22 May 2012

Najib must appear in French court or else…

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will be subpoenaed to appear before the French court to give evidence in a corruption case involved in the purchase of the Scorpene submarines.

According to Suaram lawyer, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, who recently returned from France where they met the judge who is going to preside the hearing of the corruption case in which RM500 million was allegedly paid as commission to Perimekar, the French court has the power to subpoena Najib to testify.

A subpoena will be also issued to Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Abdul Razak Baginda to appear before the French court, she said.

Perimekar was at the time wholly owned by Razak and his wife Mazalinda.

“When we met the judge on March 16, 2012 we supplied the list of witnesses who are to be subpoenaed to give evidence before the court.

“We gave him the names of Najib Tun Razak, Zahid Hamidi and Razak Baginda,” Fadiah said to the applause of more than 2,000 at a “ceramah” at the Third Mile Bazaar, Kuching, on Sunday night.

When the case was filed in court in France two years ago, Zahid said that he could go to France to give statement and would give his cooperation.

But lately he said that he did not want to go due to lack of funds and asked who would pay for his flight and his stay in France.

According to Fadiah, Malaysians are prepared to pay for his flight and stay in France as long as he is prepared to give evidence.

“Why should you be afraid if you have nothing to hide?” she asked.

‘Najib can be arrested’

Fadiah said that in this corruption case the French court has the power to hand over subpoena to the witnesses and to ask them to be present at the court to give evidence.

“If they fail to attend the subpoena that has been issued by the French court, they will be given notice again to be present to give statement.

“Again if they fail to be present, the French court will issue a warrant of arrest to force them to be present and give statements and to prove the truth that we are seeking for.

“And if they fail again, Interpol (International Police) can issue an alert and they can be arrested and dragged to the French court,” she said.

The delegation also met their French lawyers who showed them 153 documents which the French police had complied after two years of investigations.

“Those documents shown to us are enough evidence to show the government of Malaysia was involved in the payment of illegal commission that was received by Perimekar,” she alleged.

“When we looked into the evidence we found out so many payments have been made and this corruption case is much bigger than what we have thought,” she said, including the US$1 billion (RM3 billion) to be paid as conditions before the discussions on the purchase of the submarines could take place.

Fadiah said that they had to go to France to open the case to seek the truth as the courts in Malaysia are not independent as they (the courts) are used by the government as tools and the people have no voice to demand for truth.

“We cannot get justice and fairness because the government is so much involved in corruption and also because of the Official Secrets Act.

“But this is our money, the people’s money. We want to know how is our money spent.

“How much is being used? How much is the corrupted money going into the pockets of ministers and their cronies?” she asked, calling on the people to stand up and be with them.

“Let us find the truth and the truth will be out soon.

“Let us pray that the subpoena will be issued soon so that they can be dragged to court to give their statements,” she said.-FMT

Riding on Najib's 'appeal' may do more harm now

Scorpene case: French lawyers apply for work visa

ops scorpene dinner 220711 cynthia gabrielFrench lawyers representing Suaram in the human rights group's suit against defence giant DCNS for alleged corruption involving top Malaysian officials will be coming to the country to brief their client on the case.
According to Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel (left), either Joseph Brehem or William Bourdon plan to visit next week to discuss the case involving the RM7.3 billion purchase of two Scorpene-classs submarines by Malaysia in 2002.

The controversial case, which involved the alleged payment of illegal commissions amounting to 114 million euro (RM540 million), was recently heard and accepted by investigative judge Roger Le Loire in the Paris Tribunal Grande Instance.

"However, it all depends on whether they are able to enter the country," Gabriel told Malaysiakini in a telephone interview.

"After all, Bourdon was detained at the KL International Airport last year and deported, after he spoke at a closed-door dinner in Penang," Gabriel recalled.

Alternative plan

The Immigration Department had then said that Bourdon - attached to Sherpa, a Paris-based non-profit legal outfit - was deported on July 22 last year for violating the conditions of his visit to Malaysia.

NONEBourdon (left) denied that he had abused his entry permit as he entered the country on a social visit pass.

This time, Gabriel said the lawyers are applying for a working visa to enter Malaysia despite the immigration requirement that they only require a social visit pass.

The French lawyer who comes, she added, also plans to hold a press conference in Kuala Lumpur to provide an update on the case - if he is allowed to enter the country.

While Gabriel is optimistic about the visit, she said Suaram has an alternative plan should the lawyer be barred from entering the country.

"We might have to go to them instead, but we are hopeful that the Malaysian authorities will grant them their working visa," she said.

"After all, they are here to meet their client, and we have the right to meet them. There is nothing wrong in this," she added.

Press conference cancelled

Suaram had planned a press conference at its Kuala Lumpur office today, but it was put off due to "technical matters".

NONEFrench court papers recently revealed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who was defence minister then, had sought US$1 billion (RM3 billion) for local company Perimekar from DCN's subsidiary DCNI.

Perimekar is owned by Najib's associate Abdul Razak Baginda, who was acquitted on a charge of abetting in the 2006 murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu without his defence being called.

