Death in custody victim N Dharmendran was defencelessly beaten to death while handcuffed, suggests the preliminary report of post-mortem examination revealed today.

The written report by forensic pathologist Dr Siew Sheue Feng from Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) concluded that there were no defensive wounds found on Dharmendran’s body.

NONE“It was quite clear that during his beating he was handcuffed, and in a lower position, possibly kneeling or something,” family lawyer N Surendran said at a press conference at PKR HQ today.

Dharmendran had sustained 52 marks of injury throughout his body, ranging from head to toe.

Surendran declared that this was “even worse than A Kugan’s case” in 2009.

According to the autopsy, a group of double ‘tram line' bruises, believed to be from rotan marks, were found in a parallel oblique pattern on his lower back and posterior.

"We can only speculate but these look like rotan marks, or something similar," Surendran said.

A patterned bruise, resembling an incomplete number 8 was found on his hip bone.

There was also another double ‘tram line' bruise on Dhamendran's wrist-hand consistent with handcuff marks.

The autopsy also reported numerous blackened bruises on his face, the chest area, shoulders, legs, scalp and back, which Surendran described as "overlapping bruises". 

His abdomen, below the kidney area, loins, and navel also carried similar marks .

Both Dhamendran's ears were found with staple wounds with the staples still there while his legs had puncture wounds, also believed to be from staples that had been removed.

"These are consistent staple wounds, and this indicates that they had used a stapler to torture him," Surendran said. 

Some other bruises found on Dhamendran's body were:A thick blood clot on his lower right thigh, measuring 28 x 20cm.
  • An extensive blood clot on his left thigh, measuring 50 x 31cm
  • Bruise measuring 23 x 14 cm on lower left leg
  • Blood clots measuring 9 x 6.5cm on left half of his face
  • Patchy bruises on his neck and upper chest, measuring 13 x 8cm
While the police have classified Dharmendran's death as murder under section 302 of the Penal Code, the four officers being probed are still serving desk duties.

kugan death protest 210109 posters 03Today Dharmendran’s widow took offence that the perpetrators were still walking free and demanded they be immediately arrested.

Dharmendran's death recalls similar circumstances surrounding 22-year-old A Kugan's in 2009 (right).

The youth was detained over alleged car theft and died in custody of horrific mulltiple wounds to his entire body and internal organs, although police originally claimed he died of an asthma attack

'Neither self-inflicted nor accidental'

Dr Siew concluded in her report that the overall pattern of these injuries revealed that they were neither self-inflicted nor accidental in nature.

Surendran also concluded that it means Dhamendran had been in good health when he first entered the lockup.

"Dhamendran was beaten on every part of his body, and not one inch was spared," he added.

"We can only imagine the pain and agony he endured during the last moments of his life as he was (allegedly) handcuffed and beaten to death.

"He was a man with hopes and dreams, a heart and a family. And they (police) took everything away from him."- malaysiakini