13 March 2014

Zam..zam..ala kazam...

Bomoh guna ‘permaidani ajaib’, air zam-zam, kelapa cari MH370...

Sekali lagi, bomoh, Ibrahim Mat Zin mengadakan upacara ritual di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) dalam usaha membantu mengesan pesawat Malaysia Airlines MH370 yang masih gagal ditemui sejak hilang awal pagi Sabtu lalu.

Mstar Online melaporkan, Ibrahim yang menggelar dirinya sebagai Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP  dengan gelaran Datuk Mahaguru mengadakan sesi ritual buat kali kedua itu semalam.

Beliau diiringi beberapa pembantu dan menggunakan air zam-zam, dua kelapa, tongkat serta permaidani yang dikatakan ajaib.

Portal itu turut melaporkan sesi yang diadakan di Anjung Tinjau KLIA menarik perhatian ramai dan video  sesi kedua ritual Ibrahim berdurasi 25 saat tersebar.

"Tujuan ritual adalah untuk melemahkan semangat buruk supaya penyelamat boleh mencari pesawat jika memang ia terhempas," katanya kepada pemberita, dipetik daripada Mstar Online.

Ibrahim berkata, ritual simbolik digunakan untuk banyak generasi.

Katanya, apa yang dilakukan adalah kehendaknya sendiri walaupun terdapat laporan bahawa pemimpin negara mengundangnya.

Pada Isnin, Ibrahim dilaporkan mengguna teropong diperbuat daripada buluh dan mata kail semasa sesi pertama ritual di KLIA untuk membantu mengesan pesawat yang hilang.

Bernama melaporkan Ibrahim, yang mempunyai 50 tahun pengalaman sebagai bomoh menjadi popular selepas menawarkan perkhidmatan untuk mencari mangsa dalam beberapa kes besar seperti tragedi Highland Towers dan kes Mona Fendy. - tmi

Bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin menggunakan kelapa ketika mengadakan sesi ritual mencari pesawat MH370 di KLIA, Sepang. – Gambar The Malaysian Insider oleh Afif Abd Halim, 12 Mac, 2014.
Bomoh at it again at KLIA...

The bomoh (the Malay word for shaman) who created a stir with his appearance at the KLIA on Monday and made predictions about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was at it again today.

Ibrahim Mat Zin, who is known as Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP, with the title of Datuk Mahaguru, was assisted by several assistants.

Dressed in lounge suits, they carried out rituals with the use of “Zam-Zam” water, two coconuts, and an “enchanted” walking stick and carpet.

They were show stoppers as a crowd formed to observe them.

"The purpose of the rituals is to weaken the bad spirits so that the rescuers can find the plane if it indeed had crashed," Ibrahim told reporters.

Ibrahim said the rituals were “time tested" and had been used by his ancestors.

He said he was carrying out these rituals on his own, despite earlier reports that he had been invited by high ranking government officials.

On Monday, Ibrahim had gone to KLIA and performed a different ritual at the KLIA entrance that had involved “bamboo binoculars” and a fish trap hook.

He said from the ritual he had carried out on Monday, his eyes started hurting and his vision turned black.

“This meant that the plane was still in the air, or has crashed into the sea,” he declared.

The Raja Bomoh, who has 50 years of experience, became popular after offering his service to search for victims in several major cases, including in the Highland Tower tragedy, Kuala Dipang flood and the Mona Fendy murder trial.-tmi

Berbomoh tak salah kalau ikut cara yg betul tapi dengan cara khurafat, tahyul dan menipu itu yang salah...menteri jangan lupa matlamat tak menghalalkan cara.... itu persoalannya...

Mana satu yang betul pun tak tau..sana cakap lain sini cakap lain...

'TUDM kesan pesawat tak dikenali' di Pantai Barat

RMAF radar spotted mystery aircraft on west coast...
Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) radar detected an unidentified aircraft northwest of Penang shortly after flight MH370 had gone missing, and is working to identify whether it is the ill-fated aircraft.

