Anak president Mazlan Aliman has challenged Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Ahmad Maslan to debate on “who is the true traitor” with regards to the Federal Land Agency’s (Felda) issues.

The PAS leader said his challenge is a result of the deputy minister’s claim last week that Mazlan was a “serial slanderer” over comments on the steep dive of Felda Global Ventures Holdings’ (FGV) share price recently, and on the sale of palm oil to the Israelis.

Felda has gone on to sue Mazlan and six Pakatan leaders for defamation.

Mazlan said debating the issues would be best as Felda has never allowed Anak to explain its stand.

“When Anak wants to make clarifications, they block us. They block our Orange Convoy. Our ceramah are banned.

“Indeed, if (Ahmad Maslan) is a brave leader, let us debate in public. Prove your manhood, oh Ahmad Maslan,” said the Anak leader in a statement today.

Mazlan, who is also a PAS central committee member, said Anak representatives will hand an official letter to the deputy minister soon on the debate challenge.

“In the past we have asked for a date and time to debate, but he failed to respond. This time I will suggest the date and time,” he said.

“I will wait for him at the Dewan Perdana Felda on February 16,” he said.-malaysiakini