22 November 2019

Azmin Is bluffing ...

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 He Does Not Have The Number 
For Dr.M To Continue As PM...

Mahathir should not have had sent a boy to do a man’s job. Azmin Ali, his errand boy recruited to weaken the position of prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim, has been caught not only engaging sexual activity with another man but was also sued by a travel agency over unpaid family holidays. That speaks volumes how bad Mahathir is at judging people.

But knowing Mahathir, it had always been his intention to deliberately hire or appoint dumb and corrupt people so that they could be controlled. The names like “Black Shoe” Education Minister Masz­lee Malik, “Flip-Flop” Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq and “Flying Car” Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof are the infamous “Three Stooges” of Mahathir’s party.

Hence, it’s not surprising that a person like Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali is considered a rare gem to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Actually, the job of Azmin was pretty simple – to act as a check and balance against Anwar. It screams treacherous that Azmin, deputy president of PKR, agrees to work for Mahathir to counter his own boss, PKR president Anwar.

Mr. Azmin knows nuts about the country’s economy, the same way Maszlee is clueless about world class education system and Redzuan’s inability to differentiate about a drone and a flying car. After Mahathir suffered a humiliating defeat in the Tanjung Piai by-election, he is under tremendous pressure to resign and pass the leadership to Anwar.

Suddenly, Azmin arranged a “secret dinner meeting” on Monday (Nov 17), just two days after his political master Mahathir was given a bloody nose by angry voters in Tanjung Piai. When confronted by journalists, the blue-eyed boy of the prime minister claimed there was nothing unusual about the meeting held at his official residence in Precinct 10, Putrajaya.

Mr. Mahathir, as expected, pretended that while he “heard” about the meeting, he nevertheless insisted that he didn’t know what the participants talked about. Sure, his trusted spy was having a secret meeting with the enemies in the middle of the night without his knowledge but he wasn’t furious at all? He should stop insulting people’s intelligence.
Mahathir Mohamad - Sad and Upset 

Apparently, about 22 MPs (Member of Parliaments) – 17 from UMNO and 5 from PKR – braved the heavy rain to attend a dinner called by Azmin. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows Mr. Azmin called for the meeting on behalf of Mahathir. Only by throwing the name of Mahathir that the sex maniac Azmin could mobilise opposition UMNO MPs to his home at such hour.

If indeed the chief executive was kept in the dark about the meeting, he should reprimand Azmin’s action for jeopardizing the unity and integrity of the Pakatan Harapan coalition government. Does it make sense that the senior minister misused his name in plotting a grand plan with the opposition parties and yet the prime minister is cool about it?

Basically the dinner gathering has cleared any doubts that Azmin is the traitor of PKR and Hishammuddin Hussein is the betrayer of UMNO. But the meeting was actually another boring session where the errand boy tries to convince the 17 opposition MPs to continue to support Mahathir as prime minister, despite the dwindling public support for the 94-year-old premier.

However, the dinner drama has revealed a more damaging message – Mahathir does not have the number to stay as prime minister. The purpose of the meeting was to send a message to Anwar that Mahathir has sufficient MPs to support him. The burning question is this – why was the so-called “secret meeting” deliberately leaked so that journalists would camp near Azmin house and broadcast it?

If Mahathir’s camp has the number, or was seeking to secure the number, such meeting should have been held in utmost secrecy to maintain the element of surprise. The only time when you scream your lung out to alert your enemies that you’re strong is when you’re actually weak, but you want the enemies to think otherwise.

Yes, it appears that Azmin was trying to deploy the “Empty Fort Strategy” made popular in the Chinese ancient military strategy which involves using reverse psychology (and luck) to deceive the enemy into thinking that an empty location is full of traps and ambushes, and therefore induce the enemy to retreat.
Azmin Ali with Hishammuddin Hussein

More importantly, if Mahathir has the number and wanted to get rid of Anwar’s PKR faction and allies DAP and Amanah to form a new government consisting of only Malay parties (PPBM, UMNO, PAS and Azmin’s faction in PKR), they would have done so yesterday, and certainly not after the devastating Tanjung Piai election, which Mahathir admitted he had expected to lose.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. Mahathir’s party, PPBM, won only 13 seats out of the 222 Parliamentary seats in the May 2018 General Election. The party managed to double the number to 26 seats through defections of UMNO MPs. After it lost the Tanjung Piai to the opposition over the weekend, its number is reduced to only 25 MPs.

Hishammuddin only managed to bring 17 UMNO MPs with him to the secret dinner meeting. Last month, Azmin had arranged for all 18 PAS MPs and 6 UMNO MPs to express their support for Mahathir to remain prime minister for the full electoral term of 5 years. It’s unknown if the same 6 UMNO MPs had also gone to Azmin’s residence on Monday’s night.

Assuming the 6 UMNO MPs didn’t attend the dinner party, Mahathir’s camp would have 25 PPBM MPs, 18 PAS MPs, and 23 UMNO MPs. Azmin was supposed to bring in at least 15 MPs from PKR. But there were only 5 PKR MPs at the dinner. That means only 71 MPs are willing to support Mahathir. Even if Azmin could eventually persuade 15 PKR MPs to defect, the number is still 81.

To form a simple majority government, Mahathir needs support from at least 112 MPs. So he’s either short of 41 seats (if Azmin could only bring 5 frogs from PKR) or short of 31 seats (if Azmin could secure 15 PKR defectors). Even if the entire opposition Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition supports Mahathir, which is quite impossible, his camp has only maximum 99 seats.

Yes, that’s the message which has been spreading in the social media – 41 MPs from BN, 18 MPs from PAS and 25 MPs from PPBM (Bersatu) together with 19 MPs from Sarawak’s Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) and 9 MPs from Azmin’s faction would be strong enough to destroy Anwar’s dream of becoming the next 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Azmin/Hishamuddin winning formula...

That’s a wishful thinking because the equation assumes UMNO crooks currently being charged by Mahathir like Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Tengku Adnan and other UMNO warlords like Nazri Aziz and Khairy Jamaluddin would blindly throw their support behind the prime minister, the same man who had destroyed their gravy train in the last year’s general election.

Just because the 17 UMNO MPs agreed to attend Azmin’s secret dinner does not mean all of them support Mahathir’s premiership. Some of them might be spies sent by Najib and Zahid. That explains why neither former UMNO president Najib nor UMNO president Zahid was surprised or frustrated that almost half of the party’s MPs had gone to the enemy’s house for a dinner.

If Najib and Zahid decide to support Mahathir, it could only mean that all their criminal breach of trust (CBT), money laundering and abuse of power charges would be dropped. For that to happen, Mahathir must be absolutely senile as it will be an admission that Najib didn’t steal a single penny from 1MDB sovereign fund and was wrongly accused by the old man.