RMAF chief Rodzali Daud said the "unidentified plot" appeared intermittently on radar and its last known position is 200 miles (322km) northwest of the island, 45 minutes after MH370 had gone missing. 
It was flying 29,500 feet (almost 9 kilometres) above sea level
"I am not saying that this is MH370. We are still corroborating this. We are still working with the experts," he told a press conference today.
MH370 was last detected via air traffic controller radar on March 8 at 1.30am, off the coast of Kota Bharu before contact was lost.
Rodzali said this just several hours after denying a news report quoting him saying that military radar had detected flight MH370 in the northern part of the Malacca Straits.

Transponder switched off or malfunctioned
Throughout press conference, Rodzali repeatedly stressed that it is still unclear whether this is unidentified aircraft is MH370, and authorities are working to use radar tracks from neighbouring countries to determine this.
Department of Civil Aviation director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman added that at the time civilian radars lost contact with MH370, military radar did not have any contact with it.
He also explained that civilian radar rely on secondary search radars, which can use a transponder on board the aircraft to identify the airline, flight number and other information.
On the other hand, primary radar can only detect the aircraft’s position without any identifying information. However, it does not require the aircraft to have a working transponder to operate.
These statements gives rise to the possibility that the missing MH370’s transponder was switched off or malfunctioned, and then turned west.
Armed forces chief Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said after MH370 went missing, the military had reviewed its radar records and found this unidentified aircraft originating from the vicinity of MH370’s last known position.
“We sent some ships immediately from Lumut that particular night to where we suspected that aircraft would be.
“That morning at first light, we sent a C-130 (aircraft) immediately to scout the area. It is a possibility (that MH370 is there) and at the slightest possibility, I must respond for the sake passengers on MH370.
Might declasify raw data
Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein added that if the government was sure that MH370 had crashed in the Straits of Melaka, all search and rescue (SAR) teams would have been deployed there instead of also searching the South China Sea, near where MH370 was last seen on civilian radar.
He said search currently covers 12,425 square nautical miles (42,617 square kilometres) in the Straits of Malacca and 14,440 square nautical miles (49,528 square kilometres) in the South China Sea, involving SAR teams from 12 countries.
For comparison, the size of Pahang and Terengganu combined is 49,172 square kilometres.
To a question why fighters were not scrambled to intercept the unidentified aircraft, Rodzali said radar operators had recognised it as a civilian aircraft.
“It is not classified as hostile. We only do an intercept or respond when they are classified as hostile,” he said.
To a question whether the radar tracks would be released to public, Hishammuddin points out that the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and the US National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) are assisting investigations.
“If FAA and NTSB can confirm that this flight - from the military’s raw data – is the flight we are concerned (it), tomorrow I will release it," said Hishammuddin, stressing that he said "if". - malaysiakini

Menteri - tiada kekeliruan dalam mencari MH370

Malaysia defends search for missing Boeing 777
Malaysia's Minister of Transport Hishamuddin Hussein, center left, and Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation, right, give a press conference about the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner MH370.

Q&A with military chiefs, DCA chief and Hisham...

