11 June 2013

505 rally Perlis...Zahid belanja lebih RM200,000 masa kempen PRU-13...

505 rally Perlis...

A few thousand people attended the Blackout 505 rally here tonight in defiance of warnings from police that it was illegal as the organiser did not comply with the Peaceful Assemblies Act.

Most of those who turned up at a vacant lot on Jalan Raja Syed Alwi here were dressed in black and some came with their children.

The Blackout 505 rally in Kangar, Perlis.

The assembly began at 8pm and among those who gave speeches were de facto Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PKR’s Indera Kayangan assemblyman Chan Ming Kai, Pas deputy president Mohamad Sabu, Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia chairman Badrul Hisham Shaharin and PKR vice-president Tian Chua.


Perlis police chief Datuk Zull Aznam Haron had earlier said the rally was illegal as the organiser did not get permission from the property owner – the Perlis State Economic Development Corporation – and the police were not informed 10 days before the event.-ABN News
 gambar - ehsan anilnetto

Zahid belanja lebih RM200,000 masa kempen PRU-13...

Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi melanggar Akta Kesalahan Pilihan Raya 1954 dengan membelanjakan melebihi jumlah yang ditetapkan, iaitu RM200,000 dalam kempennya menjelang pilihan raya umum ke-13, dakwa PKR.

Pengarah Strateginya Rafizi Ramli berkata, seperti dalam video yang diedarkan di Internet, Zahid(kiri) dikatakan mengedarkan RM100 dan 5kg beras kepada 24,000 orang di Bagan Datoh, yang jika dikira melebihi RM200,000.

Bercakap di sidang media di ibu pejabat PKR di Petaling Jaya, Rafizi berkata, berdasarkan itu, partinya akan memfailkan petisyen pilihan raya berhubung perkara itu minggu ini.

Beliau berkata akan mendedahkan lebih lanjut bukti berkaitan dalam sidang media yang lain pada Rabu ini.

PKR memberi isyarat memfailkan 18 petisyen manakala Pakatan keseluruhannya sebanyak 35 petisyen.

Malaysiakini masih belum boleh dapat menonton video itu atau menghubungi menteri berkenaan atau pembantunya bagi mendapatkan penjelasan berhubung dakwaan itu.-malaysiakini

 Zahid accused of breaking election laws...

PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli today alleged that Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had violated election laws while campaigning in the general election.

He said this while making an announcement that the party would file 19 election petitions nationwide, starting today till Wednesday, which is the deadline to file the petitions.

“From the 19 petitions, we will file two petitions for the Bagan Datok parliamentary constituency alone.
“One is to challenge the electoral results and the other is on allegation that the winner, Zahid Hamid had spent about RM2 million there during polls,” said Rafizi, at a press conference today.

Rafizi claimed that he is in possession of a video where the minister himself had admitted to giving RM100 and a packet of rice to 24,000 voters in Bagan Datok.

The Pandan MP announced that he would release the video and further details on the matter come Wednesday.

According to the Elections Offences Act 1954, an individual contesting for a parliamentary seat is only allowed to spend a maximum RM200,000 for campaigns.

FMT failed to reach Zahid for comments on the matter.

On the election petitions, Rafizi said that among other parliamentary constituencies’ results the party is challenging are Kulim Bandar Bahru, Machang, Balik Pulau, Tapah, Sabak Bernam, Segamat, Beaufort, Pensiangan and Baram.

The petitions, Rafizi said, would be filed at the high courts in its respective states.

On top of the petitions, the PKR leader also said that the party would file three other civil suits, mainly targetting on electoral irregularites.

The first suit, Rafizi said, would focus on suing the Elections Commission (EC) commissioners for failing to conduct a free and fair election, using the indelible ink fiasco as a case.

“We will use the police reports lodged on the indelible ink problems to support our suit. It is the constitutional duty of the EC to maintain a good election system.

“The haphazard manner they dealt with the indelible ink problem points to the EC’s own failure,” he said.

The second suit would involve the courts to scrutinise the electoral roll in Sabah, where the royal commission of inquiry on illegal immigrants had pointed out that there are about 60,000 dubious names in the electoral roll.

“The third suit will involve us challenging the constitutionality of Section 9A of the Elections Act 1958 which disallows judicial review on the electoral roll.

“PKR’s team of legal experts, lead by constitutional expert Aziz Bari, is now looking into the matter,” said Rafizi.

Also present in the press conference were PKR MP Imran Abd Hamid and party supreme council member Khalid Jaafar.-fmt



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