02 May 2012

Police car crash victim speaks out...

NONE Coming out to admit that he is one of the four Bersih 3.0 rally protesters a police car crashed into outside the Sogo shopping complex on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman last Saturday, Su Kuang Hong said he was doing so to clear the air on the matter.

He was coming forward, Su said, because of the efforts by the police to paint the crowd as an angry mob of rioters and to refute the inspector-general of police (IGP) Ismail Omar's statement that there was no one pinned underneath the police car after the crash.

"I was hit by a Proton Waja police car," said Su, 25, who is warded at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

He claimed he was hit at the back and the impact threw him on to the bonnet of the car, which continued to move and its sudden stop soon after sent him bumping against a wall in front of Sogo.

As a result, Su obtained at least five injuries - on his forehead, jaw, wrist and thigh. Su works as a service engineer with a government-linked company and is the first victim of the police car crash incident to speak up.

Coming out to admit that he is one of the four Bersih 3.0 rally protesters a police car crashed into outside the Sogo shopping complex on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman last Saturday, Su Kuang Hong said he was doing so to clear the air on the matter.

NONEIn an interview with Malaysiakini yesterday, Su said he lodged two police reports earlier yesterday.

He said the police officer who attended to him said he was third complainant to lodge a report on this incident.

"I lodged the report because I want to be a piece of the puzzle to recover the truth, and I need a record to claim my medical expenses," Su said.

Trapped in a coffee shop for an hour

Su said he had an expensive medical bill, totalling RM6,789 because he needs treatment at a private hospital as well, with experts to treat and ascertain if he had been internally injured after the impact.

Su comes from a big family and he said on the rally day, he and 21 of his relatives went to the KL city centre. Some of his relatives even flew back from Sabah and China to take part in Bersih 3.0.

This was the first time he was taking part in a public protest, Su said, because he want to see clean and fair elections held in the country.

NONESu and his relatives arrived at the city centre in the morning, and it was all over for them by 3pm and they went to have a drink at a coffee shop at Wisma Bandar on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

"Then came the attack, the coffee shop operator acted fast and closed tje main door... we saw from inside how police arrested protesters," he said.

"Tear gas filtered into the coffee shop. It was hot and we had to struggle to breathe... our faces and eyes were burning from the chemicals," he said, adding that it was one long, painful hour seeking refuge in the shop.

They got back to the street to go home around 4pm and Su started looking for his other relatives who could not join them at the coffee shop before the doors were closed.

"We went back to the Bandaraya LRT station, but it was closed, and again we came under siege, with the tear gas attacks coming from both sides," he said.

Su said he was contacting his cousin with his mobile phone, while standing with the crowd in the middle of the road, when he saw a car come charging towards them.

Saw the driver, but he seemed conscious

"I saw the police Proton Waja come towards me (from the direction of Pertama Complex) and I ran toward Sogo to avoid being hit, but the car too headed the same way and I was hit," Su said.
NONEHe felt great pain and dizzy after the crash, but was still conscious. When he was taken into an ambulance van, he saw a police officer in uniform in it and suspected he was the driver of the police car.

Some protesters, he said, opened the ambulance door and shouted angry words at the officer. Some clearly blamed him, saying, itu sebab u... ada orang cedera

"I was feeling very hurt, but I felt no anger towards the police officer," Sun said, adding that was still conscious then and had a wound on his head.

Su noted the police officer moved agilely when asked by ambulance staff to move further into the vehicle, as the ambulance need to fit in another wounded man on a stretcher.

The police officer who drove the Proton Waja that day, Mohamad Kamil Paimin, told the media that he had passed out and became conscious only after receiving treatment at the hospital.

Su also showed two video clips that have been posted online after the incident, using his laptop, and pointed to a man wearing a white shirt.

"This guy in white shirt, with both legs pointed to the sky, is me," he said, pointing at the screen.

The video clip, titled "Kejadian sebenar Polis langgar 4 peserta BERSIH 3.0 depan SOGO (Real truth of police hitting 4 Bersih participants in front Sogo)", is a one-minute clip showing the poice car hitting a few protesters in the crowd.

Another seven-minute clip titled "Insiden kereta polis langgar peserta Bersih (Incident of police car hitting Bersih participants)", offers a more holistic picture of the scene.

Police not entirely to be blamed

Su said the crash wasn't entirely the police car driver's fault, for he had spotted something hit the man when he was driving. (because of you, some people are injured).

NONEHe is also unhappy with the scene showing a few protesters attacking the police officer, saying it should have been a peaceful rally.

Asked about IGP Ismail's denial that the police car hit protesters, Su said this was nothing unusual and from what he usually reads in news, the country's leaders distort the facts.

Su admitted he hesitated in lodging a report and speaking up for fear losing his job. He only decided to do so on Monday.

"I am still under the six months' probation... my company offers good welfare benefits, a five-day work week, 22 days of annual leave and insurance coverage," he said.

"The company also partially subsides interests on house and car loans taken by employees," Su said.

