'I was instructed by your wife'

Deepak has equated the curt reply by Najib to the earlier "no comment" response given by prominent lawyer Cecil Abraham to Malaysiakini.

"It is an awful answer as a prime minister of Malaysia to give, that too after two months. Were you also sleeping all this while?

NONE"What is most important is that both you and your wife come forward now to specifically reveal the truth to the entire Malaysian public on why she instructed me to reverse the SD2 and why did both of you instructed (Najib's younger brother) Nazim (Razak), Cecil and (police officer) Suresh to do this unlawful reversal of the first SD in the first place?

"Isn't this because the first SD was the truth?" he added.

Despite repeated attempts to get a response, Cecil has refused to say anything about his alleged role in the matter.

Nazim, too, has declined to respond.-malaysiakini   

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