26 January 2014

Kangkung...kangkung...kangkung...hidup kangkung...

Protes 'kandar sayur'...

Orang ramai pelbagai kaum hari ini berkumpul di Sunway Carnival Mall, Pulau Pinang bagi menyatakan bantahan terhadap kenaikan harga barang dan kos sara hidup.

Mereka membawa kain rentang dan melaungkan slogan menentang cukai barangan dan perkhidmatan (GST), menuntut harga penurunan harga barangan keperluan asas serta mengejek kenyataan kangkung perdana menteri.

“Kangkung turun” antara laungan yang kedengaran dalam perhimpunan itu.

Selain kangkung,
pelbagai sayur-sayuran turut dikandar ke perhimpunan itu, sekali gus menjadikannya penuh warna warni.

Wakil rakyat pembangkang Lee Khai Loon yang terkenal dengan flash mob kangkungnya sebelum ini turut kelihatan, selain Pengarah Strategi PKR Rafizi Ramzli dan exco Pulau Pinang Dr Afif Bahardin.- malaysiakini

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Big turnout at Penang price hike demo...

A multi-racial group of about 1,000 turned up the Penang Turun rally against price hikes today that went without a hitch at the Sunway Carnival Mall.

They carried banners condemning the Goods and Services Tax (GST), with some shouting, "Kangkung turun!" and called for prices of essential goods to "Turun, turun, turun!"

"Hidup, hidup, hidup rakyat", "Turun Rosmah", "Turun, turun, Najib PM" and shouts of PKR's war cry "Reformasi!" were heard as well.

Bundles of the green leafy vegetable, kangkung, were also seen in the hands of protesters during the rally.

The vegetable became iconic after Najib lamented that no one praised the government for the fall in its market price, a comment that turned into a national joke.

Assemblypersons Lee Khai Loon, Ong Chin Wen, Chang Lih Kang, Simon Ooi, with MPs Rafizi Ramli and Sim Tze Tzin were on the way. Several PAS members were noted among the crowd.

State exco member Dr Afif Bahardin arrived at 2.33pm.

The protesters gave a round of applause for Lee - who had been strongly condemned by pro-Najib supporters last week - shouting, "Hidup kangkung!"

At least 50 police personnel stood watch while the rally went on peacefully.

'All races stand together'

Seberang Jaya Municipal Council Zulkifli Saad said the gathering was a show of solidarity between Malays, Chinese and Indians.

"We are not racists, this is a gathering of people.

“Leaders have forgotten their responsibilities. We want to remind the top leaders that they have become too comfortable at the top; they forget the sufferings of the people," he added.

The group, including organiser Jingga 13, had chosen to disregard advice by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to postpone the rally due to incidents of several violent counter-protests over the week.

The organisers urged for calm and no provocation, requesting that the crowd not block the roads.

The rally turned took a comical turn when three protestors carried trays of kangkung, as they danced in front of the crowd.

A man started breaking out into the well-known Indonesia song, ‘Lenggang, lenggang kangkung', breaking out into a verse of his own, "Rosmah tak pakai tudung, Najib balik kampung".

"This is my first album," he quipped, as the crowd laughed.

Deputy Chief Minister I Rashid Hasnon and several DAP members - yet no top leaders - were seen among the crowd, who mostly wore yellow and black colours.

"We will protest until Najib resigns if prices of goods are not reduced or GST implemented, said Rafizi.

The protest crowd has swelled to 1,000 by 3.30pm.

In his speech, Rafizi asked what was the relevance of kangkung and May 13, adding "there is no relation".

"There is also no link between race and price hikes. It is just their way of putting fear in us as they are racists," he claimed.

"If there is one Chinese youth among us who is threatened, 10 Malays among us will be there to protect him," he assured, followed by shouts of support.

"Who can afford expensive things, not us - but children of Rosmah and Umno wanita chief Sharizat Abdul Jalil".

"We condemn the big shots not because of their race but we say they have enriched themselves by benefiting from the suffering of the poor.

"Why is Najib not smart, if he wants to increase cost, why do it in a series? GST is gasak saya bertalu-talu (beat me repeatedly) and gang songkok tinggi (high songkok gang)," he joked.

“Najib will again increase price of petrol. That's why we have to continue to protest.”

He explained why the people must protest, adding if they spoke to Najib or Rosmah, they would not understand.

"They only say, if can't afford, don't eat chicken and if can't pay toll don't use the road but don't they know that all roads in KL has tolls?" he asked.

"Our only reply is: Turun. We warn that we will  continue to protest until May 1. That day Najib must abolish the GST and reduce prices," he stressed.

He also urged state reps to be with the people as they were voted in by the rakyat and must not forget their responsibility of defending the rights of the people.

It's about the economy

Earlier, Former Bersih co-coordinator Toh Kin Woon said: "Subsidies needed for the poor is cut while the rich make money."

Lih Kang, who is the Teja rep, urged the crowd not to fear that May 13 will recur, saying "do not be fooled or trapped by these racist statements when this issue is about the economy of the country".

Afif (left), the Seberang Jaya rep, welcomed everyone to his constituency, saying they were all here to show support for the protest against price hikes, saying "I am not here as Adun or exco but as a citizen".

"The price hike is suffered by not only DAP, PKR or PAS but by Umno members as well. You also cannot get any discount if toll prices rise," he added.

Afif then invited the pro-Najib protestors to say "No to GST and price hikes, and to corrupt and wasteful leaders".

As state PAS leader and Kepala Batas coordinator Roshidi Hussain took the mike, calls of "Allah Hu Akhbar" is heard.

"We have to help highlight the rise in price hike because the promises of the government is just for the general elections, now that it is over, we are left to suffer the price hike," he said, briefly as his supporters shouted "Takbir!".

PAS deputy president and state commissioner Mohamad Sabu sent his regards as he could not join the protest as there was a worker's gathering in Shah Alam which required his presence.

Sim, the Bayan Baru MP, said the people had hopes in Najib, but he asked us to "eat kangkung".

"They threaten us with May 13, are you all afraid? Where's the Chinese, Malay and Indians?" he asked, as the crowd replied "No!", raising their hands.- malaysiakini


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