PKR foils dubious voter in Pandan, report lodged...

A dubious voter in Pandan, Selangor, was turned away from the polling station after PKR polling agents objected, PKR Pandan candidate Rafizi Ramli (below) said.

NONEHe said Pandan voter Seok Leong Yew alerted his team to the dubious voter, whose registered address was the same as Seok's.

“We have circulated all the suspicious IC numbers to our polling agents. So as soon as the polling clerk read out his IC number, our polling agent objected.

“Since our agents objected (to the dubious voter), he left without voting. We could not to stop him,” Rafizi told a press conference outside the Ampang district police headquarters before going inside to lodge a police report on the matter.

The incident took place at the polling centre at a Taman Dagang religious school.
Accompanying Rafizi in lodging the report was Seok and another Pandan voter, Sivaprakasam Kuruppiah, who also found out today that there were unknown voters registered at his residential address.

Letters addressed to 'phantoms' 

Seok told reporters that he found six hand-delivered slips in his mailbox at 9am today when he returned home from voting, which instructed Pandan voters in the household which polling station and polling stream to go to.

However, he did not recognise four of the six addressees, having lived there since the house’ was built 25 years ago.

Meanwhile, Sivaprakasam said he received three such instruction slips, but did not recognise two of them, which were Chinese names.

He and his family, all Indians, have lived at that address for 14 years, since he house was built.   

While not ruling out the possibility of clerical error on the Election Commission’s (EC) part, Rafizi expressed concern that the unknown names could be phantom voters, especially in view of fresh complaints that the indelible ink meant to deter such fraud being widely reported by voters to be completely washable.

“Let’s see what the EC has to say. What is important is that we are making a police report so that the police can summon these people and the EC can do the rest of the work.

“I am sure the EC will have a good reason for this,” he said.

Not detaining phantoms 

Rafizi said although the instruction slips had BN’s logo on them, the information was identical with that on the EC’s database that PKR also uses.

To avoid any untoward incident, he added, he has instructed his election workers not to detain the alleged dubious voters, but only to take photographs of them and their MyKad to facilitate investigations.

"I am concerned that if we detain them for long, the issue of phantom voters would be buried if it escalates into violence, since our workers have no legal standing to detain them.

"The important issue now is about phantom voters, and I don't want to risk a confrontation," Rafizi added.

NONEIn Cheras, DAP incumbent Tan Kok Wai said voters at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Segar caught a suspicious foreign-looking man who tried to vote at 9am.

Tan (left) said the suspect produced his MyKad to prove that he is a Malaysian, but a member of the public said he does not believe him and handed the man to the police.  

"However, a few men tried to intervene and insisted that the suspect be allowed to vote. I arrived at the scene and saw the suspect being taken to the polling centre to vote," Tan said.

"However, the hundreds of voters there shouted 'hantu, hantu' (phantom, phantom) and the suspect felt overwhelmed by the angry voters and left the centre without casting his vote," Tan said.

His party workers, he added, were monitoring the situation. Video clips and pictures of the incident have gone viral on the Internet.