08 May 2012

RM 15,000 utk keluarga peneroka FELDA, rakyat Kelantan,royalti pun tak berbau...

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini mengumumkan durian runtuh bukan sahaja kepada peneroka warga kerja Felda malah untuk isteri dan anak peneroka. 

Durian runtuh untuk peneroka adalah berjumlah RM1.689 bilion untuk diagihkan kepada 112,635 keluarga peneroka di seluruh negara sempena penyenaraian Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGVH) di Bursa Malaysia.

Ketika mengumumkan berita baik itu di hadapan kira-kira 50,000 warga peneroka Felda di Majlis Peneroka Bersama Perdana Menteri di Felda Jengka 8, 

Najib berkata Felda kini telah memasuki satu transformasi baru setelah penyenaraian FGVH.
Beliau berkata pemberian durian runtuh itu akan dilakukan dalam tiga fasa iaitu fasa pertama berjumlah RM5,000 untuk ketua keluarga, fasa kedua sebanyak RM5,000 untuk isteri peneroka dan fasa ketiga RM5,000 kepada generasi kedua Felda.

Pada majlis itu, Perdana Menteri turut mengumumkan bonus dua bulan setengah gaji kepada petugas dan pegawai Felda. Turut hadir, isteri perdana menteri Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Menteri Besar Pahang Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob dan Pengerusi Felda Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad. — Bernama

Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas pengumuman itu, Najib berkata pembayaran bagi fasa pertama akan diagihkan dalam tempoh antara dua hingga tiga minggu dari hari ini.

“Pembayaran akan dibuat secara tunai dan fasa kedua akan dibuat sebaik sahaja selesai pembayaran fasa pertama manakala pemberian bonus kepada kakitangan Felda juga akan dibuat dalam masa terdekat,” katanya.

Pada majlis itu juga, Najib turut mengumumkan tiga lagi insentif yang disifatkan beliau sebagai ‘durian gugur’ iaitu tabung amanah, “blue form” untuk saham FGVH kepada peneroka dan tambahan bantuan untuk dana Yayasan Felda bagi membantu program baik pulih kampung-kampung lama dan tradisional di kawasan Felda.

Berkenaan dengan tabung amanah itu, Najib berkata sebanyak 20 peratus dalam tabung amanah adalah untuk penyenaraian FGVH dan sekiranya FGVH dapat keuntungan maka dividen akan diberi kepada setiap peneroka.

“Pada tahun depan kita jangkakan keuntungan sebanyak RM1.5 bilion dan sekiranya jumlah itu kekal seperti tahun lepas, setiap peneroka akan menerima lebih RM1,300, kalau untung lebih, peneroka akan dapat lebih lagi.”- malaysian insider

Pemberian Durian Runtuh Kepada Peneroka Tidak Ikhlas

Najib announces RM15,000 for every Felda household...

palm oil palm kelapa sawit 201107Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today unveiled the highly-anticipated windfall for Felda settlers - totalling RM15,000 per household - as an incentive for the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH).

The announcement this morning, made at Felda Jengka 8 in Pahang, one of the first plantations under the Federal Land Development Authority programme, comes ahead of a general election that is widely speculated to be held this year.

"Today is a historic day, where I announce the windfall that I have promised for Felda settlers.

"With the listing of FGVH, we will distribute in total RM1.689 billion to some 112,000 settlers," he said to cheers from the people gathered.

The funds, he said, would be distributed in three stages of payments of RM5,000 each.

The first stage, he added, would be a payment of RM5,000 to the head of the household, followed by another RM5,000 to the wife and finally the last payment of RM5,000 would go to their children.

The move appeared to be geared towards pleasing all segments of the Felda community, in particular the second generation, a demography that has become the focus of both the government and opposition to garner support for the coming general election.

Najib, whose speech was carried live by national television, adopted a different demeanour from his usual live addresses, going on the offensive against the opposition and critics of the initial public offering plan before thousands of Felda settlers, a traditional voter base for the BN.

"I want to see their faces (critics), are they going to accept this windfall or not... they have tried to betray our cause but after that they put on a thick face and accept... this is for the settlers who have been honest and loyal to us," he said.

Additional bonus for Felda staff

Aside from the windfall, Najib also announced a surprise additional bonus of two-and-a-half months for all Felda staff.

"We have also not forgotten the workers of Felda... from the top management to the staff at the bottom, everyone will receive this additional bonus on top of their yearly bonus that they have already received," he said.