One has to remember that when all the 41 UMNO MPs (means Najib, Zahid and other crooks) declare their support for Mahathir, the line would have had been drawn and the Pakatan Harapan coalition would have already collapsed. At that time, Mahathir would be hugging and kissing with protégé-turn-nemesis Najib as they happily form a new Malay-only government.

Besides, there’s no guarantee that all the 19 MPs from Sarawak’s Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) would support Mahathir after his government broke its promise to pay 20% oil royalty to the Borneo state. It’s also not a guarantee that Azmin could swing 9 MPs to make up the 112 seats, let alone 15, to form a simple majority government.

Heck, even Mahathir isn’t sure if his own party would support him 100% in the event he kicks Anwar’s faction out of the coalition. His deputy, PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin, might switch sides and bring some PPBM MPs to join and support Anwar. As a Johorean, Muhyiddin’s loyalty is more with the state of Johor than PPBM, arguably a political party set up by Mahathir for his family.
Mahathir Mohamad with Muhyiddin Yassin
Mahathir Mohamad with Muhyiddin Yassin

Unlike Mahathir’s open cold war with the Sultanate of Johor, Anwar has a closer relationship with the monarch, when he gladly kissed the hand of Johor Sultan Ibrahim last year. That’s one of the advantages of not having a dominant party too strong that it could bully, suppress, oppress and corrupt the system. Mahathir and Anwar have entered what is known as a Mexican standoff.

Azmin obviously screws up when he hastily scheduled for another meeting on Tuesday after his Monday’s secret dinner had invited criticisms. It was an afterthought that the second meeting was made, under the pretext of meeting with his fellow party MPs. If Azmin was absolutely sure he has the number, he didn’t have to arrange so many unnecessary meetings.

The simple fact that Mahathir hasn’t gone for the kill proves that he does not have the numbers, if indeed he was the hidden hand behind Azmin’s multiple meetings with opposition parties. Like it or not, the embarrassing loss of Tanjung Piai parliamentary seat has effectively made it more difficult for Azmin to convince and swing more MPs to stand behind Mahathir.

In order not to rock the boat, the Pakatan Harapan coalition might just allow Mahathir to rule for the time being while a serious transition process is discussed. He might be given a third and final chance to do the right things after wasted 18 months of silly politicking and engaging in racial and religious extremism. Anwar does not have to force Mahathir to quit.

Azmin desperately wants Anwar to sack him so that he could cry being victimised. Instead, the smarter Anwar is giving enough ropes for Azmin to hang himself by refusing to fire him. The PM-in-waiting also realises that Mahathir must be allowed to resign with dignity and respect. After all, it was Mahathir, who had successfully secured rural Malay votes to topple crooked Najib Razak.

If Anwar makes his move now, it may backfire as he would be accused of being rude and ungrateful, even seen as bullying an old man – something which is unacceptable in the Malay culture. It would bring back the memory where the people were disgusted at Najib regime’s childish stunt of cutting Mahathir’s posters during the 2018 election campaign. - FT

Formula Azmin - Jalan ke Putrajaya...

Saya tak kata saya percaya formula ini akan berlaku, tapi kalau nak berlaku juga kita nak kata apa...?

Saya tak kata saya setuju kalau sifir ini berlaku, tapi walau kita bantah sekuat mana pun, kalau berlaku juga, kita boleh buat apa...?

Segala-galanya tidak mustahil dalam politik, sebab politik kita amat dinamis sifatnya.... Berpada-padalah kalau mengutuk pihak yang kita tak suka dan berpada-padalah memuji pihak yang kita suka.... Jangan terlalu taksub dan jangan bersikap melampau.

Saya selalu ulang, kemenangan PH dalam PRU-14 amat tipis... Sekadar cukup untuk menumbangkan BN saja, cukup-cukup makan untuk menjatuhkan Najib dan mengangkat Tun Mahathir saja.... Kita selalu lupa bahawa ikatan antara parti dalam PH sangat longgar, sejak dibentuk sebelum PRU-14 lagi.... Kerajaan PH yang ditubuhkan amat rapuh bentengnya, bila-bila masa saja boleh dirobohkan oleh musuh dari luar atau pengkhianat dari dalam.

Sebab itu saya tak pernah sebut suruh Tun Mahathir berhenti cepat, jauh sekali untuk mengutuknya, bahkan tak pernah desak Tun Mahathir suruh rombak kabinet pecat menteri itu dan ini.... Kita lupa bahawa kerajaan Tun sangat rapuh dan longgar... Kita bercakap seolah-olah kerajaan terlalu teguh dan mampu buat apa saja untuk memuaskan nafsu politik kita.

Saya percaya ini hanya satu formula dari beberapa formula lain yang semuanya akan boleh meruntuhkan kerajaan PH sekarang.... Ingat status saya kelmarin, bila ditanya kalau berlaku perubahan dalan lanskap politik negara saya nak sokong blok mana...? Saya nak jawab apa, sebab blok yang akan timbul kita tak tahu dari formula mana.... Sebab itu saya jawab saya akan sokong blok yang tidak ada PAS di dalamnya.... Kerana saya tidak taksub dalam menyokong sesiapa atau membenci sesiapa... Ini hanya pendirian politik saja, bukannya kita nak beriman kepada mana-mana pemimpin. - f/bk

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Kekai tenang yang 
tak bertenang - sapa dia?

Padah bersikap kurang ajar dengan orang yang angkat dia. Jiwa sudah tidak tenteram sehinggakan setahun tidak hadir mesyuarat parti kerana tidak mampu berdepan dan bertentang mata dengan insan yang mendidik dan mengangkat dirinya hingga ke tahap ini.

Mesyuarat dengan parti tiada masa, retreat bersama parti pun tidak berkesempatan. Tetapi banyak masa untuk bertemu dengan pemimpin2 Umno, tidak cukup siang, bertemu malam di rumahnya sehinggakan diberi jamu makan. Alasannya bincang pasal projek. Eh, projek untuk wakil rakyat Umno ke? Bagaimana dengan kos sara hidup rakyat yang lain?

Sampai bila mahu menipu? Dia kata, saya bertemu dengan semua orang tidak kira siapa. Sesiapa yang mahu bertemu dengan saya, saya sebagai menteri kerajaan sentiasa terbuka, katanya. Ewaah....betul ke mereka mahu bertemu kamu untuk mengadu masalah atau kamu yang memanggil mereka untuk mengadu masalah semburit? Kalau kebetulan mereka yang mahu bertemu kamu untuk bincang masalah rakyat, kenapa tidak bertemu di pejabat? Mengapa di rumah kamu waktu malam siap disediakan catering untuk makan besar? Cukup2lah menipu.

