Anger at new home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who had told those dissatisfied with the 13th general election to leave the country, is fuelling the crowds at the Black 505 rally in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

black 505 rally seremban crowdParticipant Karen Ngoo, 46 (top photo), when met at the 30,000-strong rally last night said Zahid’s comment did not make sense, as there were many allegations of foreigners being allegedly brought in to vote.

“He wants to drive away us Malaysians, but Bangladeshis are being brought in to the country.

“He should show us respect. The Bangladeshi phantom voters are the ones who need to be sent away,” she said.

Zahid in a commentary piece published in Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia said those who were unhappy with the way the elections were conducted should "migrate elsewhere".

Black 505 Seremban dupaMeanwhile, another rally participant Dupa (left), 45, said his dissatisfaction with the way the general election was conducted has driven him to attend the Black 505 rallies in other regions such as Selangor and Johor Bahru, even though he lives in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan.

“If you ask me, yes, I am unhappy with the results of the general election. What with the allegations of fraud involving the Election Commission (EC), and (advance voting) by the security forces,” he said.

'What else can we do?'

Henry Ng, 28, said the huge crowds at the Black 505 rallies prove that Pakatan Rakyat has truly “won the hearts” of the people, even though the coalition failed to take over Putrajaya.

harry ng“I hope the government won’t tell us to go back to China,” he said chuckling, feeling in high spirits after having PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim sign his T-shirt.

His companion, Ariel Ng, 26, said they were unconvinced by the election results but had no other course of action, other than to attend the rallies as a sign of protest.

“The election results were unfair, but we have no choice. We don’t know what else we can do for now,” he said.

The hotly contested 13th general election was rife with complaints of alleged fraud even before the polling began.

The results where BN won control of the federal government through a simple parliamentary majority, but with a damning 48.2 percent of the popular vote, was seen by many as damning proof that the electoral process is flawed.-malaysiakini