Business news website The Edge has said the results of a recent online poll on PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim was “compromised” and has likely been hijacked  by cybertroopers.

In a report yesterday the website reported that the threefold spike in respondents to that particular survey fuelled suspicion as the site normally attracted 2,000 to 4,000 respondents.

NONE“On Tuesday May 14, when The Edge’s online editor Ho Wah Foon saw that the one-week survey had attracted 12,736 responses which were overwhelmingly one-sided, she immediately took down the poll.

“Upon checking, the Edge’s IT department found that 6,354 of the responses came from one IP address, and about 1,700 came from several IP addresses within the same building.

“Another 2,000 responses came from seven different IP addresses.

6,354 of the responses to Edge poll came from one IP address and 1,700 traced to addresses in the same building. Another 2,000 came from only seven other IP addresses. Perhaps we can find fake Twitter followers at the same IP address? (-dtf) — at Internet Cafe.

“From this, it was obvious that the poll had been compromised and the results could not be treated as reliable or objective,” said the website.

azlanThe online poll had asked readers whether Anwar should continue to lead Pakatan Rakyat or step down following the coalition’s failure to win in the May 5 general election.

A whopping 10,396 of the 12,736 polled felt that Anwar “should call it quits as he made this pledge to step down should Pakatan fail to wrest federal power on May 5.

PKR vice-president N Surendran responded to the polls saying the poll did not reflect the sentiment on the ground in favour of Anwar.

“This poll result is completely contradicted by the massive ground support Anwar has been receiving throughout the country since he announced that he would not accept the fraudulent GE results and would fight on to take Putrajaya,” said Surendran.

In the recently concluded general election, Pakatan was denied a win despite gaining 53.3 percent of the popular vote.- malaysiakini