Khabarnya, kes semburit dah semakin ke episod akhir. Polis kata mungkin hujung tahun ini akan diketahui siapa pasangan Haziq. Oleh kerana gelabah puyuh, terpaksalah buat kerja gila berpakat dengan musuh untuk menghancurkan PH. Hatinya busuk sekali. Padanya, kalau dia tak boleh jadi PM, dia akan tentukan Anwar tidak akan jadi PM. Siapa dia itu? - wfauzdin ns


Kami tak kisah, samada hang nk mengaku, atau menafikan yg hang memang terlibat dlm video semburit kat Hotel Sandakan. Itu hal yg kini dlm siasatan Polis.

Tapi, si Haziq, yg gambarnya tertera dlm video tu dah berkali2 mengaku, atas katil tu dia dgn hang. Dia dgn confidentnya membuat pengakuan, atas katil yg berpeluk2an tu dia dgn hang...

Come on la Min... Kalau dah tak mengaku, kami setuju. Tapi, hantarlah surat saman kat Haziq. Bawak lah dia ke mahkamah. Bersihkan nama hang. Hang tu Timb Presiden parti dan menteri ...bukan ketua Cabang...

Dah la takut nk saman, hang berlindung pulak di belakang Tun...

Dah diberikan perlindungan, tak diminta bercuti atau letak jwtn... Hang buat honaq pulak dlm Pakatan Harapan. Konon nk bincang dgn pembangkang, nk tubuh kerajaan lain ikut pintu belakang...

Hang ni Min....jenih 'belakang'2 ni memang hang suka ekkk..- f/bk

Menteri beli insuran nyawa dulu...

Maaf ya kereta terbang tak jadi terbang pasai  pihak berkuasa Penerbangan Awam Malaysia (CAAM) tidak meluluskan ujian penerbangan UAS E-Hang 216 (EH216) atau ‘kereta terbang’ yang dijadualkan esok.

CAAM dalam kenyataan hari ini menegaskan, lokasi percubaan penerbangan di Hangar UNIKL MIAT Subang adalah kurang 200 meter dari laluan trafik pesawat dan helikopter komersial.

“Lokasi itu jelas terletak di dalam Zon Kawalan Terminal Lapangan Terbang Subang di bawah penyeliaan yang ketat oleh Pusat Kawalan Trafik Udara.

PROJEK kereta terbang yang diilhamkan seorang menteri kabinet disifatkan sebagai "idea sampah".

Ketua Biro Polisi dan Strategi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) berkata cita-cita menteri itu sebagai membuang masa dan perhatian sewajarnya diberikan kepada isu dihadapai rakyat.

"Saya setuju perhatian patut diberikan kepada manifesto.

"Namun, ingin saya tekankan di sini, saya masih pertahankan manifesto yang ditawarkan.

Image may contain: shoes and outdoor
Ni baru betoi kereta terbang...

"Saya percaya Pakatan Harapan juga sama. Kita berusaha sehabis baik untuk mencapai apa yang tertera dalam manifesto." katanya dalam program Consider This yang disiarkan di Astro AWANI.

Sementara itu tambah Rais, Perdana menteri sendiri sebelum ini memberi penekanan kepada pencapaian kerajaan Pakatan Harapan (HARAPAN) dari segi manifesto.

"Harus diingat, HARAPAN terpaksa berdepan dengan masalah yang diwarisi. Kita masih mencari jalan untuk menyelesaikan semua.

"Manifesto kami adalah work in progress' (sedang dalam proses untuk dicapai)," kata Rais lagi. - Kartel

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Pak Lebai Brahim pendek ni nak Menteri Kewangan curi duit rakyat macam Najib kot?!!

Masa Najib control kewangan semua peruntukan dipersetujui dan pemantau Menteri Kewangan pun Najib.

Sehinggakan program Permata Rosmah pun boleh dapat berbillion tapi duit tu entah kemana..mengapa tak menyalahkan Najib?!!

Ulasan Pak lebai Brahim pendek ni nampak sangat tak ikhlas..yang nampak kebencian dan sakit hatinya pada DAP.

Lebai cadangkan gugur LGE.Aku suka LGE terus jadi Menteri Kewangan supaya dia terus bongkarkan segala bentuk jenayah yang ada.Lebai2 tak boleh pakai,hati busuk cam tahi...- f/bk

when the bill reach meee... ya..
so I.. so I.. passed the bill to him..
to prepare the chairman.. er err the payment..
thru my personal account..
but... he or she made a mistake..
by by.. err.. using yayasan err cheq..

Penyangak Jawo Yayasan Bunian Tiada Akalbudi...

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Tok Lebai kena ayaq ketum...

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21 November 2019

Cerita tahyul Azmin & H2O nak bentuk gomen backdoor...

Image result for azmin n hishammuddin hussein

Ini dalam Islam di namakan mengadu domba. Dengan kawan yang sana dia cucuk kata DAP di belakang. Yang kawan di sini kata di sokong. Politik makan keliling ini tak lama, yang di kata sokong bawa rebah. Di Tanjung Piai ada ke mereka mengundi untuk PH?

Sebab tu saya malas nak dengar cerita tahyul kata H20 (Hishammudin Hussein) boleh bentuk backdoor government dengan Azmin. He simply does not have the numbers. Dan dalam UMNO sendiri ada fraksi yang tak puas hati dengan tindakan H20. Tengok semalam berkicap H20 kena rembat dengan penyokong UMNO sebab cuba buat back door deal dengan Azmin.

Yang menulis kata semua MP UMNO akan backup H20 is basically writing on steroid. Kalau separuh aje MP UMNO yang sokong H20, dan paling banyak 5 MP PKR kartel dan lets say 5 MP Bersatu.  Baru 35 orang. 35 orang MP nak buat solat Jumaat pun tak cukup rukunlah, lagi sembang nak tubuh kerajaan. 18 seat pas tu tak payah masuk dalam equation la, yang kat Lorong Haji Taib pun maruah depa lagi tinggi dari 18 MP yang boleh di cagar beli.

Siapa yang mahir dengan psywar tahu, ura-ura nak buat undi tak percaya ini mainan pembangkang mengadu domba. Mereka nak suruh PH bersangka buruk antara satu sama lain. Memang cliche penyakit Melayu. Family sendiri dah porak poranda, depa nak porak porandakan family PH pula.
Kalu plan ini jadi realiti sapa yg akan jadi PM?