A heated press conference took place at the crisis management centre on the missing Flight MH370 today with reporters demanding answers on the revelation that the plane could have flown to towards the Andaman Sea.
Among those present were airforce chief Rodzali Daud, Civil Aviations Department director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, Armed Forces chief Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya and Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.
Excerpts of the press conference, which began at about 5.30pm, follows:
Can you tell (us) when was the last known recording of the plane, when the plane was recorded by the military radar?
Rodzali: (The) primary radar's last known time was 0215 (Hours).
Where is the location?
Rodzali: From the beginning we said this is a possible turn-back. Why possible? Because we are trying to collaborate with all the other radar, including the civil radar.
At the moment, we are still collaborating with FAA and NTSB and all the available other radars. The position has to be checked.
Can you confirm that is in the Malacca Straits?
Rodzali: You see there are still a possibility it is in the Malacca Straits. We are still corroborating.
Is not that it has gone there?
Rodzali: No, no. We are still doing forensic on the report.
Hishammuddin: We have been very consistent. On Saturday, the prime minister indicated that we are going to expand our SAR operation. On that day also we made a statement to say that there’s a possibility of a turn-back, and on that same day too, we expanded the area in Malacca Straits. I've indicated to you the number of vessel and also aircraft in both these areas.
As of today, (we) have not found anything, but we are expanding it further. So basically, we have been very consistent in what we have been saying in the last few days.
As for the aircraft, communication and reporting system, when and where it was last transmitting data? Has it stopped at the same time when the transponder stop?
Azharuddin: In our radar, the secondary radar, we looked at our radar and it was posting at about 1.21am and the target disappeared at 1.30am and that is because we have the secondary radar.
Our primary radar did not pick it up at that particular time, then the defence primary radar was analysed the same day and there was an indication of possibility an air turn-back.
Hence, that is the reason why a search was conducted at the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea.
If the ministry radar pick up the signal at Malacca Straits... So why are you still searching in the South China Sea?
Hishammuddin: We have stated it as a possibility.
What was the altitude when it was spotted in Malacca Straits? The plane was spotted on the other side of Malaysia, you should tell us whether the information they have, data, VHF, or communication of anything.
Azaharudin: I think the communication data is as I have mentioned, I have to repeat again. It was posting starting from 1.21am but at 1.30am it disappeared from our radar. This is secondary radar. Nothing. Nothing at all.
Rodzali: The last plot - after several intermittent primary plots - there is a last plot that happened at 0215 (Hours), Flight Level 295, 200 miles northwest of Pinang. I’m not saying it is MH370, okay? We are still corroborating this with the experts.
So what did you see on…?
Rodzali: it is a plot, unidentified plot.
Azaharudin: The difference between secondary radar and primary radar - Secondary radar is talking to the aircraft via a transponder and it gives you the airline, the aircraft type, how high it flies, how fast is the flight. But on the primary it just give a plot. It doesn’t give identification of the aircraft.
Hishammuddin: I can see that now we are more appreciative of the data we have. The primary radar does not actually tell you the aircraft per se, it just stops at a plot, and that requires collaboration and detailed analysis by experts, which we are brought in also.
A dead body has been found in Malacca Straits...
Hishammuddin: Not true.
You are getting increasing criticism. You are searching east, you are searching west. You don’t seem to know what you see on the radar and it’s taking you until now five days later to tell the truth. This is utter confusion now.
Hishammuddin: I don’t think so. I think it is far from it. It is only confusion if you want it to be seen as confusion. We have been very clear and have been very consistent.

Why (do) we lack transparency and (are) very stingy with information?
Hishammuddin: Because information is few and far in between.
The information is keep changing and it does not give confidence to the country…
Hishammuddin: Well I think that’s’ the opinion that….
There is an issue about the five passengers (that supposedly didn’t board the plane). There is a different answer from a different agents? Can you answer that?
Ahmad Jauhari: Just to set the record straight, there’s a lot of confusion here. Out of 227 passengers that was booked on that flight, four did not turn up, that means they never check in. We have standby passengers of which four was then boarded to replace the four that did not turn up. What it means is that all passengers that checked in, got their luggage on board.

On the military radar, how low was the plane flying? In addition to that, why has it taken you so long to reveal that information and you are not surprised that people are wondering if you are hiding information, because it takes you five days to reveal this very key piece of information.
Hishammuddin: No, because what we were indicated on Saturday was that there was a possibility of a turn back and the primary radar does not indicate what aircraft is it. Until today, we are still not sure that it is the same aircraft. That is why we are searching two areas. That’s why we are deploying all our vessels and aircraft and (SAR teams) from the neighbouring country to these two areas. If we know for sure that it is in Malacca Straits, we would have move all our asset there.
So basically, there is no real confusion, unless you may want look for confusion. So this press confrence today, ladies and gentlemen, it to clarify that – to make sure that the information that we have been saying for the last three days is consistent, it is transparent and we got nothing to hide.

