24 November 2013

Orang Indon rupanya si Zahid Hamidi ni...

Zahid Hamidi membuat pengakuan tersebut ketika sesi temubual bersama wartawan Indonesia.Rujuk rakaman video di bawah ni...

Zahid Hamidi, kau pun mai dari Indonesia cakap banyak dok halu orang pula... 

Najib - Saya tumpang saja di Sri Perdana...

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata kadar bil elektrik yang tinggi untuk kediaman rasminya Seri Perdana tidak dapat dielakkan kerana ia merupakan satu keperluan.

Kediaman tersebut, yang dilengkapi ruang bagi mengadakan majlis rasmi untuk ketua-ketua negara yang melawat, bukan milik beliau, kata Najib kepada pemberita di Seminar Pemerkasaan Ekonomi Nasional (PENA) di Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

“Bila presiden China datang, takkan nak makan dengan diterangi cahaya lilin. Itu romantik sangat bukan?,” katanya

Najib berkata beliau merupakan perdana menteri ketiga yang berpeluang untuk “menumpang” di kediaman rasmi tersebut.

“Saya penghuni ketiga, masa kelak akan ada keempat, ini tidak boleh dielak. Saya tak tidur di (rumah utama). Kalau nak adakan seminar di sana juga percuma,” katanya lagi.

Beliau mengulas pendedahakan kerajaan di Parlimen bahawa bil elektrik untuk Seri Perdana menyebabkan pembayar cukai terpaksa menanggung RM2.2 juta setahun.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim ketika mendedahkan perkara itu berkata kadar tersebut masih merupakan kadar paling murah di dunia bagi sebuah kediaman ketua kerajaan.- malaysiakini

Najib: Would you prefer I dine by candlelight...

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said the high electricity bill for his official residence was a necessity and was unavoidable.

"The electricity bill for Seri Perdana is high, but it doesn't belong to me. It is not my house. There is a function room for visiting heads of states.

"When the Chinese president is here, we're not going to use candlelight. Wouldn't that be too romantic?" the premier told reporters at the sidelines of the National Economic Empowerment (Pena) Conference at the Federal Territory Mosque auditorium, Kuala Lumpur today.

najib razak 241113Najib described himself as the third premier to "tumpang (be a guest)" at the official residence and the cost involved could not be avoided.

"I don't sleep in the main house. If we need to hold seminars there it is free as well," he said.

Earlier this month, the government was forced to reveal, through Parliament, that the electricity bill for Seri Perdana cost tax payers RM2.2 million a year.

At the time, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Shahidan Kassim insisted that the bill was still the cheapest in the world for a head of state's official residence.

'Be patriotic, embrace GST'

Meanwhile, Najib said claimed that paying tax, including the goods and services tax (GST) which will be implemented on April 1 next year, was a form of patriotism.

He said that not everyone can be a soldier or join the police, thus it was incumbent for others to pay tax.

"The definition of patriotism in our country is that we must discharge our responsibility to the country for the good of the people and the nation.

"When we pay tax, we are helping the people. We instil this spirit, with this our country will be more successful," he said.

The premier, who is also finance minister, insisted that the GST would be good for the people and would help the Malaysia become a developed country by 2020.-malaysiakini

Komen sana sini...

Hearty Malaysian - RM 2.2 millions electricity per year can supply about 1,000 household per year base on average of RM 180 per month ! Can you imagine how many hair dryers the bill can run per year. So do not tell the people to be patriotic while you have to dine by candle stick purportedly . You do not need elelectricity of RM 7000 per day to entertain the visitors !
CiViC - Firstly, it is utmost embarrassing for the Prime Minister to compare his electricity bills to usage of candles for dinner. I dine with my lights on, but my bills is hardly in the hundreds. Najib would have fared much better in his reply if he could have just directed for more energy saving initiative, but knowing typical UMNO arrogance, he claims 110% assurance that his electricity consumption were "unavoidable". Secondly, what has patriotism got to do with GST? And mind you Najib, I am ALREADY paying taxes, and in many ways and forms! Does paying GST makes me more patriotic than I am already?

Versey - Mr PM, how about those who plunder the country's coffer, abuse taxpayers' money & the power mandated to them, are they patriotic? How about those who neglected their duties and could not account for the loss of guns & patrol cars but giving away silly excuses like dropping them into the sea? What should be the appropriate definition given to such people in this country?
ksn - Najib, you as PM of Malaysia is definitely entitled to a few privileges. But in making these remarks, you missed the essence of question on power bill for your official residence. The point was extravagance, abuses as you may know that the bills are settled from public funds, tax payers money. You should therefore be setting an example for economising without wastage. OK, Sir?
Kee Thuan Chye - Don't be so dramatic, Najib, and go to the extreme. Eat by candlelight, indeed! That's schoolboy talk! If you were a true statesman, you would instead say that parts of Sri Perdana should be shut down since they are not in constant use and maintaining them would be like pouring money down the drain. In the first place, Mahathir should not have aspired to be a pharaoh by building such a big residence for the prime minister. It's way too big -- for the political leader of a small country. So get wise, trim it down.

cocomomo - It is sad that the PM thinks that the rakyat are stupid . Lighting up Sri Perdana for the OCCASIONAL state visit will NOT result in such exorbitant electricity consumption. We do not think you should use candles as you will use too candles and burn down Seri Perdana. Please publish details of electricity consumption since the first occupant for the rally at to,assess .


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