15 May 2013

Pakatan tak terlibat himpunan tumbangkan kerajaan...

kl112 rally people's uprising anwar ibrahim crowd story Anwar Ibrahim berkata cadangan dari sekumpulan aktivis untuk mengadakan perhimpunan bagi menumbangkan kerajaan tidak pernah dikemukakan kepada parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

“Ini tidak pernah dikemukakan pada kami, tidak pernah dibincangkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat,” katanya kepada pemberita dalam satu sidang media hari ini.

Tegasnya, penyertaan Pakatan hanya terhad kepada perhimpunan aman yang dianjurkan Pakaan dan juga NGO berkaitan.

Beliau mengulas mengenai rancangan sekumpulan aktivis untuk menghimpunkan seramai sejuta orang pada hari Sabtu ini untuk menumbangkan kerajaan susulan penipuan yang didakwa berlaku dalam pilihan raya umum 5 Mei.-malaysiakini

We are not involved in 'topple gov't rally' says PR...

Pakatan Rakyat has distanced itself from a call by some activists for a rally to topple the government.

According to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, the proposal was never mooted to Pakatan parties.

"This was never submitted to us, (and) never discussed by Pakatan Rakyat.

people are the boss forum 220208 harris ibrahim"Pakatan is purely confined to peaceful rallies organised by Pakatan and the relevant NGOs...," Anwar told reporters today.

Activists at a recent forum mooted a 'One Million People' rally this Saturday for the purpose of toppling the government, following allegations of electoral fraud.

Anything But Umno (ABU) coordinator Harris Ibrahim (right) was quoted by Free Malaysia Today as saying the people would take to the streets.

“The people cannot wait anymore. We don’t want to wait another five years. We will take to the streets,” Haris is quoted as saying.

Anwar stressed that Pakatan was committed to keeping the rallies peaceful.

"In the case of Johor, we moved from three venues just to accommodate the concerns of the police," he added.

'Black 505 rallies an avenue for the people'

However, Anwar said, Pakatan would continue to organise Black 505 protest rallies to provide people the avenue to "express disgust" over the instances of election fraud.

He said Pakatan has collected evidence to prove these and would be filing at least 30 election petitions.

The coalition will also support electoral reform NGO Bersih's initiative of a people's tribunal on the matter and will continue to expose alleged irregularities to the public.

NONEOn another note, Anwar said Pakatan would also hold a national unity convention to condemn increasing brazen "racism" following GE13, although it has yet to set a date for the event.

PAS treasurer-general Hatta Ramli (right), who attended the leadership council meeting, said the "heightened" racism followed Umno president Najib Abdul Razak's statement that BN had suffered from a “Chinese tsunami”.

"Najib opened the floodgates and now things are out of control as everyone is adding fat to the fire.

"The Malays of Pakatan Rakyat are ready to protect our friends of other races against such threats as we stand together for unity against those who do not treasure it," Hatta said.-malaysiakini

Pentas dah ready

Bendera dah sedia,bawa diri saja

Sponsor dah sedia minuman

Depa dah mai dah...


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