun.

“Hari ini juga saya ingin jelaskan bahawa Umno dan BN Sabah, kami telah berubah. Segala bentuk struktur kami, dari kepimpinan, keterampilan, dari cari kami kendalikan organisasi kami," katanya di Kota Kinabalu.

Mknanye mmg dia ni dh mngaku la sblum ni memerintah mmg byk tipu rkyat la yek...tu yg kata nk brubah dh x sprti dulu....dulu korup la yek...buka pekung sndiri dia ni la.- Pasito Smok Vapeon

Berubah apa nya... Pegang saja kerajaan.. Berebut jawatan GLC.. Macam tu kata nak berubah kah... Kerja kau org nak merompak.. Menyamun - Illias Amir

Kalau beruk dapat bunga apa akan jadi.....angan2 beruk nak jadi CM...kat parliament x dapat bagi satu idea pun tapi hanya pandai jerit mcm beruk - Augustine Thomas Pereira

Apa yg berubah bung? Lps sorang, sorang tunggu turn naik mahkamah termasuk nko laki bini.. bertambah parah adalah.. - Johari Shamsuddin 

Berubah kepala hotak kau lah. Baru bulan lepas korang nak tebuk atap kerajaan negeri. Pembohong, Pencuri, Penyamun, Pemburit semuanya ada dlm kumpulan kamu. Haramkan tangan2 kamu wahai Sabahan dr berikan undi kpd geng2 haram jadah nihh.. Selamatkan Sabah..- Nordin Abu Bakar

yindian™️ on Twitter: "MP: Bung, were you at casino? Bung: F you.… "
Bung: Give us a chance, we have changed...

Sabah Umno leader Bung Moktar Radin insists that Umno and BN have changed and are committed to a fairer, transparent, and trustworthy administration that will deliver on its promises to the people. At the launch of his coalition's Aku Janji campaign manifesto, he also asked the people to help save Sabah from the 'disaster' that was wrought by Chief Minister Shafie Apdal's two years at the helm.

"We have tried this manifesto Aku Janji after seeing the new political norms not only in the peninsula but also in Sabah. "We need to give something new to the people because the people of Sabah have suffered under the rule of Warisan for more than two years.

"Today, I would also like to explain that Sabah Umno and BN - we have changed. From our leadership, to skills, to our organisation. "Why have we changed? Because we want to capture the hearts of the people and we want to convince the people to support us," said Bung.

"We also want to inform the people of Sabah, that these promises will be delivered 100 percent. "This is our promise. And if we reneged on our words, then this government would only last for a term, or maybe half of that," he said.
Fuck You Bung Mokhtar GIF - FuckYou BungMokhtar Kinabatangan GIFs

Suddenly remember this Umno leader Bung Moktar Radin. He shouted "F...CK YOU" in Parliament against the Oppositon. This "F...CK YOU" video clip is all over the social media. Sabahan must be crazy if they vote for him. Besides, he is awaiting criminal trials filed by the MACC for corruption!!...- wg321

Yes, Sabahans will change Bung ini kali. - LimePanda7217

UMNO/BN has changed !!! It's snowing in Sahara desert too. Sabahans, do you want thieves to govern your state?? - David

This rascal is facing Corruption and Criminal Charges in Court and he is asking the Sabahans to give him a chance to govern Sabah for 5 years..Sabahans should tell this corrupted n gangster like rascal,who is famous for using foul languages in Parliament that 5 yrs is just to long to put their future in him.Cheat us once,shame on you and cheat us twice,shame on Sabah Voters - dont just talk

A tiger would never lose its stripes. Bung along with the BN lots have looted Sabah for more than 60 years and asking to be given 5 more years to finish the looting. Sabah, rich with natural resources should have been more developed and its students shouldn’t have to climb trees to get phone signal for exams. Bung should repent and prepare himself to join Najib in Sungai Buloh - harimau_arif


The three 'traitors'...

Take a good look at the three in the photo above - you know all of them. But let not time dim the great travesty that all three of them committed against the rakyat, becoming traitors to the collective will of Malaysians when they lied, cheated, and broke promises to engineer the downfall of a democratically elected government.

On May 9, 2018, a despicable decadent dictatorship headed by Najib Abdul Razak, the son of the second prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein, was overthrown by a motley coalition, Pakatan Harapan, whose leaders inexplicably and unaccountably allowed a previous despot and the master of patronage politics to become interim prime minister.

It was an incredibly bad decision by all in the core coalition of PKR, DAP and Amanah to not only admit Bersatu - a racist party, headed by Dr Mahathir Mohamad - but to allow him to become PM.

When Umno’s 61-year iron grip on the country, which progressively descended into corruption and decline from 1981 onwards after Mahathir became PM, was decisively broken, it was correctly heralded as a victory against authoritarianism, increasing corruption, total disregard of the rule of law, and the breakdown of transparency, accountability, and good governance. But the victory lay in shambles just 22 months later.

The first villain in this sorry episode in the nation’s history is, of course, Mahathir, now ex-prime minister for the second time. But coming close behind him are Muhyiddin Yassin, now prime minister and Azmin Ali, now senior minister. If any one of them had not betrayed the rakyat, we would not have the current explosive political situation in the country.

Even as Sabah goes to the polls and as national polls may be held soon, but more likely later given the shaky position of Perikatan Nasional, or PN, as clearly demonstrated by the Sabah fight over seat allocations, Malaysians of all races must forever remember the role the three traitors played in thwarting their genuine aspirations for a better, more inclusive country.

They said they were doing it for Malay unity, but they were doing it for themselves - to protect their own interests and their own cronies. They turned back the wheels on fighting corruption and cutting patronage and promptly went back to the old ways, in the process betraying all Malaysians, including the Malay race who they claim to be protecting.

One of the enduring myths as far as this change is concerned is that it is what the Malays wanted. That’s wrong. Some two-thirds of Malays voted for the opposition in GE14, PAS was in the opposition then. It’s simplistic to assume that PAS will now keep its same support level of roughly a third given their alliance, or should we say dalliance, with Umno. And who’s to say the support for Umno, already down to about a third from just over half in 2013, won’t decline further?

The truth is that this change was not because that is what the Malays wanted but what corrupt unprincipled Malay leaders wanted. They, including many “frogs” among them, conspired to bring this about through dubious alliances for their own good, not for the people they purport to represent.
Mahathir Mohamad

There is one over-riding reason why the ousted Harapan government did not perform as well as expected. That was the ineffectual leadership - perhaps even deliberate - of Mahathir. He stalled with reforms needed which would have strengthened governance, cut corruption, and put institutions back on a solid footing.

Instead, he said Harapan did not expect to win and therefore manifesto promises could not be kept or honoured. He sowed the seeds of dissension through Harapan by offering Lim Guan Eng the finance minister’s position without consultation with other parties, thereby earning the undying gratitude of DAP.

He drove a wedge between Azmin and PKR head and Harapan de facto head, Anwar Ibrahim, by bringing him into the cabinet while excluding Anwar and not so surreptitiously positioning him as Anwar’s alternative. He under-represented PKR in the cabinet while favouring Amanah, pushing Amanah and PKR apart.

