02 November 2013

Happy Diwali dan sambutan ceramah Anwar di Sungai Limau dingin...

Flashmob Di Simpang3 Sg.Limau Luar

Sambutan ceramah Anwar di Sungai Limau dingin...pasai...

UMNO/BN pasang banner mengatakan penduduk Sg.Limau menolak kehadiran Anwar di Sungai Limau...

Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Tan Keng Liang mencadangkan pengundi2 di Sungai Limau menonton Tanda Putera yang ditayang free daripada mendengar ceramah Anwar/PAS...

Pagi sebelum Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menjejakkan kakinya ke kawasan DUN Sungai Limau, sebuah Blog Pro UMNO telah mendakwa kononnya penyokong PAS Sungai Limau menolak kehadiran beliau. Ini kononnya menurut beliau berikutan dari tiga keping banner yang dakwa beliau telah digantung oleh beberapa orang penyokong PAS di DUN tersebut.

Kononnya menurut beliau sentimen penolakan Anwar di Sungai Limau semakin menjadi-menjadi apabila  sekurang-kurangnya 3 banner protes Anwar ke sini telah dinaikkan oleh penyokong Pas Sungai Limau.

Oleh itu beliau mentafsirkannya sebagai "Ini bermakna penyokong Pas di Sungai Limau menolakan kedatangan Anwar untuk berkempen disini. Anwar Ibrahim dijangka datang hari ini dengan membuat ceramah di Dulang Kechil salah sebuah kubu kuat BN di Sungai Limau.." 
Tapi,tayang free pun orang tak pi,depa pi...

Photo: Tu dia aihh simpang 3 sg limau....
Simpang 3 Sg. Limau....

Lebih kurang jam 4.45 petang kami telah bertolak dari Yayasan Aman, Penanti bersama-sama dengan Anwar Ibrahim dan juga para pengawal peribadinya dalam tiga buah kereta yang berlainanan.

Dari seawal ketibaan kami ke Tol Gurun lagi 'Penolakan' itu tellah dirasai, disitu telah bersedia menanti beberapa buah Super Bike dari ARC untuk mengiringi kami ke Sungai Limau.

Setibanya rombongan kami ke Kampung Selengkoh untuk program Hi Tea, Kami melihat Anwar Ibrahim memang ditolak oleh ramai penduduk di Kampung tersebut.

Penolakan tersebut terbukti bilamana 30 orang telah menyerahkan borang bagi menyertai KeAdilan Ranting Kampung tersebut dan hanya seorang dua yang menanti dan menyambut kehadiran Anwar Ibrahim disitu.

Ceramah DSAI di Dulang......Sg Limau

The street is full at Dulang Besar Sg Limau

 Thousands more pouring in for ceramah

Begitu juga dengan program makan malam di Bilik Gerakan Utama KeAdilan di Kampung Setia Jaya, Ulu Sedaka.. Anwar terpaksa makan seorang diri keran dirinya sudah ditolak oleh penyokong PAS disitu..

Tazkirah Maghrib oleh DS Anwar Ibrahim di Masjid Bt 16 Pdg Lumat Sg Lima

Anwar reminds Malays that Umno has kept them poor...

At every stop he made in the Sg Limau by-election campaign yesterday, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim sought to defend his remarks on the controversial Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Anwar said he was approached by people who watch TV3, which showed him supporting the new taxation system the federal government plans to implement in April 2015.

"I asked these people, why do you watch such media? These are malicious agents (agen fitnah)," he said in his ceramah last night.

"The GST taxation system is indeed efficient, but what we said is: Unless the overall system is good, we should not implement the new tax," he explained.

"And we should not do it unless there is an increase in the price of padi, which has not increased in 23 years," he added.

anwar ibrahim speaks in dulang besar at sg limau by-electionThe PKR supremo made four stops yesterday - Kg Selengkoh, Sg Limau Dalam, Simpang Tiga and Dulang Besar - and each time, he was greeted by large crowds.

These areas, including the one in Sg Limau Dalam where the MCA operation centre is located, are dubbed "keras" (hard), meaning there are strong BN supporters in the midst.

But Anwar tailored his speech to appeal to the 93 percent Malay voters in Sg Limau by asking them why the majority community supports the likes of Umno when they have been kept poor for decades.

"They (leaders) shout ‘Long live Umno', but they are actually afraid of the tycoons. Whose companies are earning millions? Whose oil companies are making millions? These are companies belonging to children or cronies of Umno leaders," he said.

"Then they give you RM500 (BR1M) and you kiss their hands," lamented Anwar, mimicking the hand-kissing gesture, drawing laughter from the crowd.

"Don't you have young people here in Sg Limau or Kedah who are smart, who are accountants or lawyers, who can do the job? Why don't they have the same opportunities (like the children of ministers)?" he queried.

Padi prices stagnant for 23 years

Anwar said he has irked the authorities by bringing up these issues time and again, both in public and in Parliament. And for that, he was condemned, arrested and accused of sexual misconduct.

"But if I as a former deputy prime minister, who has gone round the world, cannot speak up, then do you expect the poor kampung people to do so?" he queried.

"Sometimes they say I play with women, then they say I play with men, and maybe in Sg Limau, they will say I play with cows," he said, drawing another round of laughter from the crowd, many of whom are farmers.

NONEAnwar was referring to Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil for her alleged involvement in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal involving cattle-breeding.

He reminded the padi farmers in Sg Limau of their poverty, saying that while the Youth and Sports Ministry could dish out RM67 million for K-Pop singers for National Youth Day last year, the government has nothing for them.

"The government cannot even raise the price of padi by 20 sen more," he said. "And while the price of padi stays stagnant for 23 years, the prices of food, petrol and sugar have gone up several times," he added.

"Still you shout ‘Hidup Melayu'. Indeed, it doesn't make sense," he teased, urging the crowd to take whatever BN goodies come their way but vote for PAS on polling day next Monday.

The Nov 4 Sungai Limau by-election is a straight fight between Mohd Azam Abd Samat from PAS and Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim from Umno.

The state seat fell vacant after the death of former Kedah MB Azizan Abdul Razak, who had won this rural constituency for PAS three times.-malaysiakini

Anwar ingatkan Melayu, Umno punca kemiskinan mereka


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