Among other perks for settlers is an allocation of 20 percent of FGVH shares into a trust fund from which the settlers would be paid dividends, if profit is made.

"If FGVH makes RM1.5 billion as we expect it to make this year, after tax each household will receive a dividend of RM1,331... the amount could reach RM2,000 or more if FGVH is able to make a bigger profit," Najib declared.

This, he said, would be on top of the pink form to be distributed to settlers for them to purchase shares in FGVH.

"If you sell these stocks, you can make a profit, but my advise to you is not to sell. If you keep them for the long-term, your children and grandchildren can benefit," he said.

On top of this, the prime minister also announced a programme to assist traditional villages and repair old houses located within Felda plantations, where each house that qualifies would be given RM5,000 for the repairs.

'With such support, elections can be held tomorrow'

"I would also like to debunk lies made by the opposition... Your current lands will remain in your ownership," he said.

This slew of goodies, Najib said, would be on top of existing benefits already enjoyed by Felda settlers, including dividends from the Felda Settlers Cooperative (KPF), interest-free loans and training programmes.

The event today, he said, was not only to celebrate the legacy of his father and Felda founder former prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein, but also to mark a new phase as the programme moved into the 21st century.

Working on the crowd earlier, Najib spoke about the strong support for the government from the settlers, some of whom had enthusiastically shaken his hand in an "unusual grip".

"If this is the kind of support that we are getting, then I think we can dissolve Parliament tomorrow," he quipped, in the closest hint yet of the possibility of an early general election.- malaysiakini

Windfall to arrest sliding support for Felda

The RM15,000 windfall for settlers announced today by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is intended to arrest the slide in support for the government among the Felda community.

NONE"Anak has never rejected any form of gift or incentive given to settlers... but why 55 years after Felda was created?" Children of Felda Settlers (Anak) chairperson Mazlan Aliman asked.

"Is this a political show because of the scenario where there has been a change of attitude by the Felda community towards Barisan Nasional?" Mazlan added in a statement today.

He was referring to the
string of lawsuits against Felda over claims that the body was shortchanging settlers on their oil palm produce.

He warned that the one-off payment could be an attempt to distract settlers from the risks they would be exposed to through the listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd.

The prime minister announced at a Felda settlement in Pahang that in light of the listing, each Felda household will gain RM15,000 as incentive, totalling a staggering RM 1.689 billion for some 120,000 settlers.

Mazlan also questioned the source of the government's funding to implement such a huge payout.

He said Najib's announcement did little to address the woes of the second and third generations of settlers, who had to share limited land and housing.

"The prime minister's announcement is nothing more than an attempt to hold on to political power in Felda. The settlers may be pleased, but it comes as a disappointment to their children," Mazlan added.- malaysiakini

Felda settlers shortchanged RM35,000...

PKR said today that going by its calculations, Felda settlers should get a RM50,000 windfall from the proposed listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH) and not just RM15,000 as announced today by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

NONEAccording to party central committee member Wong Chen (right), at an estimated listing price of RM4.65 per share, Felda stands to make RM5.6 billion from the listing exercise.

This is about three times more than the RM1.689 billion announced by Najib today.

“PKR wants Najib to be frank with the rakyat by saying that only 30 percent (that is RM15,000 per household) will be distributed to the settlers.

“The BN government must detail how the remainder of RM3.942 billion will be spent,” he told reporters at the PKR headquarters in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya.

Wong said Felda should get the RM5.6 billion from selling its 59 percent stake in FGV, which equates to about 1.2 billion shares.

Based on the prospectus, he added, FGV should be able to raise RM4.557 billion for its own purposes from the listing exercise.

'Consider the cheating cases'

PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, who was also at the press conference, said the RM5.6 billion reaped by Felda should be distributed in full to the settlers as the money was gained from the backs of the settlers who toiled on the land.

NONE“The 840,603 acres is mortgaged to FGV, resulting in the high value of the listing. Without the land, which was taken by Felda in the name of the settlers, the listing will fail,” Rafizi (left) said.

PKR's Subang MP R Sivarasa, who was also present, said the RM15,000 to be given to each settler household, while “not a small amount”, was little when one considered the oil extraction rate cases filed in court.

Sivarasa, who is representing the settlers in several cases against Felda, said in  some of the cases that have been filed, the settlers alleged they were cheated of RM15,000 to RM30,000 a year.

“They were paid for 17 to 18 percent oil extraction rate but their tests showed they should be paid 26 to 27 percent.