There is a long litany of complaints against Mahathir, including the Sheraton Move. This article provides 22. In summary, if Mahathir had been a more effective prime minister and stuck to fulfilling manifesto promises, including passing the baton to Anwar, the Harapan government would not have fallen.
Muhyiddin Yassin

Right now, how much Mahathir was complicit in Muhyiddin becoming PM is a matter of conjecture, but anyone who follows Mahathir will know that he would prefer this arrangement of Malays having near-absolute power in government instead of genuine power-sharing for the benefit of all. But both the two Ms are of the “ketuanan Melayu” mould not because that’s the best for Malays but for the Malay political and business elite.

The first thing that Muhyiddin did was to muster support for himself by offering lucrative posts to nearly all MPs. He even postponed the convening of Parliament to reduce the chances of him losing parliamentary majority. You can read more about it here.

His Covid-19 plan, while praised widely, did not do enough for the poor, most of whom are Malays and other bumiputeras, leaving them in limbo. Part of the reason - he did not have the guts to make a pact with the opposition and go to Parliament for more funds to be given to the poor as explained here. He is an opportunist, not a saviour of the Malays. If he did not pull Bersatu out of Harapan, the Harapan government would still be in power.
Malaysiakini - Yoursay: Azmin has some explaining to do on his travel bills
Azmin Ali

This one-time staunch ally of Anwar used the excuse that the PKR leader was not supportive of him when allegations of a homosexual relationship were made. But that was a convenient event for him to distance himself from Anwar and further his own “career”. That seems to be in jeopardy as Umno is now deeply suspicious of him given his past record and is envious of his rapid rise.

I remember him eloquently and emotionally singing Anwar’s praises at an election rally in Gombak in 2013 but in politics, words count for little and one should choose allies by the strength of their actions. If he had not taken his 10 or so MPs out of PKR, Harapan would have survived as the government.

Going forward into GE15, we Malaysians must continuously remind ourselves of such traitors, what they did to us, and how they derailed our legitimate expectations for a better country for all of us, setting the country back for years if not decades. They deserve no forgiveness.

Remember too that there are extensions of them - such as the former boy minister, Mahathir’s protege, who is now touring Sabah ostensibly to support Warisan. In future coalitions that the current opposition makes, it is vitally important to choose your partners and new entrants carefully.

Remember too that Mahathir’s Malay-only Pejuang and his boy protege’s soon-to-be-launched multi-racial party for all youth will be looking for partners to team up with to become kings or at the very least kingmakers.

This time reject them firmly and you will have a better chance of staying in power - if you win that is, no easy task. Let not the fish jump out of the net again after it is caught. - P.Gunasegaram,mk


16 September 2020

2 kontrak tanah Y.Sabah diberi kpd the Aman brothers...

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Ini dia dua kontrak tanah milik Yayasan Sabah yang diberikan selama 100 tahun kepada ahli keluarga Tan Sri Musa Aman dan Datuk Seri Anifah Aman pada tahun 2015 dan 2018. w " Mahu saman saya saman, saya ada dokumen, SABAR MCND HAR Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal #UndiWarisan #InGodWeTrust #UniteWeMust'

Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal mendedahkan dua kontrak tanah milik Yayasan Sabah yang diberikan selama 100 tahun kepada ahli keluarga Tan Sri Musa Aman dan Datuk Seri Anifah Aman pada tahun 2015 dan 2018.

2. Tanah tersebut yang berkeluasan 11,000 hektar dan 50,000 hektar terletak di Hutan Simpan Kalabakan yang diberikan kepada Jawala Plantation Sdn. Bhd. (Jawala Plantation) dan Rentak Hasil Sdn. Bhd. (Rentak Hasil).

3. Kedua-dua perjanjian itu yang berakhir pada tahun 2115 dan 2118 didedahkan Ketua Menteri ketika berucap dalam Majlis Bersama Rakyat di Kunak pagi ini.

4. "Ini peta Yayasan Sabah apa yang disebut ini Jabatan Perhutanan Sabah sulit lagi, apa yang dibagi Hutan Simpan Sepulut, Hutan Simpan Kalabakan di Sepulut 11,000 hektar dari tahun 2015 sampai 2115 Hutan Simpan Sepulut siapa dibaginya, Jawala Plantation.

5. "Siapa dia, Tan Sri Majid Khan punya syarikat, anak dia pegang sekarang ini, Hutan Simpan Kalabakan keseluruhannya 11,000 hektar siapa punya?

6. "Syarikat siapa ini, ini keluarganya namanya syarikat ini yang dimiliki oleh keluarga Amin Khan, si Elbert Lim hampir 50,000 hektar tanah hampir 100,000 ekar dari tahun 2018 sampai 2118, 100 tahun tanah.

7. "Banyak lagi kalau saya nak sebut, syarikat Yayasan Sabah, apa syarikat Yayasan Sabah ini, Sabah Softwood Sdn Bhd apa yang dimiliki oleh Sabah Softwood 50,000 ekar dimiliki oleh Sabah Softwood.

8. "Daripada 50,000 ekar dimiliki Sabah Softwood ada satu kilang di tengah-tengah Softwood ini nama dia Rentak Hasil Sdn. Bhd.

9. "Rentak Hasil ini Softwood Sabah, Pengerusi dia dulu Musa Aman sekarang saya pasal automatik Ketua Menteri jadi pengerusi.

10. "Dulu Lembaga Pengarah dia Abdul Halim Egoh anak Tan Sri Hamid Egoh keluarga dia.

11. "Rentak Hasil anak syarikat Softwood dimiliki oleh Softwood 50 peratus, Rentak Hasil dimiliki oleh Perintis Bernas Sdn Bhd 5 peratus, siapa milik Rentak Hasil ini yang miliki syarikat di tengah-tengah Softwood yang ada perjanjian bagi minyak CPO kelapa sawit 100,000 tan setiap satu tahun perjanjian dia.

12. "Rentak Hasil siapa punya syarikat? Pemilik dia anak si Anifah Aman,” katanya.

13. Mohd. Shafie berkata, dokumen tersebut adalah bukti kerakusan keluarga Musa Aman merampas hasil bumi Sabah untuk kepentingan dan kekayaan ahli keluarga mereka.

14. Tegasnya, beliau sedia disaman dan akan menjadikan dokumen-dokumen perjanjian itu sebagai bukti.

15. " Saya ketua menteri saya tahu apa terkandung dalam dokumen kerajaan ini, ini bukti dia bukan tiada bukti. - borneo today
How PPBM and UMNO engage in a proxy 
war in Sabah while PAS was abandoned...

There’s a reason why they said “there’s no honour among thieves”. But in the case of backdoor Perikatan Nasional (PN) government, a loose coalition led by backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the word honour does not exist at all in their dictionary. The only word the so-called “Malay-Muslim” parties – UMNO, PPBM and PAS – recognise is “power”.

As demonstrated by PM Muhyiddin himself, for the lust of power, the 73-year-old cancer survivor would not think twice about becoming a traitor. In fact, the “Malay First” Muhyiddin was more than willing to bribe and work with a crook like former PM Najib Razak just to get enough votes to topple his own legitimately voted Pakatan Harapan coalition government.

Under the pretext of Malay-Muslims unity, Muhyiddin pulled his party PPBM (Bersatu) out of the Pakatan ruling government and formed a fragile Perikatan coalition with then-opposition UMNO and PAS. Muhyiddin is a classic example where a Malay leader could abandon principle in exchange for power. But it was a wishful thinking that the 3 tigers can live happily ever after on the same mountain.

As caretaker Chief Minister Shafie Apdal unveiled what appears to be a powerful slogan – “We Are Here To Build A Nation, Not A Particular Race Or Religion” – as the Sabah state election kicks off after the nomination day, the opposite is happening to the Perikatan Nasional federal government, who happens to be the opposition in the Borneo state.

