19 January 2013

Mahathir kasi IC percuma kepada pendatang haram, walhal, ribuan warga tempatan menjadi 'pendatang' di tanahairnya sendiri...

Naib Presiden KEADILAN, N Surendran mengutuk keras Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang memberi kerakyatan kepada warga asing, tetapi menindas ratusan ribu rakyat mendapatkan kad pengenalan (IC).
Katanya, mantan Perdana Menteri itu boleh dianggap penderhaka ekoran membenarkan pendatang asing menjadi warganegara.

“Mahathir dan pemimpin Umno yang terbabit dalam pemberian IC kepada orang asing adalah penderhaka kerana mengizinkan perkara ini berlaku,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas bertemu pegawai Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), di sini bagi mendapat respon berhubung masalah 300,000 masyarakat India tidak memiliki kad pengenalan.

Surendran mendesak PDRM segera menyiasat Mahathir ekoran skandal pemberian beratus ribu status kerakyatan kepada warga asing di Sabah dan memberi keadilan kepada rakyat yang menjadi mangsa kezaliman Umno BN.

“Situasi ini serius, anak yang lahir di Malaysia sukar mendapat kad pengenalan atas alasan tidak munasabah, sebaliknya warga asing dapat kerakyatan.

“Dalam hal ini, Mahathir adalah penderhaka negara kerana membebankan rakyat yang tidak mendapat IC sekaligus menafikan hak keistimewaan yang sepatutnya diterima seperti faedah pendidikan, kesihatan dan pekerjaan,” kata Surendran.

Sementara itu, Pengarah Guaman KEADILAN, Latheefa Koya membidas alasan tidak munasabah JPN berkenaan status permohonan masyarakat India, seperti pemohon tidak fasih berbahasa Melayu.

“KEADILAN masih menunggu syarat khusus dari JPN, kononnya tidak dipenuhi pemohon sedangkan 99 peratus pemohon yang dibawa (ke JPN) lahir di Malaysia,” katanya.

“JPN wajar bertolak ansur dan praktikal kerana terdapat masalah pembuktian dokumen ibu bapa dari pemohon.

“Ini masalah yang diwarisi, mustahil mereka dapat menyerahkan dokumen ibu bapa sedangkan ada pemohon di kalangan warga emas,” jelasnya.

Turut hadir, Senator S Ramakrishnan; Ahli Parlimen Kuala Selangor, Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad;  Ahli Parlimen Kota Raja, Dr Mariah Mahmud; Ahli Parlimen Teluk Intan, M Manogaran dan aktivis Pakatan Rakyat.

Ikut serta, dua pemohon remaja, Hari, 14, dan Haran, 12, dari Rumah Kebajikan Agathis, Petaling Jaya.

KEADILAN sebelum ini mengadakan himpunan aman “Duduk Bantah” 12 Disember lalu sebagai desakan agar masalah rakyat Malaysia yang dinafi mendapatkan kad pengenalan diselesaikan.-keadilandaily.

UMNO is behind this conspiracy to corrupt the electoral process...

The cat is out of the bag – at last! Tun Mahathir and all his cohorts from his era cannot plead ignorance or amnesia. It is out in the open how they cheated and stole elections to remain in power.

Shamelessly they plotted and subverted the democratic process in their greed to remain in power. What they did is tantamount to treason.

They stole our elections and cheated our voters. They made a mockery of our elections and the democratic process consciously and deliberately.

To think that this diabolical scheme was hatched by people from the Prime Minister’s Department, the Home Ministry, the National Registration Department, the Election Commission, etc. It clearly establishes the fact that there was massive official fraud to ensure the two thirds majority, win the election and fool the public that the Barisan Nasional came into power through legitimate means.

To think that two of the then PM’s closest confidantes – Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin, Mahathir’s political secretary, and Megat Junid Megat Ayub(pix,below), the deputy home minister under Mahathir – were actively involved in cheating and stealing elections exposes the very possibility that one can remain as prime minister in Malaysia not only for 22 years but forever!

The Royal Commission of Inquiry in session in Sabah has exposed some startling revelations that are sending shock waves across the nation. What has been revealed during the session really stinks – perhaps that is the reason this scam was so aptly code-named Ops Durian Buruk!

*40,000 blue identity cards were signed within a month for Muslim immigrants, mostly Indonesians and Filipinos, for the purpose of voting for Umno in the 1994 Sabah state election;

*Mohd Nasir Sugip, a former National Registration Department official, was handed over a list of 16,000 names to be made into ‘bumiputera Islam’ voters. The ‘operation involved providing the immigrants with new identity card numbers based on the date of birth, photographs and names provided by the EC’;

*Kee Dzulkifly, a member of the special unit dubbed G17 which operated out of the Sabah NRD headquarters, testified that the unit processed 100,000 blue identity cards for immigrants;

*This special unit “was also responsible for issuing letters of approval for birth certificates, which he estimated the unit had processed some 200,000 for the children of immigrants”.

The election scam, according to many, irrefutably proves there there is an ongoing plot – which the federal government, the NRD and the EC are actively engaged in – that exists right up to today, making the electoral process a meaningless farce.

Based on what is revealed – which proves that the various apparatus and functionaries of government have become the pliant subservient agents of the BN – it is no wonder that ruling coalition politicians can confidently declare that they can capture Selangor and take over Penang in the 13th GE. Having perfected the art of massive fraud in the past, the possibility that the BN will use similar schemes again is not unthinkable.

The BN’s victories have never been honourable ones won on a level playing field.

It is, as revealed at the RCI, within their means to easily create new voters, as has been alleged, give them MyKads or temporary receipts, round them up in a house to teach them how to vote for the BN, bribe them and then transport them into constituencies which are marginal to carry out the dastardly deed. This is apparently their perfected modus operandi to win elections.

This was how they defeated the PBS government in Sabah; this was how they denied the Gagasan Rakyat their victory; this was how they prevented Pakatan Rakyat from forming the federal government in March 2008.

Under these circumstances, it would be terribly wrong – even immoral – for the present Election Commission to conduct the 13th General Election. The present members of the EC have forfeited their right to conduct the election by implication. Their integrity is suspect; their neutrality cannot be trusted and their fairness is not beyond question.

What the so-called ‘trusted and respected leaders’ of our country have done is unforgiveable. 

They have sacrificed the security of our country and the sacredness of our nation for their selfish greed to hang on to power by whatever means it takes.

It is Umno, as it were, that has been behind this conspiracy to corrupt the electoral process which is unprecedented and mind-boggling. It has always been Umno that has been dictating terms and deciding policies. It must be held responsible for the electoral fraud.

We must liberate ourselves from this sordid affair that has nullified our sacred vote. It is said, “The first step toward liberation for any group is to use the power in hand…And the power in hand is the vote.” Let’s remember that! - P. Ramakrishnan,Aliran

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