Kalau Anwar buat undi tak percaya, fikirlah apa sentiment pengundi PH? Mesti kata Anwar gelojoh, tak sabar etc. Macam nama awak dah dalam geran tanahlah, nak risau apa lambat laun harta tu akan jatuh kepada awak kalau Allah izinkan. Kalau Allah tak izinkan, berdoa lah keluar air mata darah di stadium pun tetap tak dapat jadi Perdana Menteri.

Lepas tu tak fikir ker, kalaula hipotetikal depa geng2 Azmin dan H2O dapat juga tubuh kerajaan dengan 112 kerusi, nanti PRU 15 depa nak bertanding atas ticket apa? Ingat rakyat nak vote ke mereka semula lepas mereka khianat kem PH dan BN?

Azmin tak payah nak ceritalah, dia insyallah akan ke dalam kalau Perdana Menteri bertukar. Yang lain2 ini mereka pasti akan jaga survival politik mereka, dan tak sewenang2nya khianat parti. Semua langkah dalam politik adalah risiko yang telah di congak, kecualilah langkah sumbang tersepit kes hotel Sandakan dan kes Rm90 juta. - Mohd Mukhlis Mohd Sharif

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Azmin memang mahu dipecat dan jadi hero...

Image result for 5 jenis gembira di Tg Piai.
5 jenis gembira di Tanjong Piai...

1. Gembira Jeck Seng.
Gembira sebab dapat elaun MP RM 17,000 ++ sebulan, tanpa perlu buat kerja dan susah payah pikir masalah rakyat. Semua yg rakyat Tg Piai minta, dia akan jwb, sya tak ada peruntukan. Dia dgn mudah akan bg tau pengundi Tg Piai, kita pembangkang, nak minta, kena minta kat kerajaan PH. Jeck Seng boleh senyum sambil cuci tangan.

2. Gembira Najib.
Najib gembira sebab hasrat dia utk melihat rakyat Tg Piai diperbodohkan ternyata berjaya. Tapi gembira Najib hanya di luar shj,.. jauh di lubuk hati, limpa dan hempedu Najib...Najib sedang menderita. Jiwa Najib amat tertekan dgn kes SRC yg beliau kena bela diri. Dia tahu..esok, lusa..tulat...tungin...dia akan ke mahkamah lagi. Dlm gembira, Najib sedar, pintu penjara Sg Buloh sdg terbuka menanti kedatangannya...

3. Gembira ahli UMNO.
Org kampung ahli UMNO melayu, gembira sebab calon BN menang lawan calon PH. Tp disebalik kegembiraan, mereka sedar, dgn menangnya Jeck Seng dlm majoriti yg besar...kerusi Tg Piai akan kekal menjadi kerusi MCA sampai kiamat. Bermimpi lah UMNO utk mendapatkan kembali kerusi tersebut buat selama2nya. Menyalaklah Datuk Jeffrydin, Ketua Bhg UMNO Tg Piai...kerusi itu tak akan dilepaskan lagi oleh MCA. UMNO sebenarnya gembira dlm kecewa.

4. Gembira Lebai.
Gembira Lebai hanya utk sehari dua..Bila balik ke kampung halaman masing2, mereka akan pening mengenangkan beberapa prinsip yg telah digadaikan di Tg Piai...Yg paling besar, Hudud, diikuti hukum wajib undi cina, dan kempen BMF.. Kegembiraan sementara mereka bersorak sorai bersama MCA di Tg Piai, terpaksa dibayar dgn harga yg teramat mahal.
Ibarat kata, mereka balik dari Tg Piai menuju ke kampung halaman dlm keadaan 'bertelanjang bogel' dek semua pakaian agama yg selama ini dipakai, dilondeh dan ditinggalkan di Tg Piai...

5. Gembira Walaunbodo.
Yg ni pak aji tak ulas pun korang dah tahu. Walaunbodo ni, bukan setakat Najib kencing atas ubun2 kepala depa, depa gembira,...Hatta ke tahap Najib gagau tek bini depa pun sekalipun, depa tetap akan 'gembira'...Kalau tak, org tak panggil lah depa 'walaunbodo'... - Muhammad Yahaya

Azmin's late night meeting and 
'Save Mahathir' operation...

The late night meeting between Azmin Ali and about a score of Umno MPs was meant to firm up the foundation of Tun Mahathir, whose status has become shaky after the Tanjung Piai defeat, in hope of stabilising PH's post-tremor slanting structure.

The 1989 winter marked the gloomiest winter for the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher after she came to power. She was publicly censured for her unpopular and deemed obsolete anti-EU stance which would hamper the further development of the country's economy. 

Thatcher was unmoved and in the end, her Conservative Party lost to the opposition Labour Party in the European Parliament elections. The community charge which she strongly advocated and stubbornly imposed met with powerful resistance from the Britons, culminating in a massive protest by some 200,000 people at London's Trafalgar Square.
Image result for Thatcher and Michael Heseltine
Michael Heseltine and Thatcher

Into 1990, Conservative Party's approval rating sank to a low, faring a full 20 percentage points behind Labour. Pessimism ruled within Conservative but no one was able to change the mind of the Iron Lady who insisted she was right and who had faith only in herself.

Senior Conservative leaders, including her ministers, would be replaced if they dared to challenge her decisions. Geoffrey Howe, a veteran party leader, quit as deputy prime minister and foreign secretary in protest.

Many Conservative lawmakers were aware of the fact that the party would lose the next general elections three years afterwards if Thatcher were to remain in power. So they plotted an operation to throw her out and supported Michael Heseltine's bid to challenge her for top party post, which if she lost, she would have to relinquish her PM post.

Thatcher won by a thin majority in the first round of voting, and she knew very well that she might not make it in the second round. So she pulled out of the race and turned to support her confidant John Major, who later became Britain's least experienced prime minister in history.
Image result for prk tanjung piai

Back to Malaysia, the ruling PH coalition only managed to get 26.7% of all the votes cast in the Tanjung Piai by-election. The humiliating defeat has shaken the morale of the coalition. It is next to impossible for a ruling coalition that has under-30% approval rating to ever win the next general elections!

It will be too late now to change the governance direction or fulfil election pledges. Moreover, is Mahathir ready to do that in the first place? And will Lim Guan Eng -- who claimed UEC and UTAR were not reasons for the defeat -- ever change?

Like the Conservative leaders in UK, many PH top guns are well aware that their future is bleak, unless the commander-in-chief steps down. Anwar's team predicted a 7,000-vote loss for PPBM, good enough to get Mahathir to step down. With PPBM now defeated by more than 15k votes, such a call has come more than justifiable.