Actually, from the moment Mr. Shafie foiled Mr. Muhyiddin’s second coup attempt by decisively dissolved the Sabah Legislative Assembly before former Chief Minister Musa Aman could topple his government, the writing was already on the wall that not only both PPBM and UMNO cannot work together, but will try to destroy each other instead.

Make no mistake. The Sabah election is essentially a proxy war between two leaders – PPBM President Muhyiddin Yassin and UMNO President Zahid Hamidi. The lame duck prime minister, who depends on UMNO support for his government survival, desperately wanted to win Sabah election to strengthen his position before calling the next 15th General Election.
Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

If Muhyiddin could lead Perikatan to capture Sabah, he may weaken Shafie’s powerbase and swing over his 9 MPs, the priceless commodities that would allow the prime minister to survive until the end of his term in 2023 without calling for a snap election. More importantly, a victory would provide him the bargaining chip when negotiates with UMNO over seat allocation for the next nationwide election.

But Zahid, who is facing record 87 charges related to money laundering and corruption and criminal breach of trust (CBT), is equally desperate to win Sabah to prove not only his leadership in UMNO, but also to legitimise UMNO’s dominance in both Perikatan Nasional and Muafakat Nasional, an alliance between UMNO Malay nationalist party and PAS Islamist party.

More importantly, if Zahid could drive Barisan Nasional (comprises UMNO, MCA and MIC) to recapture the Sabah state that it lost in the 2018 General Election, it would further weaken Muhyiddin’s power and probably force the PM to drop all the criminal charges against him. After all, did not Muhyiddin’s appointed Attorney General Idrus Harun drop all the 46 criminal charges against Musa Aman?

The distrust between PPBM and UMNO saw how PM Muhyiddin was humiliated when he had to call off a highly anticipated launch of his Perikatan Nasional in Sabah on August 29. Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a component party of Barisan Nasional, was persuaded by UMNO to pull out from joining Perikatan at the eleventh hour, a slap in the face of Muhyiddin.

Already hit with UMNO’s refusal to formally join his Perikatan, Muhyiddin wanted allies in Sabah to contest under a new PN logo. But Zahid purposely made negotiations over the campaign as difficult as possible for PPBM. The once dominant UMNO prefers to contest under its decades-old BN (Barisan Nasional) flag in an ugly tussle for dominance ever since Muhyiddin was sworn in on March 1.

With less than 24 hours before the nomination day on Saturday (Sept 12), Muhyiddin was forced to chair an emergency 90-minute meeting with all allies that included PN (consists of PPBM, PAS, Star, SAPP), BN (comprises UMNO, MCA, MIC and PBRS) and PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah) to prevent multi-cornered contest. Zahid emerged from the meeting and said everyone had agreed to avoid clashes.

Of course, the UMNO president lied through his teeth. Before nomination day, there were 11 state seats that clashed among PN, BN and PBS. After the nomination day, the seats that will see clashes increased to 17. Zahid had deceived Muhyiddin, pretending to agree, but behind the scene, he deliberately ignored the truce brokered by the prime minister.
But it was not only BN under the leadership of Zahid who broke the promise not to compete against each other. PBS, on the other hand, distrusts both PN and BN when the Sabah-based party suddenly decided to contest in 22 seats instead of initial 15 seats. Hilariously, in the same 90-minute meeting, Muhyiddin launched a new opposition alliance called Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS).

Muhyiddin thought that his hastily formed GRS, comprises his own Perikatan Nasional coalition (PN), Barisan Nasional (BN) and Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), could work the same way he betrayed and toppled his previous Pakatan Harapan government. He didn’t realize he could only use the trick once. Zahid saw the deception and countered with his own false pretences, as did PBS, a party led by Maximus Johnity Ongkili.

Zahid has nothing to lose by openly undermining and challenging every single decision of the prime minister. Since Najib was convicted and sent 12 years in jail, Zahid has been creating troubles – refused to join PN, coaxed MIC to reject PN, suggested Bung Moktar as UMNO’s choice for Sabah Chief Minister post, decided UMNO and allies to contest in all 73 seats against PN and whatnot.

At the end, 447 candidates will fight for Sabah’s 73 seats – an average of 6 contestants for one seat. Bengkoka seat alone is a jaw-dropping 11-cornered fight. Muhyiddin’s PN has 29 contestants while Zahid’s BN insisted on contesting 41 seats and PBS has pushed its 22 candidates to fight in the already crowded battle.

The fact that UMNO will contest 32 seats as compared to PPBM’s 19 suggests that lame duck Muhyiddin fails to control UMNO. To save face, the prime minister retaliated by proposing Sabah PPBM Chief Hajiji Mohd Noor as the next chief minister, clashing against UMNO’s suggestion that their Sabah chief, Bung Moktar, would become the next chief minister.

While Muhyiddin might be the most powerful man in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah is a different kettle of fish altogether. Playing 3R (race, religion and royalty) cards in this Borneo state is an act of hara-kiri. Therefore, to the surprise of PAS, neither UMNO nor PPBM wanted the Islamist party to contest in Sabah. Yes, the biggest sucker is none other than PAS.

Some genius analysts have been going around telling all and sundry that PAS was very clever by joining two separate coalitions, Muafakat (with UMNO) and Perikatan (with PPBM). Even PAS leaders thought they were brilliant for becoming the kingmaker. But if that is true, exactly why did both UMNO and PPBM ditched them as if the Islamist party was more toxic than Covid-19?

At first, PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan confidently declared that his party had asked for up to 10 seats in the Sabah state election. However, at the eleventh hour, to the Sabah PAS leadership’s horror, the party was not even invited to the PN Sabah state election candidate announcement in Kota Kinabalu. Likewise, its closest ally UMNO had given it zero seats.

PAS was humiliated – “kemaluan besar” – as former MIC Samy Vellu liked to say. To save face, PAS President Hadi Awang claimed the party was not contesting any seats for the sake of “muafakat (cooperation)”. Hadi also said his party has decided to give way to its allies to ensure straight fights, which is a truckload of cow dung because all the 73 seats are multi-cornered fights.

Perhaps PAS should give way to its allies in the 15th General Election too for the sake of “muafakat”. Comically, it was the same Mr. Hadi who said a fortnight ago that the Islamist party was ready to contest under Barisan Nasional’s ticket in Sabah. Then, PAS Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man claimed the move was a political strategy to avoid “enemy’s trap”.

Another PAS leader said despite not contesting, the party is “still contesting” as both BN and PN act as their representative. Going by PAS’ twisted logic, it means that despite not able to having sexual intercourse with their wife, they are “still having” sexual intercourse as their friends are representing them. Some other PAS leaders, however, expressed their sadness for not given any seat at all.

In the 2018 General Election, Amanah won only 193 votes and zero seats in Sabah state election. Yet, caretaker Chief Minister Shafie is kind enough this time to still allocate 1 seat to his friend Amanah in the Sabah election. PAS, meanwhile, had captured 11,241 votes in 2018. Why can’t BN or PN be humane enough to give at least 1 seat to PAS in the name of Muslim brotherhood?

In reality, PAS is too toxic to be given any seat to contest in Sabah. Some Islamist extremists in the party like the arrogant Pasir Puteh MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh have insulted the Christians in Sabah for saying that the Bible was distorted. The PAS leader’s racist and extremist remarks is seen as against Sabah’s multi-religious and multi-cultural society.