Were you tracking this in this real time, this unidentified object going across (Peninsular) Malaysia? If you were, why did you not send…
Zukifly: No, we did not track it in real time. We saw a recording of it. We were not sure. It just happened that when we saw the recording of the data, then it appears to… So we have got to respond.
If transparency if your aim and you say you are looking data and you are also reaching out to civilian authorities for help, why not release the raw radar data? Are there any plans to do that?
Zulkifly: Yes, we plan to release it, but as long as I know that actions are being taken for the conduct of the SAR operation. The next day we immediately contacted our friends from Indonesia, please activate your SAR, which they gave immediately.
Hishammuddin: If FAA and NTSB can confirm that this flight - from the military’s raw data – is the flight we are concerned, tomorrow I will release it. If.

Is it the (Boeing) 777-200ER can fly below radar, and if it can, for how long?
Azaharudin: It can fly below radar until you run out fuel but you cannot be detect it on the radar, that is it.

If you spot unidentified object flying across the peninsular, why weren’t fighter jets sent to at least intercept find out what is this unidentified object?
Rodzali: The point is that, what we said from the beginning, when we review on the recorded flight, there’s a possibility of the aircraft making a turn-back.Until now it remains as a possibility until it’s scrutinized by the expert: FAA, NTSB and the radar manufacturer.
So until such time, it is very difficult for us to say for sure, that is the aircraft. Because to the radar operator, it is a trail of a civil aircraft, it’s not classified as hostile. We only do an intercept or response only it is classified as hostile.- malaysiakini
Malaysia MH370 Missing - Possibilities
Missing MH370 - Malaysia Crisis Management in Chaos...

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has definitely crashed by now, for the simple reason that the aircraft will not have anymore fuel (only 7½ hours) left to fly. The flight was declared missing about 90-minutes after it was due to land in Beijing. Vietnamese Air Force also found a 20km-long oil slick between Malaysia and Vietnam during the search operation on Saturday’s afternoon. It is estimated the plane, together with 239 people aboard, went down in the waters between southern Vietnam and northern Malaysia. The aircraft never entered Chinese airspace.

There’s one argument at earlier stage though – while Malaysia Airlines claims the plane disappeared from air traffic control radar in Subang Kuala Lumpur at 2:40 a.m., Mr. Lindahl of Flightradar 24 said that the last radar contact had been at 1:19 a.m., less than 40 minutes after the flight began. If what Malaysia claimed was correct, the plane should have entered Vietnam airspace or contacted Ho Chi Minh City air traffic, but it never did as claimed by Vietnamese officials.

Chinese officials and citizens whom family members or friends were onboard the flight were concerned and frustrated due to lack of information about the incident, especially from Malaysian authorities. Only after the flight failed to arrive as scheduled, the outburst from anxious relatives at Beijing International Airport triggered the crisis reporting. Hence, assuming Malaysia Airlines really discovered their missing plane at 2:30 am, it was well over 5 hours thereafter that Malaysia Airlines acknowledges publicly about the disappearance.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and Fariq Ab Hamid

Boeing 777-200, similar to the missing MH370 owned by Malaysia Airlines

To add insult into injury, it was also found that one Italian passenger, 37-year-old Luigi Maraldi, and one Austrian, 30-year-old Christian Kozel, were not on board after all, as against the full list of passengers on board released by Malaysia Airlines. Mr Maraldi was in Thailand and said his passport had been stolen several months ago. So, who had used Mr Maraldi and Kozel’s stolen passports (some said there’re actually more?) on flight MH370?

