16 November 2018

Senda gurau atau....

Sekali pandang gambar ini biasa sahaja, tidak ada apa-apa yang boleh atau perlu dipolitikkan. Tetapi bagi mereka yang kurang arif dan mudah terangsang oleh gambar ini ia membawa seribu makna. 

Kedua orang dikiri Anwar, Nazri dan Hishamuddin adalah orang penting dalam politik Umno hari ini walaupun mereka bukan presiden dan naib presiden. 

Mereka dilihat berpotensi untuk menjadi regu mana-mana pihak dalam Pakatan Harapan - (baca Dr Mahathir dan Anwar) kerana mereka masih boleh dianggap kotor dan jahat kerana belum didakwa.

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Masa DSAI hadapi tuduhan dulu semua cabut...

Dan Anwar yang kini sedang mengukuhkan akar politiknya memerlukan sesiapa sahaja bagi mengukuhkannya. 

Hishamuddin Hussein sebelum ini dilaporkan berjumpa dengan Dr Mahathir. Manakala Nazri Aziz pula sudah ditolak oleh anak Dr Mahathir dengan satu kenyataan yang agak pedih berbunyi; orang seperti Nazri tidak diperlukan Umno? - MSO

Budaya politik matang dan sejahtera di era Malaysia Baru. Meriah Parlimen semenjak kepulangan DSAI. Politik matang biar kita yang berkuasa bukan pemakan dedak macam geng pak lebai.

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Makcik kesayangan hangpa mengaku tak bersalah terima suapan RM1.5 Juta berkaitan projek solar di Sarawak. Aku ingat suap kecik-kecik dia tak ambik.. sapu juga! Ye la dia kan main bilion bilion..
Story kat SINI dan SINI...

Datuk Rizal Mansor arrives at the Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex November 15, 2018. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa
"It was as an inducement for Rosmah to help the company (Jepak Holdings) to secure the Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar System Integrated Project and Maintenance and Operation of Genset/Diesel for 369 rural schools in Sarawak, worth RM1.25 billion through direct negotiation from the Education Ministry."
Story kat SINI SINI dan SINI

"Tan, 70, was charged with committing the offence at CIMB Bank’s Pusat Dagangan Dunia branch on Jalan Tun Ismail, where he allegedly handed over the RM1 million cheque to Tengku Adnan.''
Story kat SINI dan SINI

Fake “Tengku” Adnan Arrested – The Aceh Warrior Who Stole Billions Over 97 Land Deals...

After Malaysia’s 14th general election on May 9, 2018, the joke at coffee shops has been that the easiest way to spot and catch a corrupt politician from the previous Barisan Nasional government is to look at how fat they are. Their level of obesity is the measurement of how much the corrupt officials had stolen and plundered the national treasure.

Coincidently, former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor easily won the semi-final round. Former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has also joined his boss, as did former Tabung Haji chairman Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. However, all the corrupted warlords from the previous government are having sleepless nights, hence losing weight fast.

Still, one indisputable warlord stands out as proud as a peacock – Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Like self-proclaimed Bugis warrior Najib Razak and Java-migrant Zahid Hamidi, the fake “Tengku” Adnan had proudly proclaimed himself an Aceh warrior. Hmm, does that qualify most of the crooked UMNO leaders as Indonesian immigrants?

Yes, not only Mr. Adnan is the UMNO warlord with two “Tengku” to his name (a title even his colleagues in UMNO laughed at), he also claimed that it was his ancestors who brought Islam to Malaysia. Like his boss Najib, Adnan shamelessly told all and sundry that he possessed the same fighting spirit blood of an Aceh warrior who bravely fought the Dutch hundreds of years ago.

However, Mr. Adnan is now in deep trouble after being arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today. He needs more than Aceh warrior blood to prove his innocence over dubious land deals involving Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). He is to be charged tomorrow (Nov 15) for his involvement in the 97 land deals worth RM5.63 billion – covering 273.27-ha (675.27 acres) of DBKL land.

Formerly Federal Territories Minister, Mr. Adnan will be jointly charged with his partner-in-crime – real estate developer Tan Eng Boon, the chairman of ceramic products company Goh Ban Huat Bhd (GBH). Prior to his arrest today, Adnan had admitted to being called in by MACC at least 12 times, and grilled over the 97 doubtful transactions during his tenure as the minister.

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Former KL Mayor - Mohd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz

Interestingly, the fishy deals were only exposed after the collapse of Barisan Nasional government, suggesting that the land deals were deliberately hidden. Apparently the land purchases took place with the former Kuala Lumpur Mayor (presumably the corrupt Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz whose service ended on Sept 30) listed as the buyer.

Upon the purchase, the ownership of the lands was transferred to Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan, a foundation chaired by the scumbag Tengku Adnan. Under the pretense of the purchases made by the DBKL mayor, the plots of premium lands were subsequently sold to developers (Tan Eng Boon being one of them) at a price significantly lower than the market value.

In September, the new Federal Territories Ministry has cleared 43 of the 97 questionable land deals reported to the MACC. So far, 14 deals have been terminated while another 15 were renegotiated. Still, with dozens of dubious land deals on the table, Mr. Adnan may break the record of being slapped with the most number of charges tomorrow – more than Zahid’s 45 charges.

