06 July 2011

Easier to meet the King then meeting Najib...

Prime Miniser Najib Abdul Razak may not be the one meeting the leaders of the Bersih 2.0 coalition to discuss their rally in a stadium, as there are others who can serve as representative of the government.

“I didn't say I will meet Bersih. Yesterday I said the government will meet (them). The government doesn't mean me, personally,” he told a press conference in Klang this afternoon.He was asked whether the leaders of the coalition for clean and fair elections would meet with him.

Najib also said he had yet to recieve a request from Bersih leaders to meet him.

The prime minister said yesterday that he understoods that “Bersih wants to have a meeting with the government on having the rally in a stadium (and) we are ready to meet them."

Asked about the Bersih 2.0 coalition's decision to hold its rally in Stadium Merdeka, Najib said the authorities in charge of such matters would act according to the requirements of security and safety.

While those responsible would look into the requirements to be fulfilled before such events are held, Najib said permission would only be given to organisations that are registered.

And since Bersih has never been registered, it is an illegal organisation, he added.


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