PKR veteran leader Syed Husin Ali wanted to hold Mahathir responsible for the defeat, and the operation to unseat the PM is well under way at this moment.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, meme and text

And then suddenly Azmin Ali had a secretive late night meeting with Umno and PKR MPs, offering attractive perks to get them to support Mahathir to complete his full term of five years. Azmin's one and only motive is to ensure Mahathir is safely in power.

The late night meeting was held at Azmin's official residence, and he intentionally leaked out the news to the media with the hope of conveying an important message to Anwar's camp that they should not attempt to do anything funny. The thing is, the meeting did not produce any result or substantial plan; nor did it imply that all the attendants would lean towards Tun M.

Only 19 Umno/BN and five PKR MPs were at the meeting, and this shows how far Azmin's influence has reached. What is of interest is that both Thatcher and Heseltine lost in their rivalry to a John Major popping out of the blue.

Will there be another John Major in the Mahathir-Anwar fight? Possible, but I seriously don't think it is Azmin. - sinchewdaily

Orang agama kalau tak tajjasus memang tak sah. Dalam Malaysia ni DAP jadi kambing hitam walaupun kat mahkamah yang turun naik rakan muafakat nasional.

Agaknya ini wahyu pertama yang baru dapat lepas tunai pilgrimage di Iran. Ponteng sidang parlimen sebab nak taqrib Sunni dan Syiah; yang saya Sunni di Malaysia habis di kafir kan dari pru14, sampai sekarang belum di Islamkan lagi oleh pentaksub PAS sebab mufarakah dari parti.

Gajah depan mata buat-buat tak nampak, tapi kuman seberang lautan bukan main cakna.

Semua orang tahu PM kena Melayu Muslim, tak payah nak bermain sentimen lah tuan guru, rakyat bukannya semua pewala. Tak lama pun kes 90 juta tu akan di singkap hijabnya, waktu itu saya sendiri akan jadi saksi Tuan Guru minta nyawa pada Anwar. 

Ingat apa aje yang Tuan Guru tak kata pada Tun M sebelum Pru14 dan macam mana tuan guru melutut minta nyawa sokong sampai habis penggal? - f/bk

Dr.M-Harapan can sack me if they want...

Responding to calls for him to immediately step down and hand over the baton to Anwar Ibrahim, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said Pakatan Harapan can sack him if they want.

The 94-year-old Bersatu chairperson told this to a press conference at the party's headquarters this evening when asked if a quick transition between him and Anwar would be able to solve leadership issues in the Harapan coalition.

"Well, it is up to the party.

"They (Harapan presidential council) can sack me if they want to," said Mahathir.

Following Harapan's loss in the Tanjung Piai by-election last week, there have been growing calls for Mahathir to speed up the power transition to Anwar, who had been agreed upon by the Harapan presidential council to be the next prime minister.

However, according to Mahathir today, such transition would create problems if it was made "midstream". While it is not important what happens to him, he added, the impact on the country and government is very important.

"The thing is that if you have changes midstream, it is very confusing. It creates a lot of problems.

"But of course if I'm sacked I don't know. But I think I need to be serious about this thing.

"What happens to me is not something important. But what happens to the government and the country is really important," he said.

Asked on Anwar's statement today that there would not be an attempt to move a vote of no confidence against him at the parliament, Mahathir sarcastically said "Thank you."

However, he added later that anyone can make such a move as Malaysia is a democratic country.

"You can do whatever you want. We are democratic party, democratic nation.

"You can move a vote of non-confidence, or you can move a vote of confidence," he said.

Asked for his comments on the level of support he commands in Harapan today, Mahathir said he believed there are still those who liked him.

"So far nobody punched me in the nose yet," he quipped.

Leadership issues in the governing coalition appeared to be more apparent this week, with the latest being Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, who is known to favour Mahathir over Anwar, reportedly holding a meeting with opposition Umno MPs on Monday evening. - mk

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20 November 2019

Pasai apa Anwar tak mau pecat Azmin...

Masih ramai lagi yang tanya soalan ini padahal saya dah jawap bulan 7 lepas. Membaca politik ini adalah seperti menganalisa permainan catur grandmaster vs master. Kadang-kadang kita tengok sepatutnya dia dah boleh checkmate lawan tapi kenapa grandmaster itu masih delay dari make the final move. Orang yang bijak bila dia buat sesuatu dia akan fikir 3-4 steps di hadapan dari lawan dia. Looks can be deceived. 

Awak ingat orang yang dah biasa kena penjara dan tersiksa sama ke dengan pejuang palsu yang tak pernah di uji? Bagi saya satu kes court Azmin lawan UMNO/BN dulu macam mana Rafizi berani lawan sampai hampir2 ke pintu penjara.

Nak handle kes Azmin ini pun sama. Cari jalan untuk maximize the pain, biar dia bleed to death. Biar sahaja dia gantung tak bertali. Nak lompat ke parti lain pun tak ada orang yang mahu, nak keluar pula tak berani. Sampai masa nanti bila DSAI jadi PM ke 8 (Insyallah), time itu lah baru pecat dia, atau pun biar sahaja dia dalam parti tanpa jawatan menteri; kalau kes video tak tangkap dulu, whichever arrive first. 

Pru 15 nanti dia takkan dapat bertanding sendiri kalau tak ada orang nak sign watikah perlantikan calon. Nasib dia akan jadi setaraf Nasaruddin Mat Isa atau pun Ezam kotak; datang tak berjemput, pulang tak berhantar.
"Setiap perjuangan selalu melahirkan sejumlah pengkhianat dan para penjilat”.

Dalam politik, everything is a calculated risk. Siapa yang belajar risk management dia tahu la apa dia risk versus reward. The higher the risk, the better the reward. Dan orang macam Azmin is not known to be a risk taker. Macam mana dia ternak lebai di kerajaan selangor PRU lepas sebab takut hilang jawatan MB. Dia biasanya lempar batu sembunyi tangan. Dan kartel2 nya seperti Zuraidah akan buat kerja. 

Jangan kita lupa bila PH cadangkan TunM jadi calon Perdana Menteri, kartel Azmin yang paling kuat bising kata TunM dah tua. Zuraidah nak cadangkan PH lantik Azmin jadi PM ( sebab DSAI dalam penjara) tapi rakyat semua tahu dia sendiri tak layak. Jadi Menteri Besar Selangor pun ikut pintu belakang. Lepas tu lantik MB Boneka baru pun ikut pintu belakang. Tengok la kualti MB Boneka, apa pun tak tahu. Ini yang jadi bila lantik orang yang tak layak.