The hanky-panky business deals allegedly had been going on since 2013, the same year Tengku Adnan was appointed by then-PM Najib Razak as the Federal Territories Minister, until the downfall of Barisan Nasional government this year. Mr. Adnan has since claimed that he had handed over land matters to the Prime Minister’s Department, hence he was innocent.

But if Mr. Adnan is innocent, then Paris Hilton and Rosmah Mansor must be a virgin. His “Tengku” title isn’t the only thing he has been faking. A well-known fear monger, he was the same irresponsible UMNO racist who had spread fake news that Christians were using churches to spread lies against the then-Najib government – just before the Barisan Nasional downfall.

Last year, the gluttonous Adnan proudly tweeted a Guinness World Records certificate recognising the achievement of what was supposed to be the “world largest gathering of chefs”. Turns out, the certificate was a fake one. Not only did Adnan fake the certificate, it was also tainted with multiple spelling errors – “achived” when it should be achieved and “Guiness” instead of Guinness.

Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor - Fake Guinness Records
Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor - Fake Guinness Records

Notorious for his moronic statements, Adnan infamously mocked and insulted the women in 2007 when he said – “All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.” A year later, under the clueless Abdullah Badawi leadership, the arrogant Barisan Nasional lost its two-thirds supermajority in the Parliament.

Adnan, arguably the most corrupt Federal Territories Minister during the previous administration, has a laughable excuse not to declare his assets. He argued that he will not declare his assets to the public due to fears he and his family will be targeted by criminals, the clearest sign that he possesses astronomical unexplainable wealth.

Days before the polling day on May 9th, Adnan went ballistic after Mahathir Mohamad revealed the Federal Territories Minister was a thief and had amassed huge number of contracts. In his attempt to whitewash the corruption allegation against him, the crooked Adnan claimed he had been declared as one of the richest people in Malaysia in 1992.

Adnan was also the same guy, as revealed by a Royal Commission of Inquiry, who fixed the appointment of judges after his role in conspiring with Lingam was exposed. Amusingly, the dumb Tengku Adnan screwed up while urging students to appreciate Najib government, when he cited that even “slow learners” had a place to pursue their studies at UiTM.

Of course, Adnan was a strong supporter of Najib Razak. To prove that he was the best lootlicker money can buy, he had claimed 1MDB issue was solved and it was merely a perception that the opposition (now government) had created. Do you know that Tengku Adnan and Najib Razak are neighbours? Perhaps fate will put both individuals next to each other in the Sungai Buloh Prison soon. - FT

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Hantu Kak Limah Ampang perasaaan...

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15 November 2018

3 anak Mansor panjat tangga mahkamah...

Dakwa cepat,bicara lewat...

Pagi ini kawasan Mahkamah Jalan Duta dijangka "meriah" sekali lagi dengan kehadiran orangramai apabila isteri bekas Perdana Menteri, Rosmah Mansor, bekas pembantunya, Rizal Mansor dan bekas Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor akan didakwa di mahkamah berkaitan dakwaan rasuah.

Secara kebetulan, ketiga-tiganya adalah "anak Mansor", walaupun mereka bukanlah adik-beradik atau ada hubungan persaudaraan antara satu sama lain.

Rosmah dan Rizal dipercayai akan didakwa berkaitan projek solar untuk sekolah-sekolah di Sarawak yang melibatkan kos bernilai RM1.25 bilion.

Tengku Adnan atau nama popularnya Ku Nan pula akan didakwa berhubung penjualan 97 keping tanah milik DBKL seluas 273.27 hektar bernilai RM5.63 bilion ketika beliau menjadi Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan.

Sebelum ini, Najib Razak sudah dihadapkan dengan 39 pertuduhan, Zahid Hamidi 45 pertuduhan, Rosmah 17 pertuduhan, bekas Ketua Setiausaha Negara, Irwan Siregar Abdullah 6 pertuduhan, peguam UMNO, Shafee Abdullah 4 pertuduhan dan bekas ketua perisik MEIO, Hasanah Abdul Hamidi dengan satu pertuduhan pecah amanah.

Dijangka lebih ramai lagi pemimpin UMNO, termasuk bekas menteri, bekas timbalan menteri, Ahli Parlimen dan pegawai kanan kerajaan era BN turut bakal didakwa selepas ini atas pelbagai kesalahan sama ada berkaitan rasuah, pecah amanah atau penyelewengan ketika masing-masing ada kuasa sebelum ini.

Najib dan Rosmah sendiri tidak terkecuali dijangkakan akan berdepan lebih banyak pertuduhan juga.

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Dari satu segi, rakyat memang menyambut baik segala penyiasatan, penahanan dan pendakwaan ke atas semua mereka yang terlibat itu, malah sebab utama pengundi bersatu hati menumbangkan UMNO dan BN pun adalah disebabkan mereka sudah lemas dengan gejala rasuah dan terlalu berleluasa selama ini.

