Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali has been slapped with a day’s jail and fine of RM20,000 - or two weeks’ jail in default - after being found guilty of contempt by the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

This was in relation to an article written by blogger Zainuddin Salleh which was posted on the Perkasa website on Jan 7.

NONEThe article questioned the integrity of High Court judge VT Singham (left), who was due to deliver judgment on Anwar Ibrahim's defamation suit against Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Bhd and its editor-in-chief Abdul Aziz Ishak on Jan 22.

The judge was accused of bias while his sexual orientation was questioned.

For this, Zainuddin was convicted of contempt and sentenced to four weeks' jail.

In meting out the sentences today, Justice John Louis O'Hara did not allow a stay of execution, but told both defendants to file a formal application.

He ruled that Zainuddin had made a scurrilous attack against the court in general and in particular against Justice Singham, who has since retired.

Justice O'Hara further noted that Perkasa had allowed the article to appear on its website and that its president had done nothing to remove it.

As he listened to the verdict, Ibrahim was seen nodding his head.

He was handcuffed by the court police personnel after the verdict was delivered and escorted out of the room. 

Ibrahim will be held at the Kuala Lumpur court complex lock-up up to 5pm today, as is usual procedure for those jailed a day.

JNONEustice O’Hara also ruled that Zainuddin’s article had been sub judice as Justice Singham had been presiding over Anwar’s defamation suit at the time.

"I hope this serves as a deterrent to anyone who (intends to) commit contempt of court," he added.

Outside the court, Ibrahim's lawyer Adnan Seman @ Abdullah (right) said the court’s refusal to allow a stay of execution resulted in Ibrahim being held in the lock-up.

"I will file an appeal against the sentence tomorrow ... on the ground that the website is not owned by Perkasa," Adnan told reporters.

Anwar, who had filed the suit against the duo on Jan 17, was represented by Sivarasa Rasiah.

NONEAlthough fined RM20,000 and sentenced to a day's jail - and taken to the lock-up at the the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex, he was spotted at the cafetaria about 4pm.

Ibrahim, who was with his lawyer and friends, was seen having a teh tarik.

Asked why he was out of the court lock-up earlier than 5pm, Ibrahim said the officers allowed him out after he paid the fine. 

He was, however, told not to leave the court complex until 5pm.

While saying that he accepts the sentence, he denied making any insulting statement that was in contempt of court.

"You know me. Although I'm a controversial figure, I have never committed any offence," he said.

"The problem is, the media spins my words. I'm victim of circumstances, a victim of the social media."-malaysiakini