Asked what would happen if the company sacked him, Su said, "Possibly, I might look at politics".-malaysiakini

Cop points gun at protestor

Lelaki dakwa dilanggar polis hingga terpelanting...

NONESeorang lelaki yang dilanggar kereta polis dalam kejadian penuh kontroversi ketika perhimpunan BERSIH 3.0 Sabtu lalu, hari ini tampil menjelaskan insiden yang dialaminya itu.

Su Kuang Hong, 25 berkata beliau merupakan salah seorang daripada empat peserta yang dilanggar kenderaan tersebut dalam kejadian di hadapan pusat membeli belah Sogo di Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Katanya, beliau tampil dengan sisi ceritanya hari ini kerana polis cuba menggambarkan bahawa kumpulan peserta tersebut sebagai perusuh yang menyerang polis.

Su yang kini menerima rawatan di Hospital Kuala Lumpur berkata, beliau terpelanting ke bahagian atas kenderaan tersebut selepas dilanggar.

Kenderaan itu juga terus bergerak selepas melanggarnya dan beliau sekali lagi melayang dan melanggar tembok di hadapan pusat membeli belah itu apabila kenderaan itu berhenti secara tiba-tiba.

Su berkata beliau mengalami kecederaan di bahagian dahi, pergelangan tangan dan peha kesan daripada hentakan pada tembok itu.

Katanya, beliau membuat dua laporan polis atas kejadian berkenaan.- malaysiakini

Pemandu Kereta Polis SOGO Berbohong?...

Mengikut pemandu kereta polis di SOGO yang telah melanggar lebih lima orang peserta BERSIH dalam satu temuramah:

 Anggota berkenaan, Mohamad Kamil Paimin berkata beliau "keliru" setelah kehilangan banyak darah akibat dipukul di bahagian kepala dengan objek keras. Ditemui pemberita di katil wad di Hospital Kuala Lumpur hari ini, Mohamad Kamil (kiri) berkata beliau kemudiannya tidak sedarkan diri dalam kejadian tersebut hanya sedar semula ketika selepas menerima rawatan.

Dengan kata lain, mengikut kenyataan Mohammad Kamil Paimin itu:

    1.0 Dia dalam keadaan tidak sedarkan diri sewaktu merempuh

    2.0 Kepala nya tercedera sehingga berdarah

    3.0 Beliau telah berdarah begitu banyak sehingga tidak sedarkan diri

Video yang dirujuk oleh Tulang Besi boleh dilihat di sini.

 Mari kita nilai kenyataan Mohammad Kamil Paiman ini:

1.0 Gambar di bawah menunjukkan Mohd Kamil dalam keadaan sedar dan boleh keluar sendiri dari kereta tanpa perlu diangkat oleh orang ramai. Kiranya benar dia tidak sedarkan diri, sudah tentu dia perlu diangkat keluar dari kereta:
 klik gambar

 2.0 Kalau benar kepala beliau berdarah, sudah tentu baju dan tengkuk Mohammad Kamil dipenuhi darah. Tapi, gambar di bawah menunjukkan yang sebaliknya:

klik gambar

3.0 Gambar di bawah menunjukkan bahagian belakang kepala Muhammad Kamil. Jelas, tiada kesan darah atau luka seperti yang didakwa oleh beliau:  

klik gambar

Dengan kata lain, segala dakwaan Mohd Kamil Paiman sehari selepas kejadian itu tidak dapat disokong dari video kejadian yang dapat ditonton oleh semua rakyat Malaysia. Dari video tersebut, Mohammad Kamil didapati dalam keadaan sedar, tidak cedera dan tidak berdarah.

Bagi Tulang Besi, Mohammad Kamil Paiman telah berbohong.

Adakah Mohammad Kamil Paiman telah diberi skrip untuk diungkapkan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Skrip yang mengandungi 1001 pembohongan dan penipuan.

 Syukurlah ini zaman Youtube dan Facebook.  Segala pembohongan terdedah dengan mudah.


Mengikut seorang kawan Tulang Besi yang berada di tempat kejadian, kereta polis tersebut dipukul dan ditendang kerana telah dibawa laju dalam keadaan jalan di depan SOGO itu dipenuhi manusia.

Sebelum itu, banyak kereta polis lain yang melalui kawasan SOGO itu namun tidak dikacau oleh para peserta BERSIH. Dengan kata lain, kalau kereta tersebut dipandu oleh Anwar Ibrahim sendiri pun pasti akan ditendang dan disepak sebegitu rupa.

Isunya bukan kereta polis tetapi kereta yang dipandu dengan cara bahaya dalam kawasan yang dipenuhi manusia.  Tujuan mereka mahu pemandu kereta tersebut memperlahankan kereta beliau dan berhenti membahayakan para pejalan kaki.

Soalnya yang paling penting adalah mengapa sanggup berbohong sebegini rupa? Apa yang hendak disorok oleh pihak berwajib ini? - Tulang Besi,Malaysian Waves blogspot


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