Rakyat mahu semua kedurjanaan itu dihapuskan sama sekali lantaran mereka yang memegang kuasa atau atau kaitan dengan kuasa sebelum ini ini didapati langsung tidak amanah dan hanya memikirkan kepentingan peribadi semata-mata.

Tetapi, sementara penyiasatan demi penyiasatan, penahanan demi penahanan, seorang demi seorang ditahan reman serta dipakaikan baju oren dan pendakwaan demi pendakwan dilakukan, apa yang menimbulkan kebimbangan rakyat ialah belum ada seorang pun daripada yang didakwa itu sudah ada tarikh untuk mereka dibicarakan.

Semuanya masih tergantung di peringkat pengurusan kes yang dijangka akan dilakukan sebelum hujung tahun ini dan perbicaraan pula tentunya pada awal atau pertengahan tahun hadapan. 

Mengapakah ia begitu lambat dibicarakan sedangkan semuanya adalah kes berprofil tinggi serta melibatkan kepentingan awam?

Yang lebih buruknya, sebaik didakwa dan dibebaskan dengan ikat jamin, semua yang didakwa itu kemudiannya bebas bercakap, berceramah dan menulis di media sosial mempertahankan diri masing-masing seolah-olah mereka tidak bersalah, dianiaya serta manga kepada pendakwaan terpilih.

Jadinya, ternampak ada sesuatu yang pelik dan lompong dalam hal ini, bahkan sistem keadilan bagaikan dipermain-mainkan.

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Jika kerajaan dan semua pihak yang berkaitan dengan undang-undang benar-benar serius ingin membersihkan negara ini serta mahu melihat operasi pembersihan itu berjalan dengan baik dan mampu memberi kesedaran kepada masyarakat, perbicaraan kes-kes berprofil tinggi dan melibatkan kepentingan awam ini seharusnya dipercepatkan dan tidak dilengah-lengahkan.

Mahkamah seharusnya menetapkan tarikh yang cepat untuk perbicaraan supaya hukuman sama ada bersalah atau tidak ke atas tertuduh boleh segera dijatuhkan. Di sinilah juga namanya keadilan.

Ia tidak boleh ditunggu sehingga empat atau enam bulan kemudian baru hendak dibicarakan. Perbicaraan hendaklah disegerakan dan hukuman yang setimpal harus dijatuhkan supaya ia dengan sendirinya dapat memberi kesedaran kepada masyarakat serta menimbulkan ketakutan kepada mereka yang sedang berkuasa sekarang.

Sebenarnya itulah tujuan undang-undang dilaksana dan dikuatkuasakan. 

Maka itu, penegak undang-undang harus melihat perkara ini dengan serius demi kepentingan rakyat dan negara. Jangan asyik mendakwa dan membawa kes ke mahkamah saja, yang rakyat ingin lihat sebenarnya ialah mereka yang didakwa itu segera dijatuhkan hukuman dan dipenjara, terutama bagi kes-kes yang mudah, jelas dan "straighforward" seperti ada bukti wang, nombor cek, pembelian rumah secara tunai, kekayaan melampau dan sebagainya.

Rakyat memang menyanjung tinggi keseriusan Tun Mahathir mahu membersihkan negara ini, tapi janganlah sampai setelah beliau tiada lagi pun nanti, perbicaraan masih tak selesai-selesai lagi. -ShahbudinHusin 

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Isu dan soalan yang sama sering dibangkitkan oleh macaii dan walaun...

Skuad Badar heret pasangan khalwat 
ke kubur di Sungai Petani...

Sebuah kumpulan sukarelawan cegah maksiat beroperasi di Sungai Petani, Kedah sejak dua tahun lalu, mendakwa mereka membantu pihak berkuasa agama negeri menjaga moral Muslim daripada berdosa. Mereka yang dicekup berkhalwat akan dibawa ke tanah perkuburan dekat sebuah masjid untuk ditarbiahkan. 

Sebarang penguatkuasaan agama mesti dilaksanakan selari dengan peruntukan undang-undang, kata Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa.

Beliau mengulas mengenai kumpulan pencegah maksiat Skuad Badar di Sungai Petani. Skuad Badar sebelum ini dilaporkan melakukan pantauan di samping menangkap dan menasihati pasangan khalwat.

In Sg Petani, a small town in the northern state of Kedah, a vigilante group is out to catch couples in the act of khalwat (close proximity), declaring it is helping the state religious authorities stop Muslims from sinning.

The group, which calls itself “Skuad Badar”, conducts surveillance at hotels and raids, for which it will get prior approval from local mosque officials. It will also file a police report stating its intentions beforehand.

Ku Nan Arrested...

Former minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor and real estate developer Datuk Tan Eng Boon will be charged tomorrow with offences related to Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) land deals, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said today.

Tengku Adnan, who was Federal Territories minister and Umno secretary-general, is expected to be jointly charged with Tan at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court at 2.30pm, MACC said in a statement.

Tengku Adnan was arrested by MACC this afternoon upon arrival at its headquarters in Putrajaya, where he is expected to spend the night before being presented in court tomorrow.

Previously, Tengku Adnan had admitted to being called in by MACC at least 12 times to have his statements recorded regarding several questionable land deals transacted by DBKL during his time as Federal Territories minister.