Like it or not, PAS was backstabbed by both Perikatan (Muhyiddin’s PPBM) and Muafakat (Zahid’s UMNO) at the same time. But the Islamist party’s top guns have to cook up ridiculous half-baked stories for the sake of their current ministerships or chairmanships which comes with perks like 5-figure salaries, cash allowances, free cars, official residences, and multi-million-dollar contracts and projects. - FT
Selamat Hari Malaysia 2017

14 September 2020

Sekolah berasrama dah tak selamat...

Budaya sial di kalangan pelajar mendera kawan masih berleluasa. Kejadian sedemikian berterusan meskipun pernah mengakibatkan kematian dan kecederaan parah.

Saya menuntut pihak sekolah, kementerian pendidikan dan PDRM untuk bertindak segera. Video seumpamanya perlu disebar meluas dan tindakan tegas perlu diambil. - Anwar Ibrahim

Hari tu kat Kelantan, tak taulah video ni baru atau kes lama.. Tapi apa2 pun.. Mmg sial betul budak2 ni..Takkan takdak tindakan yg boleh diambil terhadap mereka.. paling2 pun buang sekolah saja.. kes membakar dgn sengaja asrama tahfiz haritu pun tak dihukum mati atas alasan bawah umur..

Budak2 sial macam ni tak harus ada dikalangan pelajar lain. Cara terbaik ialah dgn letak terus dipenjara sekurang2nya 5 tahun.. Pengetua dan Warden Asrama juga harus dikenakan tindakan.. sebab berlaku di Sekolah dan bawah tanggungjawab mereka. - f/bk

Tiga pelajar berusia 17 tahun yang disyaki memukul seorang junior di sebuah asrama sekolah menengah di Tanah Merah, direman empat hari bermula hari ini, bagi membantu siasatan. - Ihsan pembaca

Tiga pelajar yang disyaki memukul seorang junior di sebuah asrama sekolah menengah, di sini, direman empat hari bermula hari ini. Perintah tahanan reman hingga Ahad ini terhadap ketiga-tiga suspek berusia 17 tahun itu dikeluarkan oleh Majistret Mohd Zul Zakiquddin Zulkifli. (Tak pasti sama ada tiga pelajar yang direman itu adalah pelajar yang sama dalam video di atas).

Mereka direman bagi membantu siasatan mengikut Seksyen 506 Kanun Keseksaan kerana ugutan jenayah dan Seksyen 323 Kanun Keseksaan kerana dengan sengaja menyebabkan kecederaan. Terdahulu, kesemua pelajar Tingkatan Lima itu tiba di pekarangan Mahkamah Majistret dengan menaiki lori polis pada jam 9 pagi tadi.

Media sebelum ini melaporkan dalam kejadian petang kelmarin, seorang pelajar Tingkatan Satu dipukul tiga pelajar sekolah sama yang dikatakan berang kerana dipermainkan dengan gurauan berkaitan belanja makan.

Ketua Polis Kelantan, Deputy Komisioner Shafein Mamat, dipetik berkata justeru mangsa berusia 13 tahun itu membuat laporan polis, semalam, sebelum tangkapan dilakukan. 
Berdasarkan rakaman video berdurasi 25 saat yang tular sejak semalam, mangsa dipukul bertubi-tubi, termasuk ditumbuk dan disepak, dalam insiden itu. - BH
Rupanya PAS serah kerusi 
tradisinya di Sabah kpd MCA...

Rupa2nya satu satunya Kerusi tradisi yang PAS kata kuat, ada jentera di Karamunting pun diserahkan kepada MCA dan PBS… Itu kalau pemimpin PAS sendiri tak merungut.. kita pun tak tahu…

Elok lah..Allah nak tunjuk, Kawasan tu Majoriti Bumiputera Melayu.. Tapi diserahkan pada parti Cina MCA, dan Parti Kristian PBS.. tapi takda sapa pun mana mana dari Pejuang Melayu..Ustaz2 hat kata PAS tunduk kepada orang Kapir atau jadi Khadam MCA..
Takut ahli2 PAS berontak pasai tak dapat kerusi di Sabah maka keluaq dalil  
baru pulak... Itulah cara ulamak2 PAS  memperkudakan walaun2 mereka...

Ingat lagi.. Masa PRK Permatang Pauh, Itu kerusi tradisi Ds Anwar.. Selepas Anwar dipenjara, Ulama PAS siap buat fatwa haram undi Wan Azizah.. Kononnya sebab tolak Hudud.. Bila wartawan tanya Haji Hadi..Haji Hadi s seeolah olah setuju dengan fatwa Ulama PAS permatang pauh, dia jawab cakap no komen..

Cuma nak bagi tahu, hat DAP yang hangpa fitnah anti Islam..Satu kerusi PAS dia tak pernah ambil pun.. Siap depa bagi laluan kat PAS kerusi majoriti Cina hanya sebab masa tu nak menangkan calon PAS…

Bila Haji Hadi bergaduh dengan DAP.. bayangkan, walhal DAP cuma lawan MCA dan MIC.. PAS datang kempen tolak DAP..ada kawasan DAO, PAS letak calon punya jahat nak bagi DAP kalah... Itulah wajah jahat,dengki dan khianat parti lebai PAS ni..

Bukan saja dari 50 kerusi UMNO dan Bersatu, satu pun depa tak bagi PAS.. Kerusi hat sepatutnya PAS bertanding pi bagi kat MCA dan PBS… punya lah teruk sanggup dilacurkan prinsip agama hanya kerana mempertahankan kedudukan jawatan dalam Kerajaan PN….- ipohmali edited
What is behind Moodin's strategy? 

Why is he releasing all the frogs n tadpoles out into the Sabah ponds? It might be a "heads I win, Tails u lose" strategy. either way Moodin wins. Although it may look chaotic n unwinnable, in the end Moodin might be the Biggest Winner like a fisherman casting his net far n wide to catch all the frogs n tadpoles alike. how?

But first he has to make sure ABU (Anyone but Umno) ie. UMNO lose as many seats as possible, coz UMNO is the biggest threat to Moodin n Bersatu's survival in W Msia.

Assuming PN n UMNO win 50% of their seats ie each win 15 seats +/- 2 (total will be 30+) but neither Bersatu or UMNO can claim the CM seat (seems fair enough). That's where Musa comes in w his collections of frogs and tadpoles rounded up w his dragnet with 10 -20 seats. it will be a sure bet that Anifah Aman (Musa Aman's brother) w even a few seats wud join the grand coalition w Moodin and UMNO, to be the next Sabah CM. Musa Aman will be rewarded a Federal minister post, n appt'd a senator.

That way, Moodin ensures that Sabah will not be controlled by UMNO to ensure that UMNO is in no position to challenge Moodin for the PMship or seat allocations for GE-15. But if Warisan wins between 20 - 30 seats.... not enough to be outright CM ..... Moodin will extend an olive branch out to Shafie. Join PN n still be CM. that way Sabah will still be under Moodin's govt.

But what if Warisan wins big w a bigger majority, enough to continue to rule Sabah under Warisan Plus? then Moodin will not call for GE-15, n use all sorts of pressure, to "move mountains" ie. get Warisan to team up w PN. Otherwise, more tragedies like the 1976 Double Tragedy or 2015 Nothing-2-hide Sabah Mv6 quake will hit Sabah again n again ...