Historically, MAS (Malaysia Airlines) has an excellent track record. The plane was piloted by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a Malaysian aged 53, who had recorded a total of 18,365 flying hours since joining Malaysia Airlines in 1981. First officer Fariq Ab Hamid, a Malaysian aged 27, has a total of 2,763 flying hours under his belt. So, it can’t be pilot errors as Malaysian pilots are well-trained and of world-class.

Coincidently, the flight MH370 which went missing is believed to be the same that crashed into the tail of another plane at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai in August 2012. While taxiing at Shanghai’s Pudong airport, its wingtip hit the tail of another aircraft. The damage was said to be “substantial”. Nevertheless Boeing was engaged to repair the damage and the plane was given the clearance to fly again. The last time Malaysia Airlines suffered fatal crashes was in 1977 and 1995.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Wing Damaged

Planes do not simply disappear without a trace, unless it enters Bermuda Triangle, so how could such a jumbo jet vanishes? Considering there were no reports of bad weather and Boeing 777-200ER being one of the safest plane around, speculations are flying that the flight MH370 could ended by a “catastrophic failure”. It means something could have happen so quickly that there was no opportunity to trigger a “Mayday”. Was it an act of terrorism?

John Goglia, a former board member of the National Transportation Safety Board, the US agency that investigates plane crashes, said the lack of a distress call suggested that the plane either experienced an explosive decompression or was destroyed by an explosive device. This possibility cannot be denied since there were at least two passengers on board with stolen passports. The following question would be about “security breach” that Malaysian Immigration fails to detect.

But who would blow up Malaysian commercial airplanes, considering Malaysian Government was “super friendly” towards everybody (*grin*)? The closest link was the Iranian’s boycott over Malaysian goods, thanks to UMNO’s religion political game in its anti-Shia campaign. However, is this sufficient to justify such a terrorism act? If not, that would leave western passengers as the ultimate reason, if indeed this incident is related to terrorism.

Malaysia MH370 Missing - Nasi Lemak Naked

The second possibility would be related to possible defects on Boeing itself. In 2009, an Air France 447 plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean, which killed 216 passengers and 12 aircrew. That particular aircraft crashed when pilots lost control after ice crystals affected sensors used to measure the plane’s speed. Could similar or more critical and deadly defects happened on flight MH370? If this was the reason, which may take years to prove if you’re lucky, then Boeing’s reputation will be affected.

The third reason could be related to Malaysia Airlines itself. The airline’s losses ballooned to RM1.2 billion last year, three times more than in 2012 and after a record RM2.5 billion loss in 2011. Was there an unusual and large-scale mechanical failure due to undercut in maintenance of the plane? Well, if the airline could serve “naked” Nasi Lemak just to cut cost, it could sacrifice some maintenance services in order to rescue its bottom line. So, could this deliver the fatal blows to the 11-year-old aircraft?

Whatever the reasons, Malaysia authorities have to come clean and transparent in disclosing whatever findings that are related to this terrible crisis. Unlike domestic issue such as the recent invasion into Sabah; Malaysia Transport Ministry, Home Ministry and even Defence Ministry should realize there’s no room for them to insult peoples’ intelligence with cover-up or half-baked stories simply because this crisis involves international citizens.

Revealed ... a Malaysian police official displays photographs of the two men who boarded

Criticisms are already pouring in about how Malaysian authorities were dragging their feet in releasing information about flight MH370′s disappearance. It’s surely an international joke that most of the latest update came from international news provider instead of Malaysian authorities themselves. At one point it seems Malaysia government-controlled media is depending on foreign news to provide the latest feed, instead of the other way round.

Unlike domestic crisis whereby local journalists would normally ask simple and no-brainer questions, foreign journalists would be grilling Malaysian authorities from all angles. As time passes, the standard “we are still investigating” excuse, currently being used non-stop by Malaysian authorities would come to its expiration. It would be a suicidal mission to lie only to flip-flop at a later stage in such an international crisis. This is the best time to evaluate the capability of Malaysian Crisis Management.- financetwitter.com



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[HR Muslim]

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