He has since claimed innocence to the allegations against him, explaining that he surrendered all of the ministry’s land matters to the then prime minister’s office when he was appointed as the minister in 2013.

Meanwhile, Tan, who has been referred to in past news reports as a “real estate tycoon”, is also the chairman of ceramic products company, Goh Ban Huat Bhd (GBH).

A recent report by The Edge explained how the dubious sale of more than 90 plots of land was only unearthed after the Barisan Nasional (BN) government was defeated.

This, in turn, allowed the incoming Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration to shed light on the allegedly shady land deals undertaken by DBKL.

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It detailed how several land purchases, some of which were in prime areas such as Jalan Raja Chulan and Pudu, took place with the Kuala Lumpur mayor listed as the buyer.

The total amount of land acquired by the “mayor” alone was worth a whopping RM1.5 billion.

Reports have alleged that these plots, once purchased, had their ownership transferred to Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan, a foundation chaired by Tengku Adnan.

Under the guise of purchases made by the mayor, these acquired plots were later sold — some at a price significantly lower than the market value — to selected developers.

The report also listed 71 of the purported 90-over land deals made under Tengku Adnan’s watch as Federal Territories minister.

Interestingly, among those listed as one of the landowners was Tengku Adnan’s alleged co-conspirator Tan.

An entry in the report’s list of land deals showed a 0.54-acre plot of land worth RM4.92 million purchased by a company named, NipponKey Sdn Bhd, on October 10, 2015.

Tan is a shareholder of the company with his two sons, Edwin Tan Pei Seng and Goodwin Tan Pei Poh, holding a 40 and 30 per cent stake respectively. - sg news.

Hunting for Jho Low...

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Hello...hutang mesti dibayar. Ini bukan wang kelapa bapak hangpa 
ini wang rakyat untuk bantu anak Malaysia yang lain. 

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Semah naik turun mahkamah, tak penah pulak nampak dia terlantar atas katil hospital.
Apa jenis penyamun da ni... Malulah kat geng skit...

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Dulu bercakap guna kepala lutut kanan, 
hari ini bercakap guna kepala lutut kiri.

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14 November 2018

Dr.M - Di sinilah kita bertemu jodoh ling...

Kunjungan semula Perdana Menteri Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan isteri, Dr Siti Hasmah Ali ke alma mater mereka, King Edward VII College of Medicine, yang kini merupakan sebahagian daripada National University of Singapore (NUS), mengembalikan nostalgia kenangan manis semasa mereka belajar di situ satu ketika dahulu.

Ketibaan Dr Mahathir, yang menamatkan pengajian di kolej itu pada 1953, disambut oleh Menteri Kesihatan Singapura, Gan Kim Yong.

King Edward's telah ditubuhkan pada 1552.

Dr Mahathir dan Dr Siti Hasmah meluangkan masa kira-kira setengah jam untuk bersiar-siar di sekitar kawasan kolej yang kini menempatkan Kementerian Kesihatan Singapura, Majlis Perubatan Singapura dan Kolej Ahli Perubatan Keluarga.

Dewan syarahan di situ kini telah bertukar menjadi sebuah auditorium dan Dr Siti Hasmah turut diusik dengan pertanyaan sama ada tumpuan beliau pada waktu itu adalah pada kuliah atau pada Dr Mahathir kerana umum mengetahui bahawa kedua-duanya yang kini telah melepasi usia 90 tahun, bertemu jodoh ketika sama-sama belajar di situ.

Ni lah tempat duduk feveret Dr.M dan Dr.Siti semasa kuliah dulu..

Dr Siti Hasmah secara berseloroh menjawab: "Kedua-duanya."

Dr Mahathir dan Dr Siti Hasmah kemudian mengadakan pertemuan dengan para alumni dan beramah-mesra dengan mereka termasuk dengan tujuh orang bekas rakan sekelas mereka.

Dr Mahathir dan Dr Siti Hasmah turut dihadiahkan dengan gambar klasik dalam hitam putih oleh pengerusi alumni, Lai Kah Weng.

Mereka sempat meluangkan masa untuk beramah mesra dengan ketujuh-tujuh bekas rakan sekelas mereka itu.

Disebabkan kesibukan tugas, Dr Mahathir berkata beliau tidak dapat menghadiri jamuan makan malam alumni pada tahun ini.

"Saya akan mengadakan lawatan ke Papua New Guinea (mesyuarat APEC) tetapi saya berharap anda semua akan bergembira meraikannya dan merapatkan hubungan."

Dr Mahathir berkata beliau berharap dapat menghadiri jamuan malam alumni yang berikutnya, seraya menambah: "Saya kata saya cuma berharap, kerana apabila anda sudah mencapai usia 94 tahun, anda tidak begitu pasti tentang masa depan." - Bernama

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PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad  makes a nostalgic return to his alma mater - 
King Edward VII College of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS). 

PM Dr.M accepts honorary degree from the National University of Singapore

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim in parliament. Photo: AP
Anwar’s party faces an old problem...