“Translated into ringgit and sen, this means at least RM1,200 a month and the cheating had gone on for 15 years,” he added.- malaysiakini

Kalu keluarga peneroka FELDA dapat RM 15,000, agaknya mereka di bawa ini balun berapa...





Anonymous said...

Malaun2 tu 15,000, 150,000 atau 500,000 bukan mainan mereka. Bagi golongan ni kalau tak juta jangan dok cakap..

Sekoq2 mungkin dapat antara RM 10 -50 juta dalam bentuk komisyen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Biar depa mati kena hempap duit ....

Anonymous said...

Korang org felda ke? Jgn main cakap ikut sdp mulut je bang. Selidik dlu. Klu nk ikut sdp mlut aku pn bleh ckp itu ini kt pakar kencng rakyat tu.

Anonymous said...

Alahai bang,yang pelik 'listing' belum buat dah depa janji bulan dan bintang.

Duit permulaan rm5000 tu depa nak ambil mana? tentu gagau Petronas,
Tabung Haji dan KWSP. Ingat UMNO ni duit banyak ke? Yang duit banyak tu pemimpin2 golongan penyamun tarbus tu.

Dalam kes ni tak perlu jadi orang Felda utk memahaminya. Ah Chong penjual air tebu,Maniam penjual kacang putih dan Bakar driver teksi semua faham dan boleh agak tujuan sebenar pemberian ala Santa Clause Jibby 1Malaysia tu!!!!

Anonymous said...

1.FELDA akan menjual 59% dari pegangannya sedia ada di dalam FGV (bersamaan 1,208,890,900 saham) kepada pelabur-pelabur baru

2.FGV akan menerbitkan saham baru berjumlah 980,000,000 yang akan dijual kepada pelabur-pelabur baru

3.Harga penyenaraian setiap unit saham adalah RM4.65

4.Dana tambahan yang dikutip oleh FELDA adalah RM4.65 X 1,208,890,900 = RM5.6 bilion

5.Dana tambahan yang dikutip oleh FGV adalah RM4.65 X 980,000,000 = RM4.557 bilion

Jumlah keluarga peneroka FELDA di seluruh negara adalah 112,635 yang berhak mendapat keuntungan dari proses penyenaraian ini kerana tanah-tanah seluas 840,603 ekar yang diusahakan oleh Felda Plantatians Sdn Bhd adalah milik mereka.

Tanah ini dipajakkan kepada FGV yang memberi nilaian besar kepada penyenaraian ini.

Tanpa tanah yang diambil oleh FELDA atas nama peneroka ini, penyenaraian FGV akan gagal.

Najib harus berterus terang kepada rakyat kenapa hanya 30% (berjumlah RM15,000 setiap keluarga) dari dana yang dikutip akan diagihkan kepada peneroka. Jumlah keseluruhan agihan ini adalah RM1.689 bilion.

Bakinya yang lebih besar (iaitu 70% dari jumlah dana yang dikutip) berjumlah RM3.942 bilion Najib nak buat apa? Bayar balik hutang Felda yang dipinjam dari KWSP? atau bayar komisyen kepada mereka yang terlibat dengan urusan listing ini termasuk si Isa Samad katik?

Sepatutnya Najib agihkan KESEMUA dana yang dikutip oleh FELDA kepada peneroka. Ini bermakna setiap keluarga akan dapat RM50,000, bukannya RM15,000 yang diumumkan.

Kalau peneroka dapat rm 15,000 bos2 ini tak kan dapat dalam nilai ribuan kot, tentu sudah jutaan. Komisyen kapai selam pun RM400 juta tak kan depa dapat rm 1500 kot,malulah jadi orang kuat UMNO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Felda folks,

Remember you cannot even buy half a Birkin handbag which costs Rm 120,000.00. with the RM 15k Najib promised.

On the other hand, Rosmah will be getting a new collection of Berkin handbags with the Felda money soon.

"u help me.....i help u maaaaaa"

Anonymous said...

Take the money and vote PR.

You don't have to thank Najib because it's your money anyway.

Najib main campaign strategy is to use money belonging to others to buy votes.

Like the guy above who said.."u help me...i help u ma!!!"

Anonymous said...

Peneroka Felda hanya mendapat durian runtuh,tapi hakikatnya kroni-kroni yang terlibat seperti Isa Samad akan mendapat lombong emas dari FGVH nanti. Siapa yang paling untung?

Anonymous said...