Or more frogs from Warisan plus be bought up until Warisan govt collapse again. n this time, they will ensure the Governor does not accede to Shafie's request to dissolve the State Assembly. This Moodin BDG is turning out to be most devilish n evil of all the past PMs combined. Moodin must be replaced or Msia is finish. - Amin Fasaili

First MACC, now AGC 
going all out against me...

The comments by the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) on the two new charges against me for misappropriation of property, amounting to RM208.7 million under the penal code in relation to the tunnel and three highway project(tunnel project), has only reinforced public suspicion that the charges are politically motivated.

First, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), and now the AGC is going all out against me with their comments that they are 99 percent sure of a conviction in line with the Perikatan Nasional's government new political strategy of "Ini semua salah Lim Guan Eng" (this is all Lim Guan Eng's fault).

I had earlier faced three charges for corruption in relation to the tunnel project even though no corruption or gratification money was found in my personal bank account or in my possession as cash. And yet I am charged - "Ini semua salah Lim Guan Eng".

The tunnel project was granted by open tender in 2013 decided by the Penang State Tender Board headed by the state secretary and other senior government officers. And yet I am charged when I am not in the State Tender Board - "Ini semua salah Lim Guan Eng".

The payment of RM208 million decided by land swap is in accordance with the agreement signed between the state government and contractor decided by the exco and other technical committees. And yet I am charged when I was not the only one making the decision on the agreement - "Ini semua salah Lim Guan Eng".

The decision to pay RM 208 million was made after recommendation by an independent expert engineering consultant to senior government officers. The independent consultant was appointed by open tender. Despite not making the recommendation or decision to pay because I am not an engineer, yet I am the one charged - "Ini semua salah Lim Guan Eng".

My lawyers can not understand why the AGC is so intent on transferring my case to Kuala Lumpur, even though the charges against me allegedly occurred from beginning to end, entirely in Penang. What is even more unusual is the belligerent remarks by the AGC against me.

DPP,Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin in maroon stripped tie...

Lead deputy public prosecutor (DPP) Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin boasted of a sure win with a 99 percent chance of conviction, and that the two new charges were the mother of all charges.

This is not the mother of all charges. Instead, it is the mother of all PN's lies that "this is all Lim Guan Eng's fault".

The DPP's remarks of a 99 percent conviction chance are inappropriate and have already prejudged me, even before my trial, that I am already guilty. Many have commented that the DPP's public statements are potentially dangerous, can destroy a person's reputation and prejudice my right to a fair trial.

The latest two charges on Friday that I had misappropriated government property amounting to RM208 million is baseless and illogical when I had not taken any benefit. The land valued at RM208 million was payment in the form of a land swap in accordance with the agreement between the state government and the contractor.

Further, the land was transferred after the final decision by the exco. If I am charged, then will this also lead to the preposterous conclusion that all exco members or the entire state government and its 10,000 staff will also have to be charged? - Lim Guan Eng



11 September 2020

Analysis of the Sabah State Elections 2020

It appears that there are no serious contenders for Warisan in the Sabah Elections 2020. The dissolution of the Sabah Assembly took the oppositions completely by surprise and none could mount any effective political onslaught on Warisan machinery.

Warisan has the “government advantage” which none of the opposition could muster. The opposition may depend on the central government for help but this is of no use because most of the central government’s rhetorics simply backfire, the Federal Government are too insensitive to the sentiments in Sabah.

The Prime Minister stated that Sabah has many resources and require the Federal Government to develop them, this angers Sabahans. It means as if Sabahans are not capable of developing their resources. To a Sabahan, this is another way of the Central Government coming to Sabah to start another round of pillaging and plundering Sabah resources for Malaya which they have done since 1976.

The Prime Minister also stated that Sabah should be aligned to the Central Government to ensure its place in national development is secured and that Sabah gets its development dues. Sabahans look at this statement as a blatant lie and an insult, Sabah has most of the time aligned with the Federal Government since 1963 nowhere are Sabah as develop as Malaya.

In all the 57 years, Sabah only has 10,000 km of paved roads, Sarawak has 19,000 km of paved roads, while Malaya has 131,000 of paved roads. The number and the service areas for nurses in Sabah are that they have to service 18.83 sq km, Sarawak 41.12 sq km of areas with hills, muddy roads and crocodile-infested rivers, while in Malaya the nurses give services to less than 10 sq km of easily accessible terrains and yet they are paid the same.
UMNO a Malayan political party and well known of having crooked and criminal leaders insisted on taking the bulk of the seats in Sabah 31 seats and PN taking 29 seats making the Malayan party taking 60 seats while all the Sabah based parties in this coalition are simply marginalised. It appears PBRS, PBS and STAR are simply not relevant in Sabah politics. This means these Sabah political parties have no say or not relevant in Putrajaya, so what is the point of voting for them? - f/bk

To a Sabahan, this is what the Prime Minister means by aligning to the Federal Government. A Sabahan will reply to the Prime Minister, “this is Our Land, these are our resources, we will determine how to develop them for our people not for Malaya.”  No longer any Sabahan will look at the Federal Government as their champion for progress and prosperity rather someone who take advantage over Sabahans and make them poor. 

The many criminal cases involving high profile UMNO leaders is more than enough to show Sabahans, those that were in power in Putrajaya are crooks whose sole purpose use the government coffer to fill up their pockets rather than to build the nation for the rakyat.

These leaders have done it in Malaya, it is worse in Sabah. Sabahans are discriminated, marginalized and disenfranchised, given sub-standard services, development and utilities. This is not our forebearers wanted Malaysia for, the Tunku, the Tun Razak, the Tun Ismail and the Tan Siew Sin even lied from their graves.

Does Sabah need the Federal Government or even aligned to it to get development? Kelantan manages themselves well for more 40 years, Selangor and Penang are showing the way today.

The Malaysia Constitution says Sabah is not obliged to follow the Malaysia national plan (Please refer to Article 95E (3)). No need to ask where the money is coming from because in terms of development the Federal Government is obliged to provide Sabah through Schedule 10 Part IV and Part V The Federal Government is not in the position to negotiate or rethink about Schedule 10.
This part of the Constitution has been negotiated in the Malaysia Agreement 1963, their decisions agreed and put into the Malaysia Agreement 1963. There is no option but to pay. Even Tan Siew Sin on the 19 August 1963 stated clearly in the Malayan Parliament Hansard that Malaya is not subsidizing North Borneo in terms of development, rather Malaya will get 60% while Sabah gets 40% of their own money for development. It is the present Federal Leaders that renege on their forebearers owned agreed terms.

Among the events that are taking place in Sabah, one rise above the rest. Musa Aman continuing “legal” onslaught on the Warisan Government. This is his personal affairs, his vendetta against Datuk Sri Shafie Apdal which he tries to make it as if it’s a democratic right of the people. Instead of accepting what Musa Aman is right, the people see it as meddling into Sabah administration.

Once the Sabah government dissolve the Assembly, it throws all Sabah oppositions including those aligned to the Federal Government in disarray. None of them expected Datuk Shafie Apdal would dissolve thee Sabah Assembly. These created so many issues within the opposition camp. Issues from a clear cut leadership on the ground, articulated political strategies against Warisan, allocation of candidates and the issue of political money. In short, the oppositions in Sabah were caught flatfooted. The opposition cannot put up a cohesive onslaught against Warisan.