As Malaysia adjusts to life under the Pakatan Harapan coalition government, infighting in its most influential constituent party shows just what a challenge the prime-minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim faces in keeping a united front against the dethroned Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan Harapan ended the Barisan Nasional’s 61-year monopoly on power with a shock victory in May’s general election, but amid all the euphoria there have been indications it is struggling to adjust to life in government.

Among these are the all-too-familiar signs of infighting that has gripped Anwar’s People’s Justice Party (PKR) – which holds 50 of the 222 parliamentary seats and is the largest party in the Pakatan Harapan coalition.

The PKR has become bogged down in a divisive competition between two of Anwar’s lieutenants over the position of deputy president. Internal party polling has been marred by allegations of fraud, misconduct, vote tampering and even violence.

Rumours of money politics, phantom voters, a hacked e-voting system, and the alleged interference of sitting Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad have all been exchanged both in traditional and social media.

Each candidate – incumbent Azmin Ali, who served as Anwar’s special officer when Anwar was deputy prime minister, and Rafizi Ramli, a relative newcomer to the world of politics – has accused the other of cheating and each camp blames the other for spreading poisonous claims in the media.

On Sunday, things took a turn for the worse when Azmin claimed victory.

“Thank you to all [PKR] members who came together and reached a consensus to continue a genuine reform agenda,” he tweeted in a statement immediately criticised as premature by the PKR’s outgoing president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail - who is also Anwar’s wife - and other members of parliament, including Wong Chen.

“The official numbers haven’t come out yet so it’s a bit premature to declare victory,” said Wong. “Candidates would do well to respect due process.”

On Monday, Anwar also chided Azmin, saying: “He has the right [to announce], but he knows that the one who should announce [the results is not him]. And he should respect the process.”

Polls had recently shown the two candidates neck and neck; some insiders believe Azmin’s premature claims of victory may reflect a loss of confidence on his behalf.

“Azmin’s allies dominate federal roles, and he has more catchment and access. The fact a relative small fry like Rafizi has shown his mettle has caught him by surprise,” said one party source.

Azmin was claiming victory now so that if he lost he could claim there had been some kind of interference in the vote, according to the source.

His conduct during the contest, the source said, had painted him in a poor light and had angered Anwar, who many speculate is now leaning towards Rafizi.

The source noted that when Rafizi had lodged a police report saying he had been assaulted at a polling centre, Azmin claimed the attack was staged to win sympathy, taking to Twitter to call his actions “very pathetic”.

“Comments like these are unbecoming of a senior leader and cabinet minister, it was not received well within the party,” said the source.

The friction is not the only fault line to have appeared in the Pakatan Harapan. Anwar and Mahathir are supposed to have an agreement that Mahathir would hand over the reins to Anwar after two years in power, but the opposition has claimed Anwar is no longer happy with the deal and wants to prematurely unseat the elder statesman, who is 93. The opposition also claims that Anwar fears Azmin may have switched his allegiance to Mahathir, complicating the competition between Azmin and Rafizi.

Image result for rafizi ramli

In his campaign, Rafizi has criticised Azmin for being disloyal to Anwar, a claim Azmin has denied. Azmin, who also serves as economic affairs minister, commands a strong voice within the party, and his supporters wonder whether his leadership qualities – as demonstrated in his new federal roles – may have made Anwar fear him as a competitor.

While infighting is familiar to most political parties, Anwar’s PKR has seen more than its fair share.

In 2010, former law minister Zaid Ibrahim quit the then ruling party the United Malays National Organisation (Umno) and joined the PKR, running for the position of deputy president against incumbent Azmin – only to withdraw his candidacy and resign in protest against alleged internal electoral fraud.

In 2014, Khalid Ibrahim, the former chief minister of Malaysia’s richest state, faced a similar trial. He also took on Azmin for the role, and his loss helped relegate him to the political wilderness. Now, with Azmin appearing to have seen off a third challenger in similarly ugly circumstances, Anwar will have his work cut out to present a united front to voters.

Political scientist James Chin from Tasmania University’s Asia Institute said such infighting was “only supposed to happen with Barisan Nasional ”.

“People are surprised at how close the race is – but no matter what the results, the PKR will be divided unless Anwar can pull both sides together after the elections,” said Chin, adding that reports of scuffles at polling centres were worrying, as violence rarely featured in Malaysian politics.

However, some commentators suggest the PKR’s tumultuous history could work in its favour.

“The party has gone through a lot in the last 20 years,” said Member of Parliament Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

“We have experienced a lot more drama than other parties – the arrests of our leaders, a controversial merger with PRM [a small Malaysian party], issues in earlier internal elections. I am not dismissing the possibility of some sort of internal upheaval, but as long as the victor focuses on building up the party as Rafizi has pledged to do, the PKR will maintain its resilience.” - scmp

Goldman Sachs Tumbles on 1MDB Scandal 

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ADUN UMNO Kedah tinggai 2 saja...

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Pasai depa tersilap jampi..
Depa tukaq jadi bomoh nombor ekoq...

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13 November 2018

UMNO pelindung orang Melayu? Nahe..nahe..

