18 November 2013

Utusan Meloya - Sooi Lek, sila belahlah sebelum orang naik meluat...

Akhbar Mingguan Malaysia tanpa berselindung lagi hari ini menyeru agar presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek segera berundur dari mengetuai parti tersebut atas kegagalan parti berkenaan dalam pilihan raya umum lalu.

Seruan itu timbul ekoran usaha terbaru Chua untuk menubuhkan jawatankuasa bagi menyiasat dakwaan salah laku kerajaan pusat, kata pengarang Mingguan Malaysia dalam pojok Awang Selamat hari ini.

“Pada Awang, selama inipun, tanpa jawatankuasa seumpama itu, MCA kerap bertindak seperti suara pembangkang. Parti itu tidak juga menang, malah kalah teruk dalam pilihan raya umum ke-13.

“Kepada Soi Lek, berilah peluang kepada muka lain untuk menerajui MCA. Parti itu tidak ketandusan pemimpin,” kata pengarang berkenaan dalam tulisan tersebut.

Menurutnya lagi, Chua seharusnya mengakui kesilapan sendiri sehingga menyebabkan kekalahan parti berkenaan dalam pilihan raya tersebut.

“Era Soi Lek sudah berlalu. Dont overstay your welcome atau bahasa mudahnya, jangan sampai orang meluat,” tulisan itu dipetik.-f/bk

Utusan to Soi Lek: Go before people become disgusted...

Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has asked MCA president Chua Soi Lek not to overstay his welcome as the party's leader.

In a column by Awang Selamat, a pseudonym used by the daily to express its editorial stance, it declared that Chua's era was over.

"The era of Soi Lek has passed. Don't overstay your welcome or in simple words, do not wait until people become disgusted," read the column in Mingguan Malaysia, the daily's weekend edition.

"To Soi Lek, give chance to new faces to lead MCA. The party does not lack leaders," it added.

The newspaper added that Chua should quit blaming others as his leadership was among the factors that led to MCA's failure.

"Lately, a lot of Chua's actions and statements are very unhealthy. He has even expressed the intention of forming a special committee to probe Putrajaya's alleged wrong-doings.

"Even without the special committee, the MCA has acted more like an opposition party lately than as a member of Barisan Nasional," Awang Selamat, the pseudonym for the paper's collective editorial team, said in the paper’s weekend edition, Mingguan Malaysia.

"Stop blaming other parties and quarters, MCA's failures is simply because of your leadership issues."

The newspaper said Chua should give a chance to fresh faces in the party.

"There is no shortage of leaders in MCA, it is time for Chua to step down and give someone else a chance," Awang said.

"It is bad enough that the party was soundly hammered in the 13th general election by the DAP."

In the polls, MCA only managed to win seven out of 37 federal seats and 11 out of the 90 state seats it contested.

This is the second time that Utusan Malaysia is calling on the MCA leader to step down.

In October, Awang also took a swipe at MCA and Chua, telling the president to make way for others for the sake of the party.

Awang agreed with Chinese daily Nanyang Siang Pau which reported that the Chinese community was fed-up with MCA.

MCA's internal politics has reached boiling point as well with Chua embroiled in a war of words with his deputy Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Chua challenged Liow to step down together with him, saying the latter was "weak" and was not the right person to lead MCA.

Utusan Malaysia's call came on the heels of a move to censure Liow. The motion, however, failed to garner the necessary support at the party's extraordinary general meeting on October 20.

At the EGM on October 20 , delegates also refused to overturn an earlier resolution for the party's leaders not to accept any Cabinet posts as it had fared badly in GE13 compared with GE12.

However, they supported the acceptance of appointments like senatorships or positions in the government, including as state executive councillors.-malaysiakini/ my.news.yahoo.com

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Kenyans James Tallum and Naomi Wambui Muruiki holding their prizes after winning the respective men's and women's open category of the Penang Bridge International Marathon on Sunday. - The STAR/ Zainudin Ahad
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