Kali ni Azmin silap percaturan; dia nak jadi PM ke 8 ikut pintu belakang. Tiba-tiba muncul kes video Sandakan; saya rasa ini permainan Lobakman sebab dia sendiri yang beria-ria pasal isu ini siap buat forensik report dari Indonesia lagi. Bila dia dah tau cita-cita dia nak jadi PM belakang terburai, dia cuba bodek Tun M jadi menteri sampai habis penggal. 

Saya rasa polis pun tak lama boleh simpan kes Sandakan. Kalau dah 95% accuracy tu dah kira tepat la. Sedangkan kes samun kat kedai yang video gambar kualiti Nokia 3310 pun polis boleh cekup, inikan video kualiti HD. Polis pun tak boleh KIV kes ini lama-lama kalau tak nama baik polis sendiri akan tercemar.

Bagi saya langkah DSAI untuk tidak pecat Azmin adalah langkah yang paling tepat. Kalau DSAI pecat Azmin, dia ada alasan untuk keluar parti tapi bila DSAI buat tak kisah, Azmin sendiri akan mereput dalam PKR macam datang tak berjemput, pulang tak berhantar. 

Bila Azmin dah tersilap langkah semalam pun bagus, sebab apa-apa pun tindakan DSAI selepas ini adalah justifikasi pengkhianatan Azmin terhadap Majlis Presiden PH. Majlis Presiden PH juga perlu bertindak sesuatu sebelum di gelar lame duck council. - Mohd Mukhlis Mohd Sharif
Azmin koner kanan,koner kiri...

Semalam diberitakan 22 MP UMNO bertemu Azmin Ali di kediaman dia, Berita tu tak merisaukan langsung..Jgn kata 22 MP..kalau 40 MP pun takda bawa kesan apa.. Bagi aku bagus jugak jika ada pertemuan tu.. Takda yang merisaukan.. Sudah sudahnya yang pergi tu pun ada perwakilan Ds Anwar dari UMNO..

Bagi MP DAP..PKR.. relax sudah lah...Azmin memang pandai buat Provokokasi mcm tu.. Dia nak orang layan Provokasi dia macam langkah Kajang dulu.. Dia tu mcm nampak hebat.. Bila orang masuk perangkap dia..Dia akan Menang..

Dari Sebelum PRU 14 lagi..Kononnya ada Team sendiri.. Tapi dia Dok kempen sorang, Orang ikut Jelajah Pakatan Harapan..pakai baju merah, Dia ngan geng dia Jelajah Baju biru.. walaupun Azmin dengan teori mesti bersama dengan PAS untuk menang Putrajaya..tapi akhirnya Tun yakin plan dan Strategi Rafizi..

Biaq pi kat Azmin nak buat apa.. Dia kornar kiri,Kornar kanan pun tak boleh pergi mana.. Dia ngan MP tu dok pusing roundabout jer la... dulu Nasaruddin Mat Isa pun macam tu gayanya..Senyap jer buat Kerja..Tapi tak kemana pun.. - AMB

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Azmin Ali sengaja melakukan tingkah jelek dan diluar normal politik kepartian dengan satu maksud sahaja. Dia mahukan dia diambil tindakan dan dipecat daripada Keadilan.

Mesej ini rasanya difahami oleh semua orang termasuk Anwar Ibrahim sendiri. Namun Anwar lebih bersikap diplomasi dan menjaga keutuhan parti. Baginya tidak ada guna dia berjuang berdekad sampai dua kali dipenjara, tetapi pengakhirannya dengan penuh anti klimaks.

Kedudukan Azmin dalam Keadilan kini umpama Quran buruk yang tidak boleh dibaca, tetapi ia harus dijaga untuk menghormati "kemuliaannya" selama ini. Sebenarnya simpan pun tidak memberi apa-apa guna.

Yang ditunggu kini sejauh mana Anwar dapat bersabar dengan situasi itu. Apakah mandat yang beliau perolehi daripada Keadilan di seluruh negeri masih belum mencukupi untuk beliau bertindak?
Bukan main sakan depa posing konon nak jack PM baru...

Anwar sudah beri sekurang-kurangnya dua kali peluang kepada Azmin tetapi disia-siakan. Sekali lagi kemelut yang berlaku dalam Keadilan itu adalah terjemahan itulah arti politik. Dunia politik tidak pernah mengenal apa itu erti kawan, sahabat atau rakan. Politik satu games yang sangat kejam.

Apa yang saya bimbang dan risau, apakan jadi dengan nasib politik Keadilan dan negara ini kalau tiba-tiba Anwar jadi fed-up dan kecewa lantas mengambil tindakan drastik berundur daripada politik. Yang kecewa dari tindakan itu tentu rakyat marhaen yang sudah kesekian lama menanti untuk menobatkan Anwar sebagai PM. Semoga Allah berikan kekuatan kepada Anwar.

Perjalanan jauh sudah dilalui, suka duka sudah ditempuhi. Destinasi penujuan juga sudah sampai. Rumah yang dituju juga sudah sampai. Hanya menunggu daun pintu terselak sahaja lagi.- mso
PH is waiting for its Doomsday...

Thanks to powerful public wrath that has culminated in a consensus to 'teach PH a lesson”, the ruling coalition suffered a major setback in the just concluded Tanjung Piai by-election, bagging only 26.7% of the votes in its worst ever by-election performance ever.

The frustration of Chinese voters has far exceeded their concerns of Umno-PAS alliance as well as their attention on Umno's racist inclination and corruption cases involving Umno's leaders. Nothing comes more important than using the ballots in their hands to teach PH a lesson and vent their anger. No doubt PAS' theocracy is very dreadful, but when the emotion is high, the voters will not bother too much about this.

For example, during the 2013 general elections, DAP campaigned for PAS, then still a component of the Pakatan Rakyat alliance, and many Chinese voters indeed voted for the Islamist party because all that they wanted was to overthrow the corrupt and incompetent government.

The same goes for the situation today. Due to the incompetency of the PH coalition as well as its racist policy of enforcing Jawi calligraphy in Chinese primary schools, organising the Malay Dignity Congress, sheltering highly controversial Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, and delaying the UEC recognition, etc., the public have become so frustrated with the government that they would still vote for the BN in this by-election, no matter how much they hated it in GE14.'

The voters voted for MCA not because they loved BN or MCA, but they abhorred PH. As such, it is by no means accidental that DAP has the firm support of Chinese votes because the party has been fighting a racist government for all these years.

