12 May 2012

Bersih man high on wanted list & Polis cipta peserta hantu...

A possible mistake of releasing mugshots of the same individual four times in the wanted list of 141 Bersih protesters was uncovered by netizens, bringing blushes to the police.

This, after the force had come under heavy criticism for the harsh crackdown on the Bersih April 28 rally.

NONEThe protester who is believed to be a PAS Unit Amal member, sports a chubby face, was found appearing four times in the batch of photos issued by the police on May 9.

The photos were labelled number 7, 15, 18 and 21.

The first
Facebook user who spotted the similarity is believed to be Mohd Nor Amin Zainuddin.

He posted a comment in Kuala Lumpur police
Facebook at 2.59pm on the same day the photos were uploaded, saying that "the pictures no 7, 15, 18 and 21 are of the same individual."

Fun time for netizens

Soon after, some Facebook users took turns to poke fun at the photos, with Atie Hazie writing that "The no 15 (picture) is not yet hot... no 18 (picture) has inflated because burning..."

The pictures later went viral on
Facebook and some netizens have taken this turn of events as proof of police "unprofessionalism".

NONEThe officer in charge of the wanted list at the Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department ASP Azmi Aziz appeared to be ignorant of what had happened when contacted by Malaysiakini reporter, only saying that "I will look into it".

However, PAS Unit Amal chief Juhari Osman (
left) said the episode is proof that the police are going on a "fishing expedition" with the authorities having no concrete evidence to prove the protesters' guilt.

He accused the police of waging "psychological warfare", using the photos to intimidate them into feeling that they had committed some offence or other.

PAS contemplating legal action

"We have gotten advice from our lawyers - when the protesters surrender themselves, they should not be deemed as guilty. The police only can record their statement, but not arrest them."

NONEHe also wondered why many Unit Amal members were included in the wanted list.

Juhari said he will consult with party lawyers on further action over the issue.

Since May 3, the police have released several batches of photographs purportedly depicting individuals involved in wrongdoing during the Bersih rally, totalling 141.

The police have given those on the list a one-week ultimatum to come forward and assist in their investigation, or they will go to the homes of the wanted individuals.- malaysiakini

Innocent people sought by police, laments DAP

The police’s list of 141 individuals wanted over the Bersih 3.0 rally has come under fire for comprising a number who are allegedly innocent.

DAP at a press conference today brought forward a Hindraf leader, one of the 141, to back their claims that the wanted list is erroneous.

v ganabatirau hindraf 061009Hindraf’s V Ganabatirau (left), who is also Selangor DAP state committee member, was in one of the photos on the police wanted list released on May 4, and was brought to the KL police headquarter two days ago for a three-hour interrogation.

He said he was accused of breaking police barricades placed at the intersection between Jalan Raja and Jalan Tun Perak during the mammoth rally for electoral reform.

However, he claims that the photograph of him was taken at around 1pm, before the commotion began.

"By the time the commotion started at 3pm, I had already gone to have my lunch," he claimed.

Ganabatirau, an Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee over the 2007 Hindraf rally, said the police had asked about the object he was seen holding in the photo, to which he duly replied that it was a microphone.

NONE"They asked me what I was doing; I said singing Bersih songs.

Ganabatirau said from the line of questioning, the police seemed to be gathering information on his upcoming protest on Indian poor, dubbed Indraf 2.0, rather than Bersih 3.0.

"They kept asking me whether I am going to hold the rally at Dataran Merdeka. When I said it will be in Brickfields, they seemed so relieved," he said.

The police released him on the same day without indicating any charges.

‘Victimising innocent protestors’

Ganabatirau’s experience as well as recent reports on certain wanted individuals showed that the police are victimising innocent protestors in a bid to paint Bersih 3.0 as riot, said Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, who chaired the press conference.

NONEHe urged the police to spare the innocent suspects unnecessary interrogation and immediately commence a probe on police brutality that is backed by copious evidence.

“So far only one blur picture of a police (offender) was released. Instead of arresting that guy, they are asking the public to help them to identify who is he.

“This is a joke,” said Pua.

Commenting on the newly set up independent panel to probe violence during Bersih 3.0, Pua said the appointment of former inspector-general of police Hanif Omar as its head proves that it will not be an independent panel.

“It is a clear case of a cover up by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, the panel and the police,” he said.

DAP also advised individuals on the wanted list who did not commit any offence during Bersih 3.0 to exercise their right to sue the government for defamation.- malaysiakini

Police brutality ‘victims’ stage small demo

Peserta BERSIH muncul 4 kali dalam senarai polis...

Pengguna Internet mengenalpasti terdapat wajah berganda individu dikehendaki polis bagi membantu siasatan berhubung insiden dalam perhimpunan BERSIH 28 April lalu.

Mereka mengesan wajah seorang individu muncul empat kali dalam senarai 141 orang yang dikehendaki.

NONE'Pendedahan' itu dikeluarkan selepas pihak berkuasa dikritik hebat ekoran penggunaan kekerasan ketika menyuraikan perhimpunan itu.

Peserta perhimpunan, dipercayai anggota Unit Amal PAS yang kelihatan gempal muncul empat kali dalam wajah yang dikeluarkan polis pada 9 Mei.

Gambarnya dilabel dengan nombor 7, 15, 18 dan 21.

Pengguna Facebook yang mengecam kesamaan itu dipercayai bernama Mohd Nor Amin Zainuddin.

Beliau mengeposkan komen itu di Facebook polis pada t 2.59 petang pada hari yang sama gambar itu dimuatnaik.
- malaysiakini


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