UMNO a Malayan political party and well known of having crooked and criminal leaders insisted on taking the bulk of the seats in Sabah 31 seats and PN taking 29 seats making the Malayan party taking 60 seats while all the Sabah based parties in this coalition are simply marginalised. It appears PBRS, PBS and STAR are simply not relevant in Sabah politics. This means these Sabah political parties have no say or not relevant in Putrajaya, so what is the point of voting for them?

Parti Cinta Sabah may have candidates in all the 73 seats but their moral cause is absent. They are only interested in wrestling the government from the people. This means that they are willing to sell Sabah to the highest bidder once they take over the Government. They do not have any track record of any services to the rakyat to speak about.

As ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs the President of PCS cannot even resolve the simple Philippines Claim – instead he is blaming the Chief Minister of Sabah for not doing anything. A person who claims a leader but blames others for his failings is not a good leader, to begin with. Therefore, why waste your vote on them.

YAB Datuk Shafie Apdal has a simple formula and for once in Sabah history, he weaponised “Government Advantage”, an advantage that none of the Opposition has. Once again, the opposition is taken unsuspecting of this move because they have no idea what it can do. YAB Shafie Apdal simply gives the people what is rightfully belongs to them but denied by the previous government – he simply gives them the land that they deserve and the land is a State Matter, not a Federal concern.

Datuk Sri Shafie went on a tour around Sabah giving Land Titles, breaking up the Communal Title, and restoring land lease that was reduced to 99 years when the Borneo court made a judgement that they should maintain the 999 years. Datuk Shafie Apdal may in his closing tour during the campaign announce that most of the land title that expired its lease, he may renew them with minimum premium.

YAB Datuk Shafie Apdal would easily secure both the votes from the rural areas as well as the Urban areas for Warisan. This would be reflected in a sweeping win for Warisan with more than sufficient seats to block any attempt to buy winning candidates. This will give Sabah a strong mandate and united government to be able to faceoff with the Federal Government when the time comes. - Zainnal Ajamain
UMNO is contesting 31 seats.Warisan is contesting 46 seats. To win a simple majority (37 seats) and form the state government by themselves Warisan needs an 80% success rate. In 2018 Warisan won 21 seats.  PN (Bersatu) is contesting 29 seats. Even if Bersatu wins all 29 seats they cannot form the state government. 

Is there any 'election agreement' between Warisan (Shafie Apdal) and Bersatu (Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin) ? It goes this way folks. The more UMNO loses in Sabah on 26th September 2020 the more it strengthens Tan Sri Muhyiddin's position in Malaysian politics. If UMNO loses big in Sabah it will be the end of UMNO not just in Sabah but it will weaken UMNO greatly on the Semenanjung.
Then come PRU15 / General Election time (in 2023 - there is not going to be any earlier general elections) Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will have that much of an easier time "negotiating" seat allocations not just with UMNO but with every other coalition "partner".  So a weaker UMNO means a stronger Muhyiddin Yassin.

Shafie Apdal  is gaining strength.  It looks like Shafie will win big in Sabah on 26th September. From what I hear Shafie and Muhyiddin may decide that instead of going against each other why not work together?

There are reasons for this. The biggest reason is because UMNO is weak and there does not appear to be an UMNO doing a thorough housecleaning and putting their house in order. Pas is a non starter. So UMNO and Pas will be more of a liability than an asset.

On the other hand Bersatu and Warisan (oops I forgot to mention - being largely Muslim and pribumi led) are the two parties that are gaining in strength. They may just team up. Sarawak should have no problems supporting Shafie Apdal. At the end of it all Shafie Apdal may become the Deputy Prime Minister. - Syed Akbar Ali 

UMNO kencing atas kepala PAS...

Mula sekali Pas telah tersilap langkah apabila bergabung dengan UMNO. Buat masa ini (dan untuk foreseeable future jugak) Umno adalah parti yang kedua lemah sekali dalam politik negara kita. Parti yang lemah sekali adalah Pas.  

Jangan lupa bahawa apabila mereka kalah PRU14 (Mei 2018) - setelah 63 tahun memerintah negara (sejak first Federal elections pada 1955) - Umno / BN berada pada tahap yang paling lemah  dalam riwayat politik mereka.
Puas canang 10 kerusi. Walaun siap ejek Amanah 1 kerusi aje?
Last-last... BN tak bagi apa2...

Walaupun UMNO/BN begitu lemah parti Pas pula hanya dapat menang 18 kerusi Parlimen dalam PRU14.  Maksudnya Pas jauh lagi lemah daripada UMNO. 

Jadi apabila Pas bergabung dengan Umno sekarang ianya adalah "marriage between two losers".  Gabungan antara dua parti politik yang keduanya dunggu dan dinosaur gua kelawar.  
Lukisan kartun di atas  yang menunjukkan Pas menjadi kuli pacak bendera bagi BN dan Bersatu di PRN Sabah memberi gambaran yang sangat tepat akan  kedudukan politik Pas. Pas sudah ditongsampahkan.  

Pas tidak pernah mempunyai sebarang pemimpin yang intelligent atau handal. Inilah kelemahan Pas yang sangat kronik dari dulu sehingga ke hari ini, walaupun parti itu menarik minat wala'un yang berPhD dan sebegitu.  Kekuatan Pas berada kepada angkatan tentera penyokong yang simple dan kurang daya fikiran - terima kasihlah kepada sistem pendidikan negara kita. -  Syed Akbar Ali 


Saya akan buktikan saya tidak bersalah...
2 pertuduhan baru yang 
bermotifkan politik SPRM...

Dua pertuduhan baru ini sekali lagi berkaitan dengan projek terowong dan 3 lebuh raya (projek terowong) yang dianugerahkan oleh kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang pada tahun 2013 kepada Konsortium Zenith Beijing Urban Construction Group (CZBUCG). CZBUCG dianugerahkan kontrak tersebut melalui tender terbuka oleh Jawatankuasa Perolehan Negeri, yang diketuai oleh Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang dan dianggotai oleh pegawai kanan kerajaan. Walaupun saya bukan anggota Jawatankuasa Perolehan Negeri, saya tetap dituduh berdasarkan kecenderungan terkini bahawa “Semua salah Lim Guan Eng”.

Walaupun telah disoal siasat 5 kali oleh SPRM mengenai perkara ini, tiada soalan yang diajukan kepada saya mengenai ganjaran atau wang suapan yang sepatutnya ada di dalam akaun bank saya atau dalam bentuk wang tunai. Oleh kerana pihak berkuasa tidak dapat menjumpai wang suapan dalam pemilikan saya, adakah ini menjadi punca isteri saya Betty Chew, didakwa kerana menerima RM372,000 / -.

Perkara ini tidak masuk akal kerana isteri saya adalah seorang peguam yang berkelayakan dan RM372,000 adalah bayaran kepada khidmat rundingan guamannya, yang diterima dalam jangka masa 2 tahun, bukan bayaran sekali gus. Pihak berkuasa mungkin terlalu terdesak sehingga berusaha mengaitkan bayaran khidmat rundingan guaman yang diterima oleh isteri saya sebagai wang suapan yang diterima oleh saya. - roketkini

DPP,Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin in maroon stripped tie...

A DPP should seek to protect the innocent and convict the guilty, and respect the legal rights of all, including the accused. However the DPP,Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin in Guan Eng's case today was "99% success of conviction" He had just degraded the court to a KANGAROO Court or Rigged Horse Race where the winner is already predetermined.