Unfortunately, after DAP becomes a part of the new government, it fails to deliver what it has promised the voters, who can also teach the party a lesson by voting it out, as they did to MCA before. DAP must come to the realisation that the voters are not always ready to be exploited by politicians.
Image result for dap kempen di t.piai

DAP has been too confident of itself that it will still retain the loyalty of Chinese voters despite having done so many things contrary to their interest, such as drastic cut in UTAR's allocations.

A string of events took place prior to the nomination at Tanjung Piai, including the arrest and prosecution of two DAP assemblymen for alleged involvement in LTTE terror activities, the ban of “Belt and Road Initiative for Win-Winism” comic by Hew Kuan Yau, and the denial of Azmin Ali officiating a PKR Youth congress on the election eve.

The ruling coalition believed that they could win the by-election by offering allocations and financial assistance during the campaign period, without taking into consideration the feelings of the people.

Some may think that a 50% plunge in Chinese support for PH in Tanjung Piai is only an isolated incident. The applause from the participants when PH leaders announced the coalition's defeat in a dinner proves that its approval rate can drop further if continues to slacken.

It is still acceptable if PH has lost only by a narrow margin, but not by a huge margin of 15,086 votes. This shows that PH has already become a government that lacks the popular support. The ruling coalition will have a much tougher journey ahead over the next three and a half years, as the opposition is poised to exert much bigger pressure on it.

So, who should be held responsible for such a humiliating defeat? Indeed every component party has its own responsibility to bear, but as the coalition's chairman and prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has the biggest responsibility to shoulder because all major government policies have been decided by him and the cabinet members have all been picked by him. Tun Mahathir has an irrefutable responsibility especially for the miserable performance of PPBM ministers.

During last year's general elections, PH chanted the slogan of saving the country, but now, it not only has failed to save the country but has sunken the country into deeper crisis. It only has itself to blame for the thumping defeat in Tanjung Piai.
Image result for drm n zakir naik

There isn't much choice for PH now. If it continues to try to outdo Umno-PAS in racism, it will not only win the hearts of Malay voters, but will even lose more non-Malay votes. There is only one thing PH can do now, to revert to its original multiracial roadmap in order to retain its non-Malay support base through which it won the last general elections. Why should Malaysians support another coalition that is not any different from BN?

While adopting a middle path may cost PH some rural Malay votes, at least it will be able to retain young, urban and non-Malay support. There is still chance if it cooperates or ties up with more moderate political parties in East Malaysia Anyway, this is still far better than losing both Malay and non-Malay votes and waiting passively for its own Judgement Day to come.

PH must throw in some drastic changes such as abolishing its racist policies, deporting fugitive preacher Zakir Naik, cancelling the Jawi calligraphy curriculum, terminating Lynas' operating licence, reinstating UTAR's allocations, abolishing the quota system and embracing meritocracy in order to revitalise the national economy and restore public confidence over the next three years.

PH leaders must be humble in listening to the people and conscientiously serving their needs. Having said that, it may not be easy for PH leaders to change their attitude, not to mention that many people are actually afraid of change. It remains questionable whether PH can eventually deliver itself out of the current doldrums, given the weaknesses in humanity as well as internal conflicts within the coalition. - sinchewdaily

Najib Tidak Puas Hati Laporan Audit 1MDB

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Najib "upset" apabila dalam 1MDB Auditor General’s report menunjukkan ada 
2 penyata kewangan tahun 2014 yang berbeza, jadi Najib arah ianya padamkan...

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19 November 2019

Tanpa PAS,MCA tetap menang di Tanjong Piai...

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PAS akan lebih dilihat bermaruah jika berkecuali di Tanjong Piai.. Kalau PAS tak sokong MCA pun di Tanjong Piai.. MCA tetap akan menang.. memang Masyarakat cina mahu tambah wakil dia di Parlimen.. hatta tanpa sokongan PAS pun..

Tanjong Piai ni ibarat Parlimen Marang lah bagi MCA.. Marang dulu kubu kuat Haji Hadi.. Kubu PAS.. Tapi Haji Hadi kalah kepada rahman bakarpada PRU 2004 disebabkan gelombang kepimpinan Paklah.. Akhirnya Marang dimenangi kembali pada PRU 2013... Begitu lah Tanjong Piai..

Kalau Tanjong Piai itu bukan kubu MCA.. ikut komposisi kaum cina 47 %.. dah lama BN kalah disitu.. kalau di Perak dan Selangor tahun 2008 Pakatan rakyat hatta calon PAS boleh rampas kerusi Tanjong Piai.. hakikatnya ia memang kubu MCA..

Malangnya, kesilapan terbesar PAS, menyokong MCA berhabis habisan, walaupun tindakan PAS itu tidak membawa sebarang Manfaat.. Ulama PAS sampaikan keluar dalil agama sanggup menunggang agama demi memenuhi nafsu politik kalahkan PH.. apalagi menyokong MCA..

PAS sanggup pula sokong calon yang terang terang menentang Hudud, Jawi dan Menghina himpunan maruah Melayu.. PAS sanggup gadai prinsip dan Agama asalkan PH kalah.. Pas sanggup gadai Prinsip dan Agama, walhal kerusi pertembungan calon Melayu dan Muslim hanya boleh dikatakan satu dalam seratus..

Tapi itulah hikmah besar PRK Tanjong Piai, Allah zahirkan kepada kita wajah sebenar PAS.. Sengaja Allah aturkan pertembungan itu antara penentang Hudud, Jawi dan kelompok Ashabiyah dalam MCA, dan Calon bersatu yang kuat Melayunya.. Kuat Agamanya.. malah seorang Tok Imam dan Pengetua Tahfiz.. tapi PAS sanggup pilih dan sokong penentang Hudud dan MCA berhabis habisan...

Andai PAS bersabar untuk satu kerusi ini dengan sikap berkecuali.. Sudah pasti PAS akan dilihat benar benar bermaruah dan jujur mempertahankan Islam.. tetapi Allah sengaja londehkan pakaian agama PAS.. Seperti gambaran hadis Ulama yang berpakaian kulit kambing, tapi berhati serigala..PAS sebenarnya menjadikan agama sebagai Alat dan Khadam dalam Politik.. demi Politik dan kuasa, PAS sanggup gadaikan Agama dan prinsip,Apalagi mempermainkan hukum Allah..

PAS sebenarnya tidak menang, yang menang adalah MCA.. PAS ibarat jihadis upahan yang jadi boneka US dan Israel seperti ISIS dan Al-Qaeda dengan slogan menegakkan daulah islam,hakikatnya merekalah yang menghancurkan Islam..

Bila tiba masanya watak ini akan dimatikan seperti watak Osama dan Abu Bakar El Bagdadi.. yang gembira adalah US dan Israel kerana berjaya jatuhkan pemimpin Islam yg ditusuh Sosialis, Syiah seperi Saddam dan Ghadaffi... dan akhirnya Tentera Kuffar berjaya menawan dan menghancurkan negara negara Islam...