Image result for kalau UMNO kalah habislah Melayu

Pemimpin UMNO berstatus penyamun, super korup, gila kuasa, menjaja dongeng kononnya UMNO tempat Melayu berteduh, mencari perlindungan. Jangan terperangkap dalam nafsu syaitan mereka. Lihat muka Najib, bininya yg menungganginya, dan bomoh Ponorogo yang memakai keris di belakang. Bukankah muka-muka ini yang membawa sial dan malang pada Melayu? 

Siapakah yang kini dibebani dengan berpuluh-puluh kes jenayah akibat kerakusan dan gila kuasa? Inilah muka yang bangsatkan Melayu yang membolot harta haram atas kesangsaraan rakyat.

Dalam perlembagaan negara sudah termaktub fasal 152, fasal 153, yang menjamin hak dan kepentingan Melayu/Bumiputra. Dalam perlembagaan juga menjamin hak bukan Melayu. Ini sumpah keramat yg mesti dipatuhi semua pihak. UMNO, selama 61 tahun berkuasa, mengkhianati hak dan kepentingan Melayu/Bumiputra kerana para pemimpinnya menjadi penyamun, perompak kelas cakrawala dan jerung serta naga bunting. 

Image result for kalau UMNO kalah habislah Melayu

UMNO, di era Najib, membawa sial, menghancurkan harapan Melayu, Islam dan negara. Bomoh Ponorogo, pengganti Najib sebagai presiden UMNO, yang punya dua sijil beranak, bukan saja tidak layak jadi presiden UMNO, apalagi meroyan hendak jadi PM. UMNO pocik, ditendang rakyat, kerana Najib, Rosmah dan Ponorogo membawa sial pada perjuangan parti.

Ahli-ahli UMNO yang super tulen perjuangan menurut aspirasi UMNO dan perlembagaan negara wajar berhijrah ke Bersatu atau Amanah. Tapi para koruptor kelas jerung dan buaya tembaga jangan diterima dalam mana-mana parti PH. Tempat mereka sudah disediakan di Sg Buloh. 

Budaya korupsi, nepotisme dan kronisme UMNO jangan menjangkiti aspirasi rakyat dalam Malaysia Baru PH. Malaysia Baru memancarkan budaya progresif yang berpaksikan kepada kuasa dan amanah Allah dan hak rakyat majmuk. PH berpegang teguh pada perlembagaan negara tetapi meletakkan hak dan kepentingan Allah dan rakyat di atas kepentingan pribadi para pemimpin tertentu.

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Sekali air bah sekali pasir berubah. Ahli-ahli UMNO perlu insaf dan sedar masa depan UMNO suram temuram, dan besar kemungkinan, akan diharamkan, hanyut dalam sejarah. 

Tidak pernah berlaku dalam sejarah politik Malaysia bekas PM dan bekas TPM dan berbagai menteri, timbalan menteri dan ketua-ketua bahgian UMNO yang bakal berhijrah ke Sg Buloh. 

UMNO sebenarnya bukan tempat perlindungan orang Melayu tetapi dikuasai oleh iblis, syaitan dan puaka yang beraja di hati, membolot harta rakyat dan negara atas nama Melayu, Islam dan Raja. - Yahaya Ismail

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Anwar ingatkan Azmin jangan 
pandai2 umum diri menang...

Bakal Presiden KEADILAN, Anwar Ibrahim mengingatkan Mohamed Azmin Ali supaya menghormati proses pemilihan parti itu.

Mengulas tindakan timbalan presiden itu yang mengumumkan bahawa dirinya berjaya mempertahankan jawatannya selepas menewaskan Rafizi Ramli, katanya, Azmin perlu menghormati Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP).

“Dia ada hak untuk sebut. Tetapi dia pun tahu yang umumkan itu ialah JPP.

“Dan kita patut hormat proses,” kata beliau ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen hari ini.

Semalam, Azmin mengumumkan kemenangannya dalam pemilihan parti kali ini walaupun berhadapan cabaran sengit dari Rafizi Ramli.

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Dalam suatu kenyataan yang ditandatangani beliau sebagai timbalan presiden KEADILAN bagi penggal 2018 ke 2021, Azmin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada penyokongnya kerana meneruskan "agenda sebenar reformasi."

Sementara itu, Rafizi yang juga bekas MP Pandan pula masih lagi tidak berputus asa berharap akan menang pertandingan kali ini.

Menurut keputusan tidak rasmi yang diperolehi dari akaun Twitter rasmi pemilihan, Azmin kini memiliki 70,550 undi berbanding Rafizi yang mendapat 66,594 undi. Majoriti itu sebanyak 3,956 undi.

Walau bagaimanapun, masih terdapat beribu-ribu "undi ragu" yang masih belum ditambah pada pengiraan.

Kategori pemilih ini merujuk kepada mereka yang layak untuk mengundi dan tidak dapat memastikan saluran undinya, tetapi dibenarkan mengundi.

Kalau kes lebihan undi camni sapa salah?

Ibu pejabat KEADILAN akan berhadapan tugas sukar untuk mengesahkan "undi ragu" sebelum Jumaat ini, iaitu hari permulaan kongres perwakilan nasional tahunan KEADILAN selama tiga hari.