When a trial is already predetermined with 99% certainty, the value of our judiciary system just crashed thru the floor. Din is a goner.. with so many "flaws" in the last few months 1 can't help feeling that Din's PN ship is sinking fast. All their plots are failing to hit their marks. The desperate fire-fighting is all too evident from Sabah to Perlis,the DPP is just another useful idiot willing to do their evil bidding...- Amin Fasaili

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'BN BAGI TELUR AYAM AriffKadir Research SABAH KAT PAS'
Kesian...begini akhirnya nasib PAS...

Di sebalik bekerjasama dengan kerajaan Perikatan Nasional atau PN di peringkat Pusat dan dalam masa yang sama bermuafakat pula dengan UMNO dalam Muafakat Nasional atau MN, PAS benar-benar ditimpa malang lantaran tidak dijemput oleh PN atau BN dalam majlis pengumuman calon kedua-dua gabungan tersebut. “Kita tak dijemput,” kata Pesuruhjaya PAS Sabah, Mohd Aminuddin Aling.

Dalam waktu yang sama pula, setakat ini boleh dikata tidak ada kerusi diperuntukkan kepada Pas untuk ditandingi di mana baik UMNO mahuoun Bersatu, mereka sudah pun mengumumkan jumlah kerusi serta calon yang akan bertanding pada 26 September nanti.
Image may contain: text that says '"Pas tak bertanding di Sabah..??" "..Ini semua agenda DAP menghalang gerakan islam.." ா'
UMNO akan bertanding 31 kerusi, manakala Bersatu 19 kerusi dan selebihnya akan ditandingi oleh parti-parti bukan Melayu. Sebelum ini, Setiausaha Agung Pas, Takiyuddin Hassan meluahkan hasrat Pas mahu bertanding 10 kerusi tradisi yang biasa ditandingi parti itu.

Tetapi, dengan perebutan kerusi antara UMNO dengan Bersatu, Pas nampaknya benar-benar tersisih, tidak dipeduli serta tidak dianggap penting dalam politik Sabah. Kesiannn…begini akhirnya nasib Pas!! Baik BN atau PN, kedua-duanya langsung tidak memperdulikan mereka. Sudahlah tidak diperuntukkan kerusi, dijemput ke majlis pengumuman calon pun tidak juga.
Image may contain: text that says 'CO Paling ketara bodonya adalah pengikut kasta rendah dlm agama ajaran PAS....jadi pakyit tukang julang bendera UmnoBN. hat kasta atas dpt jd senator dewan negara. balik mai dok muhong dlm masjid di kg, hampa kena huloq sampol pulak kat depa.'
Bulan Layu Di Bawah Bayu...

Bagaimanapun, menurut Aminuddin, PAS akan menunggu pengumuman rasmi daripada Muhyiddin Yassin sendiri dalam acara yang menurutnya akan berlangsung esok pagi. Menurutnya, beliau sendiri sebenarnya amat menunggu pengumuman Muhyiddin esok dan wakil pimpinan PAS Pusat juga dijangka akan hadir sama.

Pun begitu, katanya PAS akan berlapang dada dan menerima apa saja keputusan yang dimuktamadkan terhadap mereka dengan hati terbuka. “Itulah (pengumuman esok) yang sahihnya, itulah berita yang tepatnya. “Kalau dia (Muhyiddin) kata PAS tak bertanding, tak bertandinglah. “Kalau dia kata bertanding sekian-sekian kerusi… 10 kerusi misalnya, maka PAS (akan) bertanding 10 kerusi,” jelas Aminuddin lagi. 

Kalau 10 kerusi yang diminta, UMNO mesti beri 5 dan Bersatu juga mesti beri 5 dan kalau dua kerusi saja misalnya, UMNO dan Bersatu mesti sedia memberi masing-masing satu kerusi kepada Pas. Jika tidak, tiada gunanya Pas bermuafakat dengan UMNO dalam MN dan bekerjasma dengan Bersatu serta menyokong Muhyiddin dalam PN.
Orang berbudi kita berbahasa,
Orang dapat kerusi kita dapat bendera...

Malah, baik UMNO atau Bersatu, kedua-duanya juga harus diperingatkan bahawa tanpa sokongan Pas, bukan saja UMNO sukar berkuasa semula, malah Muhyiddin tidak mungkin dapat duduk di kerusi Perdana Menteri.

Kiranya UMNO dan Bersatu tidak sedia bertolak ansur, lebih baiklah Pas keluar saja daripada MN dan PN kerana terbukti kedua-dua parti itu tidak menyokong kerja-kerja dakwah Pas. Lebih baiklah Pas bergerak bersendirian seperti sebelum ini kerana walaupun tidak menang jika bertanding, namun kerja dakwah dan tuntutan Tuhan tetap dapat dilaksanakan.

Memang cukup memalukan, berada dalam MN dan PN, tetapi ruang untuk Pas berdakwah semakin terhimpit jadinya. Dengan tidak diberikan kerusi dan kerja Pas hanya memasang poster dan memacak bendera orang lain saja, apa dakwah yang Pas dapat lakukan di Sabah? - Shahbuddin Husin

Bung Moktar threw Musa Aman 
into the trash...

When Musa Aman said that it would be embarrassing for UMNO if someone like Bung Mokhtar, who is facing trial in Court for corruption, was appointed head of UMNO Sabah to face the coming State elections, it appeared to many that Musa Aman was also aiming his sarcasm at UMNO president Zahid Hamidi who is himself in Court on multiple corruption charges. 

Not only was Musa's statement an insult to Bung Mokhtar but it was also an insult to Zahid Hamidi. Both these clowns are facing corruption charges in Court. 

Surprise, surprise. So now not only does Bung Mokhtar remain UMNO Sabah's boss but Musa Aman has been summarily dropped from UMNO's line up for the coming State Elections on 26th September 2020.

This means the end of Musa Aman's political career in Sabah State.  

Kalau tak mahu kena sabotaj senang saja bah. Belanja makan ayam saja bah. Mahu belanja lebih sikit. Ayam goreng, ayam rebus, ayam bakar, ayam salai, ayam kari. Semua jenis ayam. Lagi banyak ayam lagi bagus. Apa takut sabotaj? Bisa diatur. Ayamkan saja.

This is indeed the end of Musa Aman's political career in Sabah.

This is a new situation for UMNO Sabah. There is little interference from UMNO hq in KL. This is also a bad precedent. Who knows maybe soon UMNO Johor, UMNO Selangor, UMNO Pahang etc will also seek "autonomy" from UMNO KL. 

Under Zahid Hamidi the UMNO party has no real leadership. Few people really regard Zahid Hamidi as president material. Zahid Hamidi is the first UMNO president who is not a prime minister. He is the first UMNO president to be tried for corruption while holding the office of party president. (The 1MDB super moron resigned the presidency before being charged in Court.) 

UMNO Sabah will lose in  the Sabah State elections. They may lose big. When that happens it will totally embarrass Zahid Hamidi and Bung Moktar as well. UMNO is dead in Sabah. - Syed Akbar Ali

Note: Musa Aman might be dropped but he can still be appointed as assemblyman if PN comes to power...- TS   


09 September 2020

Jawab Anuar Musa jawab...

tumpang sekole...?: Bila pungkok Najib sakit...
Tak boleh bagi PH ‘jaga’ 
Petronas lagi – Najib...