Memang benar.. Itulah wajah PAS.. gambaran kelompok Ruwaibidhah, Takfiri dan Khawarij.. Alhamdulillah Allah zahirkan dalam PRK Tanjong Piai..- Ipohmali

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Kata Pendakwaraya dalam kes Zahid.. Yayasan Akal Budi ditubuhkan tujuannya untuk program Kebajikan.. Tapi satu sen pun tak pergi kepada badan Kebajikan.. Kepda orang Msikin..Duit tu digunakan untuk Beli Motor mewah, Banglo, Dan Perbelanjaan mewah menggunakan Kad Kredit..

Bayangkan, Nama Yayasan dia Akal Budi.. Tapi jangan kata takda Budi, Akal pun takda.. Yang Sokong tu pun.. Entah mana akal budi depa.. Tapi nak buat mcm mana, PAS ada kemahiran Dalil untuk sucikan Dosa Pemimpin UMNO.. Sebab depa pun buat benda yg sama.. Duit Derma kepada sekolah Pondok, Maahad Tahfiz depa.. digunakan sesuka hati.. jadi tak heran ada yang pakai Kereta Mewah..
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Kalau nak tahu.. Bagaimana Duit 1MDB mengalir duit dia kepada Ustaz Ustaz ngan Ulama'.. Mcm yang Zahid buat lah... Duit Komisen., Rasuah disucikan atas nama Badan Kebajikan.. Anak Yatim.. Duit SRC Najib cuba disucikan taja budak Tahfiz.. Majlis Selawat.. Masih ingat kes yayasan tabung Haji..Duit tabung haji RM 22 juta digunakan untuk program Kebajikan UMNO..

Ada Ulama dan Ustaz Sucikan atas nama Derma, Infaq ke Yayasan, Sekolah Tahfiz dan maahad Depa..Ada datang dengan Visa Haji dan Umrah.. Modus Operandi sama jer.. Tak heran jenis Pakai kereta Mewah pun tak kira pemimpin UMNO..Ustaz dan Ulama..Sama jer..- Ahmad Muslim Badawi

Wee Jeck Seng, a member of the Malaysian Chinese Association, won the seat of Tanjung Piai in Johor. Photo: Facebook
Protest votes, broken promises...

A decisive by-election victory by an opposition party in Malaysia’s southernmost Johor state should serve as a warning shot to the country’s ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, analysts say.

The by-election was held on Saturday for the constituency of Tanjung Piai after the previous PH member of parliament died in September. It was the second seat that the ruling coalition has lost since taking power in 2018.

Wee Jeck Seng, a member of the Malaysian Chinese Association – a component party of the now-ousted Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition which had ruled Malaysia for over six uninterrupted decades – received 25,466 out of 52,471 votes, capping a decisive victory.

The party beat PH’s candidate by a 15,000 majority, thanks in part to the support of the opposition race-and-religion based United Malays National Organisation (Umno) – Malaysia’s former ruling party – and the Islamic Party of Malaysia.

MCA party president Wee Ka Siong said the results would prove to be “a new game changer for MCA”, which had failed to secure the seat in 2018 national polls.

“We won in all Chinese-majority district polling centres this time, compared to [the last election] when we lost in all eight. People of all races came together and sent out a strong message to the government that they are sick with its frequent U-turns, flip-flops and bad performance,” Wee was reported as saying by local media.

“This is a clear message to the government to keep their promises.”
Related image

James Chin of Tasmania University’s Asia Institute said: “There was a Malay swing thanks to the Umno-PAS partnership working together to support MCA rather than fielding their own candidate”.

He said that some ethnic Malays – the nation’s largest group of voters at over 60 per cent of the population – would have issued “protest” votes against Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s leadership.

He recently visited the constituency, where he claimed the opposition had been riling up racial sentiment.

Besides Malay-Muslims, Malaysia is also home to a large number of ethnic Chinese and a small percentage of ethnic Indians.

Similarly, said Chin, ethnic Chinese voters in the constituency would have likely voted against PH out of “unhappiness” with that coalition’s Democratic Action Party (DAP), the component with the strongest Chinese support base.

“They think DAP is not delivering on promises and becoming what MCA was like before it fell – a ‘yes man’ pandering to Malay interests. They want DAP to be more aggressive when it comes to domestic Chinese interests and take a stronger stand against Mahathir and his Malaysian United Indigenous Party, which is furiously working to win Malay support from Umno,” Chin said.

As part of the previous BN government, the MCA was viewed as a “younger brother” to the Malay-dominated Umno, which had more than 20 cabinet members, compared to the MCA’s three.

“It was mainly a protest vote so MCA should not be too happy,” Chin said.

“But if Pakatan Harapan does not do anything then yes, this will be the start of a momentum.”
Image result for prk tanjung piai

The victory in Tanjung Piai – previously won by PH on a slim 524-vote margin – will not only double MCA’s parliamentary representation in Malaysia’s 222-person lower house, but should also serve as a warning to the PH government, which has been grappling with falling public approval because of undelivered election promises.

But PH has maintained that it is still undoing the damage wrought by its predecessors, led by Umno which has recently seen its top leadership on trial for corruption and abuse of power.
Among them is former premier Najib Razak, who has been hit with more than 40 charges for his alleged role in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (IMDB) global corruption scandal.

After the 2018 national elections – which saw PH topple BN after more than six decades of uninterrupted rule – pollsters indicated that PH had won with less than 30 per cent of the Malay vote.

Since then, Malaysians have been critical of the government for the slow pace of reforms and allegedly pandering to Malay-Muslim voters through preferential policies.

Such a strategy carries risk for PH, according to political scientist and academic Azmil Tayeb of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

“There’s significant swing among Chinese voters toward Barisan Nasional. It shows the anger and frustration against Pakatan Harapan,” he said, adding that the government had to begin focusing on the economy as well as other reforms it had promised.

“If the government doesn’t do anything different, Barisan Nasional will maintain this momentum – even if non-Malay voters sit out the election.” - scmp
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source - f/bk
Dalam satu perkembangan mengejutkan, pihak pendakwaan dalam kes meminda laporan audit 1MDB memberi notis kepada Mahkamah Tinggi hari ini untuk memanggil Arul Kanda Kandasamy, yang dituduh bersama-sama Najib Razak, memberi keterangan di pihak pendakwaan, sekali gus mencetuskan bantahan daripada peguam bekas perdana menteri itu.
Story di SINI dan SINI  

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