Najib (right) has refused to comment but had denied involvement in the case, while Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he cannot be summoned to attend the hearing in Paris, reversing his previous offer to testify as a witness.- malaysiakini

Benarkah Najib Letak Pisau Dileher Rosmah?

 Saksi: Jika enggan Interpol boleh tangkap...

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan Menteri Pertahanan, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi akan disapina agar datang ke mahkamah Perancis untuk memberikan keterangan.

(Apakah Najib dan Zahid boleh tersenyum lagi di mahkamah Perancis nanti)

Peguam Suaram yang baru pulang dari Perancis Fadiah Nadwa Fikri berkata, pihaknya telah memaklumkan kepada mahkamah Perancis tentang saksi-saksi yang akan dipanggil itu.

Turut disenaraikan sebagai saksi adalah bekas penasihat Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda dan isterinya Mazlinda.

Mahkamah Perancis sedang menyiasat dakwaan rasuah dalam pembelian dua kapal selam Scorpean yang dibuat oleh syarikat Perancis.

“Bila kami berjumpa dengan hakim pada 16 Mac lalu, kami telah serahkan senarai saksi yang perlu disapina agar datang ke mahkamah.

“Kami memberikan nama Najib Tun Razak, Zahid Hamidi and Razak Baginda,” kata Fadiah dengan mendapat tepukan gemuruh dari lebih 2,000 yang hadir dalam ceramahnya di Third Mile Bazaar, Kuching Ahad lepas lapor Free Malaysia Today.

Apabila kesnya difailkan di Perancis, Zahid berkata, beliau akan memberikan kerjasama penuh.

Namun, baru-baru ini selepas namanya disebutkan sebagai saksi, Zahid berkata beliau keberatan untuk pergi ke sana kerana tidak ada dana yang cukup untuknya.

"Siapa akan membayar kos penerbangan dan hotel saya di Perancis, " soal Zahid.

Fadiah(gambar) dalam ceramahnya berkata, rakyat Malaysia sedia membayar kos penerbangan dan hotel Zahid di Perancis asalkan beliau sedia memberikan keterangan.

Menurut beliau, jika mereka enggan datang menjadi saksi selepas sapina dikeluarkan, mahkamah akan mengeluarkan notis sekali lagi.

Jika gagal hadir juga, mahkamah akan mengeluarkan waran tangkap untuk memaksa mereka hadir.

"Dan jika mereka gagal lagi, Interpol (International Police) boleh mengeluarkan amaran dan boleh ditangkap dan dibawa ke mahkamah Perancis," katanya.

Sementara itu, rakyat Malaysia mula memberikan respon ke atas laporan ini dengan berkata mereka sedia menyumbang untuk membolehkan mereka berdua (Najib dan Zahid) menjadi saksi.

"Saya akan menyumbangkan RM1.00 dari wang yang saya cari dengan susah payah untuk menampung kos mereka. Jika tak cukup, saya boleh tambah RM1.0 lagi," kata Cheong Seng Keong.

Namun katanya, "Saya tidak mahu menyumbang untuk kondom mereka."-harakahdaily

Kes Scorpene: Peguam Perancis pohon visa kerja

Para peguam Perancis yang mewakili Suaram yang menyaman firma pertahanan DCNS atas dakwaan rasuah melibatkan pegawai-pegawai tinggi Malaysia, akan datang ke negara ini untuk memberi penerangan kepada pelanggan mereka mengenai kes tersebut.

ops scorpene dinner 220711 cynthia gabrielMenurut Pengarah Suaram, Cynthia Gabriel (kiri), sama ada Joseph
Brehem atau William Bourdon merancang datang minggu depan bagi membincangkan kes tersebut yang melibatkan pembelian dua kapal selam Scorpene oleh Malaysia bernilai RM7.3 bilion pada tahun 2002.

Kes kontroversi itu, yang didakwa melibatkan bayaran komisen berjumlah 114 juta euro (RM540 juta), telah didengar baru-baru ini dan diterima oleh hakim penyiasatan Roger Le Loire di Paris Tribunal Grande Instance.

"Bagaimanapun, semuanya bergantung sama ada mereka dapat memasuki negara ini," kata Gabriel kepada Malaysiakini dalam satu wawancara melalui telefon.

NONE"Lagipun, Bourdon telah ditahan di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur dan dihantar pulang pada tengah malam tahun lalu selepas dia berucap di satu majlis tertutup makan malam di Pulau Pinang," kata Gabriel.

Jabatan Imigresen telah berkata Bourdon (kiri) - yang bertugas dengan Sherpa - sebuah badan guaman tanpa keuntungan di Paris - telah dihantar pulang pada bulan 22 Julai tahun lepas kerana melanggar syarat-syarat lawatannya ke Malaysia.

Kali ini, kata Gabriel, para peguam berkenaan memohon visa kerja untuk memasuki Malaysia walaupun syarat imigresen hanya memerlukan mereka mendapatkan pas lawatan sosial.-   malaysiakini


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