Sebanyak 7 buah Bank iaitu CIMB,BIMB,Maybank, OCBC, Am Islamic Bank, Muamalat dan Affin Bank yang diperalat membiayai pinjaman tawaran saham FGVH sangat ketara.

Borang pinjaman yang dikosongkan jumlah pinjaman, interest 5 peratus, borang dalam bahasa Inggeris, tidak ditaklimatkan isi kandungannya dan tidak dinyatakan risiko kerugian seperti 'Surat Tanggung Kerugian' adalah antara penipuan dan pengkhianatan kepada para peneroka!

Jadi rm15,000 yang diberi sebagai durian runtuh ini adakah sebahagian daripada skim penipuan ini?

Anonymous said...

Mana pergi pemimpin2 UMNO tatkala Amanah Saham Negeri-negeri gulung tikar hingga menyebabkan rakyat hilang harta dan diisytiharkan muflis kerana meminjam bank untuk melabur?

Amanah Saham Johor adalah bukti yang amat jelas.

Adakah PM, Ahmad Maslan dan Isa Samad boleh beri jaminan bertulis yang saham FGVH tidak rugi sepertimana nasib pelabur Amanah Saham Negeri-negeri dan juga saham-saham lain seperti KUB, BERNAS dsbnya?

Anonymous said...

Ade peringkat2 pulak.. Pasal ape jadi mcm tu?

Kalau kalah lam pilihanghaya esok, peringkat ke-2 ngan peringkat ke-3 tak payah nak baya kot?

UMNO ni dah banyak buat hal..

Tengok lah kes Felda Labu Johnson dulu.. Peringkat pertama tu dapat durian runtuh.. Lopeh tu, molopong semue.. Baru padan muka!!!

Anonymous said...

Org melayu ni memang cepat kelabu mata... UMNO jolok aje rm 15k, semua melompat macam kera jantan punya seronok. Brader RM 15k boleh tahan sampai 5 tahun ke?

Bila dapat rm15k, anak minta nak beli Yamaha 135 dah terbang rm 7k, bini nak beli berlian dan perabut rumah terbang pi rm 7-8k.

Akhirnya, semua dok termenung,
sedangkan melaun2 yang rancang ini semua sikit punya best holiday kat Hawaii,Jepun dan Korea.

Anonymous said...

kau ingat dengan merendah-rendahkan duit yg warga peneroka dapat, kau akan dapat undi peneroka? fikir logik lah. aku mmg meluat bila tengok cara korang berpolitik. jangan cakap aku ni pro bn pula. aku undi pas dan pkr masa pru12 2008. kau ingat warga peneroka suka ke kau cakap mcm ni? spontan je anak peneroka jawab bila sorang mamat pro pakatan cakap mcm tu. bn bagi kita ambil, tapi bila pula pakatan nak bagi? bagilah. jangan marah je tahu tapi hulur tak nak. berlumbalah pakatan dgn bn. biar kami warga felda untung. jgn dengki sampai tak ada pun nak beri sudah.

Anonymous said...

Depa bukan nak merendah2kan warga peneroka. Tapi cara gomen buat listing tanah Felda dengan tak mendapat sokongan 100% warga Felda serta implikasi2nya yang dipertikailkan.

Timing penyenaraian itu,dekat p/raya,cara tak langsung orang akan berpersepsi bahawa bagi 15,000 rm sebagai rasuah utk undi BN.Dan 60% hsil jualan yang dipegang oleh Najib dan kuncu2nya sebagai modal utk PRU-13.

Peneroka2 yang dapat durian runtuh tu depa tak pertikai,kerana duit itu adalah hak peneroka bukan duit Najib. Depa gadai tanah dan masuk pasaran dengan harga tertentu dan bila dah dapat duit depa kena agihkan kpd setiap peneroka. Tapi bukan semua peneroka yg. dapat,hanya mereka yang tanda tangani borang serta akujanji dengan bank yang layak.

Berhati2lah,jangan jadi macam saham Telekom dulu,gomen beria2 nak bagi sama rata,akhirnya mereka yang tak ada kena mengena dengan Telekom,spt. MIC dapat saham berjuta2 yg akhirnya dibalun dek Sami Velu.

Peneroka kena ingat selagi harga saham naik,mereka akan dapat faedah tapi bila ianya merudum,entah2 peneroka ini dipaksa keluar drp tanah tersebut kerana sudah jadi milik orang lain dan tuannya mungkin warga asing spt orang Singapore atau England atau tawkey2 spt Vincent Tan.Ananda Krishman dll.