25 May 2013

505 blackout Melaka...

Puluhan ribu rakyat berhimpun di Perhimpunan Black5050 yang diadakan di Dataran Kebangkitan Rakyat, berhadapan Dewan Tun Ali dalam parlimen Bukit Katil malam tadi.

The Chinese refused the extended hands of the UMNO Malays...

There has been a spate of overtly racist slants in the utterances of UMNO leaders. They did so because they lost the elections. The fact was: more people, 5.6 million voted against UMNO and BN. 5.2 million supported UMNO/BN.

The lunacy started with Dr Mahathir branding the Chinese as ungrateful and the Malays as greedy. Why did Mahathir say Malays are greedy?

Because he was aware of the facts. More Malays did not vote for UMNO despite the billions dished out by Najib and tons of promises made. Despite the fact that UMNO and Najib used every dirty trick unimaginable, putting fears into the hearts and minds of Malays. Out of the 11.22 million votes, UMNO/BN got 5.24 million. PR got 5.62 million. PR got more votes than UMNO/BN.

Let’s get to the linchpin of UMNO support- the Malays. How many Malay votes did UMNO get? UMNO candidates got 3.2 million votes. Now- from that, how many were Malay votes?

While UMNO candidate were all Malays/Bumiputeras, its voters are not 100% Malays. Indians and Chinese still voted for UMNO candidates in multi-ethnic constituencies. Assume that 90% of the 3.2 million voters were Malays, this will mean that UMNO candidates got 2.88 million votes.

This time around, what was the number of Malay voters? Of the 11.22 million, 75% were Malays voters. Malays made up 8.42 million voters. How many did UMNO get? UMNO got 2.88 million Malay votes. How many Malays rejected UMNO? 5.54million.

Mahathir called these Malays greedy. What will Najib call them? What will UMNO refer them as? Turncoat Malays? Only because they did not want UMNO?

Then Najib came out with his Chinese Tsunami to explain the dismal performance of BN in the 13th GE. Lesser ranking sycophants followed suit; we had one tenured professor of a learning institution calling for the abolition of vernacular schools blaming their existence for destroying national unity. According to the good professor cum plantation owner, national unity means, one side predominates, and the others are subjugated. One side is the master, the other is the slave.

Then we had a former judge coming out with the facts as it were, saying in effect, the Chinese are to blame for all the evils befalling the Malays. The vanquished UMNO candidate for Shah Alam of course blamed the Chinese generally and Kit Siang in particular for causing the May 13 racial riots.

The Chinese don’t know how to appreciate the extended hands of friendship. Wrong- the Chinese refused the extended hands of the UMNO Malays. They don’t refuse the hands of friendship of non UMNO Malays.

The UMNO-type Malays are a special specie- believing themselves as being the true Malays while Malays of other political denominations, being not quite Malay. As a result, the mental asylum Malays look down on the non-institutionalised Malays. That is why, we have been saying- we are NOT power crazy, but we want to take power from crazy people- the Asylum Malays.- Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz@sakmongkol ak47

Jumpa di sana/See U there...


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