Selain itu, beberapa cabang seperti di Julau dan Tawau dikatakan mungkin mengadakan pemilihan semula.

Pemilihan KEADILAN Cabang Julau Sabtu lalu terhalang oleh hujan lebat, yang membatasi kehadiran pengundi serta terdapat tuduhan serangan perisian hasad pada komputer yang digunakan untuk sistem e-undi, menyebabkan pemilihan di sana digantung pada sekitar jam 2 petang.

Sementara itu, di Tawau, terdapat dakwaan gangguan komputer membolehkan pemilih untuk mengundi beberapa kali. - mk

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Kami dah lama tahu puak gemadak!

Siapa yang ada akses pada tablet pengundian jam 4 pagi dan yang ada kuasa sentuh tablet bagi aktifkan perisian semasa pengundian selain pengundi?

Bagaimana sabotaj di Julau dijalankan?

1. Tiba-tiba sewaktu tempoh mengundi, ditukar kepada offline mode. Alasannya, network (rangkaian) problem (bermasalah). Padahal menara telekomunikasi terdekat hanyalah 170 meter dari kompleks sukan Julau dan sepanjang tempoh mengundi tiada kes rangkaian bermasalah atau terputus di dalam dan di luar pusat mengundi. Logik?

2. Kemudian login dan aktifkan prey. Installation apps boleh remote, tetapi setting kena buat manual. Jadi, sebelum tutup tablet kena aktifkan dalam laman web prey.

3. Kemudian sebelum pengiraan, wipe out (hapus) data dari tablet.

Free account hanya untuk tiga peranti sahaja (dalam kes Julau, peranti ialah tablet) tetapi tak boleh wipe out data atau save (simpan) data. Kena upgrade ke pro version dan bila pro version (berbayar) boleh add (tambah) sampai 10 peranti.

Kalau network problem, arahan untuk wipe out dari server prey tak akan sampai ke tablet. Bila kena wipe out, itu bukti line internet ok. - f/bk

When accused, run off to Mecca...

A miracle happened last week! A man who could not walk suddenly found life in his puny legs.

One minute, disgraced Arau MP, Shahidan Kassim justified his meeting with an unchaperoned 15-year-old girl in his car at 11.30pm, because he "could not walk".

The next we know, a miracle had occurred. His legs became strong enough for him to make the arduous 10-hour journey, of 7,000km, to Mecca. Praise be to God!

The public had reacted with fury at Shahidan's daft excuses, especially as previous allegations about his philandering ways had been allegedly dismissed by the Umno-Baru authorities.

He could not quash the negative publicity over his alleged sexual misconduct, despite his victim's retraction of the police report. His lawyers' threats to sue anyone who commented on his alleged molestation, have also backfired.

Only a person like Shahidan would think Malaysians will believe him. For some inexplicable reason, guilt-ridden Umno-Baru politicians like to choose Mecca as their 'platform' to show Malays at home that they are innocent, and that God is on their side.

Why do these Malay politicians do it? Why denigrate Islam? Why insult the intelligence of the Malays? Why make Malays the laughing stock of Malaysians?

Scurrying off to Mecca, just before a story is about to break and further tarnish their reputations, or because an arrest warrant has been issued, causes those who are not "holier-than-thou", to wonder: Do high profile people on the pilgrimage go because they want to perform their religious vows? Or is it more accurate to say they go to whitewash their image?

Disgraced former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, and his equally disgraceful spouse, the self-styled former First Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) Rosmah Mansor, scooted to Mecca at various points in Najib's tenure.

We have lost track of the number of times he has visited Mecca, but it was almost always on the verge of a new scandal.

Disgraced Shahrizat too sought refuge

The disgraced former minister for women, family and community development, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, was another Umno-Baru politician who sought refuge in Mecca.

The National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) was controlled by Shahrizat's family. Her husband and children had allegedly swindled RM250million of the taxpayers’ money and bought a string of luxury condominiums, a car, went on overseas holidays, indulged into other businesses, pilgrimage trips and more. Her political reputation was mired in sleaze, but Najib did not sack her.

Towards the end of 2011, and in early 2012, Shahrizat (photo) visited Mecca three times. Her husband and son had also sought salvation in Mecca to escape the heat from the NFC.

Last October, Shahidan attracted the ire of the public when he reportedly met the 15-year-old, in his car. He said that there was no ulterior motive for inviting the girl into his vehicle; he simply could not walk.

Did he not have the foresight to realise that seeing a girl alone, at 11.30pm, was wrong? No right minded parent would entrust their daughter to a stranger in this way.

Shahidan said that he liked to encourage youths to involve themselves in "halal" activities. Why not wait till the morning?

What does he mean by "halal" activities? 

Shahidan was questioned by police for over seven hours. It is apparently not the first time he has courted trouble of a sexual nature, but each time, the previous administration seemingly protected him.

Hopefully, the Pakatan Harapan administration will do the right thing and investigate all the Umno-Baru/BN MPs and senior politicians who allegedly committed acts of sexual misconduct, but were purportedly absolved by the Umno-Baru administration.

