22 May 2013

Black 505 di Kota Sarang Semut...

Black 505 takes Malay heartland by storm (at 6.30pm)

Black 505, peringkat negeri Kedah malam ini yang pada awalnya dijadualkan di Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim dipindahkan ke Kompleks PAS Kedah, Batu 9, Kota Sarang Semut.

Ia akan disertai Ketua Umum KEADILAN, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim; Timbalan Presiden PAS, Mohamad Sabu; Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang; Lim Guan Eng; Ahli Parlimen Sungai Petani, Datuk Johari Abdul dan Pesuruhjaya PAS Kedah, Datuk Mahfuz Omar.


Blackout505 Kedah hentam Zahid, solidariti buat Adam

As thousands rally in Kedah, Mahfuz warns BN against needless spats

Photo: Inilah anak muda....

More people voted against Najib than for Najib...

What Najib has done is this. (1) Ask Mukhriz to go to the corner, play by yourself and be a good boy. While there, please ask your father to zip up. That was why Mukhriz was made the MB of Kedah. So that he stays away from the epicentre and Old Mahathir will hold him by the hand to guide. Let’s see Kedah apply Mahathir-nomics there.

The fault lies with PAS’s Ustaz Azizan. He became careless with whom he became friends with. Of that, I am not going to elaborate.

Secondly, if Bentong Kali were alive, he will be given a cabinet post by Najib. Poor UMNO people- they see nothing wrong with their leader cavorting with the Indian version of Perkasa. By now, people should already know that Najib is a plotter and a master of intrigue and shadow play. The only people saying that this cabinet is a transformation cabinet are Najib and his docile Press. We are not saying that, because we can see the game plan.

Najib’s vision doesn’t extend much beyond trying to stay on as UMNO president. The facts, if the retired judge wants to hear are that Najib performed worse than Pak Lah and Najib lost Malay support. The fact is, my dear judge, Najib’s government is a minority government. UMNO cheated its way through and UMNO buys itself support. 

In Raub, two days before the 5th of May my opponent who was already been given possibly RM2 million to defend Raub, called the Pahang MB and asked for additional funds. The MB asked- weren’t you given money already. Khai Mun must have spluttered some excuses and the MB finally conceded. 

We know the story – only a small portion of the money was distributed, the bulk just as the others did, was pocketed. Khai MUn and UMNO thought they could buy allegiance and conscience. If some UMNO members or supporters have not supported me, I could not have won Raub.

The fate of the Malays is never tied to thievery and corruption. The fate of the UMNO warlords and Minister on the other hand is. As a result, the UMNO system produced mediocre and half past six characters. Would the presence of these characters carry the transformation vision of Najib? He must be hallucinating!

Would anyone want to study under Zahid Hamidi who has a Ph.D. whose puerile thinking is expressed through his asking those who are unhappy with Malaysia, emigrate? That to me sounds like the thinking of a primary 6 student and hence puerile. His PhD has not done him any good and the University that conferred that degree to him hasn’t done justice to its reputation.

Confound the first past the post system. More people voted against Najib than for Najib. More Malays voted against UMNO than for UMNO. 3.6 million Malays rejected UMNO than the 3 million who voted. So don’t go on blaming others trying to conceal your failure. As one late UMNO friend from Kampung Ubai in Pekan like to say- Najib has failed! Dia fail! Fail!

The leader of Hindraf starved himself to near death in pursuit of a less than noble cause. He was aiming for a position in the government. He went down to Gelang Patah to denounce Kit Siang but the people down there knew he came to auta and temberang. The inclusion of so many Malaysian Indians in cabinet, does not make Najib’s cabinet a transforming one. It looks like cabinet that is screwing around with people’s emotions.

The only people saying this is a transforming cabinet come from the media industry controlled and owned by UMNO. The images and myths created about these personalities in the cabinet are all manufactured by the media. Najib’s image as we all know is cultivated by the media.

Najib has followed one principle throughout.- as with his notion of winnable candidates, the ministers who occupied the most important portfolios are his men. That will come in handy if he were to be challenged in the coming UMNO party elections.

Hence the Home affairs minister ( who has power to jail anyone) and the Minister of Defence are his loyalists. Cousin Hisham will continue to cover up Najib’s spending track record when Najib was a long time Defence Minister. Zaid ‘Himmler’ Hamidi will look after the Home Affairs Ministry where he will be able to offer his solution to the social problem faced by this country.

As a precursor to the transforming ideas coming from a barren mind, he has stated that those who are not happy with this country, can emigrate. Malaysia fortunately is not owned by him or UMNO.

A long time ago, a senior minister said that the good Chinese is a dead Chinese. The modern equivalent to that macabre observation is a good Chinese is an uncle tom Chinese, ready and willing to serve their UMNO master. 

The good Chinese is the MCA Chinese ready and willing to play lapdog to UMNO’s every wish and fancy. Hence the MCA Chinese and any Chinese who unashamedly debased himself to UMNO, is as good as dead. The good Chinese today are those who subscribed to UMNO’s master servant mentality.- Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz@sakmongkol ak47


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