Datuk Seri Najib Razak mendakwa Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan (PH) tidak boleh diberi peluang menjaga Petronas lagi kerana telah mengakibatkan syarikat petroleum milik negara itu ‘jahanam’. Beliau yang membuat perbandingan penyata akaun suku kedua 2020 Petronas dengan suku pertama 2018 sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 berkata, walaupun rizab wang tunai Petronas jatuh RM8 bilion sahaja daripada RM164.7 bilion kepada RM156.8 bilion, jumlah liabiliti dan hutang Petronas sudah naik RM51.3 bilion daripada RM160.3 bilion kepada RM211.6 bilion.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu berkata, sepatutnya rizab ekuiti Petronas naik RM94.7 bilion (RM55.3b + RM40.4b) tetapi jatuh RM39.2 bilion pula – perbezaan sebanyak RM133.9 bilion. ”Jika Petronas rugi RM21 bilion akibat Covid masa PN (Perikatan Nasional), maknanya PH telah menjahanamkan RM111.9 bilion masa tiada krisis Covid,” katanya dalam hantaran di Facebook.  - MG

Kalau laporan ini benar dan Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak siuman, jelaslah yang dia ini kalau tak bohong dan putar-belit memang tak sah.Dia kata tak boleh harap Pakatan Harapan jaga Petronas sebab dalam suku kedua tahun ini (April hingga Jun) syarikat minyak negara itu rugi AS$5.06 bilion (kira-kira RM21 bilion).

Dia lupa atau sengaja putar-belit bahawa yang perintah negara dan jaga Petronas dalam tempoh itu adalah kerajaan tebuk atap Perikatan Nasional yang dia sendiri jadi anggotanya. Rampasan kuasa terhadap PH disahkan pada 2 Mac apabila Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin angkat sumpah jadi Perdana Menteri.

Betullah Petronas rugi. Tapi boleh dikatakan semua syarikat minyak negara dan swasta dunia rugi dalam tempoh itu kerana harga minyak mentah jatuh merudum akibat pandemik Covid-19. Misalnya syarikat minyak Perancis Total rugi AS$8.4 bilion, British Petroleum AS$6.7 bilion, Gazprom (Rusia) AS$4.2 bilion dan Exxon Mobil (Amerika Syarikat) AS$1.1 bilion. - f/bk

Sabah polls on - Court dismisses 
appeal by Musa...

The Court of Appeal today dismissed the appeal for leave to seek a judicial review challenging the dissolution of the Sabah legislative assembly by the state's ex-chief minister (CM) Tan Sri Musa Aman and 32 other former assemblymen. Justice Datuk Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil, who led the three-member bench, ruled that the decision is unanimous and there was no appealable error in the Kota Kinabalu High Court decision.

“We are of the considered view that the dissolution of the assembly (by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Juhar Mahiruddin) is not amenable to judicial review. The court is not in the position to interfere in the affairs of the state assembly, namely the dissolution as it is the Yang di-Pertua Negeri's absolute discretion on July 30.

“The appeal is dismissed and we will write our full grounds later,” said Justice Abdul Karim. The other judges on the bench are Justices Datuk Abu Bakar Jais and Datuk Supang Lian. The bench also made no order as to costs to be paid by Musa and the others.

Initially, only the Election Commission (EC) was named as a respondent in their bid to declare the dissolution of the assembly on July 29 null and void. However, ex-Sabah CM Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal, the Sabah government, and Juhar were later added as respondents as the challenge involved constitutional issues.

The bench also dismissed an oral application for a stay of the decision made by counsel Datuk Firoz Hussein Ahmad Jamaluddin, who appeared alongside Tengku Fuad Tengku Ahmad on behalf of the assemblymen.

Firoz sought the stay pending an appeal at the Federal Court. However, an objection was raised by Sabah's Attorney General Brenndon Keith Soh, Datuk Dr Cyrus Das, who appeared for Shafie, and counsels from the Federal Attorney General's Chambers Suzana Atan and P Narkunavathi, who represented the EC.

Soh argued that as there is no appeal before the apex court at this juncture, the appellate court should reject this application. Meanwhile, Das pointed out that there was only around 72 hours left before the state elections’ nomination day on Sept 12.

“I understand that 30,000 personnel have been mobilised for the elections, with returning officers appointed, and 64 nomination centres have been readied. The election must be held within 60 days of the dissolution as stipulated in the constitution. To allow a stay would result in too much disturbance on the ground.

“Furthermore, the candidates who want to contest should know where they can stand [for elections],” he said. Suzana concurred with Das. With that, the bench dismissed the stay application. While Musa did not want to comment on the decision, Firoz hinted that they would appeal for leave to the Federal Court before the election, which is scheduled on Sept 26. - theedgemarkets
Sabah election a test for Putrajaya...

The Sabah election is creating history of sorts. For one, it will have the most cornered fights. Malayan-based parties are entering the fray to extend their control and reach over the state.

Muafakat Nasional (MN) and Perikatan Nasional (PN) are teaming with local parties to increase their chances. Each group is defending their turf. Stepping into the ring in the red corner will be the middleweight Warisan and their allies Upko, PKR and DAP, and in the blue corner are the heavyweights Umno, PAS, and PPBM – a combination fresh from their Slim by-election victory.

But Sabah is not Slim, and the issues and narratives are not the same. Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Annuar Musa has cautioned the party not to be overconfident, and rightly so. The so-called “backdoor” government, the switch of party allegiance by MPs, and the tug of war between MN and PN have left many confused.
The days of straight fights between BN and the rest are over. So is the distribution of free blue water tanks to villagers signifying election is around the corner. Money politics will still be there, and voters willingly take whatever is given and vote for the candidates of their choice.

The feedback from the ground following Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s recent visit to Sabah is mixed. His speech expressing disappointment that the incumbent state government was not aligned with the federal government has not been well received.

Muhyiddin’s launch of PN’s logo in Kota Kinabalu did not go well as the main parties in the bloc have yet to agree to working under one banner. It seems the two competing groups – MN and PN – have yet to agree on many things. PAS, in the meantime, is playing bridesmaid to both sides and hedging bets.

Umno is a pale shadow of itself in Sabah. Former chief minister Musa Aman has failed so far in his bid for the right to form the state government, and this has dented Umno’s image. Umno’s cause is not helped by the ongoing corruption trials of party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and its Sabah chief, Bung Moktar Radin. Several Sabah Umno leaders are against the appointment of Bung to lead the BN campaign, fearing he might be a liability.
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PAS will lose any seat they contest in Sabah by virtue of their “Islamist” stand. When Richard Malanjum, a Christian, was elected to the highest judicial office, PAS objected, saying only a Muslim could hold the post. Recently, Sabah leaders slammed PAS MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi for lacking sensitivity in saying the Bible was “distorted”. In another case, PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin likened a minister who broke quarantine orders to a Quranic “hero” and blamed the health and the foreign ministries for their negligence.

PAS will not take responsibility for their own actions or failures. To err is human, but to make Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali a “hero” is something else altogether. Any of Umno’s or PAS’ tactics in using religion and “Malay rights” will not win them any seats. Sabahans have seen the power of the people’s vote in GE14, and they are eager to show divisive parties and their ego the door.

The main election issue is still how to resolve the illegal migrant population numbering more than a million, which has put a strain on state resources and increased its security risks. Another issue is the failure of the federal government to accede to Sabah’s fair requests for more autonomy and revenue rights under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

While Sabahans prefer local parties to form the government, the likes of Umno, PPBM, PKR and DAP are using Sabah as their test beds for the upcoming Sarawak and federal elections. The Sabah election is now the battleground to test Muhyiddin’s leadership and his influence over the once dominant Umno. - Joe Samad