Do these Muslim MPs think that going to Mecca is like a rebirth? Is it the equivalent of a Sunday confession, when the priest advises, "Say 20 Hail Marys, repent and your soul will be cleansed"?

Another infuriating trait of some Malays is to demand that people prove their innocence by swearing on the Quran.

Many Malay religious leaders and politicians have stolen taxpayers' money, and even taken milk meant for poor schoolchildren, and yet all of them have claimed to be God-fearing, and some have sworn on the Quran, that they are innocent of all charges. They do not fear God. They only fear losing power, wealth and prestige.

These liars may cross their fingers while swearing on the Quran. They crossed their fingers to mitigate the lie, but in all probability, these shameless politicians would not bother to cross their fingers when swearing on the Quran.

Swearing on the Quran is too easy. Why not take the acid test and prove one's innocence by the medieval method of putting one's hands in boiling oil? If the hand is cooked, then the person is guilty. If the hand is unblemished, then he is innocent.

It is time Malays learnt to respect their religion and not treat Mecca as the dumping ground for their guilty consciences, theft and fraud. - Mariam Mokhtar,mk

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Does UMNO deserve a second chance?...

As the 1MDB noose tightens around former UMNO president Najib Tun Razak and more and more details emerge of the extent of the corruption, deception and duplicity involved, UMNO leaders appear to be getting jittery and nervous. They have concluded, somewhat belatedly, that Najib is a liability and must be ditched if the party is to survive him. A strategy to insulate and isolate the party from Najib’s toxic legacy is now in the works.

Utusan Malaysia, the party’s mouthpiece, recently issued a rare rebuke of Najib, accusing him of repeatedly lying about the source of the millions of ringgits he received in his account and demanding that he apologise to all UMNO members for the damage he has done to the party.

UMNO deputy president Mohamad Hasan, for his part, is pushing the line that it is “unfair, inappropriate and illogical to blame and punish UMNO over the 1MDB scandal… because UMNO was not involved in the operation and transactions involving the wealth fund.”

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A laughable defence

Most Malaysians will find UMNO’s protestations of innocence laughable, if not annoying. If that is the best survival strategy they can come up with, they really are beyond rescue.

It is asinine, at best, for the party to feign ignorance about the 1MDB scandal. After all, the whole world knew that something had gone terribly wrong with the management of the wealth fund. The DOJ investigations, reports of dubious transactions, and stories about pink diamonds and wild parties should have been enough to at least cast some doubts on the official version of events.

And yet, UMNO leaders and members, for the most part, did nothing. Worse still, up till the very end, they cheered Najib on, encouraged him and praised him for his leadership, dismissing all criticism against him as fake news.

For so long as the gravy kept flowing, UMNO members were happy to keep singing his praises and defending his actions. After all, one man couldn’t have pulled off the heist of the century all by himself; it took a whole party of gutless, unethical and corrupt members to provide him the cover, the support and the endorsement that was necessary to perpetrate fraud on such a massive scale.

And even now, despite the charges against Najib and the arrest of some of the co-conspirators, sympathy for Najib remains strong in the party. They even gave him a standing ovation at one recent party event as if 1MDB is nothing more than a minor misunderstanding. Clearly, UMNO has lost its moral compass, if ever it had one.

Image result for  rasuah umno

Corrupt to the core

Utusan got it wrong when it demanded that Najib apologize to UMNO members; both Najib and every last UMNO official and elected representative need to apologize to the nation for their collective failure to defend the national interests, for being party (whether by omission or commission) to the world’s greatest act of kleptocracy, an act so dastardly that it almost brought our nation to the brink of ruin.

Even if they were not directly involved in the 1MDB scandal, they need to apologize for their own spineless, immoral and dishonourable conduct in the face of all the malfeasance that went on around them. And that’s just the beginning of a litany of wrongs that they need to take responsibility for.

And they shouldn’t think that being “too scared” to speak out is defence enough. If they, as elected representatives and senior officials, didn’t have the courage to speak out against wrongdoing, they don’t deserve to remain as MPs. Their moral cowardice stands in stark contrast to the thousands of ordinary Malaysians who bravely defied arrest, tear gas and razor wire to protest and take a stand against an abusive government.

Whitewashed tombs

Whatever it is, no doubt the campaign to whitewash and sanitize UMNO members will serve them well when they eventually abandon UMNO for greener pastures. Next thing we’ll be hearing is that all those 40 UMNO MPs who are rumoured to be joining Bersatu are all good and honest men who were simply deceived by Najib, guilty of nothing more than naivety.

It would be a travesty of justice, certainly a rank betrayal of the electorate, if the very people who colluded with Najib, who cheered him on at every turn, and who were an intrinsic part of a corrupt and abusive government are now allowed to recast themselves as patriots. If they want redemption, let them first confess their sins, admit their mistakes, apologize, make restitution where appropriate, and then let’s see whether they deserve a second chance.

Until then, the party’s plea for “room to continue [their] contribution to race, religion and country” is likely to generate as much empathy as a pile of horse manure. - Dennis Ignatius

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Kita sendiri pun terlelap waktu khutbah solat jumaat.

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PPBM tolak Ali Tonggek Juboq ...

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