DAP chairperson Karpal Singh said the possibly of the party joining BN is “completely out of the question” but joked that BN may want to consider joining Pakatan Rakyat instead.

“I would be the first to walk out if DAP decides to do that, and I am sure 100 percent of you all are with me,” he said in his opening address at the DAP elected representative’s meeting this morning.

dap special meeting 110313 1However, he said the party “must carefully consider” working together with BN on issues of national interest, to avoid polarising the nation’s politics.

“Of course, the best would be for BN to join Pakatan Rakyat,” he quipped.

Returning to the topic, he said there is nothing wrong in with working with the BN, but there must be some form of reconciliation and the party would only work with BN on its own terms.

The exceptions are national issues, which he said are of ‘paramount importance', and on the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto.

"This is what we would like to give very serious consideration to. We don't want, and I don't think there should be polarisation in the politics of this country," he said.

Former information minister Zainuddin Maidin had previously urged the DAP to join BN to represent sthe Chinese Malaysian community's interests in government, to be promptly snubbed by DAP leaders.

The suggestion came after MCA's worst performance in a general election, leaving what was once a major player in national politics with only seven parliamentarians and 11 state assemblypersons.-malaysiakini